GoBank Closes Down All Existing Prepaid Cards (Effective 10/31)

GoBank sent out an email to their prepaid cardholders that all these cards will be closed out, effective October 31, 2021. They’ll send you a packet in the mail with information on signing up for a new GO2bank account.

As a valued customer, we’d like to inform you that your current GoBank® account program is ending October 31, 2021. To help you through this transition and enjoy even more banking features, we are making it easy to upgrade your account to GO2bank, the ultimate mobile bank account.

Details about your account closing will be sent to the mailing address we have on file. Included will be an upgrade offer with more details on GO2bank, how to seamlessly transfer your account over to GO2bank by activating your new debit card, and how to continue direct deposits to your GO2bank account.

Please keep an eye out for this important mail arriving in a GoBank envelope.

We look forward to continuing to serve your banking needs.

GoBank Customer Service

I assume the new card will have the same $3.74 fee for loading at Walmart that the existing card has. I’m not sure why they are closing everyone out and having them open a new account instead of just transitioning everyone automatically.

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bullmeister (@guest_1309198)
January 4, 2022 18:57

GO2bank is on Swagbucks for 8k SB/$80 bonus after a new customer opens an account and receives payroll DD of $100+.

Every Sperm is Sacred
Every Sperm is Sacred (@guest_1309310)
January 4, 2022 22:41

yep, saw this today as well. Gonna wait for a better offer probably.

Adrianne (@guest_1289785)
November 26, 2021 16:07

I had my paycheck deposited will I get a refund check?

1028 5th Street Po Box 53
1028 5th Street Po Box 53 (@guest_1279300)
November 7, 2021 11:10

Hi I ordered another card over a month ago I never received my new one and I can’t seem to get a hold of customer service to swnd mW another one I had money on my old one they shur down how do I get that back and my new card if I can’t get a hold of anyone? I call the number located on the back and get an automated voice it asked for my ss# and date of birth and its telling me its not right I’m getting very frustrated with this whole thing I would either like my money and new card or I will take this up with the police..I’m not trying g to be rude or ignorant but its irritating to wait for money I worked for I have children and bills to pay

Vanson (@guest_1281258)
November 10, 2021 15:54

Could be that your account is already closed, which is why they can’t find you in the automated system.

Any remaining funds on your card will be sent to you as a check to the address you had on file.

Henry Hus
Henry Hus (@guest_1255438)
September 19, 2021 10:28

I haven’t received any emails about fees or closure +1.

Vanson (@guest_1257369)
September 23, 2021 15:46

Same. Just an email saying that I’ll be receiving my new card soon and that I’ll need to activate it by 10/31. Otherwise, my account will be closed. Current card is set to expire next year.

Received new card in the mail, and it’s the same black GoBank card (i.e. not a Go2Bank card). It does have a chip and a new number, but no mention of any changes to the account or any pamphlets with new terms. No new notifications in my online account either. 🤷‍♀️

Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊
Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊 (@guest_1257862)
September 24, 2021 16:42

Vanson if you try loading some funds at Walmart with it, can you please tag me here and tell me if this new fee was charged? TIA… 🙂

AM (@guest_1259693)
September 30, 2021 09:54

Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊 Not the same guy but I tried to load my replacement GoBank card at Walmart yesterday and was charged a fee.

Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊
Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊 (@guest_1259812)
September 30, 2021 14:00

thanks AM for the tag. I’ll try next week myself, but not hopefull…
(have not received either email or been sent any new replacement card btw)

Vanson (@guest_1261242)
October 3, 2021 19:34

AM Was your replacement card the same black GoBank card, but with a chip? And, does it have a different card number than your current, chip-less GoBank card? Did the activation process for the new card seem weird to you? To me, it looked as if I was signing up for a new account since it was asking for my SS# and asking me to accept the terms of the card. Read through the terms quickly and didn’t see anything about free loads. Very sneaky and underhanded of them if that’s how they’ll be notifying their customers about the “new” terms.

Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊 Like AM above, just tried loading my original GoBank card (i.e. the chip-less card, not the replacement I was sent) and was charged a fee at WM. Canceled the load.

Was going to try to see if I needed to activate the new card in order to receive free loads, but also not holding out much hope.

AM (@guest_1261267)
October 3, 2021 20:28

Vanson Yes to all 3. And I can’t even use my account now, GoBank closed it because of unusual activity.

Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊
Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊 (@guest_1261295)
October 3, 2021 22:24

Vanson sadly had the same experience as you and AM – they wanted to charge me the fee when I tried loading at WM two days ago, so cancelled transaction.

Still haven’t received either a new card or any kind of email though (and I made sure that my registered email adress with GoBank is correct).
I do see you mentioned chip-less card, my card always had the chip, so for many months i was always inserting the card instead of swiping (like I do with my BB and Serve card). So maybe thats a reason at least for the no-replacement-card part…

Anne M Evans
Anne M Evans (@guest_1267628)
October 15, 2021 15:43

Received my card today, same black card only with chip. Activated it and my funds from other card were transferred to new card. Just had to change my payment options on certain bill paying sites.

Jennifer Owens
Jennifer Owens (@guest_1588931)
March 31, 2023 04:38

I haven’t either. I have had continuous use of my card. Recently though I had noticed a considerable difference. For instance, they have an active hold on my money as a pending authorization even after the merchant cancelled it. They never changed the card in the first place. That was 10 days ago and they still won’t release it. Too, the past 3 days my card keep declining and all I am told is technical issues. No definite solution to resolve anything . Not to mention everyone barely speaks English. Most don’t understand English too well and all they do is read a written response over and over no matter what you say or ask.

I just want all my mon ey withdrawn and then close the account for good.

Mae (@guest_1255233)
September 18, 2021 12:56

I just got a new card last month because my old one expired, now just yesterday I recieved in the mail the supposed new card I need to activate but it says nothing about changing to go2bank and I hadn’t even recieved any emails what so ever other than an email saying to rate their customer service in the last 2 months

Tim (@guest_1246156)
August 30, 2021 09:20

I haven’t received any emails about fees or closure

86 (@guest_1246070)
August 29, 2021 21:12

It was a poorly designed product from the get-go for Green Dot. I’m surprised it lasted this long.

Cincinnati Kid
Cincinnati Kid (@guest_1245833)
August 29, 2021 03:20

Any chance the new card permits one swipe loads of $ 996.26 from a Simon VGC? Stands to reason if they are going from free to fee they should liberalize policies and accept paying customers wherever they can find them, otherwise their volume (revenue) is going to collapse.

Lavaca (@guest_1245871)
August 29, 2021 09:49

If you find any information of the Go2 website or the T&C’s that accompany it, would you please post it either here or in FT?

I have failed to find anywhere that Go2 will allow free deposits other than a DD from an employer.

Russ (@guest_1245955)
August 29, 2021 14:45

I have Go2bank and if you open their app it actually gives you the fee each store charges. Walmart is $3.74. Cheaper to just get a money order.

Russ (@guest_1245823)
August 29, 2021 01:48

I am going to load tons of $500 VGCs to my account before it’s closed down. I mean what’s going to happen? They close my account? LMFAO

JA (@guest_1245828)
August 29, 2021 02:31

they can and have banned people from all greendot products

Russ (@guest_1245830)
August 29, 2021 02:45

LOL who cares?

CardShark (@guest_1245836)
August 29, 2021 04:52

Kabbage, an American Express company, uses Green Dot for Kabbage Checking. So, my LLC is earning 1.1% on a Green Dot supported product.

Russ (@guest_1245954)
August 29, 2021 14:43

Yep, I have the Kabbage 1.1% offer maxed out. Don’t think they’ll ban me from that…

Lavaca (@guest_1245868)
August 29, 2021 09:41

If you use Apple Pay products, you may very well rue your decision to gig Green Dot bank.

JA (@guest_1245953)
August 29, 2021 14:42

GD has other useful products, and I’ve been banned from serve for a decade. So, me.

86 (@guest_1246073)
August 29, 2021 21:20

When they ban you for life from any Green Dot products (based on your SSN), they claim they can’t discuss the reason due to them not wanting to reveal their security processes. That implies you were doing something wrong that triggered their security, even if you were canned for simply not being profitable enough for them (i.e., having a zero balance on your statement date too many times, but using the card occasionally).

Guy who buys stuff
Guy who buys stuff (@guest_1245816)
August 29, 2021 01:17

It’s like a furniture store going out of business sale, then opening up next week in same place with new name.

CardShark (@guest_1245838)
August 29, 2021 04:58

They already opened up the new store. When you visit gobank.com, it advertises go2bank.com.
I’d suspect that this is tied to the original account opening agreement(s) that, while they can be amended at any time, specified the direct deposit fee waiver, fee-free reloads at Walmart, and thus to avoid issues, they’ve chosen to just close accounts to change the terms.