Posted by Chuck on April 24, 2018
Manufactured Spending

Published on April 24th, 2018 | by Chuck

47 will Stop Paying Out via Shopping Portals Beginning in May

Shopping portal Yazing announced on Twitter that will no longer offer cash back on Visa gift cards starting May 1, 2018. Mastercard gift cards should continue to earn for now.

Topcashback also notes clearly on their site that cash back on Visa’s will end in 6 days. It’s unlikely this change will only affect these two portals – it will presumably be the same for all portals who offer cash back at giftcards.

Depending how you liquidate, Mastercard gift cards might be just as good as Visa. Not long ago, limited portal rewards to $30k per month, and now they are eliminating Visa entirely. Clearly things are tightening on this front.

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Horrible news

This is the worst news of the year… F%#K !!!

mastercard still work.. not the worst news. not as bad as spg imo 🙂

Will it work for Walmart without pressing change payment option in a milli second ?


Where would you recommend buying Visa gift cards now? I don’t live near a Simon Mall…Maybe ordering Simon cards online? Are there any restrictions with those? I haven’t tried GiftCardMall yet.

Well now who’s going to pay $6.95 per card + $7.45 for shipping. Sounds like a mistake on their part to cut off MSers like this. is owned by Blackhawk, which worries me that other brands they own like GiftCardMall will follow suit.

Me too.

Blackhawk was recently sold to a Private Equity firm. I was optimistic things might change for the better…. wrong!

Yet another example of MS things I didn’t know existed until they stop working.
Where is everyone getting all this MS info? has a MS section that has lot of info.Also cashback for cashbacks

Also Google. You could search for “gift cards” and it’s the first search result. At a certain point, people are expected to do a little bit of their own homework…

There’s a great site I use called (maybe you’ve heard of it…)

I will remember you…… dun dun dun dun dun…..


Damn, SPG and now this, guess it’s time to call it quits.

Wait, what’s the bad SPG news? The merger resulting in 33% less earning on spend, or something else?

lol, this is a lot worse than SPG


Not many cards give a meaningful return to MS in volume. The SPG card was one that gave extreme value when combined with vacation package redemptions. To scale up, it’s hard to go into local stores that sell VGC and get 5-10k a week without going unnoticed, on top of that, have your name on them.

Is this how much you do a week on MSing? $5-10K a week? Where do u live and how do you liquidate if you don’t mind me asking.

Saw this on Yazing tweet this morning. Without the cash back, it will cost me more than 1.5 cent per point to liquidate the cards. It might still be good for minimum spend and the current CFU offer as well as the first year of Discover IT miles.

As I read this post, aghast, I realized my mind had subconsciously begun to read each word to the sound of sarah mclaughlin’s arms of an angel


Just checked simplybestcoupons. It says it is already not paying out on VGC…

ouch. Thank you.

What was the benefit of over GiftCardMall? GCM has lower fees. Is it for the guys who want portal payouts on $60k/mo instead of $30k?

Plenty of people who have been mysteriously banned by GCM where still works fine. Also has no problems sending to non-billing address.

Interesting. I’ve had no problems with GCM so the higher fees at GC have kept me from considering them. Thanks for the info.

How much are you running GCM each month?

I’m at 3 x 9500 so far this month. I generally don’t bother for less than 19 cards @ 500 unless I have a specific card I want some spending on.

I think I’ve gone through about 90k in the past year.

We seriously need PM feature here, if at all possible.
William Charles

Are you trying to contact someone directly (me? Will? someone else?) or are you suggesting some info shouldn’t be posted on a public forum?

Yes & Yes 🙂

Feel free to send me a note on my gmail account if I’m the target of your questions – dndnd2013. It’s not connected to anything else so it’s not like I’m giving up any personal info. 🙂

Not possible I don’t think allows $5k per day

Sonofabiscuiteater! Not good news for the MS crowed!

This is why I sort of winded down my Serve reloading as my main MS method. Sure, I can still use MCGCs, but I can see the writing on the wall, so I found alternate methods that, for the moment, are entirely viable.

“And when Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.” and office supply fee-free deals were my go-to methods to meet MSR. And with regards to whether GCM or our remaining options will remain viable: “The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.”


Just did two orders on GC with TCB, BAU got the cashback tracking email within 2 hours.

It’s not May yet…

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