Posted by William Charles on November 13, 2017
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Published on November 13th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Chase Hyatt 40,000 Points + $50 + 5,000 Points

Bonus has expired, view the best current credit card bonuses here.

I’m reposting this because there is a referral offer for 40,000 points and I want people to be aware of this better offer. Note if you have somebody you know referring you that offer might be better as they also receive 10,000 points (they could give you $50 or more to make up for the difference in offers).

Reposting as offer is available again (h/t to /r/churning). Try using the direct link below (and read the warning) better is to just do a dummy booking and follow these steps:

  • Search for any hotel on
  • Select any room
  • On final payment screen the offer will appear, click that link

The Offer

Direct link to offer (Note that this might redirect you to the 40,000 offer without the $50 statement credit after clicking apply now, so becareful. Better to do a dummy booking to get the offer to show)

  • Chase Hyatt is offering the following bonus:
    • 40,000 points after $2,000 in spend within the first three months of account opening
    • $50 statement credit after your first purchase
    • 5,000 points after adding an authorized user and them making their first purchase (not specifically mentioned on sign up bonus, but this applies to all Chase Hyatt cards)

Card Details

Our Verdict

40,000 points is the new standard bonus on this card, replacing the two free night offer. We have seen a targeted offer of 50,000 points in the past, but that was likely just testing for trying a points based offer. Hyatt’s award chart looks like this:

hyatt award chartAlso keep in mind that once a year they have been offering a rebate on points for Hyatt cardholders. This year it was a 10% rebate (2016 was 10% also2015 was 20%). Hyatt points also do not expire as long as you’ve had some points earning activity within a 24 month period. This is one of the better offers on Chase credit cards that are not subjected to the 5/24 rule. As always please read through this list of things everybody should know about Chase credit cards before applying or asking questions in the comments (as they have likely already been answered in more detail). I’ll be adding this card to our list of the best credit card bonuses.

Hat tip to reader Bob & Running With Miles

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Got Hyatt card with 2 free night bonus in January 2016. Got bonus the next month, then eventually cancelled it in January 2017. Since it’s a different bonus than this new card has, do I still need to wait until Jan2018 to apply again? Chase cards usually have the 24 month rule to get “bonus” again. thoughts…?

It doesn’t actually mention the 5K for adding an authorized user.

Is it just me or is the offer now linking to a Chase error page?

I applied for this, got approved, and chase is telling me I applied for the 2 nights offer… now what do I do?..


I encourage you to contact the Executive Office at (877) 658-5560 to file this complaint. Nick and I have both done this, and the more people who complain, the more likely it is that we will get this resolved.


I had to take a screen shot of the offer and the landing page for the $50 offer and was refused twice, but a supervisor finally issued the $50, via secured message.


What about the 40k points?

I saw the error message..

I also applied for this card using the above link and was told I applied for the old (2 night) offer. I’m in the process of getting this changed. Hopefully, it won’t be problematic.

Similar to Jason and Sonia, was given the two night offer and not the 40k. Sent a message to ask about getting it changed.


Please let me know if you’re successful. Chase denied the offer to me and insists that I applied for the 2-night offer.

I’m now waiting to hear from the “escalations” team.

Knowing my relationship with Chase, I should be able to but if not just a matter of raising hell with CSRs and figuring out whom actually has the power to get things done via escalations. Will update once I hear back.


Executive CS told me this morning that my case hasn’t yet been assigned to someone, but this should happen today.

I’ll keep you posted.

Same. Just talked to Lisa and she confirmed the same for my case.

Hey Nick…

I called again today and they allowed me to leave a voicemail for the person handling my case (Carla). I gave a brief summary and hope to hear back on Monday.

Maybe our assigned reps can figure this out together to expedite things.

Hey Jason,

Just got off the phone with EO’s front desk agent, my case is with Jessica whom will be calling me within the hour to discuss (she’s finishing up another call). Let’s hope for the best!

I spoke with Carla at the EO this morning and she is looking into the matter.

Hopefully, the situation can be resolved quickly. It’s clear that this was Chase’s error.

Looking forward to any updates from Nick, RSL, and any others who were impacted.

Does anyone know if Hyatt will revoke the 2 free nights? Chase said they will credit my account in 6-8 weeks with 40,000 points. But, Hyatt just sent me an email today saying I got the free 2 nights as well. What would the ramifications be if I used the 2 free nights?

Chase refused to match my offer to the 40k.

Do not apply for this offer!

Did you raise the issue further? As I talked to a few CSR’s and they informed me that it should be under the 40k, but they won’t know until 48-72 hours after approval. A few CSR’s even joked they didn’t see the difference in the offers (2 nights vs 40k) and I explained the extended value and stay time of the 40k offer if used properly.

Still pending their response to my secure message on 7-4, but was told they were out (strange as I called verification and got approval that day) also that they have a backlog of things from Monday when their system kicked the can.

The issue is that we applied using a link that was actually connected to the old offer, even though the page showed otherwise. They changed the offer page without changing the coding of the application.

I, too, am waiting to hear back from Chase. I’ll be following up regularly and will be staying on top of this, including contacting executives and filing a CFPB complaint if necessary.

Arbitration would follow. I’m not giving this up.

As an aside, Chase’s internal system is VERY automated and it is difficult for them to override the offer. They’re going to have to manually remove the 2 free nights through a Hyatt liaison and then issue the 40k points.

Just got off the phone with the EO and they’re opening a case to review and get it fixed (hopefully).

I just opened a case with the Executive Office as well. Please keep me posted on what happens.

Also, please encourage anyone else you know who applied with this link to contact the EO at (877) 658-5560

I just opened a case with the EO as well. The rep (Lepicia) said that this was the first call that she has had regarding this. I was told I should hear back next week…fingers crossed that the 40k pts come through.

Thanks for the update. My case is with Carla, with whom I haven’t spoken yet.

As I mentioned above, it would be ideal if these reps communicate with one another to expedite the process.

Let’s hope for quick resolution.

Spoke with my representative (Jessica) whom I shared that other agents had similar cases. Jessica confirmed Carla had mentioned the case to her during her break, but nothing has been formalized. They’re pending Hyatt’s response, which will decide the next steps. Jessica informed me that I should hear back by Friday.

Just thought I’d reply back informing you guys of my resolution. Chase is honoring the 40k $2k spend + $50 Statement Credit. My EO agent did not confirm, but Chase via the Secure Messages.

Must’ve helped that I mentioned that I would rather work directly with them versus the CFPB in my reply. Hope everyone else gets similar resolutions.

what was your message via SM? I want to try it thanks

Nick can you please post how your messages through SM went so that we can send something similar? I spoke through Facebook with Chase and they told me that nothing else could be done if it’s at EO level, but I did not try SM. Thanks for the update.

So just a background on the case. When I applied it was not an instant approval, but had to call verification and confirm. Verification confirmed the offer was the two free nights. The verification agent quickly disregarded what she said and said if I wanted to change it to send a report via Chase’s SM.

Sent in a SM on July 4th, waited for a response and got back the “Sorry we can’t change this on your account”. Quickly responded back with the following;

“That’s a tad bit unacceptable as it’s very misleading to
offer the application with the impression of the applicant
getting the 40,000 point offer, then pulling it out from
them and swapping it with the two night bonus.

Personally the 40,000 point offer goes a lot further than
the two nights for me and thus why I applied for the card
as I thought it was better value for me. Can you please
raise this issue to your team as I’d rather give you guys
the chance to correct this misleading and deceptive
advertising prior to reporting it to the CFPB.”

Which took a few days and was not responded to instantly or within 24 hours (took 4 days). However in their response they confirmed they’re honoring the offer upon hitting the spend, but I have to manually reply back to the secure message. So it sounds like something on the backend is not allowing the swap entirely.

I received the same reply via secure message. They are agreeing to honor the bonus manually. I wonder how the existing case with the EO will impact this.

Should we let them know that it was resolved?

I just heard back via SM and was told that I will receive the stated offer, but that I need to SM them once I hit 2K in eligible spend.

Good news to hear. Would be awesome if somehow the offer still coded as 2 free nights and then received the 40k additionally..very doubtful that will occur, but I have received accidental duplicate SW referall rewards in a similar fashion.

Thanks for the help

The direct link shows 2 Free Nights then changed to 40k after logging in. Just FYI..

I logged in and was still tagged as 2 free nights, despite the offer stating 40k. I did download the website offer as a pdf before applying just in case this happened..waiting to hear back from Chase

Hey William, just wanted to say I think Hyatt points do expire. The only reason I know is I have a few points left with them, which they emailed me recently about, warning me to use them because they expire after 24 months.

“We’ve missed you. It’s been a while since you’ve used your World of Hyatt membership. Remember, after 24 months without activity, all your points will be forfeited”

They don’t expire if you have the card

I just applied today and got the 2 Free Nights offer with this link; it’s great if you’re looking for a way to get that deal still.

Anyone else applied and actually got the 40K? I wonder if you make a dummy booking then apply would be different than the link here directly

I just applied, hopefully I receive the two nights.

There is no more $50 statement credit on this card?

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