Bilt Partners With Amazon For Shop-With-Points; 500 Points Bonus For Linking & Using

Bilt Amazon Partnership

Bilt Rewards has partnered with Amazon as another one of their Shop With Points partners. Bilt points can be redeemed at .7 cents per point toward Amazon purchases.

The Offer

  • Bilt is offering 250 points for linking your rewards account with Amazon. You can link accounts at this link (contains our affiliate link).
  • You’ll also get another 250 points the first time you use Bilt points to cover all or part of your Amazon purchase.

This offer is publicly available for all Bilt credit cardholders. You might also see it in the app or get an email about it.

Our Verdict

Nice little bonus if you have a few minutes to spare. You can easily link and then use a single point on Amazon to 500 bonus points.

Most people won’t find the actual Amazon .7 cents-per-point worthwhile, but it’s interesting to see a new company succeed in partnerships with major corporations. The new Amazon option is now the best way to easily cash out Bilt points as previously the main option – outside of travel partners – was getting straight cash at .55 cents per point. We’ve updated our Bilt credit card review with this additional option.

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I guess the real “story” here is that hopefully we’ll start to see the “use points and get $XX/XX% off” deals rolling in for Bilt like with the other issuers.


Easy as pie. Linked =250. 51 cent amazon reload, use 1 point = 250 more.


Same, but did a $0.50 Amazon reload using 1 point to get 250 Bilt points.