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Published on February 22nd, 2018 | by Chuck


Chase Sapphire Reserve and Preferred 60,000 Branch Offer [YMMV]

A friend has confirmed with their Chase banker that the Chase in-branch offers are back.

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred: 60,000 points + 5,000 with authorized-user
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve: 60,000 points
  • Chase Freedom: 30,000 points
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited: 30,000 points

We heard confirmation about the Reserve and Preferred for Private Clients, but based on similar offers in the past, it’s likely the Freedom offer is there as well, and it’ll likely these are showing for some non-Private Clients too. A reader has confirmed this in the comments to work for non-Private Clients and for the Freedom Unlimited card.

Keep in mind if you’re pre-approved in branch that this will by pass the 5/24 rule. Not sure it’s worth a trip for most, but if you live near a branch or you’re a Private Client it could be worth checking.

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Awesome. I was waiting the end of February to apply for CS reserve and Sapphire.

Can’t get both cards anymore.

lol yes you can

you can get both, but can’t the sign-up reward for both

You can if you apply for both the same day. Many, many people have done it through this loophole.

Can I call to be matched to the 60k preffered offer?

Always worth a try, be the dp you want to see

Is there a picture of an in-branch offer that can be used as evidence to match?

I just received my 50k bonus a few days ago and asked to be matched with the 60k and got this as a message:

Hello goonyo,

I will be happy to review your rewards inquiry.

goonyo, please provide a copy of the targeted email or
screen shot of the banner ad with your name on it if you
have received it. Once received we will review your

Did I read somewhere that you could not hold both cards at once or can’t product change between them?

You can upgrade from CSP to CSR (of course wait until you have received your sign up bonus). and I believe after 1 year, you can downgrade from CSR to CSP if you do not already have CSP.

regarding JL’s post:
If I downgrade my CSR to a CSP (when the annual fee on CSR is posting), what will happen?
Do I have to pay the $95 annual fee for CSP?
Does it influence my ability of getting a CSP sign-up bonus in the future?

After 1 yr when your yr 2 CSR annual fee is posted, you can downgrade within 30 days to get the annual fee refunded, and it will then charge you the $95 for CSP.

You can’t get another CSP while holding onto a CSP. Sign up bonus is every 24 months for all cards in the Sapphire card family. So if you hold onto CSP yr 2, then cancel at end of yr 2. wait a month, you can sign up for CSP again.

any DP on how long to wait (if at all) after closing or downgrading to non-sapphire product before applying for the opposite sapphire card? If one has a CSR and closes or switches it to a Freedom and one hasn’t had a CSP in years and is under 5/24, can one get the CSP right away?

I’m also interested in this. I have a CSP that I’ve had for 27mo. (24mo. since sign up bonus) and was planning on downgrading it to another CF at the end of the month and immediately applying for the CSR for some travel I have coming up. Unfortunately, I have no idea how much time I should leave between the downgrade and applying CSR so that I don’t get denied for having another card in the Sapphire family already.

Has anyone done this?

I have same situation. Called to downgrade 5 year old CSP to CFU and the rep told me I needed to wait 45 days before applying for CSR, in order to get sign up bonus. She could be wrong, but it was pretty specific.

Yikes! That is a long time to wait. I wonder if anyone has real life example of it working sooner than that. I don’t want to get denied or miss out on sign up bonus but I really want this in time for my trip!

I did this last month. I waited a week after downgrading my CSP to a CFU. I was auto approved without any problem.

/r/churning says a week tops you gotta wait

I’m not private client and I got targeted for 60K CSP and 30K CFU.

Any DP from anyone holding a CF for more than two years and receiving a bonus offer for another CF?

Ok, since we dont have ‘Moronic Monday’ section yet (see my comment in ‘Beginners Guide to CC Bonus’ 😉 ), and this is about the Sapphire cards, I got a more general inquiry for advise:

I currently have a CF, a CIP Bus. and a CSR.
After doing my due diligence, I decided to downgrade my CSR (my AF is due next week), and considering two options:

1) PC to another Freedom for the 5%

2) PC to (plain, no AF) Sapphire

thought 2nd option might be of value…
– to stay inside the ‘Sapphire family’ to be able to easily (?) re-upgrade my Sapphire to a CSR (whenever needed, e.g. more travel)
– also, if I downgrade to a Sapphire now, wait and re-upgrade back to CSR in early 2019, I could use two travel credits (in 19 + 20) for one annual fee
(use first credit, then when AF posts in 2020 use new credit and downgrade after for AF refund; negative though is missing out of new sign up bonus for CSR/CSP in mid 2019 (>2yrs after initial CSR Bonus)

Is my thinking correct or am I missing sth?
What would you choose from those two options?

You can always upgrade the Freedom to a Sapphire card, so no benefit to stay in the sapphire family. I’d just downgrade to the Freedom

Wow, that was quick. Thanks for that info…

If you value the 2x at restaurants and don’t have a replacement card, the vanilla sapphire might be the better option IMO. Chase already doesn’t advertise the card so they could discontinue it. Just a thought.

I thought newly opened CSR will use calendar year for travel credit, so by going with downgrade to Freedom/Sapphire then upgrade back to CSR, the upgraded CSR will follow the original 12-month rolling period for travel credit?

I had a chase sapphire card for awhile so even with the preapproval Icannot get the reserve right because Chase only allows 1 sapphire type card

Anything changed in the last month? I went into a branch at the end of January, and was only approved for the regular freedom(s) sign up bonus.

Just got a Chase In-Branch Sapphire Preferred: 60,000 points pre-approved offer.
I am way over 5/24 rule with 33 credit cards in the last 2 years and couldn’t believe my eyes when I got approved.
I also had pre-approvals for Freedom cards which I will apply a month apart and see my luck!

What can you do to try to get targeted for some chase offers? I have the CF CFU SW and IHG but need a Sapphire card now…

I am also wondering how it is done. Checked with my local branch. Just 50k offer showing up. I do not have any sapphires card. Not sure how they target/select few customers with 60k


Alas, a sad DP:
was pre-approved for CSR in-branch, but only for the 50k points/$4k offer; no amount of wheedling and dropping hints could get me the 60k points 🙁 Credit line $17k though!

Credit Score: 767
Avg. Age of Acc.: 1.5yrs
Cards: AmEx PRG, AmEx Delta Skymiles Gold, DiscoverIT; No prev. Chase cards
Income: $57k

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