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Published on October 20th, 2016 | by William Charles


Blue Cash Everyday: Up To $450 Back ($250 Sign Up Bonus + 10% On Amazon)

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a sign up bonus of $250 after you spend $500 on purchases within the first three months of card membership on the Blue Cash Everyday card (You might see an offer for only $100 or $150, try to use incognito mode for the higher offer)
  • You’ll also earn 10% back on up to $2,000 on purchases on the card within the first six months of card membership


Card Details

  • No annual fee
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 3% cash back at U.S. supermarkets (up to $6,000 in spend annually, then 1%)
    • 1% back on all other purchases
  • You can only get the sign up bonus on American Express cards once

Our Verdict

American Express seem to be rotating what they offer as the bonus category for the extra $200, recently they have had:

If you can get the $450 offer to show I’d probably grab this offer as that is a massive bonus for this no annual fee card and I doubt we will see it higher (assuming you can use the 10% on Amazon, otherwise wait for a category you’d prefer). There are a lot of cards that earn at a high rate on Amazon, so this is really on an extra $100 but still a great deal. Not worth considering if you get either of the lower bonuses to show up. As always, before applying make sure you read through these things everybody should know about American Express cards.

There is a similar bonus for $450 on the Blue Cash Preferred card as well.

Hat tip to American Express media team & US Credit Card Guide

36 Responses to Blue Cash Everyday: Up To $450 Back ($250 Sign Up Bonus + 10% On Amazon)

  1. Waingro says:

    Deal is $250 after you spend $1,000 not $500. You got me really excited there! Still great offer and I plan to apply.

  2. David says:

    Would there be any reason for the incognito mode trick to not work for someone? I’ve closed and reopened the page in incognito/private browsing upwards of 50 times by now, on two different connections, with multiple browsers. There has been no change in the offer page, only the $100 bonus offer is available for me.

    Also, I don’t have an AmEx card yet. If I can manage to access this offer, would it be worth it as my first one? The first item on the 21 Things… page about AmEx says that I should wait, but this seems to be a great offer and as a uni student I’m not financially independent enough to consider higher tier, AF cards (from any CC issuer really).

    • PD says:

      Yeah, I can’t get it to show up either. Have tried Chrome incognito and Firefox private, and have a VPN I’ve set all over the U.S. and world.

    • Yes, it doesn’t always work. Might be based upon your IP as well, if it doesn’t work just try again at another time. I usually recommend waiting for a higher targeted bonus for your first AmEx card.

    • David says:

      Update: used a VPN set to New York, New York and got it after less than 10 refreshes. I ended up applying for it since I’m planning on making a big purchase soon (current laptop is falling apart…lol) so I’ll be able to get both the $250 and the $200 from Amazon cash back. I think that’s alright for my minimal credit history of just over a year.

  3. Aahz says:

    Tried a dozen times incognito in each Firefox and Chrome with no luck. Then simply clicked Doc’s link in this post and BOOM! there it was. (pending, unfortunately, but fingers crossed)

  4. Michael says:

    Not working

  5. Matt B says:

    Incognito mode worked for me on 10/21/2016, $300 sign up bonus after $1000 spend

  6. Glenn says:

    No problems getting it to appear (the $250 on $1,000 offer anyway). First shot at incognito in Chrome. Did it again for the wife. Both pending but that’s fine. We’ll see what happens. And hey, more Amex cards for sync offers is always good.

  7. Jim says:

    Got the 450 offer using ExpressVPN set to San Francisco, on firefox browser, and not using incognito mode.

  8. Waingro says:

    Got the 450 offer using Cyberghost VPN set to Atlanta, on Chrome incognito mode.

  9. Julia says:

    Is this a brand new card or did it exist in the past? I remember having a Blue American Express, but I am not sure if the exact name was Blue Cash Everyday card. The reason why I am asking is because if you’ve ever had a Blue American Express card and sign up for this card again, American Express will not pay you the bonus.

  10. Sreeni says:

    450 link showed up in incognito chrome. Approved instantly. Thanks!

  11. TONY says:

    Got the $450 bonus with chrome incognito. Approved with $10,000 credit limit. So surprised, I only have less than six months credit history.

  12. Ryan says:

    Still works as of today. I used Chrome incognito and PIA VPN with California IP and got the $450. Took a few hours of changing IPs and refreshing but its still alive.

  13. Mist Soalar says:

    Does reloading amazon gift card count towards $1k spending requirement *and* 10% back at the same time? If so, it is pretty awesome way to get amazon pesos.

  14. Elias says:

    Tried many times in my house and no Dice. Went to work and used two VERY old servers we had and I thought they were amex virgin. $450 showed for both cards!!!!!!! Approved 🙂 Thanks doc!

  15. Karthik says:

    Is this still working with the 450$ bonus? Am trying with VPN set to NY/CA but not getting it

  16. Daniel says:

    Got the $250 bonus ($450 total) today after using Chrome Incognito and Hotspot Shield VPN about ten times. Thanks for the info!

  17. Francesco says:

    Does anyone know the POID (offer code) for the $250 after $1000 offer? I opened it in incognito mode in early November however I received only $150. Now Amex wants the Offer ID in order to open a dispute. Thanks!

  18. PRAKASAM says:

    is this offer still ther?

  19. Monica says:

    Just applied and approved for $9,000 credit limit. Got the $200 restaurant + $250 after $1000 spend using the Baidu method!

  20. MarcoPolo says:

    There is a change in category :
    Apply by 05/03/17 to earn 10% back at U.S. Restaurants on the Card within the first 6 months of Card Membership, up to $200 back

  21. Michael Adams says:

    Tried this through a regular browser window and incognito, both only offered $100 back. Wasn’t going to be worth it to me, but I went ahead and did the ‘check available pre-approved offers’ or whatever at the link at the top of their page, and was offered the $250 back after $1,000 spend. Got immediately approved!

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