Posted by William Charles on October 11, 2018
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Published on October 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Blue Business Plus Now Offering 15,000 Points When Referring (Useful For Self Referrals)

The American Express Blue Business Plus card is now offering 15,000 points when you refer using this card, up to a maximum of 55,000 points per calendar year. 15,000 points is the most that any American Express card offers (equal with the personal & business platinum) this is significant for people wanting to self refer to other cards. We discuss this in more detail here. Please do not share your referrals for this card in the comments below. The 15,000 bonus is not competitive, they often offer 20,000 points and referring yourself would make more sense.

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Saw this on my account earlier today as well. Really a good deal.

hello everyone! i have a great welcome bonus offer on the Blue Business Plus! its now offering 15,000 MR points! WOW! please use my referral link below:


Your link is not working. Can you email me? **EMAIL LINK REMOVED**

really? most of us surf Doc at work. I know youre better than that Ninja.

There is already 200$ sign on bonus if we spend 5k. Do we get both if we self refer?


I thought it was 10k now, so with the self-referral a total of 25k.

Shows up for me too.

“15,000 points is the most that any American Express card offers”

Just FYI, Business Platinum offered 20,000 MR during their 100,000 MR campaign which required $25k spending. (already ended)

The cherry on top was that one could apply for Business Gold and Green with those links, and self-referring Business Green with Business Platinum links will net a total of 5,000 + 20,000 + 5,000 = 30k
(for some reason Biz Green issues 5k + 5k instead of the promised 5k, many on reddit including myself got these.)

Wow, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Does this 20,000 Referral option come up often?

Others have offered more, but the quoted statement *is* correct. After all, there are no 20k offers out there *right now*.

My wife just signed up last week using my referral link , we will each get 10k points. Will AMEX match the referral offer from 10k to 15k?

DP: need to generate a new link otherwise you’ll get the previous 10k offer.

You could also self refer to Business Gold and get the 15k plus 50k for a total of 65k.

Not too shabby. Self referring has got me some good points between me, the wife, and some friends. Thanks for the info!

I’m confused on how this works. I have the Blue Business Plus. So I can refer my girlfriend and she could sign up for, say, one of the Amex Hilton cards and she would get whatever the Hilton sign up bonus is and I would get 15k MR? Thanks,

Yes. (check out the linked posts)

I have already earned 55k referral points from referrals for the new AMEX Gold card. I assume the 55k per year is across all Amex cards referrals, not per card type. Correct assumption?

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