Posted by William Charles on October 11, 2018
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Published on October 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


DoC Exclusive – Join Topcashback & Get A $25 Sign Up Bonus – Highest Ever

Deal has expired, view more Topcashback deals by clicking here.

[Update: There’s also an offer to get $20 back at Best Buy on a $20 purchase for new TCB members who haven’t made a purchase before (ht: lukewry). The terms indicate it’ll stack with a referral link so it should stack with the $25 signup offer. Promo grays out for those who aren’t eligible. Anyone who never made a purchase through Topcashback should be eligible, regardless when or how you signed up.] Offers won’t stack, unfortunately. Topcashback says they’ll honor it for anyone who did this before the clarification was issued.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Sign up for a new Topcashback account and receive a bonus of $25 when you earn a minimum of $10 on Topcashback

The Fine Print

  • Valid until October 22nd 23:59 PST.
  • The use of is still bound by the standard Terms and Conditions and existing Tell-A-Friend Terms & Conditions.
  • We reserve the right to void your eligibility for the Double Tell-A-Friend sign up bonus if we believe you are not a genuine, new TopCashback member.
  • Upon joining in this time period via a referral link, you will be eligible for $25 cash back being added to your account.
  • Once you have reached the $10 minimum payable cash back threshold for Tell-A-Friend members, the new member will be able to request their signup bonus via the usual payment page, within the account section of the TopCashback site.
  • Your $25 sign-up credit will only be available to withdraw once you have earned a minimum of $10 in payable cash back.
  • There is no cut-off period by which you must earn the $10 payable cash back to ‘release’ your $25 sign up credit.
  • If you join TopCashback from a referral/Tell-A-Friend link during this promotional period, your $25 sign-up credit will not count towards the $10 threshold you need to reach before yours or your friend’s Tell-A-Friend bonus will become Payable.

Our Verdict

Topcashback runs this offer with us semi regularly, this is the highest sign up bonus they have offered. Previous best was $20 and that was also only available to our readers, normal bonus is $10 or nothing. The reason the bonus is higher than normal is that we don’t receive anything if you sign up for this offer, instead we’ve passed the full $25 to our readers. We always try to do these types of deals with companies, but very few show any interest. One of the reasons I love Topcashback is they have the same mindset as we do, they give users 100% of a store’s commission back as cash back. They make money through separate advertising banners  ‘our list stores’ among other ways. I find that Topcashback rates are consistently better than other shopping portals and it’s the portal I use the most often.

In addition when you cash out you can also get bonuses if you cash out for something other than cash:

  • Visa (5% bonus)
  • Amazon Gift Card (3% bonus)
  • American Express® Reward Card (3% bonus)
  • Gap eGiftCard (5% bonus)
  • Nike eGiftcard (5%)
  • eGiftcard (5%)
  • Petco eGiftcard (5%)

If you want to see more brands & websites offer our readers increased bonuses like this then there are two things you can do:

  • Sign up if you don’t have have an account
  • Share this with others

You can view our full review of Topcashback by clicking here. I know some readers have had issues in the past, keep in mind money earned from Topcashback doesn’t become payable until they receive the money from the merchant so the wait times can be longer than other sites. I think the increased cashback rates are worth the wait times, but YMMV. As always make sure you follow our tips to ensure portals track correctly. If you have any unresolved issues with TCB then submit a support request here. They will also be in the comments section answering any questions readers might have.

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So I joined and referred my wife like 2-3 months ago with the promotional $25 at the time. Not the end of the world waiting for $80 but they claim my purchase at Hulu requires a “return” waiting period of 3 months or more. Really I can return Hulu purchases? Beware if you are looking to get paid out at any time soon. This website makes Swagbucks look fast and efficient.

Hi Mike,

I’m a little unsure on what you mean by the return waiting period. Is this for a missing cashback claim? These can take that time to return to us with more information but unfortunately there is little we can do to speed this up as we need to allow the network to look into any purchases.


I used the wrong terminology that another site uses. So my issue was with the “pending” taking 8-12 weeks. If I am understanding correctly merchants like Walmart, Macy’s, Amazon, etc would wait to report for a number of weeks to avoid somebody charging $500, collecting the rewards, and then returning the item. Hulu seems like it should post almost instantly since you pay for their service ahead of time. Unclear on why it takes so long to pay when a competitor (swagbucks etc) seem to be able to figure this out much quicker. Unlike some of the other commenters I have yet to have a problem with tracking but felt like a warning is in order for people who don’t want to wait 3-4 months for rewards to pay out. Ebates is no better and actually with their $25 minimum is much worse but swagbucks and other companies seemed to have figured out how to do this quicker than topcashback. More of an annoyance than anything.

Sorry, but I need to chime in with my usual cautionary thoughts on this semi-annual post….

Topcashback should be done knowing there is a chance it may not get tracked properly. Many of us have had issues with tracking. Lately it has been better, and i have been using it more but it still is not as good as ebates or others.

I would only use TopCashBack if it is double ebates (or others) or is the only option.

Good Luck 🙂

I’ve tried topcashback around 5 times and it has literally worked 0 out of 5 times for me. I regret using it for a big online purchase (~2k) that I could have had an actual rebate on.

Hi Brian,

Did you manage to meet all the terms and conditions for the offer you took part in? This can be the main factor when you go on to see cashback go declined or untracked to your account but we can usually follow up on a missing cashback claim. I’ve shared a link below where you can lodge these.

I hope this helps,

Hi Brian,

Yes, there is a chance that your cashback can go untracked to your account but this isn’t something within our control. We rely on the retailer reporting this to us just like every other cashback website out there. I am glad that you’ve seen an improvement recently in your cashback tracking but if you have any issues with your earnings, you can always contact our customer care team.


Thanks Jack. The issue is that i think for a lot of us, we would prefer most of the time to use a more reliable service and NOT have to worry about tracking and following up.

i literally have never missed one with ebates (that i know of), vs topcashback, i would have to monitor it constantly. So i am very cautious with using it, vs ebates, i can use and not have to worry about tracking or following up. i am confident the proper mone will make it to my account.

Information Booth
Information Booth

I’ve never had a problem with TCB not tracking properly. BTW… Doc… the link is broken…John 3:16

TCB is great when purchasing small ticket items. But it fails on items above $200-$300. Have several documented instances where me, friends, DOC users, other redditors etc. didn’t get cash back and TCB blaming the merchant on large ticket items. So if you are purchasing a $0 to $100 range TCB is great. Above $100 look elsewhere.

I have posted my thoughts before and am resposting them. Myself and friends have been burnt too many times by TCB. On another note I sincerely thank DOC & team for allowing this comment to stay, shows how transparent this portal is, inspite of my negative review of your affiliate.


Hmm, which merchants ? Tracked just fine for me for large purchases at BBuy and Just be patient with the $25 bonus, it will post eventually. Thanks again for the bonus, Doc !

I had a $400+ statue purchase @Thinkgeek tracked just fine. Got the 18% CB in less than 4 weeks into PP.

Hi Peter,

As you can see from other members of our site, the larger purchases do track just fine and the value of the purchase you’ve made does not alter the way that it’s reported to us so this has nothing to do with how much you have spent.

We ask that all members read through the terms and conditions on our website before making any purchases and if the cashback is declined by the retailer, we can usually chase this up further for you with them to either recover the cashback or find out the reason why your cashback isn’t awarded. If you were to send in a support ticket then I’m sure we could get to the bottom of why these didn’t earn you cashback.


Link is broken.

Seems to work for me.

The login page on TopCashBack hasn’t worked for me for about the last year. I just get redirected back to the login page. Anyone else?


Firefox on Win10 just worked fine for me. Have you tried calling or contacting them in the last year? Maybe your account is froze? Must not be high on your priority list.

Hi Liface,

If you’ve been having trouble for this long, please do get in touch with us! You can either email in at or you can reach myself directly through our Facebook page. We’d be happy to get this sorted for you.


This was caused by a password manager or extension, such as LastPass. TopCashBack changed the login form names recently. You will need to delete the saved credentials or manually adjust the form names in the advanced settings.

They missed a purchase of mine last December . They’ve missed every one of my purchases since June (about 1 every month). Isn’t even tracking for two Raise purchases made last month in September. So an extra 1% over Ebates (for Raise), but you have to file claims on practically every purchase to get paid?

Hi 86,

There is a cap on the cashback you can earn with, could this be why you are having trouble earning more? It’s always worth reading through the terms and conditions and/or clearing your cookies from time to time.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll try clearing the cookies out, but I haven’t purchased that many gift cards, maybe 5-7 total purchases with Raise and usually less than $200 each. I read through the terms, but this happened on another purchase before, too (which that retailer finally allowed). Also, I remember seeing Topcashback telling me my purchases on Raise were tracked at the time, so I’m not sure why this still happens.

I’ve had no issues with tracking. I always make sure to turn off my ad blocker for all sites before clicking the TopCashback links.

They are very very slow sometimes, though. I’ve had shopping trips “Pending” since July, and they do mention that the estimated payable time could be upwards of 12+ weeks sometimes, but compared to other similar places that will post your cashback within 1-2 weeks, well, this is a lot slower than that.

I signed up in January for the last $25 referral and am just now getting it. I didn’t start using them until June, so it’s not actually too bad, though. I like when they have 5% – 10% offers that stack with other good sales. They also seem to be one of the only cashback places that has certain hotel brands on a consistent basis.

Hi Alex,

I am sorry if some of your cashback is taking longer than expected but I am glad to hear that you’re enjoying our website. You can always check in with us through a support ticket if you would like us to take a look at anything which has already passed the estimate.

I hope this helps,

I’ve never had a problem with them, but most my cashback biz goes to eBates.

I had a few untracked purchases and just a couple were denied for whatever reason. Also, you can payout any amount, you don’t have to wait for stupid minimum payment like with other sites.

Somehow funny people have no problem waiting 3+ months for ebates’ payment yet they do with TCB.

I hadn’t thought about it that way (having to wait quarterly for Ebates).

My main issue is what “Pending” means and how long of a wait it actually is. If it’s “Pending” does that mean I am 100% going to get that money, or could it get rejected? I don’t know, because I haven’t been rejected yet, but I have some cashback that’s been pending for 4 months which does seem excessive.

The fine print says ”exclude Best Buy Gift Cards”, does it mean third party gift cards qualify?

Hi Whitepinkpink,

This would be any and all Gift Cards on the Best Buy website. I’ve now got someone updating the terms for us as we speak.


The original terms excluded “POSA cards” (point of sale activation) which I assume includes gift cards.

OK, it is unclear to me how to get both the Best Buy offer and the DoC referral. Both are unique URLs that are only valid for new members. Could someone please give me instructions?

Signup with the DoC link. Subsequently, click through the Best Buy link on the TCB site and make a purchase.

After signing up thru the doc link, I will already become a member and when I try the best buy link, it will track me as an existing member. Does TCB track whether the account sign up is within xx days to decide who gets the new member credits ?

I just signed up through the DoC referral and then was able to click through to get the BB $20 bonus. I think “new member” just means “never made a purchase through TCB”.

The terms of the BB offer expressly allow and encourage the use of referral links to sign up before using the BB offer:

> This offer is available to new TopCashback members only. If they haven’t used TopCashback before, ask them to sign up through your Tell-A-Friend link and you’ll get a $10 reward if they go on to earn $10 in payable cashback.

Right, that’s how I read it too. Anyway, TCB has chimed in stating it won’t be allowed going forward.

Does TCB want the pre tax price to be $20 for the BB deal?

Can I choose picking up in a BestBuy store in order to save shipping cost and also get $20 cashback?

Just a reminder not to worry (yet) if your Best Buy bonus is only pending for 1% instead of $20. The terms of the $20 deal say, “Transactions may initially track lower, but within the 14 days after purchase it will be uplifted and turn payable at the amount of $20.00.”

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