Posted by William Charles on November 27, 2018

Published on November 27th, 2018 | by William Charles


American Express, Citi & Chase Amazon Deals Working For More People (& How To Get Targeted)

Update 11/27/18: I’ve added the Citi deal to this post. In addition if you’re getting an error about being unable to see the points balance on the linked account then you can try making any purchase on Amazon using that card first (e.g $1 Amazon giftcard). It seems that newly issued cards are having this error and making a purchase on Amazon seems to be fixing that issue. Hat tip to arkistan. If anybody else has any other tips we’d love to hear them

On the 24th we posted that the following two deals were working for more people. It seems like they are working for even more people, with more readers reporting that they are eligible today when they weren’t working before. Deals are as follows:

Some people have been able to do the American Express deal more than once, I haven’t heard of that being possible with the Chase deal but I’d love to be proven wrong. It seems like some people have had success in getting targeted by doing the following:

  • Remove card (either American Express or Chase) as method of payment
  • Readd card as method of payment
  • Register again for shop with points
  • Wait 24 hours try again

Another option is to just keep trying every 24 hours or so.

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Can you do both of them separately?

Not able to enroll MR after deleting the Amex card. When registering, it indicates “Balance unavailable Expand to see why”. ” American Express reports that you will need to contact them regarding your account status before you are able to use Membership Rewards points. You may contact American Express at 1-800-AXP-7500. ”

Call the number, the agent told me to remove all the cards, sign out and sign in again to enroll. Still doesn’t work… Anyone has an idea?

I got the same message trying to replace an Everyday card with a Business Plus card both have the same Membership Reward account number.

Even unenrolled the Everyday card, it can be re-enrolled immediately with the membership reward balance. Seems stuck.

When does this deal expire? I know it maxes out at $100 but when do I have to spend the $500 by?

I am eligible for the Chase deal and I swear it WORKED yesterday morning – I could see the -$15 discount right before I was supposed to click “Place your order”, but I wanted to make some changes to the cart and didn’t complete the order. Tried it in the evening just a couple of hours after but the discount was not showing up anymore. I tried clicking on the offer again, it just says “Your points will be applied at checkout”, but it doesn’t work. Any idea what might be the problem and how to fix it?

Neither deal is showing up for me now. Was this limited to Black Friday – Cyber Monday?

I’ve done the Amex offer, 20% off, twice already and it worked both times. Just wanted to add a data point. I suspect it will work again as long as I don’t go over $100 total in discounts.

I’ve done the AMEX offer three times. total discounts is less than $100.

I got the AMEX offer activated, but when it came time to checkout – it siad “unable to use points” ?? What gives here. (i have an AMEX Everday card as default)

You have to buy products sold/shipped by Amazon only (no 3rd party sellers) & can’t include Amazon gc.

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