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Published on March 23rd, 2015 | by Chuck


2x Fuel Points on Visa Gift Cards at Stop&Shop, Giant

Gosh, I’ve been waiting for this one. Every once in a while, Stop&Shop/Giant run an awesome promo of bonus fuel points on Visa gift cards. It’s finally back!

The Offer

Direct Link (Giant) Direct Link (Stop&Shop) Go to page 6 in the circular.

  • Buy Visa gift cards and earn 2x fuel points on the purchase which can be used to get free (or almost free) gas. 2015-03-23 17-55-25

Visa gift cards usually don’t earn fuel points at all now will earn 2x points.

Stop&Shop/Giant sell $500 Visa gift cards which can be used to load Bluebird/Serve at Walmart.

The Fine Print

  • Offer valid from 3/20/15 – 3/26/15.
  • Must use Stop&Shop/Giant rewards card in order to get the points.

Our Verdict

I bumped into this while looking into the 4x Kroger fuel points. Somehow I didn’t see it until now, though it’s been up and running since Friday. This offer is much better (in my opinion) than the Kroger offer since it works on Visa gift cards. Anyway, the stores are in different parts of the country, they’re spreading the love for all of us.

In the past we’ve had 3x points on Visa gift cards. Sad to see them lower it to 2x, I’m pessimistic about seeing the 3x again. It’s really not such a big deal since it just means buying an extra couple cards, up to the max amount of gas that you’ll be able to use.

In any case, this is an awesome promo since buying Visa gift cards at supermarkets can really be a profitable venture in any event, by using a card that earns bonus points at supermarkets, such as Amex Blue Cash, Amex Everyday and so many more. See Best Credit Card For Grocery Store Purchases. I’m usually too lazy busy to max out a 3% card (like the Amex Blue Cash) by buying $500 Visa gift cards but I try using such a card when these kinds of promos come along.

Remember to use up your $1500 in Freedom spend at supermarkets for 5x before the end of the month.

Deal Scenarios

Basic Details: Every 100 points gets you 10¢ off per gallon at Shell, up to 35 gallons. If you have 1000 points, you’ll get $1 off. Max discount in some areas is $2.20. In other areas there’s no max. You have 30 days to use the points. Points must be used nearby your store location – can’t be used at a Shell far away from home. See this post and the FAQ for more details. Some of the details vary by area and store.

Since gas prices currently hover around $2.50, your gas will basically be free, whether you live in an area that has a $2.20 max or an area that doesn’t. (Pro tip: use a Shell gift card  and you’ll usually get the cash price.)

  • You can buy 2 $500 gift cards and get $2 off per gallon for one fill-up.
  • Buy 3 cards to max out on the $2.20.
  • You can buy 5 Visa gift cards and get two free tanks.
  • Keep on going, if you think you’ll be doing more fill-ups within 30 days.

How many Visa cards you should buy depends solely on how much your gas capacity is over the course of 30 days.

You can only do one $500 card per transaction without needing an override. If you’re doing higher than $2,000, you need to do it at customer service.

HT: mistercheap on FWF


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Sadly, the gift card offers used to be 5x. Then they dropped to 3x, and now they are down to 2x. Obviously still worth it, but it sucks that the offer continues to drop.


Again I am way away.. Lol… Good find Chuck.


the Stop and Shop in my town is cash only


I just paid 11 cents a gallon because of the gift cards. Thanks!

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