Posted by William Charles on June 27, 2016
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Published on June 27th, 2016 | by William Charles


Best Bank of America Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses (Current & Historic)

In an effort to update our best credit card sign up bonus page, I thought I’d tackle at least one credit card issuer each day. Today we’re looking at the best sign up bonuses on all of the Bank of America cards, along with any targeted offers that might be currently available and what the best sign up bonus has been on each card. This should give you a good idea if you should apply now for a card, or wait for a better bonus. If you know of any increased bonuses on any of these cards, or a previous bonus that has been higher than listed then please let us know in the comments.


Personal Cards

Business Cards

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Absolutely fantastic idea for a resource and something I’ve wanted to see for years from one of the bloggers. One potential thing to consider is that there is a lot of grey area in-between current offer and best ever offer. For example:

Data Point 1: Card Alpha is currently offering 25K miles
Data Point 2: Card Alpha once had an offer for 75k but it was four years ago
Data Point 3: Card Alpha had an offer for 50K six months ago

The issue is if you only provide data points 1&2 then someone might reasonably come to the conclusion that they might as well apply for 25k since the 75k offer was so long ago…but in reality it may be prudent to wait and see if that 50k offer comes around again.

Might be easiest to do this in some sort of table since it could get confusing otherwise


Just a heads up on BoA, they seem to be really hard on people like us. I applied for the Amtrak card last week and got rejected, I called recon a few times, and they turned me down because of a high number of inquiries (10 or so, Experian). Even after escalating to a manager, I had no luck. A few other people have mentioned being rejected for BoA cards for similar reasons. So consider carefully before applying for one of these!


I completely agree with this. BoA seems to be very strict when it comes to approval. I have since chosen to go elsewhere and not bother with them.


B of A also turned me down for that cash rewards card last week. Recon told me I had to wait for the letter and I could only request recon via writing.

I did not include my IRA when it asked about liquid assets. Could I have included thar? I am not of retirement age.


Is the Virgin Atlantic bonus still live? Didn’t see the additional 50k after 12k spending in the T&C after I clicked through.

der travler

BofA seems to overlook multiple pulls as long as the last one has been 90 days, seems to be their new strategy after the 5 Alaska cards in one day debacle reported by a not so smart blogger on another site. I am working on my 4th card this year from them.
Not working with a real high score, and have many recent inquires (9).


Great post. Thank you.


The link for the Business Card goes to the Personal Card

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