How To Get Targeted For A Chase Saving Or Checking Account Coupon

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Chase regularly sends out targeted coupons for their banking and checking accounts, these often have much higher bonuses (up to $600, $300 for checking and $300 for savings) than the publicly available offers (which are usually limited to a maximum of $200 for the checking accounts and generally aren’t offered publicly for the savings accounts).

There are a few little tricks you can use to receive these targeted offers:

  1. Look in “Welcome to your new house” packs. These packs contain a whole bunch of special offers for new home owners or renters. A lot of real estate agents hand these out as a little welcoming present, but you can also get one by going to the closest post office and asking for one. Click here to find out where your closest post office is. These are called “USPS’ Mover’s Guide”
  2. Sign into your Chase account. A lot of people report seeing the bonus offers after they’ve signed into their account.
  3. Sign up for a Chase checking account. The saving account promotions are usually sent to out to existing Chase checking customers.
  4. Go into a Chase store and ask for one. You’ll need to ask to speak to a “new accounts representative”, then just ask if they have any current promotions for opening a checking or savings account. This works best when you know a targeted offer is currently available. For example “Hi, my friend received a $200 coupon for opening a checking account. I’ve been thinking about switching to Chase for awhile and decided it’d be worth the effort if I had a similar coupon”.
  5. View your personalized offers on the Chase website. This feature is primarily used for credit card offers, but people have also reported checking and saving offers.
  6. Check the trash of apartment buildings. It’s more economical to send these offers to large apartment buildings, close to Chase locations so if you check the trash you might be able to find a discarded code. It’s generally only a good idea to do this if you know of a targeted offer.
  7. Get a Chase credit card. Many people report receiving a targeted mailer after signing up for a Chase credit card. This is especially true of the Chase Business account bonuses.
  8. Use a debit card from another bank at a Chase ATM. On the back of the receipt you may find an offer.
  9. Do a google search. If you do a google search for one of the Chase products you may received a special offer. Here are some terms to try:
    1. Chase total checking
    2. Chase checking
    3. Chase premier checking
    4. Chase savings
    5. Chase savings plus
    6. Chase business checking


The last method is to simply purchase a code, the easiest place to find them for sale is on eBay. The cost of the coupon will depend on how big the bonus is, but most codes can be found for under $20. The individual codes while unique are not tied to a specific person so anybody can use them.

Click here to find Chase coupons on eBay.

Do you know of any other ways to get targeted for these promotions? Let us know in the comments.

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Carlina Davis
Carlina Davis (@guest_408949)
May 21, 2017 19:10

I would like to be able to get a credit card with a low amount as in 3 to 5 hundred. I also want to recieve mailers if possible to [edited]. Thank you.


Carlina Davis

SamSimon (@guest_393948)
April 22, 2017 16:50

page is dead?

escot (@guest_209811)
December 18, 2015 10:23

Happens I am seriously looking for an on-line checking account, and as much as I like doing business with Chase (and thus like the concept here), I am nonetheless wondering how wise it will be for those of us with several Chase cc’s — and have done significant ms with them — to then open a Chase banking account of any sort.

Seems more prudent to just keep those functions separate. I don’t want my bank shorting derivatives on the stock market,…. (ahem) and I don’t want my bank/financial institution to have easy access to my day-to-day transactions — and then to be able get the wrong impressions of my otherwise legitimate ms activity, reselling, and/or gift card churning businesses.

Am I being too cautious?