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AmEx Offers

Published on November 6th, 2015 | by Chuck


All You Need to Know About the Airbnb Amex Offer

[Updated 11/22/15]

Every once in a while there comes along an especially lucrative Amex Offer and the recent Airbnb offer fits this bill, see #AmexAirbnb $50 Off $100 at Airbnb, Lock in Discount with Gift Cards! for more details on this offer.

The key here to maximize the offer is to buy $100 Airbnb gift cards using each of your Amex cards at a 50% discount and then use up the Airbnb gift cards for all your rentals in the future. Numerous questions arose as to if/how this will work and we’ll try to clarify this in Q-A format.

Please note that we don’t have any inside information and what’s presented here is simply culling from the comments of the previous post along with a few other sources.

Q: Is this offer still available?

A: Nope  Yes, at the time of this writing it’s still possible to get this offer by tweeting #amexairbnb from a connected Twitter account. You may also be able to find it in some Amex logins and save it that way.

Q: Can I get this offer on multiple cards? The terms seem to indicate I can only get it once!

A: As with all Amex offers, if you save it on multiple cards you can get the offer on each one. The terms just mean to say that if you save it on the same card using two different ‘saving methods’ you’ll only get one credit.

Q: Can I use my prepaid Amex card – Bluebird or Serve – as well?

A: You can not use it to buy a gift card, but you can use it to book a rental directly. [updated]

This offer (like many Amex offers) can be saved on those prepaid cards; however, the Airbnb system recognizes and rejects the purchase of gift cards with prepaid cards. The system does accept prepaid’s for rental purchases directly.

Q: Can I purchase Airbnb gift cards and get the $50 statement credit or will I only get the offer credit when paying for rentals directly?

A: Yes, the terms specify that gift card purchases are part of the promotion as well.

Q: Are the credits actually posting for gift card purchases?

A: Unfortunately, it seems that they don’t have the offer coded properly to credit gift card purchases automatically. Non-gift card purchases are triggering the Amex confirmation email and offer credit automatically, but gift card purchases are not.

The purchase of gift cards is initially coming through as a pending “Braintree” charge; after the charge posts, it switches over to “AirBnbGC”, but it apparently is still not coded properly to trigger the offer.

This leaves us with two options: 1) Wait another month or two and hope that they batch process them all on its own when they realize what’s going on, 2) Try to have it manually applied.

Update 12/12/15: It appears that it is coming through automatically after a few weeks or a month, but possibly not for everyone. It may be worth waiting some time so as not to deal with the hassle of calling in.

Q: I’m not interested in waiting; what’s the best way to get it manually applied?

A: You can chat with them and they may credit you (or they’ll tell you to wait 90 days), but many are mentioning much more success by calling 1-800-297-7500 and submitting a claim for ALL of your used offers. They’ll hopefully take your claim (without telling you to wait 90 days) and they’ll get all of the offers credited manually. See this comment and this comment for more details.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of gift cards I can buy per day?

A: There is no official limit, but it may be a good idea to limit yourself to purchasing just 3 gift cards per day as more than that seems to run into technical problems.

Q: Can I buy a gift card for myself?

A: NO! The system won’t let you buy for yourself, and if you send the gift card to a different account the system won’t allow the gift card to be applied to the account that it was purchased from.

Q: Okay, but does the gift card need to be used with the address/account it was sent to or can I use it with any Airbnb account other than the one it was purchased from?

A: Any account other than the account it was purchased from will work. However, don’t try to manually enter the code into an account other than the one it was sent to; you’ll need to click the ‘Apply Gift Card’ button in the email in order for it to work.

Q: Does the name on the credit card have to match the name on the Airbnb account? Can a friend give me access to their Airbnb account so that I can buy gift cards under their account and send it to my own account?

A: Yes, that works. That’s a great idea!

Q: Any workaround way for me to buy gift cards for myself if I don’t have someone to do it with?

A: Yes, you can try opening a second Airbnb account for yourself and send the gift cards from the new account to your regular account.

Don’t do this the other way around since you need to build a reputation on Airbnb and you want to do the actual bookings with your regular account; just use the new account as a means of buying gift cards. Note, I don’t know if it’s officially within the rules to have two accounts and it may be better to try finding a second person to do it with.

Q: Can I apply more than one Airbnb gift card to a rental?

A: Yes, the Airbnb system now works (similar to Amazon) that you redeem the gift card into your Airbnb balance and you then apply the balance to the rental. Multiple gift cards are all pooled together and can be used – combined – to pay for the rental.

[Note, from what I gather, the system used to work differently and did not allow multiple gift cards on a single rental. For that reason, you may read people mention that there is a limit of one gift card. Under the new system, you can use multiple gift cards.]

Q: Is there a limit to how many gift cards can be redeemed into my Airbnb account?

A: Officially, there is no limit. In practice, most people are running into a problem applying too many gift cards to their account and the system won’t allow then to do so. Some people bumped into this on gift card #4, some on #5, some on #6, some on #8, some on #9. Getting stuck on #6 seems to be especially common.

Just to reiterate, the issue here is not with using multiple gift cards on a rental, the issue is just getting the gift cards attached to your Airbnb account. Once you cross that hurdle, you shouldn’t have any problem using all the gift cards together for a rental, no matter how large.

Q: Any workaround here to get all my gift cards applied to my account?

A: Yes, multiple readers report that you can call in and they’ll apply them all without a hitch.

Also, you can do $300 (or more) per day. Thus you can easily just do a few each day and you’ll be able to get all the gift cards applied to your account.

Q: Can I just keep the gift card and apply it to my account sometime next year when I am ready to use it?

A: No! If an Airbnb gift card which is not applied to an account for 90 days – it expires and the funds are returned to the Amex card (which will result in the offer credit being reversed as well, in my experience).

Once you apply the gift card to your account it will never expire; the key is to make sure that you get all the gift cards attached to your account within 90 days.

Q: Are there any rentals that gift cards won’t work on?

A: The only exclusion mentioned is that gift cards can not be applied to long-term reservations (28 nights or longer).

Q: Can I make the $100 Airbnb purchase on December 31 or does the charge have to clear by then?

A: As with all online Amex Offers, it’s not recommended to wait until the last minute. It may work in some cases, but not always. The charge has to clear by December 31 and that doesn’t always happen for online purchases. See Online Credit Card Purchases – Transaction Date and Post Date for more details.

Q: Can I use up an Airbnb referral credit to pay for part of a rental and apply my gift card balance for the remainder of the rental? (If you signup with a referral link you get a $20 Airbnb credit and if you refer others you rack up Airbnb credit as well.)

A: Yes.

Q: I’m getting error messages when trying to navigate the Airbnb site. Help!

A: Reportedly, the site works best with Mozilla or Chrome, and not with Safari.

Q: Any other promotions going on with Airbnb that I can stack with this Amex offer?

A: Yes, as noted above new members can get $20 toward their first $75 booking by signing up with a referral link. Existing members can get $20 for each referral who purchases a rental and $80 if the referral becomes a host.

There’s also a separate Virgin America Elevate promotion going on which offers new Airbnb members 1500 points and a $20 credit, see more info here. Existing Airbnb members can also earn 1 point per dollar spent on Airbnb by booking through Virgin America.

Special thanks to readers Fuaxblogger and Jeff for clarifying some of these things in the comments of the previous post.

128 Responses to All You Need to Know About the Airbnb Amex Offer

  1. Lantean says:

    “A: Yes, that’s works and is a good idea.”

    it seems like a few words are missing here? thanks.

  2. Susan says:

    “does the gift card need to be used with the address/account it was sent to or can I use it with any Airbnb account other than the one it was purchased from?”

    Want to add to this. If you manually enter the gift card code to a different Airbnb account than it was originally sent to, you actually get an error message that the gift card is issued to another account. However if you forward the gift card code email to that person/email account and click the “Apply gift” button, it works.

    A second data sample indicated that it didn’t work the second time on desktop but it is works on mobile.

  3. David says:

    Any one got the cash back?

  4. Santanu says:

    Q: Can I use up an Airbnb referral credit to pay for part of a rental and apply my gift card balance for the remainder of the rental?

    Yes, you can. I just did that, stacking 2 x $100 GCs on top of a referral credit of $25, getting a $286 rental for $161. Note that the rental is in May, so I’m a little confused by why Doc says you can’t use the gift cards for next summer. As long as you book the stay now, and don’t cancel it later, Amex should not complain (Airbnb puts the payment in escrow and pays it to the host once the departure date has arrived)

    • Gary J says:

      He meant the transaction with the gift card has to be made within 90 days of receiving the gift card. You made a reservation now so it will work, but if the gift cards were not redeemed in 90 days they will be sent back.

    • Chuck says:

      Thanks, I’ll add that point.

      What I wrote is that any gift cards NOT REDEEMED in your account will expire after 90 days. You can certainly book a rental now for July or you can redeem the gift cards now and use it whenever you want. I’ll try to clarify this point more.

  5. korrinda says:

    What is if I cancel a reservation made with GC? Will I get GC back?

    • Chuck says:

      I assume so. If anyone can verify this, I”ll add it to the post.

      This would also be a possible workaround way of redeeming thousands in gift cards to your account, if you know what I mean.

      • Yang says:

        I cancelled a reservation with a gift card attached. Customer service said that it will go back to the same code in 3-5 days. Will update in 3-5 days.

        • Chuck says:

          Thanks. I assume it will be returned to your account, not back to the code. Let us know how it goes.

          • yang says:

            I didn’t add the gc to my account (couldn’t do that before), I used it as a coupon. Anyways they issued me a new code for $100. Different situation so don’t know what happens when using giftcard balance.

  6. Gary J says:

    Also a quick note, this can be stacked with the Virgin America Elevate promotion for Elevate miles on your purchases made through their link If it’s your first stay as a new member you can receive a 1500 mile bonus and a $20 credit on your next purchase.

  7. Yang says:

    So I had two $100 gift cards that I wasn’t able to redeem, the rep said it was because the payment did not go through. But notice today I got charged for both of them…

  8. MJ says:

    Data Point – I’ve successfully added 5 gift cards ($500) to my account this morning.

  9. MJ says:

    Another Data Point – I get an error when trying to add the 6th gift card. Tried Chrome and Safari. Will try another day.

  10. fauxblogger says:

    Two possible trends developing:

    1) Gift cards transactions hitting AMEX in Pending are showing as “UNPAID” in ABNB or Braintree clearing systems until nightly batch process in either/both systems clears this out, resulting in Help Desk citing “Unpaid” as reason the GC recipients cannot add to ABNB account
    2) For last 3 days, I’ve been capped at $300-$400 per day, which correlates to 1) above but may be entirely unrelated since I’ve been firing off purchases 300-400 per day to reduce risk of not posting to recipient’s account

    Ask AMEX Twitter team told me specifically merchant = AirBNB would fire the credit. Any other merchant (“AirBNBGC”) may not fire the stmt credit, despite T&C permitting GC purchases directly from AirBNB site.

    • David says:

      Does that mean “AirBNBGC” wouldn’t get the credit? Is there anything we need to do to get it back, as this obviously meets the terms?

    • goodMXguy says:

      I agree with you . When I got the Email I had to click accept for the credit to appear in my account. I believe the 90 days refer to the time you have to accept the gift.

  11. fauxblogger says:

    My understanding of the 90 day rule is that any gift cards sent to recipient but not added to recipient’s account would return to senders account after ninety days. No recollection of “must be redeemed within 90 days from issuance” limitation, but its possible I missed that bit.
    No clue on how/whether sender would be notified and how the gift card unapplied balance would post back to sender’s account

  12. Chuck says:

    I know that you cannot purchase an AirBnb GC with Serve, but how about booking an actual rental? The message I received when trying the GC with my Serve was specific to GCs not to buying on AirBnB.

  13. korrinda says:

    Could anybody confirm that $100 gift card purchases from AirBNB trigger $50 Amex credit?

    • fauxblogger says:

      My 11/3 and 11/4 purchases have NOT triggered the CR as of 11/7.

      $100 purchases on 11/3 and 11/4 have the $1 “AirBNB” merchant holds remaining in “Pending” status despite each $100 Braintree pendings clearing to merchant “AirBNBGC”. Hoping that the $1 pending holds clearouts will auto-trigger the CRs. I did get a CSR supervisor to notate on one of my accounts in case of dispute, but would not recommend going thru 23 separate account notations for obvious reasons.

      Also FYI, help desk now working with IT to manually apply GC purchases to recipients GC balance. Problem appears to be 24 delay between GC purchase and CC issuer purchase acknowledgement snaking thru the AirBNB and Braintree back-ends.

  14. Will Gu says:

    Haven’t noticed anybody talking about the potential tax issues (if you are planning to use GC to book your own place or let someone else to “book” your place). Airbnb does send out 1099 form and IRS will definitely know how much you earn from this. So taxation is a problem

    One thing to notice is the “mater’s exemption” which says that renting out your own place for 14d or below in a year would not lead to any tax. It’s not a deduction, so even 15 day renting would make the whole income taxable.

    With that being said, using GCs would be a better solution because you can use multiple GC for just one booking day. Plus, Airbnb charges 6-12% service fee. With the price going higher, the fee rate drops.

    Hope this helps.

  15. J. W. says:

    I ran into the limit of redeeming multiple GC to my account at #4, but a quick call to their support number was able to resolve it. They just manually added the other 5 cards for me.

  16. Gandalf says:

    So it seems like automatic credit is not going to apply to the account and we will have to contact Amex for each and every account enrolled with this offer.

    So what happens with third party amex credit cards like Penfed Amex or Fidelity Amex ? Who do we contact for those cards to get the $50 refunded ?

    • Chuck says:

      Yes, this is a good point. Let’s wait a few more days to see if it is posting automatically.

      • Anthony says:

        It is not posting automatically. I charged $100 to my Wells Fargo PRopel World AMEX on 11/7 and still haven’t received the credit. I had to chat with AMEX to get my Costco Amex credit and still haven’t received the credit on my Serve card either.

  17. yang says:

    just wanted to give an update on the codes that I was not able to redeem after the 5th gift card. I went back and click on them and now they add to my account. Now just need to wait for the $50 amex statement credit.

    I also made a booking with my Amex card. I received the amex offer e-mail right away. The charges just posted, so I will let you guys know when I receive the statement credit.

  18. Chuck says:

    @fauxblogger So the issue of adding too many gift cards is only a ‘per day’ problem, but the next day the system resets and allows you to add more?

  19. Chuck says:

    Okay, post is updated to reflect what we’ve learned in the comments.

    Thanks everyone for helping out!

  20. Nicole says:

    So I purchased a $100 gc on 11/5 and it has hit my Amex account fully. The name of the company is listing as AIRBNBGC*AIRBNBGC and when you expand to see more it shows Doing business as: MOVIEPASS, INC*MOVIEPASS IN.

    Pretty odd if you ask me. Also, I have not received a “you redeemed an amex offer!” email like I typically do and the offer still shows as active in my account. I will update accordingly but won’t be surprised if I don’t receive the credit, for some reason.

    • David says:

      I am in the exact situation. Do you think we should call Amex CSR to sort it out?

    • Jason says:

      I have feeling that credit will not come automatically for GC purchases unless Airbnb do something on its side to make transaction post as Airbnb,com or Amex include AirbnbGC as qualified transaction. I suggest us to contact airbnb and amex to make it right.

      • Fauxblogger says:

        Consider taking screen shot of Amex offer t&c. Many readers will recall circa 2011 publically available 100k Amex plat offer code changed to “South America cardholders only” after many had offer code notated on account…

        I’m not calling in until my $1 airbnb pendings roll off.

  21. yang says:

    Just received $50 statement credit for booking made with AMEX. Did not receive statement credit for gift cards and the gift cards were purchased a day before the booking. Hope it shows up without having to contact customer service.

  22. Chris says:

    Can I apply a GC to an existing booking? I can’t find this info anywhere. Thanks!

  23. Darren says:

    Any updates on the credit here? If we need to call Amex, have they been able/willing to manually add credits in the past?

  24. Susan says:

    I contacted AMEX about my gift card purchase. They weren’t particularly helpful but the guy said that since I enrolled in the offer and that I purchased a gift card, I will receive the credit according to the terms, that is: “Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 12/31/15”

    I told him that most of the time, credits are posted immediately. This is where he wasn’t helpful at all. Just assured me that I’ll get my credit…

  25. credit says:

    What if I give my friend a gift card and he returns the favor in same amount?

    That should work to get around “can’t use gc from the account that paid for it”. Yes?

  26. Gandalf says:

    So that pretty much guarantees that you can’t get the credit for non Amex issued credit cards. Thank you bloggers for marketing unverified claims. I now have $200 Airbnb gift cards for which I won’t be reimbursed for.

    • Tonei says:

      No, nothing’s been verified. Chuck has given us all the information available to him at this time. The t&c of the offer explicitly state that gift cards are eligible. Everyone is waiting to see what happens. I expect Amex will adjust their systems to honor the t&c’s as written.

      • Gandalf says:

        I am not saying you won’t get the credit for Amex issued cards. But most likely you will have to request it and someone has to add it manually. You cannot do that for 3rd party Amex cards(Fidelity Amex, Penfed Amex, etc..) so purchases made on those cards will most likely not get reimbursed.

  27. snoptro says:

    Another data point:

    I sent my wife 8x$100 GCs. Bought all 8 today, Nov 9. She was able to load 5 (Chrome & Firefox both worked). Got stuck at #6 as many people did. At 10 pm tonight, we called Airbnb customer service 855-424-7262.

    The CSR sounded slightly clueless or unenthusiastic at first, but we said that we needed to load the remaining GCs *now* in order to book a place, and that other people were also interested in the place so we needed to act fast. The CSR put us on hold for a couple of minutes, then proceeded to load the three GC codes for us without a hitch.

    Make sure to have all the unredeemed codes handy – find those emails and write the codes down, perhaps.

    Overall, we saved $400 + $20! Well, if the credits show up, that is… Will update on that.

  28. David Ruckus says:

    I can confirm that it’s easy to call in and verbally load GC with CSR.
    I was able to first do three through the email-connect and then had to call in.

    Asked about the whole stackable question, and “Ash” is going to get back to me, and I to you.

  29. David Ruckus says:

    Here’s the word from CSR:

    I checked, and the gift cards are basically an account credit that will automatically apply to a future reservation. The gift cards will automatically apply to your next reservation. You currently have $700 worth of gift cards, which means that if you were to make a $650 reservation, you would have $50 left to apply on your next reservation.

    Or, if you make an $800 reservation, you would need to pay another $100 from another payment method.

  30. Ted says:

    So can anyone give positive data points for buying GCs and having AMEX credit the $50. I don’t want to buy 20 $100 GCs only to find out that they cost me a net $2000. Thx.

  31. Darren says:

    Bought several on Monday and no credit posted as of yet.

  32. fauxblogger says:

    A bit more info now available:

    1) it appears there is a hard “automatic” limit of 3 GC purchases per day per GC purchasing AIRBNB account. The 4th successive $100 GC purchase, although is issued a funded GC number and is successfully received by recipient, is not “clearing” as funded in the AIRBNB back-end systems (clearing indicator likely “stuck” in the to Airbnb backward interface during the GC funding process). IT department can apply each successive GC manually to recipients AIRBNB account.

    2) Via Chat, I’ve been successful in having CSR “Escalate” the statement credit by notating my account and by manually firing the statement credit, which likely means that the approval record will be placed in a batch process that runs nightly or less frequently… Per the CSR, statement credits will hit Recent Activity section of online account within “3 to 5” business days with no additional manual processing or IT intervention required. Note that each account last 5 digits and account name (either cardholder or AU works ( I had 20 cards) can be keyed into a single chat session, even if you have multiple AMEX logons. Agent also said this “escalation” can also be applied “prior” to the GC purchase transaction hitting your statement, which I have not tested whether or not this will auto-fire the email or statement credit). I’ll report back when statement credit actually hits next week.

    I have no direct reason to believe this approach raised undue suspicion, and since is clearly supported in T&Cs I don’t see a risk in the masses using this same approach so long as you stick to the facts and don’t reference your clever redemption techniques.

  33. Jason says:

    I found the velocity of Gift Card loading to your account is $500/24 hours. I was able to add $1500 in total in the past three days.

  34. Darren says:

    The more pressing question now is will we get the credit from Amex. Has anyone received the credit yet?

  35. Gandalf says:

    Yes I got the credit on one of the 9 cards. Waiting for the rest.

  36. Matt27 says:

    got the credit on all 4 cards by calling in. They didn’t come for about a week so I figured it would need to be added manually. Call took about 10 minutes for the agent to apply the credit to each card but it wasn’t difficult. I happen to know an Amex website number of sorts that I got from calling in a long time ago about a different amex offer. Try this number: 1 800 297 7500

  37. Darren says:

    I’ve had CSRs add credits individually, but haven’t been able to get one to do multiple cards b/c of the one card limit in the terms. Will report back if/when the credits post.

  38. DaVe says:

    Got a clueless CSR that told me it would post in 90-days even though it says offer unused and other credits post in a couple of days. Any trick to get them to manually post the credit?

  39. Santanu says:

    Just received AirBnB credit on 2 of the cards I had used on. Called the 275 number mentioned above in the comments on Tuesday, a nice CSR applied the credit for both the cards which posted today!

  40. Adam Q says:

    I just got off the phone with AMEX CSR and got credits for my 2 AMEX-issued cards. The key is you have to call the 800-297-7500 number. I’ve heard this described as their “fullfillment” department. Anyways, this dept has the power to see your offers and issue the credit.

    However, my experience wasn’t exactly straight forward. The agent checked that I was enrolled in the offer, then verified the transaction and that’s when it hit a snag. On their back end, it is showing up different than what I see (“AIRBNBGC”). They are seeing 2 transactions – 1 from “airbnb” and another from “braintree” or something like that and this is why it’s not triggering the automatic notification and credit. The agent had to clear it with the supervisor, but I was able to get the credits. It’s going to depend on which agent you get as to how long this process takes. My agent was not familiar with this issue until he spoke to the supervisor.

    For what its worth, the agent did come back on the line and say they are aware of the issue as many are calling in to claim credits and their engineers are trying to solve it. Not sure I really believe that, but it gives me a bit of hope for being able to use my Fidelity AMEX on Airbnb GCs. I’ll wait for some positive feedback before I take the plunge.

  41. fauxblogger says:

    Spoke with “fulfillment department” today after last weekend’s CSR “3-5 day”statement credit commitments fell flat. Also confirmed my suspicion about root cause of problem: Marketing/AMEX Offers promotion team failed to confirm list of valid merchant codes with AIRBNB against which the cardmembers Offers promotion should be applied in the AMEX systems. So while the AIRBNBGC merchant code is valid merchant, that merchant code did NOT have the AMEX Offer eligibility indicator maintained in the database which maintains the merchant to offer relationship. That being said, this back end data setup flaw is still holding up the manual statement credit push-thrus due to the manual statement push-thrus continuing to validate Offer eligibility against the same flawed table. So those who are getting the stmt credits are likely getting a generic $50 courtesy credit rather than a specific “AMEX Offer- AIRBNB credit”. One other observation: Via CHAT, only PERSONAL cards can have the manual stmt credit applied by CSR- some sort of block holds up biz cards. Via chat, it takes CSR approx 7 minutes per card to manually request the credit. Instead, I recommend the Fulfillment 1-800 number who can process the manual credit requests in batch (and will provide a callback to you within 24 hours to confirm) and provide a single reference number for the whole batch for your records. It remains to be seen whether either the batch method or the AMEX chat method will result in AIRBNB-specfic statement credits until/unless IT fixes the problem on their back end, which might not happen due to typical year-end/holiday freezes affecting many seasonally affected IT departments.

    • Michael Piotter says:

      @fauxblogger, thanks for the technical response. It’s interesting to know the details.

      It’s frustrating when you follow promos to a T and AMEX/Whoever drops the ball on the backend.

  42. Shawn says:

    I’ve called CSR and have been told the fine print states credit would be applied within 90 days after promotion end. Frustrating to have to wait up to 4 months… I’m having the same issue with the 100 back on 500 at Delta, and the 10 back on 50 for cable bill. Strange how other offers are redeemed instantly.

  43. fauxblogger says:

    All 20-ish Airbnb $50 statement CRs posted today under merchant= airbnb San Francisco

    • apple says:


      did you purchase Gift cards for your 20ish airbnb transactions? and did you have to call for manual credit? or did the credits post automatically?


      • fauxblogger says:

        Upon further review, only the GC purchases using personal AMEXs have the $50 stmt credit posted, whereas the biz cards do not.. I recall CSR having problems manually pushing the biz GCs credits thru. Will update post when I know more. These are NOT co-branded cards.

  44. Apple says:

    Any updates on the airbnb giftcards credit lately? thanks.

    • fauxblogger says:

      All my credits posted for purchase of AirBnB GCs by following the steps outlined in my prior postings. Business cards statement credits trailed personal by +1 day. Unfortunately, not before the stmt balances were due which left me with 20ish $100 payments, then waiting til next statement for half that to roll off leaving a ton of dangling (-$-50) statement balances

  45. Susan says:

    I received $50 credit for two of my AMEX cards for Airbnb gift card purchase this week. I placed the order 3-4 weeks ago though. I contacted CSR via online live chat several times to ask about the credit. Several times, they said not to worry, the credit will post in 90s days blah blah.

    Then this week when I contacted them again, I just said “I spoke with CSR earlier who told me my account would be credited but it hasn’t, so can you help me?” And the CSR manually triggered the credit on both accounts.

    I have a few more accounts to go through to get the rest triggered, but at least it has worked finally!

  46. NI says:

    The twitter hashtag is no longer working. They’ve hit the maximum number.

  47. korrinda says:

    any words how to keep the balance on the account for more than 3 months?

  48. Mike says:

    Any updates on the 3rd party Amex cards for Airbnb giftcards? Got my Amex cards credited manually by calling as discussed above. Wanted to take advantage of this before the promo expires.

  49. Susan says:

    Of the 35 cards I have, two cards (both AMEX Blue Cash Preferred) finally posted the credit automatically about 3-4 weeks after purchase of $100 gift card. I also received credits on two other cards which I requested manual trigger via chat. I’m hoping all the others will post automatically as well.

  50. bob says:

    has ANYONE gotten the automatic credit on a 3rd party amex? Would love to know so I can grab a few more of these gc’s before 12/31

  51. DaVe says:

    I finally called the 800 number today. The rep added the credit manually to our 11 Amex cards. A bit of work, but still worth it!

  52. singerbabe says:

    I’ve called CS four times this week with no luck. Finally called the 800-297-7500 and got everything resolved in 5 minutes. Thank you for the tip @Adam Q!

  53. FlyingBoat says:

    I have received credits for all my Amex issued cards. I did it all through Chat, about 20 cards on various accounts.

    I wonder now, since these were manually added instead of automatic, if I end up not adding the GC to wife’s account and get refunded, if Amex would take the credit away? I can see how it would happen with an auto credit. But since it was a manual credit maybe not? Since the AirBNBGC didn’t trigger the credit, perhaps the refund wouldn’t trigger a removal of the credit either.

  54. Susan says:

    I also received all the credits for all my AMEX cards — all 38 of them via chat. Made over $1,400 selling them to friends/family/colleagues.

  55. bob says:

    I keep getting amex chat reps saying that I can only get one credit per username……are you all getting one chat rep to issue all of your $50 credits?

    • Susan says:

      I got all 38 via chat but had to do it multiple times. Start with just one card and after the rep triggers one credit, ask for another card. If no luck, then end conversation and try another rep. Took me several weeks to do this, so I suggest if you are the cardholder, to call the 800 number as that’s much faster. Most chat reps are clueless or useless.

  56. Dima says:

    Finally got all the credits, 5 on AMEX cards and 3 on co-branded cards. For AMEX I had called the number mentioned in the comments, and for co-branded cards I used twitter.

  57. PG says:

    Pain in the… After a few calls, I got someone in India, I assume, who was able to get the credit posted to one card, but insisted that the offer was only available for me once and couldn’t be applied to my other cards. Called back and got the same fellow again who just repeated himself. What are the odds?

    • PG says:

      Totally bizarre. He was very nice but VERY clear with me- just one credit per customer. Just logged in a couple hours later and the $50 credits posted to all my cards with the used offer. Strange. Next, my wife’s cards…

      • PG says:

        …which all already have the credit posted now that I’ve checked. Seems like their computer may have followed the AU links between our accounts and gave her the credits where due; even on a card where she had the offer but my AU didn’t. A little creepy if you ask me…but glad to not have to make any more calls on this one

        • PG says:

          so, stupid amount of comments here, but mystery solved. I now see $50 manually added to my account, meanwhile all my airbnb offers also appeared, not yet visible to the csr I spoke with, but supposedly having posted the day before I talked with him. So unless they catch it, seems I got a $50 bonus for my troubles…

  58. goodMXguy says:

    I called the number posted in past posts. I was told to wait until the end of march (3 months after the last day of the offfer)…

  59. Calwatch says:

    I was going to call sometime this month but the credits posted without my call today.

  60. Gaurav says:

    All my credits posted on Feb 17!

  61. FlyingBoat says:

    I let a few of $100 GCs ride and didn’t claim them. (I had called in on them earlier and received the $50 credits.)

    I received the $100 credit 3 weeks ago because they weren’t claim and I have yet to see the earlier $50 credits removed. I think because this was past 90 days or because they manually credited, perhaps they weren’t tied to the original $100 and therefore the $50 stands.

    I had bought a bunch more on 12/31. If I don’t see the $50 credits removed on the earlier ones I am going to let them ride as well. VRBO looks to have a lot better prices, so I would rather get cash.

    • Shivaji says:

      How does the offer credits show when you called before? How does the GC credit show now?

      I have few haven’t claimed yet, want to get some data point to decide whether to claim it before 90 days, thanks

    • jackgopack4 says:

      I bought one GC that was just in the last week refunded. Haven’t seen the $50 claw back.

  62. FlyingBoat says:

    I had about 20 $100 credits come through and not one claw back. Woo Hoo!

    I wouldn’t have minded using AirBNB but I find them much more expensive than VRBO for the situations I have looked into. I do have $300 I do still need to spend with them because I had applied 3 of the gift codes.

  63. Interested says:

    Anyone still have AirBnb gcs they’d like to sell?

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