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Published on May 15th, 2017 | by Chuck


Amex Offers: Spend $200 at AT&T and Get $20 or 2,000 Points [Targeted]

The Offer

Login to your Amex business credit card to see if you were targeted for one of the following offers:

  • Get $20 back as a statement credit when you spend $200+ online at or via the AT&T app. Limit three $20 statement credits.
  • Get 2,000 Membership Rewards points when you spend $200+ online at or via the AT&T app. Limit three 2,000 points credits for a total of 6,000 points.

The Fine Print

  • Valid through August 15, 2017
  • Works with one-time payment or with auto-pay
  • Must use card to pay your wireless bill or other service charges online directly with AT&T at or through the AT&T app
  • Purchases for equipment or prepaid, U-verse, web hosting, or wireless services that do not appear on your AT&T wireless bill are excluded from this offer
  • Your payments must be in the amount of $200 or more in a single transaction
  • Payments by phone, at retail locations or via third parties do not qualify
  • Limit 1 enrolled Card per American Express Card online account and limit of 6,000 additional Membership Rewards points per Card; these additional points are in addition to any points you would normally receive for purchases on your Card under the terms of your Card Member Agreement and the Membership Rewards program; when we calculate the additional points benefit for Amex EveryDay® Card products, points awarded under this offer will not be included

Our Verdict

As it appears from my own business cards, the cards that have not been used before on AT&T got targeted for this offer while those previously used did not.

I love Amex Offers on things like cellular since it’s easy to prepay out your bill for the future. At worst, if you close out the card, you can get the payments refunded back to the card; there isn’t much to lose other than floating the funds. Just bear in mind that you are losing out on the 5x INK by paying with your Amex card. I imagine most people will prefer the 10x MR + points or the 10% back + points.

Just be sure to make three separate payments of $200 each to maximize. The terms indicate that the charge needs to made at or through the AT&T app, though I doubt that will actually be enforced, and it should work for standard, personal AT&T payments as well (as has been the case in the past). Hopefully, we’ll get data points on this in the comments shortly.

There have also been some data points of cellular Amex offers working for an AT&T cable bill as well. Let us know if you try it out. Update: data points indicate that ordinary cellular and Uverse payments are triggering the  offer credit.

27 Responses to Amex Offers: Spend $200 at AT&T and Get $20 or 2,000 Points [Targeted]

  1. David says:

    Question around over payment on ATT and refund. I floated 10K on my att bill when Discover did the 10% apple pay a year ago. I still got 8K+, but if I close the att account(plan to go to TM as wife works there), would I get the 8K in a check? or is it refunded back to discover? How does this work? I read back in discover 10% days that they would issue check but you are saying refund to card. Please advise. thanks!

  2. SteveH says:

    Got it on Business Platinum but not Gold, Blue, or SPG business cards.

  3. Ewejay says:

    Got in on BGR but not B4B. Never paid ATT with either.

  4. ddt says:

    Got the amex email immediately after making payment on my personal att account.

  5. MSer says:

    Not any any biz cards, but found on two Plat cards

  6. sg says:

    Got it on the Delta Plat Biz. Thanks!

  7. Shaun says:

    Got the offer (MR points) on my Biz Platinum which did receive the AT&T offer back in fall 2016. (which was much more lucrative). Did not receive on my other, newer, Biz Platinum.

  8. Bakermama says:

    Got it on two SPG business cards; same ones that had the offer the last time (then it was $50 off $150, a MUCH better deal)

  9. Ben says:

    Anyone had success with uverse triggering credit?

  10. Bryce says:

    Ben, yes. I’ve had success with BoA offers in the past and have the confirmation from Amx but it’s only been a few hours so no points yet.

    • Catapult says:

      ATT wireless payment didn’t trigger it for me!

      • Chuck says:

        Weird, Chris (below) says that even Uverse triggered it. Wireless worked for me in the past.
        How long ago did you make the payment?

        • Catapult says:

          Yeah, it’s crazy. I will need to follow up with customer care now and it’s not going to be easy considering BofA has done away with chat support.
          Also, I used a debit card to make a $15 & $16 payments on 5/10 – a couple of hours after activating/adding the deal.

          Hindsight, I would have probably waited couple of days after activating the deal to make the purchases. Give their systems some time to update the activation before making the purchases that trigger the deal

          • Catapult says:

            Damn, sorry. Ignore/delete above comments. I meant the BofA deal not the Amex offers deal.

            FWIW, ATT bill payment did trigger Amex offer for me in the past.

  11. Chris says:

    Problem is ATT online will not accept payments, when your balance will become greater than $300. SO only one payment for me…Solution?

    • Chris says:

      Data point on my own question.
      Regular online payment for my ATT Uverse posted as this, and I got the Congrats email from Amex:
      AT&T PHONE PAYMENT 800-288-2020
      View Details on Merchant Website
      208 S AKARD ST
      Category: Communications – Cable & Internet Comm

      Then, a payment from the chat function on ATT’s website, also triggered the Congrats email, although it seems like a phone payment, which is excluded in the term of the offer:
      AT&T CONSUMER PHONE PMT 800-288-2020
      View Details on Merchant Website
      208 S AKARD ST
      Category: Communications – Mobile Telecom

      • Chris says:

        Follow up: Got the points today!

        • MH says:

          I double dipped the last offer when I had AT&T & Uverse Internet. I dropped AT&T for T-Mobile. At that time I ran into the $300 Uverse limit. Were you able to add $400 by phone ($200) and app ($200)?

          In my case I won’t be under $300 the next time i want to load, I have Business Platinum and 4 additional cards.

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