Posted by William Charles on April 15, 2018
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Published on April 15th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase Pay Can Now Be Used In Walmart Pay

Chase Pay is now a payment option in Walmart Pay. Chase Pay is a 5% category on the Chase Freedom this quarter, so this should help some people max that category out. A few things to note:

Hat tip to UnassignedFemur & reader Rick H

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I wonder how returns work with Walmart Pay. Chase Pay returns work fine with Best Buy, but Walmart was requiring returns to be applied towards a new gift card. Haven’t tried recently. I do like how Walmart Pay pools gift cards.

Hmmm, maybe not a bad idea. Buy a couple of TV’s with Chase Pay, return them and have the funds put on a Walmart gift card, then use that gift card later in the year.

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Or you can just buy Walmart gift cards on with Chase Pay directly.

Saves the whole order and return a TV bit.

The only perk with returns is you know the item will most likely actually ship. Walmart gift cards can be hit or miss. Plus, gift cards can be easier to steal, although I think Walmart has a fairly good security policy – just be sure to make sure it’s actually activated before trying to shop with it.

Also, I’m pretty sure that regardless of the payment method used, when making a return, anyone can opt to get a gift card back instead of credit to the original payment method. I know some people were quite upset that they had to take a gift card when making a return via Chase Pay – so beware everyone.

It doesn’t work like that. You’d need the Chase card to have the funds sent back to same card.

Walmart pay returns work the same way as any other returns. The cashier scans the receipt in the app and you have to present the same card setup with Walmart pay to have the funds refunded back the card.

Is this for the android app only? Can’t find it on the iPhone app

it is within walmart shopping app, under services button

It is not there in the ios Walmart app

Agreed. I’m not seeing on iOS either. Even after updating Walmart app

Yeah…I don’t see it either on IOS.

And how the hell do I set which Chase card to use?

It probably uses the defaulted one. You can set your default in | Pay & Transfer | Chase Pay | Change Settings

Can it be used in store?

Yes. The registers (both self checkout and normal) have a QR code you have to scan with the app.

If getting credit is really important to you, be smart. Email the Doc. Don’t bury your insight in a comment section of a loosely-related article.

P.S. None of us care. Thnx.

I don’t think it works for iOS. There is only options to add credit/debit cards.

The Chase Pay app? I was able to add my Freedom and Sapphire Preferred cards.

No, the Walmart app. No way to add chase pay to the iOS Walmart app


very interesting the expanding Chase Pay options. Watching for Chase Pay to be rolled out nationwide via Kroger too. (There was a press release about this last December — nothing since?)

Related issue for me is a cell phone decision. For those of us preferring unlocked CDMA capable phones have few (if any) reasonable phone options with NFC. (NFC required for Google Pay)…. Watching the upcoming Moto e5 and G6 releases, but curiously Moto has been leaving off NFC for US releases…. Anyway, good that chase pay doesn’t require NFC.

“Anyway, good that chase pay doesn’t require NFC”

Is that why it isn’t accepted pretty much anywhere?
It’s all “nfc or nothing” at the stores where I shop.

Chase Pay worked for me buying WM GC’s online.

Yeah that’s all I have been doing both quarters since we use Walmart for our grocery and easily spend $500+ a month. Seems like since I have an Iphone this new method will just be messier. I will just stick to buying $200 egift cards every week through Chase Pay.

Did you buy the physical card or ecard may I ask? Thanks!

Looks like Walmart updated their help section for using chase pay in store

Thanks, but this does not appear to work for iOS as there is no option for adding Chase Pay under Walmart pay. It only has gift card or credit/debit card as options.

Nobody has solved this yet. It clearly states that iphones 5 and above with IOS greater than 9 should work. I tried to get online help – which sent me to phone help (with number prompts to help) but to no avail. There were no options for Walmart Pay or Chase Pay.DOC – you gotta help us out here.

It’s android app only

On an iPhone 7 running 11.3, I don’t see “Chase Pay” as an option in the Walmart App. I can add my Freedom card (or any other card). The Walmart help page says “swipe up” to see the Chase Pay option, but that doesn’t work for me. Any suggestions? TIA!

True. I have an iPhone and it’s not there, either. On my Android-powered MotoG5+, I’m able to add it.

same here, iOS app doesn’t have that option

More than 6 months, and still no Add Chase Pay option on iOS. Although Walmart website says, it should work…..

I have an android and it worked for me. In the walmart app, go to walmart pay and “swipe up”. Chase pay option will appear and once you click on it you will be directed to log-in to chase to link your chase pay account with walmart app.

I found it only works with, not the online walmart grocery site.. anyone else found that to be the case?

Walmart’s official help page states it is possible on iOS,

But I don’t see that option in the iOS app. Only see gift cards and credit/debit cards.

I don’t see it here either in iOS either :/

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