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Published on August 23rd, 2016 | by William Charles


Over 5/24? Apply For Chase Sapphire Reserve In Branch

Update: If you still have questions, read this post.

Now that the Chase Sapphire Reserve is officially available, there are a lot of disappointed people because the Chase 5/24 rule applies to this card. One of the ways you can bypass this ‘rule’ is by receiving a pre-approval in branch for the card (you can literally just ask if you have any pre-approval offers). A lot of readers let us know they were successfully approved for the card when they did this:

I don’t think I’ve seen any denial data points (at least on this site) for people that were pre-approved.

What If I’m Not Pre-Approved In Branch?

It looks like that pre-approval is really necessary, if you ask and they say you have no offers (or the Chase Sapphire Reserve is not pre-approved) then chances are you will be denied due to 5/24. Here are some data points:

  • 1, 2, 3 (not successful on recon)

I Already Applied Online and I Was Denied, What Can I do?

Thankfully for you, I bring you good news. Three readers also applied online and were denied, they then went in branch and asked if they were pre-approved for any cards (they were). All three of them were approved. You can read about their data points here, here and here.

What If You’re Not Instantly Approved?

I believe this depends on the reason you’re not approved, but you should be able to ask the banker that processed your application if there is any reason why you were denied/if there is anything you can do to get approved. Sometimes they might need to call in and then verify some information, or ask you to reallocate credit limits.

What If There Is No Branch Near Me?

Unfortunately you’re out of luck, the online pre-approval tool isn’t the same. I guess your best option would to be go into a branch next time you travel near one.

Final Thoughts

Personally I’d do this soon (like now) rather than later because you never know when Chase will change their policies. I know we’ve posted about this card an unhealthy amount recently, but I really do think it is kind of special for the first year and while it keeps this big sign up bonus. Share your experience in the comments below.

We’ve also written a Frequently Asked Questions on Chase in-branch approvals here.

139 Responses to Over 5/24? Apply For Chase Sapphire Reserve In Branch

  1. Dima says:

    Is banking relationship with Chase needed to check on the pre-approval? What kind of information do they need to do the check?

    • Jon says:

      If we have no banking relationship, do we just walk into a random branch and say “Can you check what credit cards I’m pre-approved for?”

    • Lantean says:

      i don’t think so.
      when you come in, all they ask is your ID and if you have an existing Chase credit card.

      if you’re pre-approved, they will ask your income and mother’s maiden name before submitting.

      that’s all.

      • Chuck says:

        To clarify, I meant that you don’t need a checking/savings account. But as Lantean says, you do need some sort of relationship, like a credit card.

  2. Steven says:

    I had the same thing happen to me (preapproval in branch after being denied online for 5/24). I do not have a checking or savings account with Chase, although I used to have a checking account. I can see the reason for this loophole existing: during the entirety of the time I was there, the banker tried sell me on other products.

  3. Elias says:

    How much over 5/24 were you guys? I am at 16/24

  4. Damian says:

    I am CPC and was pre-approved in branch. Applied through CPC banker and got pending. CPC suggested it was due to too much credit with Chase and 5/24. He called and still couldn’t force through. He is now submitting a manual underwriting request for me.

    My question: Should I call recon to see if I can shift credit or just hold tight?

  5. Damian says:

    I am ~20/24

  6. Adrian says:

    Does doing the online check for pre approvals matter in this case? I checked my pre approvals online and didn’t have anything listed.

    • Shan says:

      Doesn’t matter… Lot of people had nothing online, but they had preapproval not only for CSR but also for some other cards as well.. Looks like online and bank process are completely different….

  7. Jay says:

    I went to check if I was preapproved and the banker said I wasn’t, but I was “invited” to apply. I asked what the difference was and he said there wasn’t a difference. Since I haven’t read anything at all about being “invited,” I’m assuming he was just trying to get me to apply for the card for the potential commission.

  8. Mark says:

    If I upgrade a card for example the CSP to the Reserve card, does this new card count for 5/24?

  9. mord1 says:

    I already have a lot of credit at chase. Should I reduce my CL before going in? or do they seem to be just giving it away if you are preapproved?

    • Lantean says:

      i would not.

      if they want to approve you but they need you to move CL around, the system will prompt the banker to call a special number… then they can offer you to move CL.

    • Chris says:

      I personally did that yesterday. I think that increases my chances of automatic approval, as I was somewhere close to the limits that Chase would have been happy to extend me more credit based on my income.

  10. Dan says:

    FYI Doc, I’ve seen 2 data points where in-branch pre-approvals were denied. One DP suggested that having too many Chase credit cards could have played a role, IIRC.

  11. p1 says:

    CPC, with about 8/24, 3 with Chase. I applied in branch with a CPC banker yesterday. The banker didn’t mention any pre-approvals (and I didn’t know to ask) and just helped me put in the application. Got a 7-10 day pending.. Seems like the banker basically did nothing extra in the application that I couldn’t have done myself online..

    Should I call recon?

  12. Hertz says:

    After being denied online yesterday, I just stopped into a Chase branch in Manhattan this morning. I was not pre-approved in their system, and after going thru the application process with the rep, I got the dreaded “you’ll find out by mail in 7-10 days” answer. So this is hardly a guaranteed workaround folks.

    My stats: 7/24, 820 FICO, 400k annual household income, 3 other Chase cards but no banking accounts.

  13. Ant says:

    Just tried….banker said I didn’t have a pre-approval for it.

    I’m around 10/24

  14. Damian says:

    I am CPC and was pre-approved in branch. CPC banker submitted my application in-branch, but immediately went to pending. He called while I was there and told me I had too much credit with Chase and alluded to being over 5/24 (I’m ~20/24). Followed up later in the day and said he would have to do a “manual underwriting.”

    Questions: Does anyone have experience with manual underwriting? Should I call Recon myself to see if I can move credit around, or just hold tight?

  15. Credit says:

    I have fraud alert on my credit report. Whether pre-approved or not the application always goes pending. Then some human looks at it and tries to earn his salary by denying the application even if the automated system would have approved me or they have already approved multiple people over 5/24 etc.

    Loosen up chase bankers.

  16. xgerman says:

    I went in today and ask for pre-approvals. The banker said they will show up 6 months after the last credit card from Chase got opened and would be the same I see online – I think he is clueless but wondering if there is some truth to it.

  17. JA says:

    I went in and he told me he didn’t see any pre-approval.

  18. Vinny says:

    Is it possible to check if you are preapproved by calling a branch? I live 1.5 hrs away from the nearest branch.

  19. Andy says:

    Went to the bank. She didn’t check for preapproval but she did submit my app. It asked for more information and she was optimistic but after several minutes on hold (I think he was trying to find a reason to approve me), but I was told no due to too many applications in the last 2 years. It was worth a try. I am at 7/24. None in the last 2 months but 4 this year.

    • Lantean says:

      this sounds like they just submitted a regular application for you that you could have done yourself.

      if they asked for anything else besides your income and mother’s maiden name, they messed up.

  20. henry says:

    Is there a way to call the branch to check if I am pre-approved?
    Got no branch here and don’t want to travel a long time ending up not pre-approved…

  21. Bill says:

    Approved at 20/24 with 32K limit. Processed in branch. Thank you DOC.

  22. Jim says:

    I have until next week until returning from overseas. Is it possible to call into a branch and ask and go through a preapproved app via phonecall or does it have to be a physical visit. Already plan on a visit next Monday but don’t want to risk a policy change in the meantime.

  23. TravellerAtoZ says:

    I stopped by my branch today and I was told I’m currently not pre approved for any (I currently have ~7 chase cards with little recent spend). Any suggestions for “getting pre approved?” Data points for a new bank account opening doors to credit cards?

    The rep said that I would probably get approved anyway without the pre approval. I smiled and politely declined… (I’m 36/24 + authorized user accounts)

  24. Jeremy says:

    I opted out of chase credit card offers years ago, any idea if this means I will have no pre-approval offers in branch?

  25. Jeremy says:

    I got two pre-approval in branch yesterday, CFU and CSR. I applied CSR first, pending and then approved(12/24). Then I applied CFU, it showed me the 7-10 msg. So I recall that when you applied one of your pre-approval, the another will be gone. Is that true?

  26. Evan says:

    I stopped in bank I am not pre approved. Does it make a difference now between applying in bank or online?

  27. Rahul says:

    Went in last evening and asked if i am pre-approved. The banker showed me the list (i was approved for all chase cards which i didn’t have, including sapphire reserve). He submitted my application and was approved with 31K limit!
    Credit score ~790
    I am at 12/24

  28. Corridor says:

    Can you still get a preapproval in branch if your credit is frozen?

  29. Darren says:

    Bill says:
    August 23, 2016 at 11:50 am

    Approved at 20/24 with 32K limit. Processed in branch. Thank you DOC.


  30. Rnyc says:

    Data point. 26/24 Approved. 32k limit in branch

    805 credit score with low six figure income. Denied previously online with precious I past 3 chase cards(~3mths ago)

    Walked into an East Harlem branch. (NYC)
    No CPC relationship but previously had multiple mortgages, bank accounts and credit cards with chase..

    I also recently product changed my sapphire preferred to sapphire.(maybe that helped?)

    Specifically asked if I was pre qualified(otherwise I wasn’t going to waste a hard pull)
    banker showed me a list of prequalified cards on my account.(try are in green) (Some that I was denied online for recently like the United card for too many inquiries)

    Good luck, hope this helps someone in a similar situation.

  31. Don says:

    Thanks DoC, and the DoC community for the data points.

    Approved! Chase Sapphire Reserve in Branch (preapproved) today.

    And I have been twice denied for CSP in branch (Jan and Jun) by 5/24 “too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years” even using all blogged strategies (Special Consideration Form, …) except private client.

    • TravellerAtoZ says:

      Why do you think you we’re preapproved? How many Chase cards do you have? Do you have a Chase bank account? Is CSP your primary card?

      • Don says:

        No idea why I was preapproved.
        – I was never able to get CSP, have Freedom and AARP
        – Recently opened Chase Personal and Business Accounts for promotions

  32. Rahul says:

    Went to the bank and asked for pre-approval yesterday. The banker said i was approved for all chase cards which i didn’t have. Asked him to pull the trigger on Sapphire Reserve. Got approved with a 31K limit!

    Credit score ~790
    Was at 12/24 before the application yesterday

  33. Jeff says:

    I called to see if I was “pre-approved” for the CSR. The banker said I was. I went in to the branch and answered some questions about income, SSN, address, etc. I walked out with a CSR approval with a $25,000 credit limit. I was 12/24 with four other Chase cards already obtained through the years. I do have deposit accounts, but only enough to keep the fees waived. Go to a branch now while you can!

    • AC says:

      @Jeff, I also called and the banker can only tell I’m pre-approved for a credit card but he can’t tell which credit card. Did the banker specific said you are pre-approved for CSR? Has anyone pre-approved for multiple cards when the banker looks up at your account?

      • Lantean says:

        probably an idiot banker… my banker showed me on her screen exactly which cards i was pre-approved for, they were in a drop-down, i could have picked any.

        they all showed the name of the card and the bonus after mind spend (in the drop-down)

      • Jeff says:

        I asked specifically about the CSR. The banker said he hadn’t seen anyone pre-approved for the card yet because it was new. Much to his surprise, he said I was pre-approved for the CSR.

      • AC says:

        Just went to the branch and saw I was pre-approved for CSR but got the dreadful 7-10 days pending message. The banker tried to call the lending department and after a long wait, no outcome is given. Just have to wait. Ugh, probably going to receive too many credits open mail. 14/24 here.

    • MrDioji says:

      How long ago did you open your most recent Chase card?

  34. Jonie says:

    I’m at exactly 5/24 because 2 of those I was an AU. I got pending 7-10 days message. I’m no longer an AU on the 2 cards since last week. Do I have a chance by calling recon?

  35. Danny boy says:

    I applied online and the application came up as pending as I am only at 5/24.i called the reconsideration line and they it was not approved. The csr said it was affirmed that it was declined and that there was nothing she could do. Any ideas to try to get it approved?

  36. CJ says:

    Prior to CSR application I was 5/24. Went to local Chase branch and was pre-approved for CSR. Submitted application and was denied. Income >$200K, Fico 780+, 4 personal and 2 business cards with Chase. Total Chase line of credit of $65K across all six Chase cards. Also have $800K mortgage with Chase. Called recon and was told 5/24 is the reason. Credit line was not an issue, relationship with Chase not an issue.

  37. Gustraveler says:

    I took your advice, went into a branch today and was pre-approved. Already had 6 Chase cards plus an Ink. Definitely way over 5/24, more like 20/24. Thought I would have to move credit around at least, but nope, $30k credit line. No questions just a congratulations.

  38. Oleg says:

    I had the same experience as Gustraveler. Far over 5/24, in fact, was denied the Southwest Airlines card for that reason two months ago. I walked over to the branch, and CSR showed me her screen indicating I was pre-approved for Reserve. 2 minutes later I walked out with a $33 K limit

  39. Jordan L says:

    Same as above. Went into a branch, banker said I was preapproved after looking up via license and chase INK.

    After mother’s maiden and income, instantly approved for 35k CL. Way over 5/24. So awesome. Massive credit line is a huge suprise, I’ve typically had to reallocate credit lines in the past for each new approval.

  40. SteveH says:

    Ugh… closest Chase Bank is 2 hours and 40 minutes away.

    • Andy says:

      I hear you, same here. I’m going to call and check if I’m pre-approved and if yes then I’m doing the 2,5 hour drive – well worth it

  41. boomX says:

    There is no Chase Branch near my place. But I did open Checking and Savings accounts three months back with $10K balance now. I also have a CFU 10K limit (originally opened as CF 18 months back and converted this year). Btw, I am 12/24 with 7 opened this year. So, I sent an email to the banker where I opened the Checking account and asked if I was pre-approved for CSR or any of Chase cards. Answer – NO.

    FICO Exp was 750~ couple of months back now its 733.

    Thoughts how I can get the CSR ?

    • boomX says:

      Exact reply from banker – I could not locate an offer but you are free to apply online or in the branch. Thank you for your patience.

  42. Todd says:

    I went to a Chase branch to see if i am preapproved for CSR. The banker was able to see that i am pre-approved for Freedom & unlimited cards but doesnt see the CSR card. Should i still go ahead with applying for CSR ? Any chances of approval for CSR? I am at 5/24.

  43. Dan says:

    Got 7-10 days online message this morning. I also got 30 days email later. New account hasn’t showed up. What are my chances?

  44. Evan says:

    Went to branch this afternoon and rep said I was pre-approved for the Sapphire card (along with other cards). I only have one other card with Chase and 22/24. Was approved. Thanks Chuck!

  45. Vijay says:

    Hopped into a branch during lunch to test my luck, turns out i was pre-approved for 3 cards. Applied for the Reserve and was approved immediately with 34k. 10+/24

  46. Derek says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    Originally applied online 8/22. Received 7-10 business days message. Called recon and was denied citing too many new accounts in the last 24 months. 10 cards in 24 mo.

    Walked into Chase branch today 8/23. Asked for any available pre-approved offers. Banker listed off a number of cards including CSR. Provided a few data pieces and approved for 34K.

    Existing Chase cards: CSP, Freedom, and FU.

  47. M says:

    I am way over 5/24 and was approved in branch for $29k credit limit. I was pre-approved and the only information I gave was income and mother’s maiden name.

  48. Gaurav says:

    I applied for in branch and my banker showed me I’ve Reserve pre-approval; I’m 9/24. Applied and was wait listed. Banker called the recon line and got the same message that it needs to be processed further. This seems to be different from what everyone has reported or am I missing something. Also would it be a good idea to call recon myself or just wait. Since I’m already in now, I’m even going to apply for another chase card.

  49. Misc says:

    Went in branch. Preapproved for 3 including csr. Approved instantly for csr. (12/24) including 4 chase cc.

  50. Engin says:

    I applied on behalf of my wife today, she does not have an SSN but an ITIN. She is an AU on my Chase UA card and another BofA card. Both cards have been active ~3 years and have paid them in full during this period. She does not have any credit cards in her name aside from this, she keeps getting mail for pre-approvals for bunch of other cards. I don’t recall seeing anything from Chase, when I checked online if she pre-qualified for anything on Chase and nothing came up. I applied for CSR for her and got the 7-10 day message, I called the application status line and it said she would get a response in 7-10 days (bad sign from what I understand).

    I applied for CPR myself last night, got the same 7-10 day message, but when I called the application status line the message was two weeks. I contacted the recon line this morning, and they said they just needed to confirm the address with their internal tool – was approved for $35K. I am 0/24 and so is my wife.

    I haven’t called the recon line yet for my wife, should we call or go into the branch? I called the branch earlier today before I did all this and asked if she can apply for cc with ITIN and the person I talked to (after putting me on hold for a while ) said that she couldn’t apply for a Chase CC with an ITIN. Based on the research I did online it looks like many people have obtained Chase cards with ITIN.

    Should we go into the branch ?

    • I don’t think your wife can be pre-approved in branch because she doesn’t have any Chase credit cards. I’d go in branch for yourself though and call reconsideration for your wife.

      • Engin says:

        I called the recon line and they said that they needed us to fax my wife’s ITIN and proof of address and then they can continue processing the application. He didnt say that she would get approved after this, but I am hoping this is a good indication. Any insight here? Also any idea how long it takes them to process the fax we just sent?

        I had already gotten my approval after calling the recon line yesterday.


  51. Arun says:

    Chase branch approval worked. I am at 5/24. So didn’t apply online and went to branch nearby and approved .

  52. StephanK says:

    Thanks DoC! I’m at 7/24, went to the branch, checked the pre-approvals and got approved for CSR.

  53. sanman says:

    Another data point: I just applied in branch today for the CSR and was approved with a 30k limit!

    -I’m way over 5/24, at 12/24
    -was not pre-approved for this card (checked online and asked the banker to check)
    -currently have 2 Chase personal CC open (IHG and Hyatt) and 1 Chase business CC (Ink Plus)
    -Chase is my primary bank – savings and checking account
    -not a private banking client
    -not sure if it matters, but this was a large branch in NYC.

    After submitting the app, the banker received a notice to call for more information. The rep on the other end of the phone needed a few minutes to manually review the application. She came back and said it was approved!

  54. Brian says:

    I was at 5/24 until yesterday, when my oldest app should have dropped off (opened 8/23/14). If Chase pulls EQ or TU, I will be OK (the reports show the full date of the account opening), but if they pull EX, it only shows the month and year. My question – if I apply today and am denied for being over 5/24, is there any hard set rule on how quickly I can reapply? I have a very large purchase coming due the first week of September, so it’s in my best interest to get the card now if I can. Closest branch is 3.5 hours away unfortunately so that’s not an option unless all else fails.

    Follow up question – if they pull EX and deny, will recon look at one of the other reports if I ask them to?

  55. Jay says:

    I noticed most approvals in-branch were on August 22nd, do you think that played a factor? Should I try today and do you think I will get approved with pre-approval?

  56. Brandon says:

    No pre-approval for me. at 12/24 and my last card was 4 months ago, Chase southwest.

  57. Seth says:

    My wife applied for the Sapphire Reserve in a branch on Sunday and her application is pending.

    She’d like to apply for the CIti Prestige before Citi’s rules change on 8/28. Would her application for the Prestige have any impact on her pending Sapphire reserve application (i.e. make it less likely she’s approved for Sapphire)?

    Should she hold off on applying for the Prestige as long as possible so as to not interfere/impact the Sapphire Reserve application?

  58. Jeff says:

    I got denied in branch. I spoke with a banker (do not bank with Chase) and they indicated there were no offers for me. At 9/24 with a mid 700 FICO. They called to ask for reconsideration while I was in branch but they would not give a reason for the denial. Waiting for the letter in the mail and then will call and try to plead my case.

    Anyone get denied and then approved later?

  59. Seth says:

    I applied in branch on Sunday and got my rejection later in the mail today – I was over 5/24.

    Is my best bet for reconsideration to call the banker who helped me on Sunday?

  60. Spring says:

    Definitely go into your local Chase branch to check for pre-approval on the CSR… I am 12/24, so knew an online app would be instant denial. Just spent less than 5 minutes in Chase and, due to having pre-approval, will be receiving my new CSR soon!! Thanks for all of the data points – they were the reason I took the time to go in!

  61. Kyle owings says:

    Pretty annoyed right now. Pre-approved in branch at 7/24. Went ahead and applied and was given number to call only to be told too many cards in last 24 months. Do I have anything I can use given they told me in branch I was in fact pre-approved?

    • Chuck says:

      No. Preapproval mainly helps for instant approvals (or possibly if banker calls in could help some). Once you have to deal with recon, it’s less helpful since they are used to denying for 5/24. (Probably still works sometimes, gotta look thru the data points.)

    • Not really, pre-approval isn’t guaranteed approval unfortunately. Did you ask the banker to make the reconsideration call or did you do it yourself?

  62. Andrew says:

    I went into Chase today and got the Sapphire Reserve card with a $15,000 credit line in spite of being at 5/24. It took at most 5 minutes. Thank you for all of the data points. I am excited about my new card!

  63. Nun says:

    It seems in the long term like airlines and other 3rd parties will eventually be unhappy with 5/24. Since fewer miles are handed out in bonuses, fewer will be purchased from the airline. Plus, Chase doesn’t just deny a bonus for 5/24, they deny you from getting the card at all, meaning less spending with Chase more spent elsewhere.

    I realize there are relatively few people who massively churn credit cards, but 5 in 24 months is really not that difficult to reach, especially when people get solicited with offers all the time everywhere.

  64. Genie says:

    In shock that I was approved in-branch today. I was denied online 8/24 after the 7-10 business day response. They sent me a letter 3 days later stating the sole reason for denial being the 5/24 rule. Called the recon and got a guy who sounded like he was sick of telling people over 5/24 that there is no reconsideration. I’m at 7/24 but 1 of those is a secure card and 1 was opened 3 weeks ago and hasn’t show up on my report. Online I had no preapprovals but in-branch I had like 5 preapprovals, including CSR. I have CSP and Freedom but no checking with Chase. The banker said having a checking account with them makes no difference in preapprovals. I was approved within 10 minutes of applying but for the bare minimum, 10k. I don’t care though, just so excited they even approved me! Seriously thought I was going to have to go through the whole recon thing and have the banker call them. So all in all, denied 8/24 online, no recon love, approved 8/29 in person at 7/24. Yey!

  65. Adam says:

    Another DP for approval in branch at 13/24 with pre-approval. I went into a branch today and asked if I was pre-approved for anything, and after the banker teased me by saying I was for FU and Slate, I asked him if CSR came up and sure enough it did! 😀 Put the app through, he had to call in, and I was approved for 18k after a few minutes of waiting on the phone.

    Thanks DoC for putting this tip up!

  66. wes weiner says:

    Thanks for your CSR counsel DOC. Applied in branch early last week w/7/24 (got denial letter for over 5/24 last Tuesday, when applied day CSR link went hot).Armed with DOC’s “apply with your Chase Banker” DP, got apvd within 5 min after giving mother’s maiden and income. apvd w/34K line. Met spend today–will see how long it takes for 100K UR pts to post. DW went in a day after me (she is @10/24 got denial ltr too) asked for preapvl but banker said her app is now pending–she would get the card or unable to approve letter in next 7-10 days. She rcvd the decline ltr for over 5/24 (second time in two weeks) today. Per DP above and DOC’s recommendation will have her ask our Chase Banker for help getting her a CSR. We did open both Chase ckng and savings acct with wife’s app with eyes towards $500 bonus ($200 for Ck acct w/direct deposit, $300 for savings acct w/$15K deposit). Plan for 2017, will keep CSR but downgrade my CSP (changed to Visa last Dec to get another 50K UR bonus) when 12 month hold time hits and get Freedom card.

  67. L Smith says:

    I am a 30-year Chase customer with a FICO score over 800, and am a Private Client customer. I applied in-branch with my private banker 8 days ago, and since then it has been radio silence. Today (9/9) I called card services and got the automated message that they had received my application on 9/1 and would notify me in writing in about 2 weeks! That doesn’t sound good, but my banker said she has no information. Ideas on whether I should phone the recon line? What is the number?

    • L Smith says:

      Oh, and I am only 3/24, so it’s not as if I have too many recent credit inquiries. I have never been declined for a credit card, and already have a handful of cards with Chase, including Freedom, CSP, United, SW, Marriott. I also have business accounts there. Puzzled.

  68. Brady says:

    I’m at 14/24 my last Chase card was in March. I was pre approved at bank on 9/15. They said they don’t do pre approval for specific credit cards, you are either pre approved or you are not. Got pending and just received a denial for “too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years”. Is this not happening to anyone else? I’m wondering if the banker didn’t submit my app as someone who was preapproved.

  69. Nick says:

    Another DP:
    Went to a branch yesterday and have a relationship with a banker from opening multiple banking accounts earlier this year. Unfortunately neither myself or my wife were pre-approved for the CSR, but he did give me some notable info:

    -Regarding what the banker’s see on there end, he said he was seeing “nothing” when checking from pre-approvals for both of us. He said typically when he checks, as long as you haven’t gotten a new Chase card within 90 days, when they check for pre-approvals for a client, there will either be a pre-approval offer or a pre-qualified offer, the latter basically meaning Chase thinks you might be a good match for the card but hasn’t pre-approved you. To me, this sounds similar to the online self-checker on the Chase website. Since my wife and I both have gotten a new chase card within 90 days, I suppose this makes sense that he saw “nothing” and when I check online myself, we also are not pre-qualified for any cards. He said to check back with him after 90 days have passed so I’ll try again at the end of next month

    -I also inquired about Chase Private Client. He said the minimum to start is $100K is chase holdings (banking and investments) with the goal to have $250K by the end of your first year. He also mentioned every time he calls lending for a client, they will ask him if the client is a chase private client, and as far as he remembers every time he has answered “yes” to that question, his client was approved for whatever product he was calling on. This included people over 5/24.

    So nothing too groundbreaking, but thought I’d share my experience.

  70. DH7 says:

    Just got approved in branch despite 10/24 and a 5 card AoR two weeks ago. Banker said I was eligible for all cards, approved instantly. Totally worth the trip to NY. Thanks!

  71. Carol says:

    Husband denied for CSP. 50 yr client of Chase, 3 satisfied Chase mortgages, 800+ credit score, 6 figure income, 6 figure Chase deposit accounts (our local branch requires $250,000 for Private Client), never “churned” a card from any bank, closed Sapphire Preferred Dec 2015 after holding card 4 yrs (and paid annual fees) and a $95,000 spend on that card. He is at 6 new cards in 24 mos. and authorized user on 8 for family members.Applied in bank, was denied for “too many cards”, called recon, they wouldn’t even discuss it. Branch manager gave another “special” number, stonewalled again. Wrote to corporate explaining long relationship and the cards opened are all airline/hotel cards used for very frequent business travel. Corporate called back within 24 hrs but shot down again! He was “thanked” for his loyalty to Chase and even though husband made it clear that he did not want MORE credit but to re-alocate existing credit, he was told that he could not transfer any portion of his $33,000 Chase United CL to this card (total lie…my son was initially denied for CSP but approved on the recon line when he offered to move $20,000 from his United card). So much for rewarding loyalty!!!! Any suggestions?

  72. Andrew says:

    Apologies if you’ve posted about this in a separate thread:

    Do you know if the Chase Sapphire PREFERRED can also bypass the 5/24 rule if you are pre-approved and apply in branch?

    Thank you!

  73. Anonymous says:

    I applied for this Card at a branch today and got approved instantly. I had asked the banker if I was pre-approved for the Card and yes I was apparently. That’s probably how I managed to get around the 5/24 Chase Rule. I have 8 new accounts and 15 inquiries in the last 2 years. But I do have a good relationship with Chase (multiple Bank Accounts and Credit Cards) with them and I’ve been with them for 4-5 years now.

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