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Published on November 30th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Giant, Stop&Shop, Martin’s: 2x Fuel Points on Visa Gift Cards [11/30/-12/06]

Deal has expired and is no longer available, click here to view current Giant deals.

The Offer

Stop&ShopGiantMartin’s (not live yet)

Giant/Stopandshop/Martin’s have an offer showing in their circular:

  • Get 2x fuel points on the purchase Visa gift cards.

Gift cards generally don’t earn fuel points at all at Giant/S&S/Martin’s, but occasionally they release offers like this to get points on gift card purchases.

The Fine Print

  • Valid 11/30/-12/06 (starts Friday)
  • Must use store card to get and use the points
  • Be sure to double check that your local store is running this offer before buying
  • “We now accept credit cards for the purchase of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express gift cards”

Gas Points Details

Every 100 points gets you 10¢ off per gallon at Shell, up to 20 gallons. If you have 1000 points, you’ll get $1 off. If you have 1500 points, you’ll get $1.50 off per gallon. 

  • Max discount in some areas is $1.50. In other areas, there might not be any max.
  • You have 30 days to use the points. The day of purchase is Day #1. (Giant PA and Martins might expire at the end of the following month.)
  • Points can only be used at partner Shell stations. You can redeem the points in a different area from where you got the points, but only if that Shell station is a partner. Check out the gas locator for Stop & Shop and for Giant for exact listings of which Shell stations are included. (Giant PA and Martins might only be valid at their own gas stations.)
  • See the FAQ for more details. Some of the details vary by area and store.
  • Points usually are available immediately, but I’ve had on occasion where it took a day until they showed up and were usable.
  • Pro tip: Use a Shell gift card and you’ll usually get the cash price; it’s especially worthwhile to get the lower cash price when using fuel points.

Our Verdict

Not as good as the recent 3x deals we’ve seen on Visa/Mastercard. While we are limited to getting $1.50 discount from grocery fuel points in most areas, you can bring down the  cost further by utilizing the Fuel Rewards program (assuming you have the accounts linked). You can get at least $.05 additional discount, plus some other deals, like this Chase Pay deal.Remember to use a card that earns bonus rewards at the grocery.


Hat tip to reader Ed

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A good number of S&S locations have completely removed VGCs. Allegedly due to fraud concerns. We’ll see if VGCs return to those locations, and if so, if they’re still Metabank.

I went to S&S a couple days ago outside Boston and almost all the Visa/MC/Amex prepaids and reloadables had been pulled. My friendly cust svc rep said someone from corporate came and pulled them all and said not to sell any stragglers (I’d found a bunch).

I went to Shaws next and noticed their Kevlars are now Sunnies and have a packaging date of 6/18 in the lower right on the back. I know the two S&S’s I frequent had a lot of older inventory, so maybe there was a breach that affects the older cards, or maybe its just an S&S/Ahold thing – they have a history of pulling weird crap around prepaids.

VGC’s for the promo are back in stock (I just went today, no idea if they came back earlier)

Stay vigilant, friends!

Yep the 2 I go to in Southwest CT were both totally empty except for 1 which I found and tried to buy. They wouldn’t sell it to me. I was going to try one in NY today but these other reports are scaring me off. I really hope they get replaced in time for this promotion next week because I just upgraded BCE to BCP to triple dip the 6% cash back on grocery, and not only would the gas points be icing on the cake, SS was my main place to get $500s from somewhere that codes as grocery so I might struggle to get in my $6K before the end of the year if they don’t bring them back.

Went to the one in Hudson, MA today and they didn’t have any in the rack. However when I checked at the customer service desk a manager got some out and put them up. They were regular Meta. The temp hold might have passed.

NJ is the only state that is full-service gas. Are the Fuel Rewards a pain in the neck to use? The last time I tried to use Shell gift cards, the attendant was clueless. I don’t want to go through that hassle again.


Has not been painful for me. Have been on “fuel rewards” for 2 years now. (yeah its like a drug). Paying with discounted Shell GCs is the icing on the cake. There might just be some initial “attendant training” required if they are not sure how it works. Tell them S&S points and press the S&S key first, type your fuel rewards number followed by PIN (set it up before hand). Then they do their normal thing to select specific amount or fill up and then swipe the GC.

One way is to link your S&S loyalty card to your FR account (see link in article). Link a credit card and enable it to redeem points. Use that credit card to pay at Shell. That’s it.

A second way is to use your phone number as Alt ID and enter that before pumping. This would enable you to use a gift card for payment as HarrytheFirstHarry says. Be warned that you can only use one gift card per fill-up. Let’s say you are redeeming your S&S $1.50/gal, gas costs $2.75/gal, you would need a gift card with >$25.18. If your gift card has e.g. $18 on it, too bad, you just bought 14.29 gallons and didn’t maximize the 20-gal value of your S&S points.

Thanks for the good news….. One minor point, at Martin’s, fuel points earned remain good through end of the following month. (so if I hold off on this promo til dec. 1st, points earned then remain good til end of January) Unlike Kroger, Martin’s fp’s combine too. Last plus, Martin’s fuel centers have no cap on discount amount, for up to 25 gallons

That said, I’m nearing saturation point — with all the recent free Kroger gas (sic — select locations)…. happy “problem” to have.

Very easy to use shell fuel rewards and shell gift card at pump. Press button for s&s/fuel rewards.. Press button for alt id..enter your phone# you signed up with fuel rewards program. It promps you to enter card..insert shell gift card and the 1.50 comes off.. Pump away.

A question I’ve always had about this: what happens when you finish draining one of your Shell GCs and have to change to a new one while refilling? Let’s say that I have 1500 gas points for $1.50 off per gallon and two Shell GCs, one with $5 left and the other with $25, and I want to first drain the $5 card before switching to the $25 card. Can this be done without needing to start a second transaction and without needing to spend an additional 1500 gas points?

I don’t know about Shell, but my SO used a GC and gas points from a different program and when the gift card was done, so was he. It was a bummer because he only had a few dollars on the GC.

At the pump you will consume fuel rewards for each GC used. Only one GC at a time is allowed. So it pays to have enough on the GC to cover the cost of filling your tank. You may be able to go inside and try the attendant with multiple GCs but definitely not at the pump.

You cant use two GCs in the same transaction but you can buy a $25/$50 Shell gift card and pay partial amount with your current Shell gift card, partial on your credit card.

If you have a lot of little gift cards that you want to combine, you can e-mail shell with a scanned PDF of the back of all the gift cards. Their e-mail address is . Ask them to combine your gift cards on to one of the new variable load cards. It has a max of $300. They will ship that to you but it will not be activated until you e-mail them to let them know you received it. All this takes less than a week. You can now use that card to combine future cards on to, but obviously won’t have to wait for activation because it’s already in your possession. I had them combine about 15 cards for me on to one and it worked out great.

Wow great dp.

I have an offer that I enrolled in for “Spend $200, get 10k Hilton points on my Ascend from 11/1-11/30”. Hope I’m able to double dip for this by buying on 11/30. Not sure if it has to post by the 30th or purchased by the 30th

Is there a fee on these gc to purchase?

Yes. The usual fee(s) applies.
Just bought variable load VGC from Giant with $6.95 fee and 1000 points posted with $500 load.

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