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Published on June 30th, 2017 | by William Charles


Everything You Wanted To Know About Total Rewards Free Atlantis Stay

One of the benefits of having Total Rewards Diamond and Seven Star status is that you can enjoy one complimentary stay at the Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas resort.


There are three different packages that you can book depending on your status level.


  • Special rates:
    • Beach Tower: $99 per night plus taxes & fees
    • Royal Tower: $139 per night plus taxes & fees


  • Complimentary two night stay in the Beach Towers plus taxes & fees
  • Up to 2 additional nights at a Special Casino Rate
  • Atlantis Casino Experience Pass*
  • Access to Aquaventure, a one-of-a-kind 141-acre waterscape with 20 swimming areas and 11 pools

Seven Stars

  • Complimentary four night stay in the Beach Towers plus taxes & fees
  • $100 free slot play
  • Atlantis Casino Experience Pass*
  • Access to Aquaventure, a one-of-a-kind 141-acre waterscape with 20 swimming areas and 11 pools

How To Become Eligible

There are a few ways to easily get Platinum status without spending huge amounts with Total Rewards.

  1. Total Rewards Visa Card comes with Platinum status after first purchase in the first year and you maintain it when you spend $5,000+ in subsequent years
  2. Barclaycard Wyndham $75 annual fee card gives you Wyndham Platinum status. You can match this to Total Rewards Platinum status.


Can you use the benefit yearly or only once?

My understanding is that this benefit can only be used once. The wording reads: ‘Since Total Rewards members can book ONE Atlantis package through January 31, 2018, wait to reserve if you think you might qualify for a higher package level later in the year!’ I guess if/when they extend the promotion for 2018 you might be able to do it again?

Is there any casino spend necessary?


How Much Are The Fees?

According to this post on DEM Flyers you need to pay the VAT on the room rate and resort fees and there is a mandatory gratuity. Break down of fees is as follows:

  • $6.99 (room charge) + $4.88 (VAT)
  • Gratuity ($5 per person)
  • $3.74 (resort fee VAT)

For a total of $15.61 per night plus an additional $5 per person per night. You also have to pay the resort fee of $49.95, this includes the following:

  • Wi-Fi in guest rooms and lobby areas for up four (4) devices
  • Access to Aquaventure, a one-of-a-kind 141 acre waterscape
  • Access to the Fitness Center:  Up to 2 persons per day per room
  • Fitness center access entitles guests to complimentary use of the cardio studio, universal and free weights only.  Tennis, fitness classes and personal training sessions are not included.
  • Two (2) 12 oz. bottles of water daily per room.
  • Unlimited local phone calls
  • Access to the Atlantis Movie Theater
  • Resort Shuttle Service
  • In-Room Coffee and Tea
  • Casino Lessons

What’s It Like?

I have no idea, I have never been. I’d recommend reading this post by DEM Flyers. Food seems expensive.

Can you combine two bookings into one?

According to this comment you can.

Our Verdict

As mentioned the DEM Flyers post on this is really fantastic. Personally I don’t really think this benefit is that valuable and I doubt I’d ever actually use it. Complimentary is deceptive when you start adding up all the fees and the high price of food in general.


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Brian C
Brian C

It’s funny you posted this today. I actually spoke to Atlantis VIP yesterday regarding this. One thing i will add is, i confirmed that indeed, you can combine 2 nights 2 nights. So for instance, if my fiance and i both get the platinum card and status match, we could combine for a total of 4 nights. the Resort fees they said would be around $290 not including some other taxes and such, so not sure if it’s worth it since that is still quite a bit….

Also, in my own research i noticed they had this promotion previous years, with similar verbiage about until January 2017, and January 2016. So it seems it is not a promised yearly benefit, but that they negotiate and announce each year and so it is likely you would get it yearly. But as of now, i guess only one is promised.


My only real gripe about Atlantis: the food sucks so bad that make me not want to ever go back! I would pay $200 for meals of 3 and feel like Outback Steakhouse would have tasted better, much better.


I’ve been to Atlantis a few times. I always had a good time, but be prepared to spend an insane amount of money on food. There were a lot of different themed restaurants and the food was fine (not memorably good or bad), but insanely expensive. Last time I went was ~15 years ago and I still remember that a hot dog at their 50’s style diner cost upwards of $20. You could easily spend $200 per day per person on food.

Brian C
Brian C

Sounds like food is the big issue. Anyone have a frugal solution to this? I have never been so I can’t offer much help.

Mark O
Mark O

You can go off property but there isn’t a ton around. Take a cab downtown and then hop a bus for $1 to the fish fry. Huge portions for around $15 a person and some really good local food.

You can also walk down to Dune at the one and only (where some of casino royale was filmed) and get a good meal for a decent price ($40-50 for 2 large lobster tails). Drinks are expensive though our 3 round bar tab was as much as our dinner so just eat ;). The grounds are amazing there so walk around some before dinner.


The Fish Fry is great.


I went there and never once ate at the property. Under the bridge that connects Nassau and Paradise Island, there are a bunch of little fish fry shacks that are delicious and cheap. It’s maybe a 15 minute walk. Also, across the street from Atlantis, near the Marina, there are several bars with normal prices (at least by my LA standards).

If you want to drink at Atlantis, you should buy a bottle or two at the duty free store before you get there.

Also, the locals we met were really friendly. We made friends with a couple guys who drove us around to their favorite bars and restaurants.


A friend of mine went there and said that the food was outrageously expensive ($22 for a burger). But he said that he just took a $5 taxi ride and ate at the restaurants where the locals ate. He said to never, ever eat at Atlantis because the food is expensive and not very good. So just take a taxi out of the resort area and eat there.

Brian C
Brian C

Perfect, that’s what I was wondering about! Wasn’t sure how big a deal that would be. Sounds like that solves most of the expense problem outside the overall fees and taxes.


There is a great little bar/restaurant a short walk from the Beach towers. We were there for happy hour every day and ate half-price appetizers and 2-for-1 drinks in Feb this year. In the same complex, just across the street from the main gates, were a liquor store and a convenience store. We bought rum cheap(er) there and pre-partied in the room a lot.


I used this offer last year with Founders Card and went in February. It was a great time. It should be mentioned that as of this year the platinum and diamond versions no longer have an option to waive the resort fees. Only seven star guests can avoid them.

The casino experience pass that comes with it is a really good value. I gave my girlfriend the dolphin experience and we shared the cocktails. As far as food, yeah, most of it is crazy expensive. But if you walk over to the marina village area there’s a few places there that are quite reasonable. We also took a cab to the nearby grocery store but it was still a lot more expensive than you’d think a grocery store would be. If you want alcohol, I’d recommend the duty free shop in the airport when you arrive. It’s about the same price as the liquor stores on the island.


People who get excited over this are just confused and havent done their research. Of course, its very “glamorous” to think about going to the lost city of Atlantis. However, this place is a damn joke.

I went despite knowing how shitty it is for the name of Science. It doesnt even matter what your standards are. If you are a Doc fan and play this game, then by default, your standards are much higher than what this place offers even if you enjoy “roughing it”.

You like the atmosphere? go to damn Hawaii. The main issue is that the customer service doesnt match the price and effort to go here. When you go to the Maldives, wtf do you expect for that price? Same thing. You get 3rd world country BS here for Hawaii price. Probably worse.

Oh yea, btw the Bahamas is a Zika Alert – Level 2 zone. that should be damn enough info.


Hi, I’m the author of the DEM flyers post (thanks for the mention DoC!) and I couldn’t agree more regarding the customer service. That was the biggest surprise to me – how rude and slow they were!


Hmm they try to trick you with double benefits. Your list doesn’t name the Access to Aquaventure for gold level. I am pretty sure they have to pay the resort fee as well 😉 and will get witht he resort fee also Access to Aquaventure.
On the other side you overpay for Platinum and Higher because you get Access to Aquaventure twice but i am sure you can be there only once at a time.

this damn resort fees should be extinct.


My wife and I are in our 60’s and have been to Atlantis twice. Once by ourselves and once with adult children and young grandkids. We played slots and off track betting when we were there as adults, walked the grounds a bit. The facility is starting to show it’s age. The casino size and slots are limited. Not as many as the big casinos in Vegas for sure. But, they seemed looser than Vegas and we won.

We went back because of offers of free, or nearly free rooms, and took the kids and grandkids. This was a great vacation because of all the beaches and water pools an slides. They loved it. Like a cruise, but on land.

Would go back again, only for grandkids to enjoy.

The issue of food and taxes. The Bahamas makes their money off tourists and hence, they tax everything accordingly. That is the price one pays. As for food, Atlantis tries to selll you “food plans” which are insanely expensive and not needed at all by the average family.

How did we eat? There are many “take out” or quick eat in “joints” all over the resort. Pizza’s to hamburgers. Also , spots in the hotel lobby. Certainly items are more expensive than quick joints in your hometown………but, not crazy for a resort. And the quality is fine and the quanity is fine. We had no issues. As I recall, they even had a Subway Sub shop.

If you have kids or grandkids, I highly recommend this place. Small ones to teens will love it.


So from the math in the article, it sounds like 4 adults could stay in the “free” room and pay about $80 a night. Does that sound accurate? Does anyone know if the “free” room is limited to only 2 adults or if 4 is allowed? Thank you!!


Yes we are going in a week and our room was free but $80 a night in resort fees


I’m thinking of staying at Hyatt Baha Mar for 7 days, but was thinking of using 1 or 2 of the free nights I have from the Wyndham card to get access to the water park at Atlantis.

We have 3 kids (10, 8 and 4 years old) making us family of 5…and I know we only get 4 wristbands…so, was wondering if anyone knows what price would be for one additional ? Or for that matter, would they even allow us to stay 5 people in a room?


I just used this offer to spend last weekend at Atlantis with my wife and we had a great time. I went in with a lot of skepticism after reading on-line reviews. The total with resort fees was $75/night, or $150 total. During our only other time visiting Paradise Island we stayed at the Comfort Inn next door, which provides free admission to the water park. However, room price, fees and taxes comes to about $550 for 2 nights and it’s not even close to the standards of Atlantis.

Contrary to what others have posted we found the staff to be very friendly. The cleaning people always greeted us with enthusiastic “hellos”, the front desk staff were very helpful and friendly. We got a room in the Beachfront Towers, which provided a beautiful view of the ocean with a balcony. It was very relaxing sitting on the balcony in the morning and watching the sea. One evening we saw a wedding on the beach and everyone was on their balconies cheering.

The food doesn’t have to be expensive. The Marina Village is right outside the back and has lots of choices. We went to Murray’s on our first night and our service was very attentive and friendly. We spent about $50 for dinner for two. We took a taxi to the Fish Fry on our second night.

The hotel itself is amazing. Included with the package were several free cocktails and a swim with the dolphins. The hotel also has a free movie theater that showed 3 different films every day. Both nights we caught the 10 pm films. And you can’t beat that water park, which is the main reason we went.

The hotel could use some renovations, but I could not complain for $75 a night. Overall we were pleasantly surprised with how well this package worked out.

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