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Published on April 19th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Amex Business Gold Rewards 75,000 Signup Bonus for $5,000 Spend w/o Lifetime Limitation [YMMV]

Originally posted 8/29/16, updated and reposted 4/19/17 since offer has been extended through June.

The Offer

Direct Link (Amex login required)

  • Apply for the Business Gold Rewards card from American Express and get 75,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $5,000 within the first three months from approval

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 12.49.49 PM


Application must be received by June 30, 2017 (originally it was September 2016, then January 2017, now June 2017).

Many people are seeing this offer now. Others get the error message: “We’re sorry, but our systems are currently down. Please consider applying by phone by calling 1-800-519-OPEN, or try again later after exploring our current offers.” This means you aren’t targeted.

If you aren’t seeing the offer, reader Nancy gives us two tips to help possibly get it:

  1. Login to your Amex account first, then click the link above
  2. Try the link on mobile

Card Details

Annual fee is waived the first year; second year and on there is an annual fee of $175.

  • 3X points on one category of your choice from the list below:
    -Airfare purchased directly from airlines
    -U.S. purchases for advertising in select media
    -U.S. purchases at gas stations
    -U.S. purchases for shipping
    -U.S. computer hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases made directly from select providers
  • 2X points on the 4 remaining categories
  • 1X points on other purchases

3X and 2X apply to the first $100,000 in purchases in each of the 5 categories per year, 1X point per dollar thereafter.

Our Verdict

This is the best offer we’ve seen for BGR. More often this targeted offer comes with a 10k spend requirement, but it has been around before with the lower 5k spend requirement.

Even better is that this offer doesn’t show the infamous Amex lifetime limit, and it should be possible to get the bonus even if you’ve gotten it previously.

Being that the annual fee is waived the first year, it’s well worth considering applying for the card if you get the offer. Check out the post 19 Things Everybody Should Know About American Express before applying.

144 Responses to [Expired] Amex Business Gold Rewards 75,000 Signup Bonus for $5,000 Spend w/o Lifetime Limitation [YMMV]

  1. Chris says:

    Interesting! I applied to that same targeted offer in May this year. Did the spend, got the bonus, still have the card. Now I see at this link that I still am targeted for this offer. Did not see a language that say anything restrictive. What are realistically my chances to get it again? I’m thinking prolly worth the risk.

    • Chuck says:

      If you try it out, let us know! Can’t remember if it’s possible to have two of the same Amex cards at the same time so you might have to cancel/PC the first one before applying?

      • Chris says:

        Good point about cancel/PC. Let me first see if I am already eligible (3 statements credits) to get 10K points for extended pay option, and then I may cancel and apply again! We got to milk it all!

        • Raul says:

          I’ve done this before with the gold biz cards. Same thing happened to me I got signed up with a similar link then saw a post on DoC just like this a couple months later and applied and approved for new biz gold card. Did this about 3 times using same link about 2 or three months apart. I now have 3 gold biz cards and 2 platinum that I converted over from gold. Ive been upgrading and downgrading from gold to platinum and back a couple times also for 50,000 points and $200 airline credits. Amex has been very nice to me over the past 2 years.

          • Raul says:

            Sorry didn’t realize this was for the business gold rewards and not the regular business gold card

      • Ariel says:

        I have two Blue Cash Preferred cards (one from applying, one from upgrading BCE), for what it’s worth.

          • Dario Filippi says:

            On a similar note…you know how when you’re logged in and you click on the ‘view all charge & credit cards’ etc…? Anyways, I have 5 cards: PRG, EDP, SPG, HHonors (no fee), Plenti. All of them appear at the top and say ‘my card’ and I cannot apply for them, with the exception of the HHonors card that is in the middle of the page somewhere with the other cards and it has the apply link. Unfortunately it has the wording saying I can’t have the bonus again yada yada yada, but it is interesting that it’s letting me apply for that one while still having it.

            I confirmed with an agent, and I can see in my account obviously as well, that I indeed have the card. He also reiterate that I won’t be able to get the bonus again.

            Though he did not know why I couldn’t apply for the others and yes to this one…


          • Chuck says:

            Dario, I just go incognito to see what Amex is offering

        • Chris says:

          Which one was first: the converted one or the real application one?

    • Dan says:

      Bizarre, same exact situation for me. (my two other household members were not targetted)

  2. Cherrie says:

    Will it be a hard inquiry

  3. Sam White says:

    Think I’d be able to get this offer matched? My wife JUST (Sunday) applied and got approved for this card. I’d guess I can call in and say I was “unsatisfied that I applied then heard there’s a better offer now available”…

  4. Steve says:

    I was able to get 2 BGRs, but I was targeted (oddly) for both of them within a 2-month span. I got the bonus on the first and am hopeful for the second.

    So this one doesn’t have any lifetime language? Like Chris, I couldn’t find it. My wife is targeted so I’m going for it.

  5. Rahul says:

    Huge Question: My offer says 50,000 points after 5K purchase.

    There is no Offer term showing on my offer that ‘Offer not available to those who had this card in the past”. HOWEVER I did have this card in the past and it’s is closed.


    1) Can i apply and get this bonus again as per my offer (since i do not see any such clauses in my Offer terms)

    2) What if i apply and then once i do the spending, Amex refuses to honor this promotion as i had this card in the past, and they say i cannot get it as i had this product in the past, as per their new rule? WHAT TO DO IN THAT CASE?

    3) Lastly, Once approved, can i get matched for the better 75,000 offer, instead of my 50,000 offer? How/what to do for that, if possible?

  6. Dan says:

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but I haven’t seen any data points of people getting multiple business card bonuses on 1 card type since the lifetime restriction went into effect. Why do people seem optimistic that this wouldnt apply here?

  7. Nancy says:

    On the desktop: At first I got the “systems are down” message, but when I logged into my account and clicked the link, I saw the offer!

    On my phone: After clicking the link, I saw the offer right away (not logged in). So everyone try both!

  8. ncsam says:

    Is there any concern that this might end up like the 100k Plat offer where MR points were frozen after completing the spend via MS?

    • That’s always a concern, but it seems like those MR points were due to products being returned, so I suspect something went wrong with AmEx and those points will be unfrozen at some stage. That whole situation is very confusing

  9. projectx says:

    Interesting… I have a targeted offer on this card, though the structure is different. 50k points after $5k spend, then another 25k points after an additional $5k spend, all within the first three months. Needless to say $5k spend for the whole show is a much better deal.

  10. Raymond says:

    Never apply for amex card, they will freeze your points for 6 to 8 weeks

  11. Beth says:

    The link worked for me yesterday morning to get to the landing page, but I didn’t apply right away. Last night the link gave me the error message (same browser, computer, etc.)
    None of the tricks listed worked
    Has anyone else seen their offer disappear like that?

  12. Brian says:

    Does Amex treat the Business gold card separately from the consumer gold card in terms of receiving the bonus?

  13. secondtimeisthebesttime says:

    Had Amex Biz Gold card last year with a 75k MR bonus with $10k spend. Met spend, received the bonus and then closed the account earlier this year. Received this offer on the first try with mobile chrome incognito after logging in. Applied via mobile, went to pending. Twelve hours later received email confirmation that I was approved. Confirmed with rep via online chat that the bonus offer is applicable and valid.

  14. DW says:

    I get the offer to show, but when I log in to apply I get a “sorry our systems are down” error message. It also says to apply over the phone. Anyone else get this?

  15. Ben says:

    Hi Doc,

    I actually was targeted online for the BRG 75,000 points after $5,000 before this post came out. I applied and got approved and got my points already.

    However I got another targeted offer for the BRG in my offers section, when I logged into my account which is the 75,000 after $10,000 in spend. This one doesn’t have the once per lifetime language on it either (Amex must really like me cause I also got targeted in my offers section for the Amex Biz Plat for 75,000 after $10,000).

    If I apply for this second BRG, will I get the second set of 75,000 points? What if I closed this brand new account (not advisable I know) and then applied for this second BRG before the Sep 30th deadline? Thanks!

  16. mattlaw says:

    I also get the systems are down. However, if I click through to the current offers I see the 50k bonus, also without the limiting language.

  17. ping says:

    Actually, I applied 4 BGR cards in June. All of them are from different targeted offer link, but they are the same offer as this introduced one. 2 from different emails, 1 from mail letter, 1 from Amex online account page. I applied four of them at once and got approved. I spent 5k right away for three of them. Got 75k points for each of these three.

    However, as soon as I got the third 75k, my MR account was frozen. I can’t transfer my points to other frequent programs. They told me my account was under investigation.

    Then, at the end of June, they took 75k points off my account TWICE. I called in, they told me I can only get the bonus once for each card account, not for each CARD.

    I told them the three BGR cards are different “card accounts”, but they insist they belong to the same single “BGR card product account” no matter how many cards are there.

    So in the end, I only got 75k points for those three BGR cards.

    • Chuck says:

      Bummer. I’m not surprised that the once-per-lifetime rule would be enforced on targeted offers at a rep level (although it might be illegal). Main thing is that the system doesn’t apply the rule for these offers since the terms don’t mention it.

      • Ping says:

        Yes, the Amex system still gave me 2nd 75k and 3rd 75k. However, the 3rd 75k trigerred their manual review of my MR account. As a result, the rep moved the 2nd and 3rd 75k points from my account.

        I am not sure whether I should file a CFPB claim, because I do not want to piss Amex off and shut down all my Amex accounts.

        • Ben says:

          Hi Ping,

          Out of curiosity, it seems that you linked all these new cards to your existing account so that they all showed up together, is that correct? Do you think if you created different user accounts for each card that this could have avoided your account being flagged and manually reviewed? Something I’m thinking about trying.

  18. Randy says:

    does any body have the POID number from the email or mailer? chat will help you if you have that number.

  19. Called in won’t qualify, because not specifically targeted.

  20. Ben says:

    Hi Doc,

    Related to Ping’s experience above, it seems that he linked all these new cards to his existing account so that they all showed up together, under one username? Do you think if you created different user accounts for each card that he could have avoided having his account being flagged and manually reviewed? It seems like as long as the system automatically approves and credits the points, there is no problem. Only when the account is manually reviewed by a rep, is there a problem. So I’m thinking whether creating different accounts for each card would avoid a manual review. What are your thoughts?

  21. Chris says:

    Offer extended till January 27, 2017.

  22. Dave says:

    Any recent data points on getting the 75,000 bonus after $5k spend for people who had this card but cancelled over a year ago? Got a targeted offer in the mail and nowhere did it have the new cardholder requirement in the T&C. Scared to apply and do that spend for no reason when there are so many other good offers out there now. One convo asking an Amex rep online took a long time and went nowhere.

  23. Ferris says:

    They’re sending out these mailers again. I got one (or my work got one technically) and the offer is good till the end of April

  24. bluecat says:

    Extended to end of June 2017

  25. Lantean says:

    I am not eligible this time… I got the much worse 50k/75k after $5k/$10k spend… bleh

  26. Johnson says:

    Just got the BGR last month, think I have a chance at getting matched to 75k?

  27. goodguys21 says:

    signed up 2 business cards recently including BGR with same offer. need to spend 10k in 3 months. Does Amex gift cards still count towards the spend requirement ? any issues Amex clawing back buying gift cards ?

  28. Mark says:

    I am eligible to apply; but I am wondering about the potential clawback when meeting minimum spend using VGC’s.

  29. Ron says:

    nancy’s way doesn’t work any more

  30. Steve says:

    “We are sorry, but you are not elligible for this offer. To learn about our other offers that may be available to you, please call the number on the back of your card. To go back to your account home page, click here.”

  31. Rob says:

    Does the 2/90 rule apply to charge cards? I applied and was approved for the blue for business 1/27/17 and SPG business on 3/19/17. Those are both credit cards so I know the 2/90 rule keeps me from being approved for another amex credit card until 4/27/17, but do charge cards get treated differently?

  32. James says:

    I got this offer in Mar 2016, and just cancelled the card last month. I guess I can apply again and see if I’ll get the bonus again.

  33. Rhea says:

    I currently have BGR card.

    Should i close it or convert it before applying for this new one?

  34. jason says:

    I was just approved. Had it about 2 years ago. I’m assuming they will honor the wording since there was no lifetime language on it?

    I’m also assuming that I need to be pretty careful about VGC spend on this?

  35. jason says:

    My wife was not eligible though. Too bad!

  36. Ravi says:

    Hey Chuck,
    I like your blog and all the useful info it provide us. Do you have a consolidated post which gives info on what counts as business for business credit card? I am an employee in an company, so am not sure if I will be qualified for these credit cards.

  37. Vadim says:

    Bummer just got approved for my second BGR (first upgraded to plat), if only I could somehow tie this deal with the new card I got :/

  38. ajpl says:

    Anyone have an RSVP code they’re not using? I’d love to give it a good home.

    /u/ajpl on reddit.

  39. Abey says:

    Quick question:
    I closed my Amex gold business a month ago to make toom for the SPG Business.
    I see the above targeted offer in my account.
    So if i apply, get approved, swipe 5K i will get the bonus, Even though i got the bonus 6 months ago?
    Is this similler to the Citi AA non24 where i got 3x 60K points in 4 months?
    If yes then beer is on me tonight 😜

    • Abey says:

      Or maybe i should re-open the business gold and upgrade it to platinum then apply for this gold.

    • Chuck says:

      Abey, I think you can apply for this and get the bonus.

      (This is a charge card, though, not a credit card, so I’m not sure why you had to cancel the BGR to make room for SPG.)

      • Abey says:

        I applied 4x for the SPG business. Declined 3x for having too many accounts with Amex. Each time i closed one card. The 4th time i was approved, go figure baseball 😜

  40. rahul says:

    A slightly unrelated question…………..Amex MR points can be transferred to Emirates right?

    Is this my best option to fly Emirates? Or there is a way i can use my AA miles or Chase UR points to Emirates too?

    What is my best option to fly EMIRATES and is it easy to get Business class ticket to India on Emirates using points/rewards?

    I have United miles but i am skeptical flying United with all recent controversies.

    • Abey says:

      You can only transfer Amex and SPG points to Emirates.
      From NOrth America to India on Emirates is 85K round trip economy and 145K round trip business.

      • rahul says:

        East coast options? Does emirates fly from Newark or JFK?

        Also all points only option avilable? Like pay 145k RT and not pay cash at all?

        I am looking and it give me Points + Cash option only which SUCKS.

        LASTLY IF i transfer my Amex/SPG to Emirates, do points expire with Emirates, if not used within certain timeframe ??

  41. alex says:

    I have been receiving this offer across two of my three amex logins.

    I have had the card in the past.

    I have also received this offer three times in the mail! Pretty crazy.

    Heres the deal: I called Amex and they told me that despite the language in the offer I would not be eligible for this offer since Ive already received the sign up bonus.

    I suspect that I could fight this… but I choose to let it go.

    Amex seems to be cracking down a lot on rewards “seekers”, and I doubt it will be a pleasant or easy battle to get them to actually honor the terms and conditions.

  42. Peter says:

    Applied and got approved after calling in to verify some basic info.
    I already had this card and will know in a few weeks whether the bonus posts.

  43. vanph says:

    Can you apply to both the Business Platinum and Business Gold Rewards together for a combined single hard pull?

  44. Chris says:

    Of people that are eligible for the offer, did anyone open their first Amex card this year?

  45. Justin says:

    I now have 100k/$5k Biz Plat and 75k/$5k BRG offers. Never had an amex. Would love to pull trigger on both but wouldn’t be able to do the spend organically for both. Any thoughts?

    • ajpl says:

      You should be able to find a way to meet spend on both. Assuming you can do one organically, open a BMO Harris checking/savings/money market accounts and fund them for $1k each. That’s half the spend on your second card, and then you just need to fund another bank account somewhere or perhaps MS the extra $2k.

      If that’s not feasible for some reason, at least give the RSVP code to someone.

      • Justin says:

        I can easily MS $10k, just don’t want my new points clawed back. That’s my concern, not the actual spend. Sorry, should’ve elaborated

        • ajpl says:

          Makes sense. Still, things like funding bank accounts or making Plastiq payments are not MS but a completely legit way to use a credit card. If you can get to $10k doing that kind of thing then you should grab both offers.

        • luv to share, just not with Amex says:

          My understanding is the terms exclude “gift cards.” Seeing which companies Amex gets 3rd party data from becomes important, as well as which companies have clear “gift card” in their name. I personally just spent 15-19K to meet my min spend for AMex Biz platt and created a list of safer looking businesses to spend at:

          Do Not Use:
          Office Depot/Max
          Amex Offers deals for gift cards

          PPDG (says gifts in name, but shows as “ecommerce services” purchase at a “Business/Internet Services” store)
          SVM (shows as “non-durable goods” purchase at a “Business/Internet Services” store)

          Looks good to me:
          Kroger stores
          Sam’s Club

          Not tested:
          Post Office gift card purchase (cuz you know your business has some hefty shipping expenses!)
          7-11 (I thought $500 in gas might look odd if human eyes looked at it- though if you have a trucking operation, or need that much coffee, donuts and slurpees for your crew party- haha!)

          Good luck

          • luv to share, just not with Amex says:

            also add Simon Mall to the looks good list!

            I recommend: varying your $ on gift cards (486, 479, 442) – avoid repetitive numbers (505.95, 505.95), avoid even numbers, keep purchases under 1500 unless legit, and generally under $500 if possible. Remember Discover Apple pay where they simply didn’t count all purchases over about $500 unless PROVEN legit.

    • Loren W Kenion says:

      Did you do anything to get targeted for these offers?

  46. andrew says:

    Just applied for this card today and was approved for the 75k bonus, but with a 10k spend requirement. I did not receive the targeted offer and couldn’t generate the offer through incognito.

    I called Amex and told them I’d spoken to a rep a few months ago and that rep had offered me 75k for gold. That wasn’t exactly true, but an Amex business rep was soliciting me a few months ago. I also asked about the platinum and they only gave me the standard 75k offer.

    FWIW, I’ve been an Amex personal customer for 15+ years. This is my first Amex business card.

  47. jf says:

    This is certainly tempting for the near future. I do have a legit business, but I think I might want to hold off on this one? My blue for biz and biz plat were both instant approvals early this year, however my subsequent spg business took 3 weeks to get approved, and was issued with their highest APR…signals to me, slow down? I currently have spg biz, prg, plat, biz plat, ed (Just upgraded to edp, when closing my year old SPG personal and reallocating its limit to spg biz, the rep offered me 25k mrs for 2k spend in 60 or 90 days, no brainer with biz plat), have been with amex for a little over 2 years….scores 740s 2 dozen inqs, although most are on TU, few on eq, maybe 8 on EXP. Only have biz cards with amex, and as far as newer personal accounts go I only have merril+ from last year, and wf propel world from march…

  48. John says:

    Got the offer to show after I logged into my AMEX and then clicked. However it asked me too login again to complete the “short application” for approval. When I enter my userid/pwd “We are sorry, but you are not eligible for this offer. To learn about other offers that may be available to you, please call the number on the back of your Card. To go back to your account home page”

    • hmmm says:

      Got same, both on laptop (tried 2 diff Amex account logins) and on iphone.

      Whaaa, looks like Nancy’s trick is really not working anymore 🙁

  49. Kurt says:

    Hi, clicked the link and got an error. logged into my prg, hit the link, 75K offer came up, filled in the page, no ein prompt, skipped the other card offers and instant approval with the welcome email a second later. 75K with $5K spend and no af for a year, talk about easy MRs – and to think I just had the $10K offer in hand and was thinking about it…thank you DOC!

  50. tinker25 says:

    signed up Mid March via Link/login, completed spending, do not doubt bonus as SO got it. Also received RSVP code in mail as well. Wondering if I can apply a 2nd and expect 2nd bonus, I can use EIN this time around if it helps.

  51. Tina says:

    I applied for BGR 2-3 months ago, did spending mostly MS, received 75K MR points, now I see 50K offer on the same card. Do I need to cancel/downgrade the BGR I have and then apply for the BGR? I wonder if AmEx catches then they may even claw the points for the previous card. What do you all say?

  52. Bob says:

    The BGR is a one time bonus offer. I use to sell this card third party AMEX will screen for prior BGR holders it is part of the phone and online Application. The 75 K was phone apps only/ 50 K for online. So if you have gotten the bonus points in the past you won’t get them a second time though your app may be approved. Plus, if you close a card the point are gone,but you can merge points card to card as long as the accounts are open and in good standing. Word on the street is Chase and Citi are taking a beating on their business rewards cards which show no signs of profit for quite some time. Hence AMEX seems to be scaling back and letting the competion feed on each other. Expect changes in this market.

  53. rick b says:

    So I applied for this back in March with an RSVP code, confirmed online, and by calling CSR during card activation that I was eligible, and now that the points haven’t posted, they’re trying to tell me that I’m not eligible because I’ve had the card last year. Supposedly there’s also a rule that you can’t apply in less than a year after closing the old card…even with a targeted offer. What a load of crap AMEX has become. Even targeted offers are bait and switch.

    • Athree G says:

      Exactly same situation here. Targeted BGR offer, no lifetime language, bonus declined after spending $5000. If they are good at finding previous accounts, why didn’t they find it BEFORE sending the targeted offer? If they have a lifetime rule why did they hide it? Amex is relying on deception to gain business. I called them a few times. First CSR refused to do anything citing the lifetime rule, another CSR opened an investigation and will come back in 2 months. On other forums I saw one filed complaint with CFPB with good results which I will probably do.

  54. Brian says:

    Have they eliminated this offer? I am not seeing an error message, instead I am seeing “Thank you for your interest in this offer. At this time this offer is no longer available. Please click here for our current offerings.”

    • Chris says:

      Ya Ive tried a few times a day the past week or two, and got the same message you report each time… Both on Mobile, Logged in/Not, Ingoc etc… I think its dead. =(

  55. Vic says:

    Seems to be gone, earlier than expected.

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