Posted by Chuck on September 1, 2017

Published on September 1st, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Amex Offers: $100 off $150 at AT&T! [Targeted]

This offer has expired, click here to view current amex offers.

The Offer

Some Amex business cards are getting targeted with the following:

  • Spend $150 on AT&T Small Business Wireless and get $100 back, OR
  • Spend $150 on AT&T Small Business Wireless and get 10,000 Membership Rewards points

The Fine Print

  • Expires 10/31/17
  • Offer valid for AT&T autopay and one-time payment only

Our Verdict

Check your Amex business cards and AU cards to see if you were targeted. I was super excited last year when I got the $50 off $150 deal which is still keeping me going, and this one is double as good (there was once $150 off $150 at the end of 2014!). Last time, the deal worked fine to pay your regular AT&T personal wireless deal, I’d guess it’ll work this time as well for payments and overpayments. Probably one of the best Amex Offers ever for those who have AT&T service.

With similar offers we’ve found that AT&T cellular offers work for a cable bill as well, see this post where we discussed the idea. I assume it would work with this offer as well.

Those who don’t use AT&T service for cellular or cable won’t find the offer useful, though there is a possibility it’s worth switching to ATT for this offer if you got it on a bunch of cards. Or offer your friends to pay their AT&T bills with the deal.

There are two other cellular/cable deals going on currently as well until November 15 (neither are on business cards so it won’t be possible to stack them):

If anyone has a screenshot of this $100 off $150 ATT offer, please send it over! (


63 Responses to [Expired] Amex Offers: $100 off $150 at AT&T! [Targeted]

  1. Dan says:

    It showed up on 2 of my cards this morning, but when I went to click on them they said they weren’t available. Such a tease

  2. Trevor says:

    I’m one of the lucky ones… let’s see if I find a way to use it.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Got it on 1/4 business cards. Thanks for the heads up- going to be using it to pay my parents’ cell phone bill.

  4. P says:

    I received it!!! OMG!! Finally a usable one since the Petco offer. In my Biz Platinum.

  5. Austin says:

    1/2 business cards (BRG) ; 0/4 on personal. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Austin says:

      Just made a $150 payment to my personal ATT account. Got an immediate email saying I used my offer. The email states, “We appreciate you using your Amex Offer at AT&T. Look out for a $100.00 statement credit, which will automatically be applied to your statement if your purchase meets the offer terms.”. Seems consistent with other offers I’ve used, but the part about meeting the offer terms is slightly concerning. Will report back when it posts.

      • M says:

        Were you able to push overpayment, or had an actual balance over $150?
        In the past, ATT rejected or reduced my payments that were substantially over the amt due.

        • Austin says:

          Just made a manual payment of $150. It asked if I knew this was greater than my balance and I said ok. Hasn’t posted yet, but there doesn’t seem to be an issue. This is on a personal account.

      • Austin says:

        Checking back in. Credit posted almost immediately after the charge did.

        • Roberto says:

          Thanks! Got targeted on my Gold Biz for $100 off $150, but I don’t have ATT. Gonna offer it to a friend. Same friend I offered the BofA deal! He’s making out like a bandit 🙂
          Also got spend $50 at Amazon get 2,000 MR points. Nice, thanks Amex!

  6. Captainsave says:

    Got it on the plat and gold biz. But i dont have att 🤔

  7. MoreSun says:

    0/2 BRG
    0/3 SimplyCash Business
    Dangit! I haven’t gotten a decent amex offer since the Twitter Best Buy one…

  8. Moshe says:

    I got a deal of spend 100 or more and get 1,000 points up to 3 times. Does anyone know if the deal will work for FiOS?

  9. David says:

    Seems like the supermarket offer is also back
    Get 1,500 additional Membership Rewards points one-time by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $100+ in one or more eligible transactions in-store or online at U.S. Supermarket locations by 11/30/2017. See terms for exclusions.

  10. Austin says:

    Awesome, got it on BGR. Thanks for the heads up.

    Any idea why the Blue Business Plus doesn’t have amex offers yet?

  11. Kent C says:

    0/8 – not on SPG business cards

  12. Credit says:

    I got supermarket. 100+ and get 1500 mr points

  13. Hype says:

    Just added this offer to my Business Platinum. Perfect timing because I just finished the spend $200 on AT&T Biz get 2k MR x3 offer on both my personal platinum and my ED.

  14. Chuck says:

    Woot! My account didn’t have it, but now I’m seeing it.

  15. DAVID says:


    We appreciate you using your Amex Offer at AT&T PHONE PAYMENT 800-288-2020. Look out for a $100.00 statement credit, which will automatically be applied to your statement if your purchase meets the offer terms.

  16. Durga says:

    Thanks Doc!

    I got this offer on my SPG BUS card and 2 AU cards. but for my AT&T is not allowing overpay. it is saying. “We can’t accept an online payment right now because this account has a credit balance of $300 or more.” is there any to overcome this and make additional payment.

  17. Chris says:

    Lucky enough to have it on two of my cards and one of my wife’s cards. An easy $300 saved on phone/u-verse!

  18. Elias says:

    I got spend $150 get 10,000 MR points on two Biz plat that I have awesome! I do have ATT internet.

  19. Gil says:

    Would paying off an installment plan trigger it?

    Any way to use multiple towards an installment plan?
    Only options I see online are pay what’s needed to upgrade or pay it off completely.

    • Gil says:

      Got the notification for using the offer with making an installment payment. If anybody can figure out how to split installment payments into $150 increments let me know please.

    • Michael says:

      With new iPhone release coming soon this works perfectly

      • mommafrica says:

        I was working my way towards the same thing concerning the iPhone (need 2 – 1 for me and 1 for my S/O) by paying off sum of the installment plan with this last offer by making payments on my regular bill which kept deleting my installment plan by $23 each time; down to $400.

        If I had this offer, I would have paid it off with no hesitation and sat back to see if an Apple deal might come through when the new iPhone comes out. Never had one and this would be our first (not my idea really but oh well).

  20. Jaz says:

    Have it on his and her SPG biz card. I can pay personal cell bill with it?

  21. Ray says:

    0/3 business cards


  22. Yev says:

    Got it on 2 SPG Business Cards: Primary on both and Authorized User on both.

  23. MontyFC says:

    Got ATT deal on 2 SPG Biz card

    Got Supermarket deal on 1 PRG card

    Got Cable MR deal on 1 PRG card

    Good start to September.

  24. AJ says:

    Got it on 2 cards but I have T-Mobile. Any way to use this to get Beats headphones or other accessories from AT&T?

  25. Adam says:

    Cool got it on 1 Biz Green obscure card that I put no spend on.

    I dunno abt the prev times if these sorta offers have excluded other att services/bills — but this one I happened to read the terms & it excludes quite a bit. Did they all have similar language if anyone remembers?

    Gonna try U-verse anyways. Hopefully offer credit posts!

  26. Drivesabrowntruck says:

    Got ATT deal on two SPG business cards, “problem” is i just stacked two $300 payments because I had the double ATT offer that was $30 off $300. Now it won’t let me overpay again.

  27. Mendel says:

    Can u buy gift cards for AT&T to use with this offer?
    It says Biz, is it for personal cellphone use?

    Got offer on 7/8 Plat Biz

  28. Andrew says:

    Anyway to stack this with the Citi ATT Access More $650 credit toward new phone offer? I still havent used mine and plan on using it on the next iphone, which is rumored to be around $1k. Itd be nice to get $750 off

  29. Sheri says:

    DP: offer on SPG Biz for me and husband.
    I overpaid my personal ATT bill online $151 (already had $97 credit on acct). Immediately got the email from AMEX “Great news you just used your offer”. Then paid another $151 on second card. Gave me a $399.50 credit on my bill ATT acct. Payment went thru.Received the second “great news” email from AMEX.
    Last month I tried to overpay my ATT acct several times to use the other ATT offers from Amex and ATT wouldnt let it go thru. Seems like ATT wont let you prepay and have over a $300 credit?

  30. Matt Katakis says:

    Will this work with a directv bill?

  31. V says:

    Any way to capitalize on this if you don’t have ATT service? Would it work for buying a gift card for resale or anything? Or maybe a phone or something?

  32. Ismail says:

    Goddam AMEX…WHY is it NOT showing on MY SPB/BGR cards like others? Are they Racists or what?

  33. Curmudgeon says:

    Got this on a couple of cards but can’t use it since I don’t have AT&T. Wish I could swap it for the grocery store offer though.

  34. Rye says:

    have it at least on 6 SPG Business cards… very tempting to get a new phone!

  35. WDRNG says:

    Any way to make use of this offer for a prepaid ATT service (multi-line discount)?

  36. HENWG says:

    seems last year, one can overpay AT&T cell phone account much more (no limitation for overpayment). can someone inform if we still can make overpayment without $ limitation for cell phone account now? TIA

  37. joe says:

    anyone know if this works for directv now?

  38. John Gibson says:

    Probably the easiest $100 I’ve ever made.

    Hope they continue to do this every year.

  39. carl wilson says:


    This month signed up for new package att small business at my new office for my startup, its a totally new address and account. ATT online has an offer $70/mo for 25mbps/landline phone for 24 mo + $100 install, signed up through TCB signup portal. Was able to call in payment prior to install and received offer credit from Amex yesterday. Only equipment I needed too buy was a $30 old school landline phone I bought on Newegg, wifi is run att equipment. Plus I get a dedicated phone line for my business (underated asset no need for a second cell phone account for business).

    So after amex offer I basically pay about $100 for my 1st month of service/professional install/my landline phone, and then about $77/mo after tax for internet and phone service for 24 mo. Anybody who has shopped around for small business (not home, big price difference between the 2) wifi/phone knows that is a freakin’ bargain.

    Now hopefully my new account signup bonus for TCB posts…any D.P’s on that posting?

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