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[Discontinued for new referrals] Chase Hyatt 10,000 Points Referral Offer + Share your Referrals

Update 5/30/18: Reader Matt points out that the Hyatt referral page is now showing: “Thank you for visiting Chase. The Hyatt Credit Card Refer-A-Friend promotion has concluded.” Yet existing referral links are still working properly. 

Chase has been expanding their refer-a-friend bonus to more co-branded cards recently, with the Hyatt credit card being the latest addition. Hyatt credit card holders should’ve received an e-mail from Chase with details (“Earn up to 50K Bonus Points”). Keep in mind there is a better offer of 40,000 points + $50 + 5,000 points, so this referral offer really only makes sense if you know the person whos link you’re using and are OK with them getting an additional 10,000 Hyatt points and you $50 less.

The Offer

You can generate a referral at the Hyatt-specific refer-a-friend page, or at the general refer-a-friend page.

Each person that signs up for the Hyatt credit card receives the current standard signup bonus of 40,000 Hyatt points after spending $2,000 within 3 months, with an additional 5,000 Hyatt points for adding an authorized user.

The referrer receives 10,000 Hyatt points per referral, capped at 50,000 Hyatt points per year.

Hyatt Referral

Do note that you can typically pull up an offer for 40,000 Hyatt points, 5,000 Hyatt points for an authorized user, and a $50 statement statement credit after the first purchase by doing a dummy booking on the Hyatt website. See our article on the offer for more information.

Posting Referrals

Feel free to post your own referrals in the comments by following these rules:

  • Retweet this tweet from your Twitter account
  • Post a comment with your referral link and your Twitter handle (so we can confirm it was retweeted). Please don’t add more information in the comment as it clogs things up.

The comment should look like this:

refer abcxyz

If you’re looking to sign up for the Hyatt card, consider using another reader’s referral! Look for someone who followed the above rules and who you’ve found helpful in the past.

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That email from Chase made me BURNING MAD! I had just helped a friend get signed up for the Hyatt card TWO DAYS AGO and when I had last checked there were no referrals offered for it. UGGHH!!!! But hey, on the bright side for you, we used a link from your website….

“Please don’t add more information in the comment as it clogs things up.” Nice reading comprehension there. Also, way to comment as a reply off the top post so that yours is higher up.. classy.

Thanks for stopping by feel free to use my link! Thank You 🙂 [link removed]

Do I really need to tell you not to post your links multiple times? This is your final warning.

No you don’t, I didn’t recall posting a link here and had to load the extra comments twice to find it after reading your comment.

Probably why I tried posting it closer to the top where people could see it or even where I could see it. If you could keep my link at the top (where it was) that would be Amazing I’m trying to get points for an Anniversary trip to San Antonio. And remove the other one, but if not I understand and will not post more than one link. Again I honestly didn’t think it was posted I looked, I’m looking on my IPhone maybe that’s the issue, but either way sorry.

No problem, please be more careful in future

Glad I got in on this, but can’t believe I’ve never left a referral here yet.

would have been cool if chase would also offer 50k pts to applicants

Hopefully we start to see referral offers for other non-5/24 cards as well.

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