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Citi Prestige In-Branch Offer Changes, 50k Bonus + $350 Annual Fee

Online Offer

The Citi Prestige card offers a 50,000 Thank You point bonus after signing up and making $3,000 in purchases. It does come, however, with a $450 annual fee. This is offset somewhat by the $250 airline credit per calendar year, but it’s still painful.

The good news is that Citigold customers get a reduced annual fee of just $350. Still high, but better than $450. Luckily many of us are Citigold clients due to a generous offer Citi currently has for opening a Citigold bank account package. Even if you become a Citigold client after opening the Prestige card, you’ll get a reduction in the annual fee on a prorated basis.

What to do if you aren’t a Citigold client?

You can become one 😎 .  Or you can apply in-branch…

Previously, the in-branch bonus was 60k points, but it required $15,000 in spend to get that. 30k points after you spend $3,000 within the first three months and an additional 30,000 points after you spend a total of $15,000 within the first 12 months.

Reportedly, the in-branch offer is now showing the same offer as the online offer.

  • Get 50k points after spending $3,000 in 3 months.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 1.16.40 PM

The previous offer would actually be better for someone who anyway plans on spending $15,000 on the card within a year. In any case, the current in-branch offer is now the same as the online offer.

Almost the same…

$350 Annual Fee In-Branch

We’ve mentioned in the past that many have had success applying for the Prestige card in-branch using the Citigold form even if they aren’t a Citigold client. This will have to be approved by the banker, but it usually works.

If you aren’t a Citigold client and you want to apply for the Prestige card, you can try applying in-branch and see if you’ll be able to use the Citigold form which will lock you in at the $350 rate.

This is especially useful if you don’t plan on keeping your Citigold banking package and you do plan keeping the Prestige card. In this case, in which case you may start getting the $450 annual fee on the Prestige after you close out the Citigold account, but with the in-branch offer I’m imagine it will continue on as $350 indefinitely.

If you are Citigold, I wouldn’t recommend making yourself crazy to apply in-branch for a number of reasons:

  • It’s possible the in-branch won’t work properly for some reason, though it’s worked for many in the past
  • It’s possible that Citi will leave you in with your grandfathered $350 Citigold rate even after you close the Citigold account
  • In the world of miles-and-points things change so quickly and the value of Prestige can change which will impact your current decision that you intend to keep this card for life

HT: usercreditcardguide on Reddit

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I have a Citi TY Premier Card and 60k TYP. If I take a Citi TY Prestige will the points earned through Premier have the same a) value and b)expiration date. In other words, can I safely close my Premier and apply & hold on to a new Prestige account and not lose my point ?

You can redeem Premier typ’s at the higher Prestige value, but if you close the Premier card you’ll have 90 days to use the Premier typ’s. They don’t stick indefinitely like MRs or URs.

Wasn’t there a 60K ty point in branch offer?

The post says so. “Previously, the in-branch bonus was 60k points, but it required $15,000 in spend to get that.” That’s in the section titled “What to do if you aren’t a Citigold client?”.

How do I apply and make sure I’ll only be charged the $350? I just became a Citigold by opening the checking but every link to open the credit card says $450.

Anyone do this in the last few days? Was thinking of stopping by a branch later today. Are the forms just out in the open or do you need to wait for a banker even to just fill it out?

I stopped by a branch in NYC today and the offer was the same as shown in the photo above – 50k + $350 (for CG). I did have to sit down with a banker, but ultimately left to save myself the time of applying by hand.

The 50K and $350 fee is still the active offer in branch. According to the manager, only Citi Gold can apply in branch.

[…] Previously the in branch offer was 50,000 after $3,000 in spend, but it’s good to know that this deal is still available. Might be worth signing up for this card if you haven’t opened or closed the Citi Prestige within the past 24 months (before the new rules go into place that would prevent you from getting the bonus if you opened/closed Premier/Preferred within past 24 months). […]

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