Posted by William Charles on May 23, 2015
Free Loyalty Points

Published on May 23rd, 2015 | by William Charles


1,500 Free Spirit Miles For Completing Three Short Quizzes

The Offer

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  • Receive 500 Spirit miles for every quiz you pass, you need to get all the questions right to pass the quiz. There are a total of three quizzes, which means you can earn up 1,500 Spirit miles for free. This promotion is called “The Bare Fare Questionnaire)

spirit 1500 miles

All of the answers to these questions should be extremely obvious, but you can retake the quiz if you get one wrong.

Our Verdict

It’s also still possible to get 8,000 miles for free by complaining about spirit on any other airline and to get 15,000 miles + $100 statement credit on the Spirit credit card, which makes Spirit miles cheaper to use and easier to keep from expiring (let’s you book short one way flights for 2,500 miles).

You can view a full list of all free miles & points opportunities by clicking here, at the moment there are almost 19,000 free point/miles available.

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Oh Spirit, classy as always…

Seriously though, pretty sweet deal if you can make their short-haul/off-peak round trips work for you. Get the 15k credit card, do both promos (9500 points), spend $250 (500 points), and boom you have 5 free round trips. I fly very frequently between LAX and DFW, because I just move TX to CA and I love to fly back for the weekend to see friends and family. I’ve already gotten 6 round trips for free with this card.


James nailed it. Spirit stinks, but getting to 25k miles (5 RT’s if you are VERY flexible and lucky) so easily is nice. While I’m not getting my wife and kids all Spirit MasterCards, our household will definitely be swimming in magazine subscriptions for the foreseeable future.


Since the miles are given in the form of a certificate and not credited to your account like with the 8000 miles promotion, would it be possible to redeem the certificates strategically over time to extend the period before the miles expire i.e. every <3 months?


[…] As to the Spirit promo, I think I found it first on the good Doctor’s site. […]


[…] 1,500 Spirit airline miles for answering three quizzes. […]



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