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Published on August 23rd, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] [YMMV] Chase IHG Cardmembers: 20% Discount On Points & Cash Bookings (Buy Points At A Discount)

This bonus has expired, make sure you don’t miss any deals by signing up for notifications.

This is not showing up for most/all people. Seems also to be targeted towards only some hotels.

The Offer

No direct link, should appear when making bookings

  • IHG is offering Chase IHG cardholders a 20% discount when they make a cash + points booking. The discount is on the cash portion of the booking.

The Fine Print

  • Valid until September 30th, 2017

Our Verdict

You can use this to effectively buy points at a discount rate. When you make booking it’s made clear that you’re actually purchasing the points and if you cancel your reservation they will redeposit the full points value rather than points + cash. You can use this to purchase points for 0.46¢, you’ll want to look for a hotel offering a discount of 20,000 points for $96 (after the 20% off). Discussion of these hotels can be found here. IC Boston in September should work for example.


Hat tip to reader @_mrseaman

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Not working for me

Excellent. This will work out nicely with my Accelerate offer which requires me to do a Points and cash stay.

Not showing for me when I login

Do I have to use the IHG card to make the purchase or can I use another card like CSR and still get the discount as long as my IHG card is linked to my account?

Is this targeted this time around? These usually show for me after logging in, but neither the app nor the website reflects the discount.

There are a few at $.0046. Look for a hotel that essentially allows you to purchase 20k points for $92.00 (that is, the room is 45k points alone or 25k points + $92.00).

Correct. I was able to find multiple hotels in Chicago, New York and San Francisco when searching for Friday night in September.

Usually its $125 or $135 for 20K points
If lets say i do find for under $100. Is it worth to stock up?

Considering I was going to do a mattress run to fulfill an IHG Accelerate by the end of the month for $125 (taxes and fees inclusive) for 27,600 points, $92 for 20,000 and not having to drive out of my way to the hotel seems like a good alternative. YMMV of course but I find good use for IHG points for the places I tend to go.

Also, check Washington DC in September.

Try IC Boston in September.

By the way, although the discount makes it $0.0046 for Chase IHG cardholders, you don’t actually have to use this card. I didn’t have it on hand, and used a different card.

I dont see a discount even though I am IHG card holder. anything to do?

I don’t see a discount either. Just some hotels? Why are we assuming this is an offer if IHG does not have a link talking about it?

No discount for me either. Must be valid for only a few, select, properties. Boooooooooo…

I’m searching in mid-September, for example, and seeing discounts on every property. Are you specifying “Reward Nights” in the rate preference?

I got it under my account but my husband did not get it and we are both ihg cardholders.

Any difference between the two of you? Have any of you bought points using this method recently?

Neither one of us has ever purchased points in this manner or directly. My husband stays at ihg fairly frequently for work and I have not yet used any of the points that I received from opening the card over a year ago.

No dice for either my wife or I.

Does not work for me. IHG cardholder but no status otherwise. Must be targeted or maybe tied to those with higher status? I assume that those deals I see offering 20k for $115 will be the 20k for $92 for those with the offer. I can find the $115 deal in Buckhead for 9/22.

Not working for my wife or myself, both IHG cardholders. Tried multiple dates and properties. Looks like another IHG IT fiasco. Or targeted.

From my Q on twitter:
“Glad to hear from our IHG Rewards Club members! I am sorry to inform you that the promo for Points + Cash 20% discount offer had already ended last May 31, 2017. To learn more about our current offers, visit our http://www.ihgrewardsclub,com

Tried to book on 9/2-9/3, found several places that have 20% discount.

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