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Published on August 16th, 2018 | by William Charles


AmEx EveryDay Credit Card Offer: 25,000 Points + 0% APR For 15 Months With $0 BT Fee

Update 08/15/18: Reposting as lots of reports of readers seeing this offer again.

Update 05/21/18: Reposting as this is showing up for people again frequently.

Update: It’s actually possible to get the 25,000 offer with the 0% APY/no BT fee when using incognito mode.

The Offer

You must use the incognito mode trick to get the 25,000 offer. More on that here.

  • American Express is offering a new bonus on the Amex EveryDay card:
    • Earn 25,000 points after you spend $2,000 or more within the first three months
    • Receive a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months, then a variable APR of 14.24% to 25.24%
    • No balance transfer fee for first 60 days


Card Details

Our Verdict

Update: Now that this offer is 25,000 points + 0% introductory APR and no BT fee it’s definitely worth doing. 25,000 points is the highest bonus we’ve seen on this card, so the 0% APR no BT fee is just an added bonus. This is definitely going on our best credit card bonus page.

It’s currently possible to get a bonus of 25,000 points after $2,000 in spend within three months on this card by using the incognito mode methods. Obviously this offer is 15,000 points less but does come with the 0% APR no BT fee offer. I think most people will be better off with the higher points offer, but if you need to float money or are trying to pay down credit card debt then this offer could make sense.

It’s interesting to see American Express enter this 0% APR no BT space and this is actually the best offer of this type in the market (Chase offers the same with the Chase Slate, as does Bank of America with the BankAmericard Credit Card but neither come with any points sign up bonus). Citi have previously stated that they were exiting the competitive rewards space to focus on these types of offers, so they won’t be happy with this change of direction. I suspect we will see more of these types of offers to come as interest rates rise.

As always before applying for this card, I’d strongly recommend you read these things everybody should know about American Express credit cards. It includes things such as the reconsideration number to call if your application is denied.

Hat tip to DDG

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I saw this when attempting to get the 25,000 offer in incognito mode.

One user stated they got the 25,000 offer AND the 0% offer in incognito mode on the previous post you have regarding the 25,000 point offer.

These are the same MR? So this would be a good card to open up to keep my MR if I want to cancel my platinum?

Yes. All MR points are tracked under a single MR account. Opened this card for exactly this reason.

I am opening the Everyday for the same reason – to cancel my platinum. Thank you for asking this question, i was curious about the same thing. If anyone sees any issue with cancelling the plat, and opening this card to keep MR alive then please let us know. Thank you!

No issue, this is basically the “recommended” way to hold onto your MR points. Just be careful about the AMEX crackdown on people who only hold the Platinum for 12 months.

go on?

for only 12 months or less than 12 months? because the fine print when applying for plat. clearly says 12 months.


Can you please advice if the MR points account is still the same even if you have different amex login user_ids for two cards like Platinum and everyday?
I like to have two different logins to get the Amex offers on both the cards simultaneously.

I’m seeing a 15,000 points signup bonus with the 0% BT offer. Cant get the 25k no matter what I try.

Same here

see my commnet

Only go the 15k with $1k spend and $0 BT too. I even tried three browsers.

see my commnet

It certainly takes time, just gotta be persistent. I’d recommend opening up the browser and doing a couple refreshes from time to time while doing other things.

I’ve been able to get all the incognito offers I’ve wanted to get, eventually.

Keep trying, use incognito mode on different browsers and different devices. I have got this pretty consistently.

I’ve tried it over weeks in Incognito mode and I finally received it today! Try today! Close out and try again.

see my commnet

I can send you a referral for 15,000 points after spending $1000

I’d like that referral. Can you post the link here?

Here is a referral link for the 15K. [don’t post you’re referral links here. WTF!!!]

You are lucky :). i used yours as incognito for 2000$ isn’t working for me. Cheers!!

Please don’t do this in here! There was a post JUST a few days ago about referral link abuse.

Chuck and Will are kind enough to create this site, keep it up to date and (most importantly) independent, and, on top of that, allow referral links in dedicated posts.

Please don’t come in here and piss all over it.

wow this is SUPER tempting!

A 0% BT fee definitely makes me consider jumping in on this.

Can you be give more context why do you think 0%APR a good deal? Per my experiment it is useless since if you transfer large balance (like 10% of total credits across all cards) to a CC it ends up result in sharp credit score drop. The interest you saved is way less compare the huge drop of credit score. This is a pure negative action in my mind.

I regularly floated $10k-$30k for months while I was front-loading my 401k in the last years. Yes, my 3.0 VantageScore probably dropped by about 100, and I figured that VantageScore 3.0 is *much* more sensitive to per-card balances than FICO versions, and I can’t track that daily, so I think the effect there is even less.

If your FICO is still over 750, it doesn’t matter much, worst case your credit limit will be smaller, but you still get the card and its bonus.

Unless your credit is really new, or iffy to start with, its not a problem. Most people with fairly long credit histories won’t see a noticeable drop. Also, if you’re credit is high enough after the drop, you don’t have to worry about getting rejected for new cards.

Personally, my score dropped only around 10 points when I did a balance transfer offer that maxed out my credit utilization on that card. My total credit lines are well over $100,000 and I the only loan I have is my mortgage.

Can I do the balance transfer from another American Express card? It is a business card.
Failing that- can I use the balance transfer to get the funds deposited to my checking account? Or do I need a card with an actual balance to do this for? I’ve never done a balance transfer before so I’m not sure the rules. What happens if I do a balance transfer to a card that has no balance? Does it just go to negative and then the bank sends me a check?

This is what popped up after I just applied and was approved:

Request up to 4 balance transfers from other credit card accounts
Please Note:
1. The total amount of balance transfer request(s) must not exceed $7,500 or 75% of your credit limit, whichever is smaller.
2. The fee for balance transfers is $0. Balance transfers must be requested within 60 days from account opening.
3. Balances may not be transferred from any account issued by American Express or affiliates.
4. Please refer to the terms and conditions for complete details.

In the event that you request multiple transfers, each transfer will be processed in the order that we deem appropriate for business or other reasons, up to the applicable limit.

When I clicked on the box to complete a transfer, I was prompted to enter the amount, credit card # and card card issuer, so you probably cannot transfer into your bank account. You might be able to transfer to a credit card and create a credit balance, and then request a check.

Check out this thread from FicoForums.
It is old, but according to the OP it worked to put in his checking account number instead of a credit card number, and the funds were applied to his checking account. No routing number needed- instead, the mailing address of the bank was entered, so they mailed his bank a check and the bank applied it to his checking account using the account number he entered. If this works, it seems safer than creating a large negative balance on a credit card- I’m pretty sure this looks suspicious to credit card issuers.
Any DPs out there on if the method in the above-linked thread still works today?

Some banks (BofA maybe) allow “BT” to cash out. Not sure about AmEx.

Would transferring balance to a card with no balance, then cashing out the ‘extra’ work maybe?

Capital One allows sending check to your address . So you can request for check from COne and then transfer COne balance to another 0% credit card.

Some credit card companies treat balance transfer checks that are deposited into a bank account different from ones that are used to pay off loans. I think Navy Federal does, for example.

So be careful and read the terms and conditions carefully.

Keep in mind that some banks will not accept a payment of significant amount if there is no balance. They may simply return your payment.

If you have a CC with another bank with no BT Fee, you can transfer your AMEX balance to your other bank card and transfer the other bank card’s balance to your AMEX ED card and essentially transfer your credit balance from one AMEX to another and without any fees if done right. For example, I have a few Cap1 QS cards with no BT fee. I can transfer a balance from my AMEX card (card 1) to my Cap1 card, and after the BT is complete, transfer my Cap1 balance to my AMEX card (card 2). This results in $0 fees/interest. In my case, Cap1 does have a 24.24% interest rate for BTs, but as long as you transfer out of that bank card before the payment is due, you won’t be charged any interest fees.

In general you can’t balance transfer within the same company.

my amex blue card was converted to Everyday without my request. Since i already have a Everyday card(converted from blue and no signupbonus) am i eligible for this bonus?

Probably would have to change out of that card so you don’t have an EveryDay card when you apply.

If I already have an Everyday card, I should still be able to open a second ED card to take advantage of the $0 Fee 0% 15 month BT promo, right? I know I won’t be eligible for sign up bonuses and am only looking for a good BT offer, plus I have $20K in credit I can shift from another AMEX card to this one within the first 60 days which makes this offer more enticing.

You can shift credit to the new card only after it’s been open 60 days.

In my experience, I’ve been able to shift credit as early as 30 days after my account is open.

jennifer miller
jennifer miller

I was permitted to move credit the next day or might have been the same day. $10,000 from blue to everyday, but I realized later I shouldn’t have. Max Bal xfer on any 1 card is $7500 even though I still have $13k available. They said $7500 is the max. I said for how long? They said “forever”… Don’t know how accurate that is, but that’s what they said.

Hi Doc, I’m using your link on the ‘Offer’ section and only seeing a 15,000 pts offer even in incognito mode. Am I doing something wrong?

What are people doing with these BTs? Back before 2008, these were everywhere and awesome b/c you could get 4.5% or so on that money in a savings account. Just want to make sure I’m not missing some other benefit on these…

I have a giant chunk of 0% BT earned cash floating around for maxing out checking account rewards. It’s a lot easier to leave 15k in an account for 60 days than jumping through the DD hassles and watching for monthly fees.

jennifer miller
jennifer miller

I agree! That’s what I’m doing also.

How do you transfer the balance from the card to a rewards account?

if i have the AMEX PRG and plan to close it soon because of the annual fee and If I get this one, Will it help to keep the membership points I have earned on the PRG alive?

Of course

Hi Doc,
Can I confirm with you that MR from this card can be transferred to airlines?

Just got the 25K to show up after about 10 attempts. Thanks DOC:)

What link did you use to get the 25k offer after 10 attempts, please

I used this link. It worked for me too after several attempts and I was also under VPN (US Central zone)

I didn’t use a link. After opening incognito browser, I typed in Then I selected personal cards. I did not log in. One thing I did that I havent seen mentioned is when using VPN, try connecting to different locations each time

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