Posted by William Charles on April 16, 2018

Published on April 16th, 2018 | by William Charles


eBay: Save On, Cabela’s & Gas Giftcards

PPDG on eBay released a few new gift card deals. Remember, INK and AT&T no longer earn bonus points for PPDG, you can use Chase Freedom with Paypal for 5% back currently.

Find all gift card deals at this link (contains our eBay affiliate link here and below):

Remember to stack discounts with to get an even better deal.


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Conoco gas station? I thought it’s a typo of Sunoco 🙂

FINALLY! Been waiting for these 76 gift cards to go on sale since May of last year!

I’ve noticed two things over the past couple months…
1) Shell gas gift cards have not gone on sale at eBay in quite a long time
2) OfficeMax/Depot in my area (N Central Florida) have stopped carrying gas gift cards (I realize this may be location specific)

Did I miss anything about Shell? Any reason that Shell is tightening up the sale of their GCs?

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