Posted by William Charles on November 14, 2017
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Published on November 14th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Dead] Capital One Spark Cash Visa For Business Card $1,000 Public Sign Up Bonus

Offer is now dead and no longer working. We also had 10 other links we didn’t post, but unfortunately those are all non working as well. You can view the best current sign up bonuses by clicking here.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

The Fine Print

  • Card earns 2% cash back on all purchases
  • Annual fee of $59 is waived first year
  • No foreign transaction fees

Our Verdict

Public sign up bonus has been $500 for $4,500 for some time. There was a targeted bonus that is the same as this now public offer.Obviously these offers require a lot more minimum spend, but at least the card earns 2% cash back on all purchases. That basically makes the offer spend $10,000 and receive $1,200 cash back, 12% cash back on all purchases is a hell of a deal.  The big downside to Capital One is that they pull all three credit bureaus when you apply for one of their cards. Keep in mind, you can freeze your Experian or Transunion and limit the pulls to just two.  They may also have a rule to only approve one card per six months (hard pull won’t even be done beyond that). Unfortunately Capital One business cards do report to your personal report, so no good for those trying to stay under 5/24 for chase.

As always read these things everybody should know about Capital One here. I suspect this deal won’t last long, so if you’re interested now is your chance. Somebody on reddit also speculated about a new 5/24 rule for Capital One, I haven’t had a chance to really look at the datapoints to see if there is anything there or not but please share your stats if you are approved/denied in the comments below. I will be adding this to our best business credit card bonuses.

Hat tip to reader Heartlanta

221 Responses to [Dead] Capital One Spark Cash Visa For Business Card $1,000 Public Sign Up Bonus

  1. Shawn says:

    Doc, annual fee after the first year is now $95.

  2. TomT says:

    I am in a holding pattern until at least 12/5 due to my prior App-O-Rama in early September, so I cannot be the DP I want to see. Can anyone confirm if CapOne’s rumored rule of 1 card per 6 months spans personal and business cards? I’d love to take advantage of the 50k points Venture and $1,000 Spark Cash offers. Thanks in advance for applying for more than 1 CapOne card.

  3. Jags says:

    Capital One has never approved me for any card but man this is tempting to try…

    You could Venmo the $10,000, pay the $300 in processing fees, and pocket $900…

    • Superchurn says:

      yeah, i agree…its super tempting.

      my organic spend is high enough to not have to MS it either

    • Jason says:

      This is a great idea and one that never crossed my mind (I know, I’m a dummy). Just curious, would you Venmo the $10k to a spouse or friend, or who would you be sending it to? I’m just worried about getting the $10k back from the person that I’m sending it to, which would be a deal breaker for me. Thanks!

  4. P says:

    ah immediate denial

  5. Pat S says:

    Anyone use this card to open some bank accounts at PNC or similar? Not sure i could do the $10,000

  6. Vic says:

    I’ve been waiting for this to become public for a long time, finally it’s here!

    I’ll be applying soon.

  7. Lc says:

    This bank doesn’t approve. I strongly advise against trying if you’re over like 10/24

    • Nicolas Noble says:

      I’m at 11/24 so I guess I’ll have to wait until February when I’ll be at 8/24. Capital One suck in that they pull all 3 credit bureaus and they report your business credit card on your consumer credit report.

      • LC says:

        I mean, the 10/24 was a number i just made up, but seriously they have tightened up their approvals big time. I was denied on 3 different people all who have 750+ FICO. Depending on your situation it may be worth a shot.

        • chaseaholic says:

          how much have you done recently on your people aka x accounts / 2-3 months?

          and how many inq’s on each bureau? did you freeze ex? what did denials say?

          more details please 🙂

    • Andrey says:

      Actually, they are handing out cards like candies. Signed up for a Venture in December 2016 then for another one in June 2017, being preapproved for both. I think I’m about 12/24 or more. Next round this December I hope.

      • anthonyjh21 says:

        I had no problems until this spring. Then I tried again a few months ago and no dice. Same for the wife. It seems they’ve tightened up. Call me cynical but I can’t help but feel they may be taking a page from Amex and increasing spend requirements and watching what people are buying. This is after all the highest cash bonus they’ve ever made public so it’s more incentive to watch us.

        • Ed says:

          They did offer a match years ago up to 1k and my wife and I both got that card. It was a personal. You had to send them a copy of an airline miles balance and they’d match up to $1000 for 100000 miles. That was $1k in travel reward points which for me was the same as cash at the time. Now, I have plenty of miles and points and mainly interested in cash rewards or statement credits.

  8. christiano ronaldo says:

    anybody knows how long it takes capital one to report cards to your credit report? come dec I will jump out of 5/24 once and for all but man this is super tempting

  9. Bryant says:

    Doc, I was denied (not for this card, but another Cap1 card) for having too many accounts opened in the past 24 months.

  10. ppsh says:

    Regretting my Venture card app now…

  11. john says:

    how are you getting 12% cashback for a total of $12,000 on this bonus? if it earns 2%, then 2% on 10k is only $200, so the total bonus would be $10,200. am i missing something obvious?

    • Ncsam says:

      You would get a total of $1200, not $12000 or $10200.

    • Bonus is $1,000. $200 from cash back, total of 1,200. Spend requirement is $10,000 for a return of 12%.

      • WayUpNorth49 says:

        “A return of 12%”…

        As an economist I have to quibble with usage. In normal parlance ‘return’ is ‘return on investment’, not ‘return on spend’. The $10,000 that must be spent is most definitely not a capital investment. If it’s organic spend it’s all gravy — the spend was going to happen anyway — so ‘return’ is essentially infinite (“money for nothing”). If it’s MS then the ‘investment’ is the value of one’s time. I’m blessed with good MS opportunities, so the ‘investment’ is on the order of 2-3 hours, max. That’s a ‘return’ on my labor of $400-$600/hour.

        Of course, there’s the opportunity cost of burning inquiries and the foregone/delayed opportunities that this imposes. For me that’s the biggest cost of not applying…

  12. Willy says:

    Can you combine hard pulls with CapitalOne apps? Thinking of combining Venture with

  13. Mark says:

    Wow, why does the annual fee vary depending on the offer? That is very strange. Do other cards or other issuers follow this pattern, other than the citigold/priority $350 on Prestige/Executive Advantage?

  14. captainsave says:

    I was instantly denied :(. Dad was instantly approved. Both over 5/24

  15. Mr. CC says:

    Got the $750 offer
    Tried incognito and got the $1,000 offer

  16. Frito Pendejo says:

    Damn, wife just did the $500/4500 offer. She was 6/24 on application.

  17. Jed says:

    Instantly approved! I’m approximately 8/24

  18. Cl says:

    Can I get the same card twice. ? Meaning while the first is open

  19. J says:

    Hey DoC,
    read the things-to-know-about link, but didn’t see it mention there, so:

    Since I will not be able to spend 10k within 3 months organically, are there any datapoints about CapOne tracking manufactured spend, esp. in the form of buying GC at physical (office and/or groceries) stores?
    Or, more general: do they actively monitor how ppl reach the min spend requirement and might even crawl back bonus?


    P.S.: I’m right at 5/24 till years end, but if I’m more or less assured that getting the bonus is ‘easily’ achievable, I’d prob go for this one and wait few more months till I get below 5/24 again… 🙂

  20. Mike says:

    Yeah Capital One has certainly tightened up their approvals, got approved for this at 10/24 in 2016, but being at 20/24 got me a denial when I applied using a targeted mailer last week

    Also every time I called into recon, they told me they “may” do another hard pull if I wanted to proceed, having already gotten 3 for nothing I didn’t want to risk it and let it go, it’s too bad because a $1K bonus for $10,000 in spend is pretty good in my opinion

  21. doug says:

    how strict are they about having a ‘business’? can i just give my home address, home phone number as my business information on the app? should i put sole prop with my ssn as the business tax id? and what are people putting for their business revenue and monthly spend? any info appreciated

    • Jeff G says:

      Not strict on having a business. I do some online selling, but very little. I usually put $500 annual revenue and $50 monthly spend, but there are many articles out there saying you may be better off putting in zeros and saying it is a start up business.

    • Mikey says:

      Just got approved applying under my sol prop. Duplicated my home address, phone number and SSN. I just made sure my monthly spend times three was greater then 10,000 and that my monthly spend times 12 was less than the revenue I put down. Not sure if that means anything. Good luck!

  22. Mikey says:

    DP: I signed up without any mailer and was instantly approved with a 5k CL. My credit report shows me being at 9/24 since there are business cards that aren’t showing and three other cards that I just signed up for that aren’t showing yet. FICO of about 750. I decided not to freeze any of my credit reports since it seemed like others that were doing that were getting denied. That idea might not mean anything though. Good luck to everyone else applying!

  23. Jeff says:

    How is Capital One with MS? I just got the Amex Plat 100k/10k offer, and obviously can’t MS on that one. Can’t pull off both without MS though…

  24. milesjjcc says:

    DoC, how about max 2 cap1 accounts per person? Does that apply to personal+business?

  25. dave says:

    Data point, I was just rejected for this card. I have one other capone card that I’ve had for years and never use. I’m guessing I’m around 18/24.

  26. Jon says:

    Doc, does downgrading a Cap One Business card count as a new account for the one card per 6 months rule?

  27. SkydiverMedic says:

    Instantly denied. Letter coming to explain the reason, but I suspect it has something to do with my being 28/24. Have a 5 year history with Cap1, including checking, savings, and a Quicksilver card.

    • AL says:

      Arg. Your stats are almost identical to mine. I was hoping my other relationships with them would supercede my enormous number of new accounts.

      • Mikey says:

        This was my first product of any kind with capital one. No previous credit cards (personal or business) and no previous or current bank accounts of any kind. Maybe that helped? I’m not sure.

      • Mikey says:

        Sorry I meant to post that comment reply to a different comment. Commenting on mobile messed me up.

      • SkydiverMedic says:

        I was hoping the same. I’m waiting for the letter and I’m going to recon. Will update with results.

  28. tribesman55 says:

    Instant denials for me and my wife. Lame

  29. truthsayer says:

    Any DPs on getting the bonus multiple times? Terms say “Existing or previous Accountholders may not be eligible for this one-time bonus” I did the $500 for $4500 last year.

  30. Dave C says:

    I was not approved, lots / 24, Quicksilver and Venture. Is there a 2 card limit to Cap One? I did NOT freeze any reports, my EQ and EX are stacked, TU not so much. Wife got it though, no Cap One cards. $10k limit.

    • tedbrogen says:

      I am convinced there is, but have no idea if business cards count. Though based on how they reported them, it’s possible.

      I tried to sign up for Venture and was denied and was told it’s because I already had two cap one cards (Quicksilver and whatever their no interest one was).

      You can combine the credit limits for accounts online and close one, but not sure how fast that is reflected in the app process.

    • HoKo says:

      what was your wife’s xx/24 status? and did she freeze either bureau before applying?

    • DGS says:

      The terms of the Capital One Savor card imply a 5 card limit. The terms for Venture mentions a 3 card limit. I have 3 personal Capital One cards, two Quicksilvers and a BuyPower.

  31. CO360-Shutdown says:

    Any DPs relative to CO360 shutdowns and CO CCs? Happened about 6 months ago (was too slow in transitioning to a real biz account from the personal checking for the legitimate transaction volume), but my Quicksilver card seems untouched so maybe CO CC are not off limits…

  32. ranova says:

    Those not approved, do you have other CO cards or bank accounts? Wonder if having a relationship helps.

    • SkydiverMedic says:

      See my comment above. Have had a Quicksilver card (PCd from Venture) for 5 years and checking and savings for roughly the same period. No dice for me – instant denial. 28/24 when I applied.

  33. ppsh says:

    How’s Cap1 regarding having multiple biz cards? Should I close my existing no-fee Spark card first?

    • ppsh says:

      Holding off until Dec 1, by which time I’d be 9/24 EXP, 5/24 TRU, 2/24 EQX. Why the heck is TRU still showing HPs from Sept 2015?

    • Brad says:

      I have 2 different cap1 business cards (both Spark varieties) opened a little over a year apart for the same business and got the bonus on both without any problems.

      • ppsh says:

        Thans, good to know. Have 20k CL on the Spark. Hopefully that won’t be causing “sufficient credit extended already” denial.

  34. Jason says:

    Denied. About 12/24, but working towards 5/24 by May 2018. No history with Cap1. Sole proprietorship for 2-5 years.

    Will denied apps like this hurt my Chase 5/24 status?

    • Ferris says:

      Let’s think about this for a minute. What is the 5 in 5/24? The 5 is for new credit cards. If you get denied, does that denied account show up on your Credit Report? If you can’t answer that question, I don’t know if anyone could possibly help you here.

      • ray says:

        lets not be snarky. jason- 5/24 is not based on number of hard pulls but number of accounts showing up on your report. if you are denied, the account wont show up and hence wont affect ur 5/24 for chase.

        • Ferris2.0 says:

          “Ferris”, assuming its the same person on here using the same name, is on almost every post, stating some snarky, unnecessary comment. Alright 47year old, unemployed, obese, unshaven, greasy Ferris, sorry for asking a question. You are all knowing!! You can outsmart the cheapskaters at cheapskating!

        • Jason says:

          Thanks Ray. That’s what I assumed generally, but wasn’t sure about. If I wanted snarky, I would have been on FT! I’m not new to the game, just don’t remember the details of 5/24 since I’m so far over I’ve not worried about it for the last year!

  35. Olivia says:

    Anyone has idea when the offer expires? Am afraid to pull the trigger now due to has 7/24 and one capital one quicksilver now about 1 year.

    • olivia says:

      too much $1k bonus to wait, pulled trigger and prepared for a deny due to i frozen my one report(EQ) due to the data breach, sorry i input alternative facts: 5 yrs in business, income 45k, monthly spending 3.5k, total income 60k, used my SSN and home address, to my joy and surprise, got insta approval and with insta acct# from cap1 app, 6k CL. currently has quicksilver and saving acct ($200 saving, othermoney transfered and held by discover deal), plan to buy gift card with grocery from walmart, then get MO from kroger about 14 trips to get 10k done. Thanks

  36. kevin says:

    I just had them close my account. I used the card for everday purchases and for MS also at $10,000+ a month. I had the card for two years and spend $180,000 last year on the card. They shut it down noting “The card was not being used as their expectations of a business card”.

    • SamSimon says:

      Hey, Kevin, can give little tips, MS – you were buying gift cards or what?

    • JASON says:

      Hello Kevin, so your card was shut down by them instead of requesting them to shut down for you, right? And the reason they shut down you card is because they deem your spending pattern is not as regular as a business would do?

      • Michael says:

        I had all my C1 cards closed for an undisclosed reason after a lot of heavy MS and then a few months of nothing. I’ve heard a few others have been shutdown for MS by C1 but overall it seems fairly rare.

  37. jaggu says:

    Is this certain number of cards from opening or closing within last 24 months? If you opened a card and closed it within 24 months, does that count as 2 cards or one? Or they are going by either opened or closed cards in 24 months? Also, I have credit karma and not sure where to see how many cards I have had in last 24 months.

  38. jkl says:

    denied no cap relationship 780 credit score, 12/24

    wife was approved no relationship 750 credit score, 12/24

  39. Jacky says:

    Doc, Cap1 Sucks. Denied for both spouse and myself. Please, no more post from C1. Your target audience obviously are not casual credit card churners.

    wasted 6 hardpull 2×3. damn

  40. ray says:

    approved. 8/24. no current cap1 relationship. had a 360 account from years ago that i closed last year.

  41. Austin Auclair says:

    Is it ok to lie about having a business? and if so how much should I say the business makes?

  42. Austin Auclair says:

    Yall think I could hit the minimum spend on this with a BBVA bank account?

  43. Noob says:

    New to this.. can i apply for a business card without a business?

  44. Jeff G says:

    I so badly want to try for this, but I know I have no chance. Just last month was denied for Venture.

    This is such an addictive hobby.

  45. Connor says:

    Count me in for datapoint against a possible CapOne 5/24. I was just approved for a $10k line, have over 5 new credit cards accounts in past 2 years (9, with one closed) on personal report

  46. Mike says:

    Just applied, about 20/24, 790 credit, legit business–denied.

  47. Nathan says:

    just approved, first CO card for me (though I have a CO360 relationship) and was 8/24 before applying. I have a legit (traditional) business with EIN and mid-six-figure revenues.

    Good luck to everyone else!

  48. Young says:

    Applied and went pending. Said decision will be sent in 7-10 biz days. Anyone else in the same boat?

  49. KC says:

    Denied with 10/24 an 825 credit score and a 10+year cap1 banking relationship and no other cap1 credit cards. DH just approved about a month ago with 8/24 and 800+ score and a current venture card.

  50. Curmudgeon says:

    Cap One definitely allows multiple business cards. I had four of them earlier this year until I closed three of them and pushed all the credit line to one card.

  51. Praveen says:

    all of you folks have business ? or as a regular consumer with no business can apply for this card ? Please advise

  52. nickless Mcpickles says:

    Does anyone know if this $1000 is a statement credit or cash back in your bank account?

    • PMartinez says:

      How does my spend bonus work?
      You will earn a $1,000 bonus if you spend at least $10,000 within 3 months of your rewards membership enrollment date. Once you qualify for this bonus, we will apply it to your rewards balance within two billing cycles. Existing or previous Accountholders may not be eligible for this one-time bonus.

  53. Abey says:

    Data Point:

    Called up a few times and played dumb and asked to be matched to the $1K offer as i only received $500.
    They all said that you have to apply for each offer separately and you can have multiple Sparks if approved. (They did waive again the $59 annual fee on my current Spark which is in its 3rd year).

    • Mike says:

      did you get matched? i did the 500 offer back in june or july unfortunately. think i can get this too? used my SSN as a sole prop business.

  54. wen says:

    Just applied, about 6/24, 760 credit, legit business, first CO card–denied.

  55. Seeker says:

    Thanks! Approved instantly online. Great offer

  56. Ed says:

    From all these dps I’d say it looks like Cap 1s comfort level is under 10/24 and especially if you have no more than 1 card with them already. There maybe a few odd approvals, but that’s what I see. Most of us churners won’t get approved if we’ve been busy getting bonuses. I was also denied for the 24 month reason (I have one card with them).

  57. Ike says:

    i just got approved for 20k. I already have a venture with 16k limit had it for at least 2 years. So your saying I can apply for another venture it won’t count as a hard pull?? Let me know.

  58. Blue says:

    I was instant approved! No prior history with Cap1, 7/24, $3k in business revenue, $1k in monthly spend, $28k in personal income. Received a $5k CL

  59. Drivesabrowntruck says:

    Instant approval, 5/24 (showing as 4/24 as Marriott card I was approved for hasn’t shown up yet) 10k SCL, sole proprietor 45k rev, 7k mth spend. Personal income over 100k 800+ Credit score according to CK.

  60. Tommy says:

    My wife was 7/12 (not counting 5 biz cards in same timeframe) and was instantly approved for $10K. She does have a checking account from a July promo. I’m 14/14 (not including biz cards) and don’t think I’ll have such luck, though I’d like to try. $10K in MS seems daunting though doable, let alone trying to do $20K. She has no previous Cap1 cards.

  61. steve says:

    Denied. I’m sure its the too many cards in 24 months situation. But for that signup bonus I wanted to give it a shot.

  62. fivegirls says:

    Another DP: Denied with 10/24, legit business, 814 credit score. Bummer, but with mixed data points here I decided it was worth a try.

  63. PMartinez says:

    DP: Instant Approval 10k. 6/24, $3k annual revenue, $500 monthly spend. 80k Income. 800+ score.

  64. docm says:

    DP – Instant approval 7/24 .
    10 k CL .
    1-2 years business . 15k rev . 1 k monthly spend . CK CS- 802 .
    Now the only problem is I am totoally new to MS , anyone has any suggestion where should I start to meet the 10 K in 3 months .

  65. Sam says:

    What’s the best card to apply right now? Cap1 venture or spark?

    • Heartlanta says:

      Spark, by far, if you can manage the $10k spend. The Venture is essentially a 2% cash back card that can only be redeemed for travel, whereas the Spark is 2% on everything, plus the much higher bonus. The bonus on the Spark is thus worth more than double the Venture’s, on average.

      • Sam says:

        Thanks. Can only manage 10k with GCs. Are there DPs that they shut you down for VGC purchase with this card?

        • Michael says:

          Just don’t be obvious about it. Buy at a few different places, switch up the amounts via split tenders, throw on your regular spend, you should be fine..

  66. AH says:

    Denied, 16/24, 1-2 years, $2400 rev, $1500 spend & 200K+ personal income.

  67. Duke I. says:

    DP: I was denied for a personal credit card in August 2017 for too many inquiries. Since then, I have open 6 credit cards with other big banks and just got approved for the Sparks Cash Visa.

  68. Jay R says:

    Approved for 15K CL. Stated My business income as $500 and $100/mo spend on business activities.

  69. Abey says:

    14/24. Denied. Have already a Spark card
    But had to try this one Just like the Reserve. 🙈

    • The Value Traveler says:

      hehe I dont think you should apply for anymore cards until the world is run by droids and a man with a black helmet & cape is the leader.

  70. saildawg says:

    If I use it to get 10k of gift of college giftcards to use for my student loan, will that cause red flags?

  71. fiveoh says:

    If I’ve had a Spark card before but closed it, can I open this and still get the bonus? If so, how long has to pass to get the bonus again?

  72. WICheez says:

    Approved for $12k. No freezes in place. Have a 3+ yr old C1 QS. At 1/24 reporting.

  73. JasonD says:

    Denied. Pretty sure over 10/25. 780+ credit score. In business for 6-10 years. 6 figure revenue.

  74. irshad says:

    Applied for 3 cards (myselves, spouse and a family member)
    My selves – 13/24 accounts – 18/24 inquiries on experian – No credit freezes – APPROVED 5K limit
    Spouse – 12/24 accounts – 15/24 inquiries – No credit freezes – APPROVED 10K limit
    Family member – 6/24 – 9/24 inquiries – No credit freezes – APPROVED 5K limit

    • irshad says:

      I had a platinum card from 2008. My first cc. Not using the card at all for the past 8 years.
      Other two people are authorized users on my card.

      No other relationship with CO.

  75. Steve F says:

    Denied as expected at 26/24 with 760-ish credit scores. Also denied in July for Venture personal card. CapOne is starting to be my least favorite bank.

  76. Peddi says:

    Applied for 2 cards (me and wife). Both approved with 12K and 10K resp. Opened 3 cards each recently.

    Now need to figure out how to spend 20K in 3 months.

    Thank you,

  77. Al says:

    I just received this card under the $500 bonus offer. Called them trying to see if they could change to this offer. Agent could not find this offer as it doesn’t appear to be linked from their main credit card site. I gave her the URL and it is being escalated to the ‘rewards team’ to consider but she said they are very backed up.

  78. m says:

    instant approval, 840 FICO, 1/24, nice offer. now to see how sens they are to GCs, have a funny feeling

    • Curmudgeon says:

      My brother got this earlier this year with the $500 bonus/$4500 spend offer. I knocked out $5k as the first charge at Simon.

      It caused a fraud alert which had to be cleared, but went back the next day and it sailed through. Bonus showed up immediately I think.

      • m says:

        nice. i haven’t visited w my old friend Simon in a long time due to him exhausting me ;). kind of a drag that PO is gone. Assume Simon is still a welcome guest at WM?

  79. Peddi says:

    Does opening bank accounts(PNC, Regions) and funding with this card cause any negative impact for the bonus? Thank you

    • Duke I. says:

      I dont the know the answer to your question, but if the transaction post as a purchase with Regions and PNC please let us know. I already have a checking account with regions and would like to open a few savings accounts to reach the spend requirement.

  80. JP says:

    applied. went pending. are you guys calling recon?

    • pm says:

      Same, called this morning, asked to be transferred to application status and lady said the application was approved on November 19th.

  81. Mike M says:

    Wowza this is tempting……

  82. Gerald says:

    Interesting that the application asks how often you carry a balance. It’s an optional question, but it would be tempting to say that you always do.

  83. anthony says:

    already opened PNC checking/savings and BBVA checking/savings with another card unfortunately. would like to open other bank accounts to meet min. spend on this since 10k is tough for me. anyone else have a plan to use bank accounts, and if so do you know any other good ones that allow a big amount of cc funding that would take spark?

  84. HoKo says:

    DP: Instant approval. Credit score ~730. Cap1 Checking account for 10+ years. No Cap1 CC’s currently… but have had them in the past. I was 8/24 prior to opening this account

  85. CJ says:

    went to pending. Put real business with mid six figure revenue, 1-2 years old. My FICO is at ~800 and I’m at 8/24.

  86. dizzy says:

    Well hot diggity dang, instant approval/$10k line (my highest with any lender). I’ve had CO 360 C/S for 6 yrs, Journey->QS for almost 3. Used my AirBnB as the biz, said $15k income w/$3k mo spend. I have been denied for (embarrassed face) Delta biz gold, WF propel, and pending on Barclay jetblue (had to send in stuff for fraud prevention?) in last month. Approved for Citadel.

    I did prequal first and tho Spark didn’t come up others did so figured why not. I always get those balance transfer checks for my QS and recently used to fund Disc sav fingers crossed there.

    From CK: TU 693/6 HP EQ 714/3 HP which both have dropped like 30-40 pts in last 2 months I’m assuming from pulls/denials, and the big CO “purchase” not paid yet (just doing it now).

  87. TY says:

    Instant approval – yay! I’m at ~9 or 10/24, though 3 are recently added Amex AU cards (they show up on my credit report). I have 2 personal cards, one that is >20 yrs old (though I haven’t used it at all since 2011) and the Venture card from 2011 that I spend ~$5K a month on. Credit score is ~780-790.

  88. Mike says:

    Instant approval with $5k limit. I was around 7/24 and have the Cap1 Quicksilver card. I had two Quicksilver cards which I combined limits and closed the recent card last year so it’s possible they only count me as having 1 personal. Credit score is 740-750.

  89. HoKo says:

    Lots of reports of approvals in the 8/24 range. Most recent data points seem to indicate some approvals at 9 and 10/24 as well. I wonder if 10/24 is the new Cap1 threshold…have we seen any approvals at 11 or above?

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      That’s the working theory that I’m going with at this point as well. Obviously, just like with 5/24, there’s ways around it but in general from my own and others data points it does appear that if you’re in double digits you’re unlikely to be approved.

  90. SkydiverMedic says:

    Applied and instantly denied right after this was posted. Just got an email with a letter explaining the (one) reason:

    “Based on your credit report from Trans Union, there are too many new accounts”

    I’m 28/24, so fair enough. I think that 10/24 is starting to look like CO’s hard limit.

  91. W says:

    DP: Instant approval, 9/24 at application, 780 FICO. $3000/year biz rev, $250/mo est charge.

  92. Dizzy says:

    *Seems* like this works to fund BBVA. My app from before got pending/ultimately denied due to id verification failure. Rep confirmed i could app again. I got thru the whole process this time *but* it would not accept any value more than $999 for each savings/checking despite saying $5k max. Now just pending driver’s license upload/verification which i didnt get to last time.

    Would’ve been nice to do whole amount but I’ll take an easy 2k ms no probs. Thanks DoC for posting!

  93. Matt says:

    Anybody getting a “We apologize for the inconvenience, but the app page for your offer is currently unavailable due to system error.” page when you click the link? When I click through to view “other offers” the best available for the Spark Cash Back card is $500 for $4,500 in spend.

  94. Bub says:

    Instant approval yesterday. 10000 limit. 4/24. Long history with C1

  95. Andy71 says:

    Is the offer now dead?

  96. Sassmonkey says:

    Appers dead now.

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