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Get $5 Amazon, Target, Home Depot Card with Verizon Up Rewards Program [YMMV]

Update 08/01/18: Back again.

Update: 07/01/18: Back again.

Update 05/01/18: This is back. People are seeing Amazon, Target, Home Depot & Starbucks gift cards.

Verizon revamped their rewards program to simplify it and make it more useful. Here’s our review of Verizon Up.

The more straightforward part of Verizon Up is that you can typically redeem 1 credit for a $5 gift card. At launch, a $5 Starbucks gift card was available. It’s not much, but makes it easy to redeem for a lot of people.

  • Currently, many people are seeing a $5 Amazon gift card or $5 Nike gift card available as a redemption option

It’s worth a look to see if you got this. The rewards seem to refresh each month, and now some people are seeing Amazon or Nike. To check, open the My Verizon app, click the hamburger menu at the top left , click VerizonUp, and scroll through the YOUR REWARDS list until you see Amazon.

Just keep in mind there might be more valuable options there too, like an extra GB data or an Uber discount, so $5 Amazon isn’t necessarily the best option, but for a lot of people it’s the simplest.

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The option given to me was $5 for Barnes & Noble – I haven’t seen that before either, but I also haven’t been following closely. Thanks for reminding me to check!

I actually have a $10 Nike gift card on mine. Everything else is $5.

My Nike gift card option is for $10. I initially only saw Target $5, but after redeeming a reward for that, the Amazon $5 showed up, and I claimed that as well. Pier1 $5 took its place after that.

I wonder if everybody sees the rewards in the same order as I did? Last month, I had to redeem Nike $5 since it was the only useful one and my credit was going to expire. Then Panera $5 showed up.

I’ve gotten $5 Amazon before. I mostly just redeem for $10 device dollars now though.

I had $5 iTunes as a redemption option but I also had $5 amazon gift card for my 10 year with verizon

I got $5 iTunes card. 🙂

I had a 50% Uber Code showing. Took that instead. Maximum $10 discount if you know you’ll have to take a $20 uber sometime, that’s worth more than a $5 gift card of course.

I got

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