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Published on June 21st, 2016 | by William Charles


[YMMV] American Express Business Offers: 75,000 For Platinum & Gold Cards

The Offers

  • American Express are offering increased sign up bonuses of 75,000 points on their Platinum & Gold business cards. Different people are seeing different spending requirements, anywhere from $5,000-$15,000

Image via Frequent Miler

How To Get The Offers To Appear

  • Go to
  • Click cards
  • Click view all small business cards

It’s not guaranteed to show, try being logged in & out. You can also try different browsers, incognito mode and other IP addresses to improve your chances. You can also check you’re pre-approved business card offers with American Express.

Our Verdict

Highest bonus on the Platinum was 150,000 points, but that wasn’t supposed to go public but they do send those targeted offers out. 75,000 after $5,000 spend seems to be offered on a semi frequent basis, so I wouldn’t settle for a $10,000 or $15,000 spend offer. 75,000 on the business gold is best in show (apart from some highly targeted 100,000 offers), if you’re not targeted for this offer then also try this 75,000 business gold offer. We posted a similar deal back in January as well, but it seems more people are now targeted.

It’s important to keep in mind you can only get the sign up bonus on each American Express card once, so you really want to make sure you’re getting the highest bonus possible. For this and other tips, read these about things you should know about American Express credit cards.

Hat tip to Frequent Miler

13 Responses to [YMMV] American Express Business Offers: 75,000 For Platinum & Gold Cards

  1. Carlos says:

    I thought Amex Bussiness ddi not have the once per lifetime requirement/

  2. Carlos says:

    I had the Gold Bussines and the converted to the platinum. Any guess if now I am not eligible to receive the sign up bonus for the Platinum?

  3. projectx says:

    Beat I could get was 50k on the gold card, using Safari while not logged in. My phone didn’t show anything above the usual offer using chrome and Firefox. Haven’t tried from a PC though.

  4. John says:

    75,000 offer on Platinum showed up for me yesterday ($15,000 spend requirement). Today 40,000 for $5,000 spend is showing.

  5. ARLEY LOZADA says:

    Received email yesterday for offer on Business Rewards Gold, 75K with $5,000 spend in 3 months.I have personal PRG, email made a note about that (“Take advantage of our special bonus for existing Card Members”). So likely if you have the personal PRG you’ll receive this offer. I have till 7/31. I will likely take it.

  6. Captainsave says:

    Can I still get this bonus if I have the personal gold card?

  7. Jon says:

    Hi William–love the site. Does the once per lifetime bonus rule apply for different businesses? For example, I own two llcs with seperate ein numbers. Could I apply for both llcs and still earn both signup bonuses?

    • Don’t think so, happy to be proven to wrong.

      • Chris says:

        Hi William, also love all your free unbiased clean info. Re: the question above – Does the same apply to Chase Biz cards? IE having 2+ REAL Businesses with EINs is not any more helpful than having one Sole Prop (SSN) ?

        It would be great to get more value out of having access to multiple real businesses…

        Side Data Point: I don’t believe the business whose EIN you are using ever gets notice that you ‘applied or have’ a Business Card in their name. Though its probalby a legal grey area to use a Business that you’re not affiliated with, even though you are personally responsible for the $.

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