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Published on September 9th, 2015 | by Chuck


Amex Everyday 25,000 Point Signup Bonus!

It’s now possible to get the same offer but with a 0% APR for 15 months and no BT fee.

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Signup for a new Amex Everyday credit card and receive a 25,000 point signup bonus after spending $2,000 within 3 months.

This card usually offers just 10,000 points as a bonus. You can get this offer to show by going to the above link (or directly on the Amex website) in a non-cookied browsing session, such as incognito. If you are in your regular browser which you use for your Amex login, it won’t show.


In an odd twist, the Everyday Preferred is getting a lower signup bonus of just 15,000 points. The increased offer is only on the fee-free standard version of the Everyday card.

The Fine Print

Our Verdict

This is an awesome offer for the Everyday card! Even the Preferred version doesn’t usually have a signup offer this good and certainly not a publicly available one.

Since it’s showing publicly on the Amex website I’m hopeful that this offer will last for some time. I’m guessing they’re trying to push customer acquisition right now and what to add the simple folk to the fold.

The Blue Cash Everyday also just came out with a high signup bonus of $250.

Other things to keep in mind about Amex:

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My dad just got this card and has not even started using it. Do you know if Amex will match sign up bonus?

knowing the battle i put up with them trying to get my platinum bonus from 2 weeks earlier to be matched to the 100k offer, no, they wont match

There is a chance. the apply by phone CSR asked these very questions. Probably they will invalidate the card and issue a new card to your dad. Please ask him not to use it before he tries couple of options.

Thanks I will have him try. What other options other than calling CSR? Should I just have him apply again?

I just missed it by applying for 10K points recently (about 2-3 weeks). I know Amex does not match the bonus. But still am asking, did you call the Amex and got the bonus upgraded recently ? What path did you choose? please let me know the path you chose?

I already called the number on back and apply by phone . Both declined to upgrade. Apply by phone could not see the POID and Offer Code at their end. Anybody else got lucky ?

Noticed on Slickdeals someone posted the terms, that if they identify you as currently having an American Express account you may not be eligible for the welcome bonus.

Terms and condition says –
If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer. This offer is also not available to applicants who have or have had this product.

So, not eligible for any of us having any Amex Card.

Standard language on all applications, mainly applies to the bonus for the card you’re applying for.

Right – this is common knowledge. Haven’t actually read of anybody being denied the bonus due to already being an AMEX customer. If this actually happened, you’d know about it – the more ethical bloggers would most definitely mention this.

That language has never been enforced according to the terms.

For the max of 4, does authorized user card count or not?

No, AUs do not count.

Hi, DoC!

Again, actually this deal is first published by me at

Please give me a credit too, thanks!

I just received this card under the 10,000 point offer on 08/18. Is there a way to get Amex to honor the newest offer? I have not received the bonus yet under the original terms.

If you are downgrading TO this card, say from the Amex Platinum, are you eligible for the signup bonus?

Can’t downgrade a Charge card to a Credit (revolver) card.

And in general you’re not eligible for a bonus when you product change, for any card from any bank.

I got a 1,000 point ($10) bonus from Barclaycard for downgrading from Arrival+ to Rewards MasterCard. Which ended up being $30 after a 10 minute phone call with them after the bonus didn’t post.
But, generally, not gonna happen.

What a deal. If I didn’t have one already I’d be applying ASAP.

This is a great deal and everybody should jump on this.

I don’t value MR points very highly, but if you have an existing account and feel as I do then you should get this card as it will keep your MR points ALIVE when you inevitably close your fee paid MR credit card!

That in and of itself makes this card great, the fact that it has no annual fee and a tremendous sign up bonus for this card — 10,000 point the norm, 20,000 points by targeting — and the fact that it is eligible for AMEX offers, as well as earning 2 points/$ spend at supermarkets makes this the one decent AMEX card product that I can endorse.

I currently have a Blue Cash Everyday card. Does this card count as a different card so that I can get the $250 bonus?

I was going for this to Costco Card in Feb, may have to move my timetable up.

applied both using 2 browser trick, both applications are in progress, hope to get approvals

Just applied for everyday card and approved instantly.

Checked the account, has gold business card with welcome offer,with 75,000 rewards for spending $10000 in 3 months,approved within the account instantly.

1 credit card and 1 charge card (business),

hopefully it will 1 hard pull.

Thnak you very much dr.ofcredit

I can’t seem to get more than 15k to pull up.

Go to Private Mode in Mobile. Clear out history including cache.
Visit this page and click on offer link. You should be able to see it.

No dice. I tried on both Safari & Chrome on my iphone. Why must Amex hate me so 🙁

Try Firefox, just worked for me when the others wouldn’t mode. Used private mode.

Any idea what the last date to apply is to still get this at 25k?

I applied for the Everyday at end of July and got denied with a 720 score. Might have hurt that I applied for Platinum and PRG right beforehand an got auto approved for both of those. Called recon but had to deal with horrible overseas reps who were not helpful at all so never got the card.

Was not planning on re-applying until another AoR in October, but I assume this 25k is only going to last for a month at most? Anybody know?

I’m also interested in seeing this answered. Just applied for the Everday card. It took many tries to get the 25000 offer so I was pretty excited when it came up. Then I got an outright denial. Admittedly, I probably stretched my luck as I recently got the Starwood biz and PRG. I have a great credit score and am willing to move credit over for an approval. Tried calling, but only get overseas reps as well.

Did you apply for those within that last 90 days? Amex only lets you get 2 card every 90 days.

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