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Published on March 19th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Dead] Capital One Spark Cash Visa For Business Card $750 Public Sign Up Bonus

This offer is dead and no longer available. Click here for the best credit card bonuses.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Receive a sign up bonus of $750 after $7,500 in in spend within the first three months on the Spark Cash Visa for Business Card from Capital One

The Fine Print

  • Card earns 2% cash back on all purchases
  • Annual fee of $95 is waived first year
  • No foreign transaction fees

Our Verdict

Public bonus on this card is $500 after $5,000 in spend. There is a targeted bonus for $1,000 after $10,000 in spend and there has even been a public bonus that was the same. I don’t think that $1,000 bonus was intentionally public and it looks like they are requiring offer codes for those $1,000 bonuses now so I’m not sure we will ever see such a high bonus on this card again. $750 is a big bonus, it’s 10% back on the $7,500 in spend but keep in mind the card also earns 2% cash back so it works out to be 12% on that $7,500 in spend.

That’s a great offer, the downside is that the card is issued by Capital One. The reason that’s an issue is that they pull all three credit bureaus. You can somewhat limit this by freezing your TransUnion or Experian reports and they will just pull Equifax and whatever one you didn’t freeze. Despite this issue I do think this is still a powerful bonus and hard pulls are becoming less of an issue for most people with other issuers cracking down on how often you can get a sign up bonus. Capital One business cards also report on your personal credit reports, this is important for anybody worrying about Chase’s 5/24 rule.

Because of all that I will be adding this to our list of the best business credit card bonuses. I’m also not sure how long this link will last, so might make sense to sign up sooner rather than later if interested.

If you have any questions about Capital One, please read this post first.

Hat tip to reader Heartlanta

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Three hard pulls. No card. Capital None.

ouch. although, since most other CC issuers only pull 1 bureau, they wouldn’t see all 3 pulls, so its not quite as bad as 3 pulls on 1 bureau at least

They are sensitive to too many inquiries. I would like to know who is getting approved.

You might also want to mention that Capital One reports business cards to your personal credit report. Which is a major downside compared to almost all other banks.

“All set! Your application is complete. Thank you for submitting an application for a Capital One credit card! Notification of your application status will typically be sent in 7 to 10 business days; however, in certain circumstances it may take up to 15 days.”

I also got the same reply as yours. Pls. do report back if you get approved.

@ anyone: anyone got approved after get this message?

UPDATE: This morning I got an email stating my CC application is approved and mailed!!!!

any DP’s to meet the bonus req?

Just applied and got instantly approved! Applied for this back in November when it was $1,000, and was declined then, so am surprised I got approved this time. Not much has changed since then, other than I have applied for 3-4 cards since then. I did ask for the cash advance checks this time and didn’t answer the optional question about whether I was going to carry a balance.

Getting approved by capital one after being denied months earlier all while getting approved by other banks is a capital one pattern. I, too, was denied for a card with capital one and later got approved for several cards with other banks. Then I applied for the business card months later and got instantly approved.

Did you use a biz tax id # or your social (if sole proprietor)?

Can people please post their x/24 and inquiries to help us? If you get approved, for example say “I’m 7/24 and had 5/8/6 inquiries on 3 CR agencies”

I had 9 inquiries on both Experian and equifax and 6 on transunion while being 14/24 and got denied last year for too many new accounts.

So did you get approved or declined when you applied this time?

Is this bonus churnable? I checked out the offer link and the disclosures, but I didn’t see any language indicating whether the bonus is available for current Spark cardholders or people who have had a Spark account in the last X months.

Charles DoC Fan

I seem to be an exception to the rule, but most issuers pull TransUnion, here in Central KY. Therefore I’ll probably freeze that one so that Capital One doesn’t see the pulls there and to avoid getting an additional one there.

Last time I tried for a business card, I was declined even with excellent credit. My first credit card was with Capital One, and they definitely have some unique rules for extending credit. (It is well known that they don’t like raising credit lines, particularly on first cards with them. Like most, I still have the minuscule line they gave me 15 years ago when I had poor credit. I can apply for new cards, but it takes a huge bonus to merit doing so when they pull all 3 reports.)

Same with Middle TN. My Transunion is lit up.

Can you do MS on this card to meet minimum spend

to throw a DP your way ; I do with my Venture card and have had no problems….but then again, ive also had it for over 5 yrs.

My wife MS’d all $10k with her $1000 spark business back in November and got the bonus.

damn…i think her balls are bigger than mine! congrats


Tempting… But no thanks. Hard pull all three bureaus and reporting business cards monthly? Nope. Those $1000 and $750 offers are tempting tho.

Approved this time! Last time it didn’t go through due to me having too many accounts/inquiries.

did you freeze any CBs or took 3 hits? did you apply for anymore cards since you got (auto) approved?

I didn’t freeze any this time. Froze EX last time. I have applied for at least 4 cards since last time they denied.

DoC, in your post “things everyone should know about Cap1” point #3 & #23 are contradictory. so before I pull the trigger on this, it’d be nice to have some clarification. can you get approved for more than 1 Cap1 in 6mo, otherwise whats the point of multiple apps to merge HPs?

No, you will not get approved for more than one Cap1 card in six months.

Denied, but I expected so having 13 inquiries with EQ even though I’m 790. Was also denied back in November for the $1000 offer. Guess I should just give up on CapOne.

23/24 instantly denied. I knew I shouldn’t have applied.

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