$20 Off Your Bill with Opentable’s New Feature

The Offer and New Feature

OpenTable, the restaurant reservation application, has introduced a new feature to make paying for your bill much easier. You can now see and pay for your bill right from your smartphone while dining with the Opentable smartphone app (Apple Android). You can see more information regarding the app here.

To kickoff the introduction of this new payment feature they are offering $20 off your bill. The pay by phone feature has only been introduced to a couple market so availability is limited. Check here for locations.

How to Use Promo Code

  • Download the app (Apple Android)
  • When you log into the app click on the “Pay with Opentable” banner
  • Then choose a restaurant in your area that participates and make a reservation (locations)
  • Once you make a reservation for one of these restaurants click on your profile (upper left-hand corner)
  • Click on your reservation and go to “Manage Payment Settings”
  • Add the card you would like to pay with (unsure of how the transaction will post and if it will earn bonus spend for restaurants)
  • When you are adding your card there is a promotional field where you will enter datenight (which will give you $20 off your dining bill)

Fine Print

  • Promotion expires April 21, 2015, so dine by April 20th.
  • No minimum spend requirement mentioned.
  • Must make a reservation and pay with the app.
  • This deal can be regionally limited (if the app shows no restaurant in your area with the feature to pay with Opentable then you will not be able to participate).

Promo code: datenight


$20 off your bill is great promotion especially with no minimum spend. I am a fan of the feature and hope it expands to more restaurants. As time goes on and I hope this becomes more mainstream because it makes paying your bill quick and easy. Another benefit of “pay with Opentable” is that cards that may not have been normally accepted by the restaurant can be accepted via the app. Let us know what you think of the feature and you are able to cash in on the promotion in the comments.

HT: slickdeals user ursus, Michael W Travels

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Oh nevermind. By using web instead of mobile, I was able to find a significant number of restaurants that accept it, that hopefully aren’t such $$$ restaurants. Hopefully will get to take advantage of this deal. Thanks DoC!

Link to locations: http://pay.opentable.com/#where-it-works


Wow, the only 2 restaurants that accept it near me are both restaurants where entrees are $31-50 lol. I think I’ll pass for now…great deal though!! On iPhone it’s not called OpenTable mobile payment, it’s actually Apple Pay. To Paul – Apple Pay works really well, so no fooling around required. 🙂 I’d actually prefer it vs. waiter taking my card away and then taking their sweet time before coming back with a receipt that I then have to sign and write a tip on. Would rather make it all digital, so I welcome these changes. Can’t wait till it’s more prevalent!


Pisses me off that so few restaurants accept this payment method – why hype it if only 1/1000000th of the people can take advantage? And that’s the problem with these sorts of payment methods – they end up being a PITA because they aren’t ubiquitous. I don’t want to have to fool around with an app that may or may not work – just take my damn card and give me the receipt.