Posted by William Charles on November 14, 2017
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Published on November 14th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Dead] Capital One Spark Cash Visa For Business Card $1,000 Public Sign Up Bonus

Offer is now dead and no longer working. We also had 10 other links we didn’t post, but unfortunately those are all non working as well. You can view the best current sign up bonuses by clicking here.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

The Fine Print

  • Card earns 2% cash back on all purchases
  • Annual fee of $59 is waived first year
  • No foreign transaction fees

Our Verdict

Public sign up bonus has been $500 for $4,500 for some time. There was a targeted bonus that is the same as this now public offer.Obviously these offers require a lot more minimum spend, but at least the card earns 2% cash back on all purchases. That basically makes the offer spend $10,000 and receive $1,200 cash back, 12% cash back on all purchases is a hell of a deal.  The big downside to Capital One is that they pull all three credit bureaus when you apply for one of their cards. Keep in mind, you can freeze your Experian or Transunion and limit the pulls to just two.  They may also have a rule to only approve one card per six months (hard pull won’t even be done beyond that). Unfortunately Capital One business cards do report to your personal report, so no good for those trying to stay under 5/24 for chase.

As always read these things everybody should know about Capital One here. I suspect this deal won’t last long, so if you’re interested now is your chance. Somebody on reddit also speculated about a new 5/24 rule for Capital One, I haven’t had a chance to really look at the datapoints to see if there is anything there or not but please share your stats if you are approved/denied in the comments below. I will be adding this to our best business credit card bonuses.

Hat tip to reader Heartlanta

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Doc, annual fee after the first year is now $95.

Not on this offer

Link says $59

I am in a holding pattern until at least 12/5 due to my prior App-O-Rama in early September, so I cannot be the DP I want to see. Can anyone confirm if CapOne’s rumored rule of 1 card per 6 months spans personal and business cards? I’d love to take advantage of the 50k points Venture and $1,000 Spark Cash offers. Thanks in advance for applying for more than 1 CapOne card.

I just got denied for Cap One Venture over the weekend for having too many revolving accounts in the last 24 months. Is it not worth trying? Is 1:6 rule just on HP or accounts?

really? damn…i’m VERY tempted to go for this, but i’m lol/24

same for me, don’t know what is their approval criteria

Capital One has never approved me for any card but man this is tempting to try…

You could Venmo the $10,000, pay the $300 in processing fees, and pocket $900…

yeah, i agree…its super tempting.

my organic spend is high enough to not have to MS it either

This is a great idea and one that never crossed my mind (I know, I’m a dummy). Just curious, would you Venmo the $10k to a spouse or friend, or who would you be sending it to? I’m just worried about getting the $10k back from the person that I’m sending it to, which would be a deal breaker for me. Thanks!

ah immediate denial

Anyone use this card to open some bank accounts at PNC or similar? Not sure i could do the $10,000


OMG yes BBVA $10k

what would that be…

$200 from BBVA bonus + $1200 from CapOne

$1400 in free money…might be better than M&T

Doesn’t BBVA not accept business cards for funding?

How would BBVA be able to differentiate between business and personal. I think so long as it is Visa or Mastercard it should technically work.

This was my plan. PNC accepted my deposit and it appears to have coded as a purchase.

I’ve been waiting for this to become public for a long time, finally it’s here!

I’ll be applying soon.

This bank doesn’t approve. I strongly advise against trying if you’re over like 10/24

I’m at 11/24 so I guess I’ll have to wait until February when I’ll be at 8/24. Capital One suck in that they pull all 3 credit bureaus and they report your business credit card on your consumer credit report.

I mean, the 10/24 was a number i just made up, but seriously they have tightened up their approvals big time. I was denied on 3 different people all who have 750+ FICO. Depending on your situation it may be worth a shot.

how much have you done recently on your people aka x accounts / 2-3 months?

and how many inq’s on each bureau? did you freeze ex? what did denials say?

more details please 🙂

Actually, they are handing out cards like candies. Signed up for a Venture in December 2016 then for another one in June 2017, being preapproved for both. I think I’m about 12/24 or more. Next round this December I hope.

I had no problems until this spring. Then I tried again a few months ago and no dice. Same for the wife. It seems they’ve tightened up. Call me cynical but I can’t help but feel they may be taking a page from Amex and increasing spend requirements and watching what people are buying. This is after all the highest cash bonus they’ve ever made public so it’s more incentive to watch us.

They did offer a match years ago up to 1k and my wife and I both got that card. It was a personal. You had to send them a copy of an airline miles balance and they’d match up to $1000 for 100000 miles. That was $1k in travel reward points which for me was the same as cash at the time. Now, I have plenty of miles and points and mainly interested in cash rewards or statement credits.

christiano ronaldo
christiano ronaldo

anybody knows how long it takes capital one to report cards to your credit report? come dec I will jump out of 5/24 once and for all but man this is super tempting

Doc, I was denied (not for this card, but another Cap1 card) for having too many accounts opened in the past 24 months.

Bryant, was your other Cap1 card app a business or personal card?


and how many new accounts had u opened in the past 24?

Regretting my Venture card app now…

how are you getting 12% cashback for a total of $12,000 on this bonus? if it earns 2%, then 2% on 10k is only $200, so the total bonus would be $10,200. am i missing something obvious?

You would get a total of $1200, not $12000 or $10200.

Can you combine hard pulls with CapitalOne apps? Thinking of combining Venture with

Wow, why does the annual fee vary depending on the offer? That is very strange. Do other cards or other issuers follow this pattern, other than the citigold/priority $350 on Prestige/Executive Advantage?

I was instantly denied :(. Dad was instantly approved. Both over 5/24

How much over for your dad? Not sure it’s worth even trying, sadly…


Anybody with wisdom. Since i was denied should i go for the venture while at it?

You could try. Cap One is known to combine pulls on same day.

Welps denied for venture also.

christiano ronaldo
christiano ronaldo

did the inquiries combine? I just got the spark and would like to combine inquiries but the whole 1 every 6 months makes me think twice

yep only see one pull from cap1

Got the $750 offer
Tried incognito and got the $1,000 offer

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