Posted by Chuck on September 1, 2017
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Published on September 1st, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Amex Offers: 1,500 MR Points with $100 Supermarket Purchase! [Targeted]

This offer has expired, sign up for instant notifications to avoid missing any deals in the future.

The Offer

Check your Amex logins for this targeted offer:

  • Get 1,500 bonus Membership Rewards points by spending $100+ in-store or online at U.S. Supermarket locations

The Fine Print

  • Expires 11/30/17
  • $100 can be made in a single transaction or across multiple transactions

Our Verdict

This is basically free points for most of us who shop at grocery stores. Even better if you got the offer on a card like Blue or Everyday which always earn bonus rewards at the grocery. I can’t find it on any of my cards yet, but many are seeing it.

Hat tip to readers David and Credit

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Have this on two cards (PRG and Green). Thanks for the heads up, as this is an amazing offer!

Thank you. Have this on all 3 of my personal cards (Platinum + Everyday Preferred + AU)

Got it on 2 AUs for an Everyday, but not the primary. And none on any of the EDPs. Weird. But $200 will get me 3480 MR points with the 2.4x so not bad at 17.4 MR/$

Got it on 1/4 personal cards (Everyday)

On all 24 of my cards! yay! Does anyone know or can confirm if this will work at trader joes? My wife loves that place and maybe less fights next time she shops there if i can get some MR points!

You have 24 Amex MR-earning cards? Here I thought polygamy was outlawed…

rather than useless attacks on martial norms which are baseless, please either answer the question or ask out of curiosity how I got that many cards. Did you know that amex allows 99 authorized users per card? Did you know that you can add yourself as an authorized user to your own card?

Anyone know about trader joes, or else i’ll try it out and report back.

I frequently getting the 6% cashback at Trader Joe’s with BCP, I don’t see why would it not work.

Amex now asks for SS#s for AU cards and they have to create their own login. Are you just adding a few dozen with your same name on all of them? If so, they don’t have a problem with that?

You seem like fun at parties /s

Is gift cards eligible for the offer? Thanks.

Got it on my PRG AU

I have this and 2x at whole foods. Should stack right?

Yes, but does Whole foods get you category bonus?

It just gives 1x on grocery if that’s your question? PRG card. So just hoping for 1500×2 on 100+ spend!

You’re not going to get 1500×2 with those two offers.

You’ll get your base spend x2 for the first offer and a separate 1500 for the second offer.

Ah you just busted my dream haha. Thanks

Is Wholefoods counted as “supermarket” by Amex? Transaction shows it’s grocery store.

Since Boxed triggered both 1X offer and 75-25 offer, so I believe whole foods offers can be stacked.

Got it on Everyday. 1/4

Got it on a plain Amex plat

Got this plus a $50 off $100 from Shipt on one of my cards. Not sure if it will stack but certainly willing to try!

Same for me too. Got this and shipt on green card. Will try and see if both of these will stack.

Got it on 3/3! Thank you for the heads up.

0/7 :(( such a bad luck

I went 0 for … several.

0/2 EDP and SPG. Oh well.

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