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Published on June 19th, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase Fairmont Card Will Be Converted To Chase Sapphire Preferred On August 15th – What You Should Do [Added Elite Status Information]

Update: Some readers had been asking what would happen with Fairmont status from this card. I asked Chase and received the following response:

  • Cardmembers will continue to earn Premier Status through February 28, 2018 (unless they close their Fairmont account).

Chase has sent out a letter to Fairmont cardholders letting them know that on August 15th their card will be converted to a Chase Sapphire Preferred card on August 15th. Things to note:

  • Card will be keeping the same account number and account pricing
  • New card will come with a new expiration date and security code
  • New card will arrive within six to eight weeks from August 15th
  • You have until August 15th to redeem points through the current Fairmont program, after then they will be transferred to the Sapphire Preferred card (making them Chase Ultimate Rewards)
  • Free night benefit is discussed in some detail (see image below)
    • If you have spent $12,000 before August 14th they will deposit a free night into your account (either within six weeks of your account anniversary date or 8 to 10 weeks after August 15th – whatever comes first).
    • If you don’t have the full 12 months to reach the $12,000 spending requirement they will give you the free night if you have spent more than $6,000 by August 14. Keep in mind if you recently applied then you have probably meet the minimum spend requirement of $3,000, so spend another $3,000 and get a free night.

What You Should Do

I think the best option for most people would be to get another Chase Freedom card (if you already hold one or more you can product change to this card but not apply for it again directly) as this gives you more spending capacity ($1,500 per quarter per card) on the 5x categories. If you don’t have a Chase Freedom and you’re under 5/24 it might make sense to apply for that card first and then product change this card so you can hold two Chase Freedom’s. Although there might be other higher value card you want to apply for that also fall under 5/24 status.

Basically for most people the best option is as follows:

  • Let Fairmont points convert to Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Product change Chase Sapphire Preferred to Chase Freedom

Unfortunately the Fairmont card earns at the following rates:

  • 5x on all Fairmont stays
  • 2x on all airline tickets purchased directly from the airlines, at car rental agencies, and on transit and commuting
  • 1x on all other purchases

So not that useful for building up points before the conversion.

Hat tip to reader Mark A for the image and also Rapid Travel Chai

96 Responses to Chase Fairmont Card Will Be Converted To Chase Sapphire Preferred On August 15th – What You Should Do [Added Elite Status Information]

  1. jimmy says:

    does this mean a backdoor CSR without signup bonus for ppl who are over 5/24?

    • Dave C says:

      Wondering this too. Is Fairmont dead for apps? Any zombie links out there?

      • projectx says:

        This was my first thought as well. The downside is you forgo the sign up bonus, unless your two free night certificates are somehow converted to points.

        • meathead says:

          your two night certs are not on and not redeemable through chase. they are certs loaded to your Fairmont account.

          Fairmont also has points. Those are loaded/kept with Chase. I just cashed some in for gc’s.

      • Matt says:

        Fairmont card’s last zombie links stopped working in mid January. It’s not longer available for sign ups.

    • Darv says:

      Can you work your way up from a Freedom or FU?

      If you don’t have any Chase UR cards and are over 5/24, visit a branch, open a checking account, and use a pre-approval for an UR card.

    • If you have a Chase Fairmont yes, AFAIK no working application links for the Fairmont currently exist.

  2. John Freeman says:

    Was anyone able to product convert the Amtrak card before the conversion date? Would like to convert to this to Freedom ASAP, and not have to wait until August.

  3. Crickets_07 says:

    For people who signed up less than 12 means before August 14, only 6k spend for free night, which should mean only 3K more for a free night that expires 2/28/2018

  4. Dan says:

    It seems like you could get 2 anniversary nights all without paying the annual fee.

    For example, if anniversary date is 7/17, you could (1) get an anniversary night for the prior year’s spending ending on 7/17, and (2) get an anniversary night by spending $6k between 7/17-8/14. Then, on 8/15, downgrade the card and have the annual fee reversed since it is within 30 days of posting.

    • SV says:

      No. There’s a line in the picture that says you can’t get more than 1 free night cert even if you spend more than 12K.

      • Crickets_07 says:

        I think that means you can’t get two free nights per year by spending $24K, this would be two separate card years and could work if you had that specific anniversary date.

      • Dan says:

        What cricket said – if your anniversary year is only 3 weeks long, as in my example, it appears you can get 2x anniversary nights and downgrade within 30 days.

  5. J T says:

    IIRC, new applications were shut down 1/12/17, which is when I applied for myself and my spouse. Approval took recon calls for both.

    Interesting offer by Chase on the < 1 year spend threshold for a free anniversary night, and a creative solution for those of us in that situation. Can we safely assume that the $6k spend < 8/15 includes the $3k minimum spend already completed for the signup bonus?

  6. jerry says:

    Great news! Opened Fairmont this Feb., so I can get 3 free nights by spending only $6000. Also, I am way above 5/24, CSP will let me cash out the points earned by freedom.

  7. Jack says:

    When would your annual fee be due ? The same as your Fairmont or does it reset?

    • Terri Clark says:

      I am wondering the same thing about AF. Thrilled to be able to get another free night for 3K more spend and also convert to CSP.

  8. Sam says:

    Will, I think you left out something important. If you haven’t had 12 months to spend 12k for anniversary night, the threshold will be lowered to 6k. A lot of people (including myself), opened it soon before it was discontinued, and therefore won’t have 12 months by August 15. I spent 3k, just enough for the signup bonus, so now I just have to spend 3k by August 15 to get a free anniversary night

    • Better By Design says:

      That’s my read on this too. Since I haven’t used the original 2 free nights, loving the option to top up to $6000 spend by August for a 3rd.

      Anyone confirm we’re thinking about this correctly?

    • Nick says:

      That’s how I’m interpreting it as well. $3K more spend (assuming just spend for the bonus thus far) for another night and then a back door to a CSR – hopefully this works out as well as it sounds like it should

    • I’ve made this clearer in the post.

  9. Angie says:

    A little confused. If it’s been more than 24 months since I’ve last held the csp, and I let my fairmont convert, that means I will lose out on the signup bonus right? So in my case, I should convert to freedom after it converts to csp so I won’t lose out on the signup (provided i am under 5/24 of course)?

    I’m assuming we can still use the certificates we received from the cc like suite upgrade, dining certs etc since it’s in our fairmont account? Thanks.

  10. Michael H says:

    YES.! I am way over 5/24 and have been dying for the Preferred and the Reserve both..

    Hold on.. This means I am sacrificing the 50k sign up bonus that I would have got in Jan when I actually signed up for the Preferred..

    Any thoughts on how I can still get my hands on the preferred sign up bonus?

    At least I will hit the other 3k in spend for the Free night in no time, with I had known about this so I could have capitalized on a 6 night stay instead of the 4 nights I already booked with now a separate 2.

    • Not sure what you’re saying? Do you already have the preferred? If so nothing will happen to your sign up bonus. If not then simply convert the CSP to another Chase branded card and then apply for the CSP as normal in Jan.

      Remember the restriction is when you last received the bonus. You’re not getting any bonus from this product change so there is no 24 month period.

      • Michael H says:

        I don’t already have the Preferred.

        But thanks for clearing the restriction up for me. I will run with that plan of action, since I wont be affected by the bonus limitation.

        Sounds like I will be going to the Freedom and then getting the CSP and CSR as planned in Jan.

  11. Joe says:

    What happens if you have free night certificates from the signup bonus earlier this year? I assume those are untouched? And, if you applied then, it sounds like you can get another cert by spending $6k?

  12. tikmaster says:

    Anyone else missing the dining certs and the upgrade certs from their account ? I only see the 2 free stay certs. Also how do you redeem them ? Just book and call to redeem ?

  13. T says:

    so, i’ve got a unique situation. i just closed my fairmont card two weeks ago because i didn’t want to pay the annual fee. I closed it and got the annual fee refunded.

    After seeing this, i called up chase and had the card reinstated since i would like to get the card converted to CSP, then to freedom. Does this mean that the annual fee will get charged to me again?

    • Michael H says:

      I would imagine that letting the conversion happen means you pay the Fairmont annual fee, and miss out on the $150 sign up bonus on the Freedom.

      In your case wouldn’t it be better to just leave it closed, keep the refunded Fairmont annual fee, and open the no fee Freedom with the $150 / 15000 UR bonus?

      • T says:

        I’m WAY over 5/24, so getting another freedom through a new sign up isn’t possible.

        I”m happy to pay the $95 to get another freedom card (will probably recoup my money within 6 months if they have some good MS opportunities), I was just wondering if it will get re-charged to me.

    • Don’t see why it wouldn’t be recharged to be honest.

  14. gary says:

    Am i correct that since my annual fee came due on june 1st and I had spent 12,000 in the last year. I will get my certificate when the statement closes. since my new anniversary year starts June 1st, if i spend 6,000 by august 14th I will get another certificate .I

    believe so, but since the first certificate has not been deposited into my fairmont account yet and chase says you cannot earn more than one certificate I wonder if they count it from the date of the letter that they only earn one certificate then I wouldnt get a second if spending 6000 or if it resets even after anyway and id get both

    • NinjaX says:

      this is what people are speculating, but everyone is being too naive. best case scenario is what you are describing. everyone would want that and that would be “fair” and would be a nice double dip. however, NOWHERE within the notice does it describe in detail of what happens to the AF CC holder who hit their AF prior to AUG 15th and still have some time to hit 6k before the cutoff.

      one can actually argue both set of interpretations for and against and they would not be wrong. meaning chase has not explicitly promised anything nor denied anything in their letter.

      HOWEVER.. they do actually say “you can not earn more than one night by spending over 12k”. at first glance, you may think chase is talking about the 12k limit in one membership year, but what if they vaguely mean “as of this notice, you can not earn more than one FREE regardless how you obtain it either 12k or 6k…”


  15. Elliot says:

    Any idea what this will mean for the FPC Premier status that comes with having the card?

  16. Abe says:

    Dang- my calendar year just ended two days ago. Squeezing two more free nights out of the card would have made it worth the annual fee and 10k additional spend I would have needed to make. If only this article had come out 3 or 4 days sooner…

    Think I’ll hang tight with my 4 freedoms as is and cancel as I had intended.

  17. Jessica says:

    So the free night for spending $12k will expire in February? That’s really dissappointing. My husband and I both got the card in January and we are close to putting $12k on each card already. We are going to the Fairmont Maui in February 2018 for 4 nights (plus the Hyatt villas for 5!) but I wanted to use our other 2 free nights at Lake Louis in August 2018. This won’t be an option now?

    • Jessica says:

      Also, since our stay in Maui is in February, I am assuming we won’t have Premier status anymore without the card? Can I go ahead and apply my suite upgrades or will I not be able too without status anymore?

      I’m not near as excited about this as everybody else. I knew it was coming but I really like premier status with dining credits, room upgrades and 3rd night free benefit. I’m bummed today.

    • Andy says:

      Status expires Feb 28 so it’s still active

  18. adam says:

    I am slightly confused by your recommendation. I don’t yet have a premium Chase card to do points transfers and I am under the 5/24 restriction. Should I get Chase Sapphite Preferred, or Freedom as you recommended?
    Would you please help me a little more? Thanks.

    • aic173 says:

      If you’re under the 5/24 you should get the Chase Freedom, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and/or Chase Sapphire Preferred and stock up on points. Unfortunately the Reserve bonus is down to “only” 50k points so it may be more beneficial to go with the Preferred for now. The points are valuable for transferring to travel partners or booking travel directly and you can transfer points earned with the freedom to it.

      • adam says:

        If you read the OP, you will see that he recommends that “the best option is to Product change Chase Sapphire Preferred to Chase Freedom”.

        I wonder if it is still the best for someone like me who does not have Sapphire Preferred.

    • If you’re under the 5/24 restriction I’d apply directly for the CSP or CSR, once this card converts to a CSP I’d then downgrade that to a no AF card. That way you have points transferability from the CSP/CSR (and you get the sign up bonus).

  19. Paul says:

    So I opened my SO’s and my Fairmont card last year on August 15th exactly. Haha so I wonder what category I fall in when it comes to spending $6K or $12K.

    • NinjaX says:

      12k bro. its pretty clear. you had a full year. 6k for only those that dont have 12 months. the unclear part is the AF year hitting before aug 15th. then what? hm. interesting.

  20. Kent C says:

    Weird, I closed my Fairmont card months ago and still got the letter in the mail today. “We’re changing your CLOSED Fairmont Visa to a Chase Sapphire..” Huh?

    • NinjaX says:

      maybe its some type of CYA? but doesnt make sense since you closed it…

      • Kent C says:

        What’s even more ridiculous, it says “your closed account has the same account number, interest rate(s) and remains subject to the terms of the Cardmember agreement”. Uhhh, exactly what are the terms I must abide by on a closed account. Hello!

        • NinjaX says:

          maybe there is a hidden Zelda secret? go call them. try to reopen it? doesnt hurt to try if u want the CC back.

    • mastervk says:

      I also closed mine in March and i got the same mail . I think they also have option to reopen the card.

  21. AL says:

    Many thanks for posting this link a few months ago. For me and the wife it’s basically 6 free nights, what will be 12k UR and I assume another 10k UR with authorized user bonus on the new CSP. With PC to Freedom I’m out exactly $0.

    Superb site. Superb.

  22. Matt P says:

    Terrible timing for me. My wife’s and my anniversary dates are 8/8 and 8/12. Guess I could try and squeeze in $6k on the 8/8 one before the 8/14 cut off.

    • farsighted99 says:

      yes. Mine is 8/2. Not very happy about this whole Fairmont card thing. I had to wait a month to actually receive the card, and didn’t really start using it until 9/15th.

      Don’t want the Sapphire Preferred without the bonus. Already have a freedom card. But I don’t have the Freedom Unlimited. So I guess I can try to get that one.

      I suppose you don’t get the 0% for 15 months either if you ask for this one. That’s part of the bonus, I assume.

      And sad to hear I will lose my Fairmont premiere status. At least I used the food credits and extra free night already. Guess I won’t be staying in many more Fairmont hotels. I stayed at the Maui Fairmont & the Barbados Pavilion and was planning to stay in Singapore in September, but guess not.

      I’m a big Hilton fan. Love those free breakfasts and upgrades. And I have a lot of SPG points.

      If they don’t put out a credit card for Accor (from what I read above, they won’t want an Accor credit card), they may lose a lot of potential new customers.


      • Matt P says:

        Check your anniversary date with Chase. They said mine are both 9/1 and I’m eligible for the $6000 anniversary night if I want to try.

  23. Alex says:

    So if I already spent $6000 (applied in Jan 2017), should I expect the certificate 8-10 weeks after Aug 14 or after I received the mail?

  24. Eddie says:

    Just curious.
    When the fairmont card is converted to sapphire, will the sapphire annual fee be due on the anniversary of the original fairmont application date? Or immediately upon issue of the sapphire card?

  25. Phil says:

    How many Freedom Cards can we have open? I already have 2. Can I get a third converted?

  26. Tom says:

    @ William: I already have the CSR. If I product change the new card to the CSR will I get another 300 travel credit? When would they bill me the difference in the fee for the card? I would consider changing to a second reserve for the credit and then later downgrading to the freedom. Thoughts?

    • Not 100% sure, but I imagine you would. Not sure why you’d want to do that as you’d need to pay the AF on the card. Not exactly sure when they would bill that, probably first statement cycle.

      • sam says:

        I was thinking this too…you could get the reserve, use the $300 credit, get charged the AF, downgrade to freedom and hopefully the annual fee would be refunded (they refund the annual fee is canceled within 30 days)

  27. Marriott Marty says:

    I and wife got Fairmont card in January 2017 near the end (thanks DrofCredit!). I have booked our two nights at the Del Mar Fairmont with Suite upgrade (which appeared good until 2/28/18). Will I get another Suite upgrade and $50 each card at my renewal in january 2018 or will I not get any new benefits for year 2…I think I will not get another Suite upgrade – will have to use the room upgrade…

    • I doubt you’d get the suite upgrades sorry.

      • farsighted99 says:

        I doubt we will get any more benefits that apply to the Fairmont Premier Club after this year’s batch expires on 2/28/18. Unless you have stayed a total of 10 nights in 2017 (then you would qualify to be Premier again).

        They do the status upgrades on March 1st every year. I didn’t catch on to the status thing and let my first free night expire for 2016.

        After that, most of the Fairmont card members will all be reset to status-less pumpkins again. Unless you managed to stay in their hotels enough to qualify again.

  28. Dan says:

    Important data point:

    I also have an anniversary date that is on Aug 10, seemingly just short of the requirement for the lower spend anniversary night. I sent some secure messages and got this response:

    “I would like to clarify that each year begins on
    enrollment date (August 10th) through the first statement
    after the anniversary date of the enrollment date.

    If you spend at least $12,000 or more by August 14th, a
    complimentary night certificate will be deposited into
    your rewards account either six weeks after your
    anniversary date or eight to ten weeks after August 15th,
    whichever comes first. This certificate will be issued
    until February 28, 2018. You can redeem this certificate
    up to one year after the date it’s issues.

    Since you do not have a full 12 months to reach $12,000,
    we will give you a complimentary night certificate if you
    have spent at least $6,000 on your Fairmont card by August
    14, 2017. The certificate will be good for six months”

    So they seem to indicate that I would qualify because my first statement after the anniversary date is on September 9. And they consider that the endpoint for the first card member year. Again, this is just the response I received online, but I’ll be putting the additional $3k spend on my card and giving this a whirl.

    • farsighted99 says:

      are you kidding??? Honestly never thought they would do that. My date is August 2nd. Though I will want it in writing. 😀

      There is this stipulation that you only one certificate. What I am not clear about is if you get one for August 10 2016 to August 9th 2017; will they give you a second one for August 10th 2017 – August 14th.

      good luck.

      • dan says:

        well considering the response i got, both my anniversary date (and yours too) would only fall under the condition where we did not have a full 12 months. so there would be no second period as you mention above, because the period they consider for the full first card member year is (in my case) august 10 2016 – sep 09 2017. and since the forced switch is before sep 09 2017, that qualifies for the lower anniversary night spend.

        Feel free to send a message and try to confirm the response I got.

        • farsighted99 says:

          will give it a try. Would like to have 2 nights at a Fairmont. Though has to be used by February 28th. Will have to spend $11K though (still $5K short on the first night); hummm.

    • Matt P says:

      I received the same response. My signup date was Aug 12, but they have my anniversary date as Sep 1 which is my statement date.

  29. Mark says:

    I recently closed two fairmonts. Is it worthwhile to reopen, get the annual fee, have it convert and then downgrade?

  30. james says:

    Just called as annual fee posted 6/1, and I have the Sapphire Reserve for another 9 months. Asked for retention bonus. CSR said, Really? Chase is ending its relationship with Fairmont.” Closed & transferred credit line.

    Oh well, perhaps I should have asked for a retention specialist :p

  31. Pam says:

    A current Farmont cardholder should be sure to chk their number of accumulated Fairmont rewards, in addition to their spend. If they are close to a (base) 25k reward, they may want to hit 25k prior to their statement cutoff closest to 8.15 to earn an Ovation Cert (that doesn’t expire) for a Collection A room + breakfast. You may not want to lose that opportunity by instead letting the points convert. Until 2.18 you could then maybe upgrade the Ovation reward to a suite + free dining at your selected Collection A property using your Fairmont Presidents Club Premiere membership. This offers much more value than .01/point.

    Everyone’s point balance/needs is different – important to chk your point balance within the next month before allowing them to auto transfer & make your decision accordingly.

  32. farsighted99 says:

    Check your reward points for any Fairmont stays. I recently went to Barbados and only received 1 point per $ for a rather expensive trip. I called and got the other 4 points per dollar. I talked to a Chase agent and he wrote an email, and about a week later I received a letter from Chase saying it was a mistake and they will correct it on my next statement.

    So check your statements. I got another 15K points for that error.

    BTW, I haven’t ever recalled not getting the correct points for a hotel stay… so was a bit surprised. Probably wouldn’t have noticed it if it wasn’t for this card being discontinued.

    Pam: thanks for that info about the Ovation reward.

  33. James says:

    I don’t have the CSP yet, but I am above the 5/24 limit, should I try to get a CSP in branch before 8/15? Thank you very much.

  34. Adam says:

    Curious if this conversion would preclude us from getting the bonus on CSP/CSR? I’m lol/24 so moot point for me.

    But my brother will be under 5/24 this winter. His Fairmont like everyone else’s will obv convert to CSP. He’s never had a CSP before but can’t get it right now due to 5/24. After the forced conversion happens at the end of summer, will he still be eligible for a CSP bonus (new app)? Should he just close the Fairmont right now so he doesn’t even risk it? He’d like the extra UR card so he’ll prolly downgrade it to Freedom but not sure if Chase systems will register him as having “held” CSP recently as part of this conversion. And thus make him ineligible for the bonus?

    I know Chase doesn’t care if you’ve actually gotten the bonus before or not when they do their 24mo calculations (say you didn’t meet the min spend for example, you’d still have to wait 24mo) …. I’d hate for the 24mo clock to reset just cause of a forced conversion even if it’s temporary (as a way to eventually go down to a Freedom etc)

    Any thoughts DoC, Chuck or other commenters?

  35. Artemis says:

    They will not let you convert it to any other cards at this time except the CSP. Several of us already asked and were told no, despite having long positive histories with Chase and 760 FZiCO scores. Weird.

    • Rich C says:

      Fairmont converted to CSP. Just got off phone having the CSP converted to Freedom. Was given the choice of regular Sapphire, Frredom, and Freedom Unlimited.

  36. Artemis says:

    FICO, sorry

  37. Tim says:

    Called first thing this morning regarding a product change for my new CSP/Former fairmont card.. was told my only option was to transfer to the no fee sapphire card.

  38. Michael says:

    My only option is to keep the CSP or to switch to a standard Sapphire.. No options for anything else..

  39. Matt says:

    Same here. Only option is to product change fairmont card to the no fee Sapphire card. Will or Chuck, do you have any suggestions on what to do….?

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