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Published on June 4th, 2015 | by Chuck


In Case You’re Interested in the 5x BBVA NBA Card and Timing…

Here’s some miscellaneous information we picked up on the BBVA NBA card.

In case you weren’t following until now:

We picked up some info from people in the comments of the previous posts and from the CSR at BBVA.

Here’s what we found out…

  • CSR informed me that the 5x is on all purchases from June 4 – June 18 (2015). She clarified for me that the dates won’t change based on who win or loses etc. I asked her if she’s sure and she said, “yes”. Feel free to call in and ask yourself, but that’s the info I got.
  • Note that the end date is June 18, despite the fact that the Finals may continue until the 19th. Apparently, they decided to lop off that last day.
  • Note that for online purchases, the purchase date doesn’t always count with regards to credit card rewards, see Online Credit Card Purchases – Transaction Date and Post Date.
  • One reader mentioned that you may have to enroll your card in rewards first in order to start earning rewards. It sounds odd, but it can’t hurt doing that first as a precaution.
  • UPDATE: Knowing this was a long shot, I called in to ask if I can get the card number over the phone before the card comes in the mail. The response was that this is actually possible for someone who has a BBVA branch nearby. They can go into the branch, verify their identity, and get the card info.

For those still thinking about applying….

  • The card ships out the day after you’re approved. (Probably the next business day, but I don’t know this for certain.)
  • Ships USPS from Alabama. The official estimate is 5-7 business days. I don’t see why it would take longer than typical USPS mail and thus you should hopefully get it within 2-3 days if you live in states nearby Alabama. Reports indicate that it comes pretty quickly.
  • You can pay $40 to get it expedited. In that case, it ships FedEx and you’ll get it in 2-3 business days.
  • On Creditboards, there are mixed reports of Experian pulls and Transunion pulls. All recent data points I’ve seen are Experian pulls.
  • The application is the simplest I’ve ever seen. Just Name, Address, DOB, Phone, SSN, Income.
  • We’ve seen many positive reports recently of approvals and high credit lines. (The high credit line is imperative for maximizing the 5x in a short period of time. One report indicates that it’s not so easy to prepay the card.)
  • Many people get a request for additional verification in order to be approved. Seems to be an address verification or something. Reader Zach tells us: “A note to all those who do not get approved instantly. Be patient and wait for the call for information verification. You will then have to wait a day or two to get the e-mail saying you are approved. There is no other process that I know off to get your approval status.”
  • The actual application mentions a $50 annual fee. Apparently, they didn’t update it with the temporary offer of no annual fee. May be worth taking a screenshot of the fine print on the main page where it mentions this.
  • It’s quite possible that this 5x everywhere benefit will be scrapped in the future when they see themselves getting hit hard this season (or more likely they’ll put a cap on it). Keep that in mind when applying.

See also Maximizing the NBA Card 5x Rewards for Two Weeks.

34 Responses to In Case You’re Interested in the 5x BBVA NBA Card and Timing…

  1. mike says:

    Their customer service and consistency of infomation as a company is subpar compared to capital one.

  2. star says:

    Finally figured out today it was an Experian pull! Glad it wasn’t Equifax for sure!

  3. D3lt3x says:

    The signup for bonuses doesn´t sound far fetched.
    there is no indication of the rewards program in the compass website, only in the website mentioned.

    Actually, just did the enrollment and created a user on that website. It has the tracking of the rewards and received an enrollment email with the program points description.

    i guess i missed two days of expenditure because i didn’t know about the enrollment.

    • Chuck Sithe says:


      Any more info on how the rewards post? Is it daily or just at the statements close?

      • Ted says:

        I had a small purchase on 6/1, which was posted on 6/3. Nothing has shown up on the rewards site yet.

      • D3lt3x says:

        Agree with Ted, seems to be statement close. after enrolling some purchases went through and no sign of points in the website. i may not have lost those two days after all.

        • star says:

          Called today and CSR said all cardmembers are automatically enrolled in the program, no special registration needed. With that said, I registered anyways just in case.

  4. vangos says:

    May be interesting to some to note that BBVA has the unusual requirement of US CITIZENSHIP for this card, and not simply US residency like most financial products.

  5. Miz says:

    I confirmed with written message that the promotion period is June 4 to June 20. And I reconfirmed again by written message that June 4 and June 20 are inclusive.

  6. David says:

    I hadn’t enrolled my card, but I signed on to the reward site for the first time. I received 1% for a (test) purchase at CVS. I received 1%+1% for a purchase at a supermarket. A target that counts as a supermarket for other cards was only 1%. My $100 bonus was waiting, and I got 100 bonus points today for a 15 second survey.

    I am having all sorts of troubles making payments toward this card though without just pushing payments through. I’ve been trying for over a month to link to a bank account. Last time they said their system was down and they gave me a free phone payment (usually costs $15). Their online interface is very confusing… I expect this will work in our favor in the short term at least.

  7. David says:

    Also should mention to others, go to to make payments and view information….their other site (for banking and credit cards) is buggy and confusing. I finally got a representative that knew what he was talking about.

    • J T says:

      Last I checked, this is 2015… it should not be this complicated. I had to create 3 new separate logins to keep track of this card: the bloated BBVA banking site, the stripped-down cc only site (thanks for that, David), and the rewards site. Hey, BBVA, why were all the links to your own sites buried in the disclosure fine print?

      As for reward points, my read of the TripleDouble site is that enrollment is explicitly for redemption. I’m a few transactions in (and one acct hold for fraud, loading Serve), so perhaps it’s wishful thinking that pre-enrollment purchases will be credited.

      • star says:

        did you guys figure out a way to do autopay? I couldn’t figure it out on the credit card website…

        I also couldn’t create a login on the bloated bank website, so I only made 2 logins – credit card login and rewards login. Sites look like they’re from the 90s.

  8. Miz says:

    First message:
    Questions: Could you please let me know about the exact dates that BBVA Compass considers to be included in this year “two weeks of the NBA Finals” and offers five percents cashback on all purchases during those dates?

    Response: The dates are 6/4/2015 – 6/20/2015

    Thank you for being a member of TripleDouble Rewards

    Second message:
    Question: Are those dates inclusive of beginning (6/4/2015) and ending (6/20/2015) dates?

    Response: These are inclusive dates

    Thank you for being a member of TripleDouble Rewards

  9. Vic says:

    Applied on 5/31, verified information the same day.
    No congrats email not paper mail as of today (6/4)
    CSR gave standard reply: results in the mail in 5-7 business day.

    I don’t feel good about this..

    • Yeshu says:

      What verification information did they require?

      • Vic says:

        Pretty standard, I don’t even know why they wanted to do it.

        Name, address, phone number, SSN.

        After verification she said she would go ahead and “submit” the application for review.

        I finally got approved and received the card btw.
        There was no mail notification, and no congrats email either.
        I just receive the card directly.

  10. P says:

    Hi, Can someone please clarify the below
    1) Is it possible to earn and redeem rewards without creating an online account?
    2) On other forums people are having trouble with the bill payment. is it possible to pay the bill using bank account online bill payment ? Is the safest way to pay is with mailing checks?
    3) In your opinion, do you think the waive of annual fee promotion will comeback after 6/30 again?

  11. Mario says:

    Has anyone been successful in actually getting their card number in branch? I Just wasted an hour at a BBVA branch, subjected to some ridiculous conversation about Harley motorcycles. The branch manager could not find my account. They tried looking up my accout by my name and by my social, nothing. They called their card services dept who said they cannot give account numbers over the phone, no matter the situation. The phone rep tried to walk the manager through a few things with no success.

  12. Joe W. says:

    I just did an AOR less than 2 weeks ago, and I have a 680 Equifax, less than 20% utilization, 1 Year 3 Months average credit history, and 35 credit inquiries on my report. Instantly approved for a $13,500 line of credit with the BBVA Compass NBA American Express!

  13. DR says:

    Has anyone actually got 5x points posted to their rewards account? I got my first points posted today (after almost a week!) @ 1x! Spoke to 3 different CSRs at TripleDouble rewards – all had no clue about the 5x promo and cannot help.

  14. Al says:

    All 1x 2x 5x points posted for posting date on or before jun 18, anything June 18 and later posting, 1x posted, but no bonus yet. So no sure if they are going by transaction or posting date.
    All my transaction date are jun 18 and before.

    • Helloworld says:

      Same here… I made two purchases, the transaction dates are 17th and 18th. They were all posted on 19th. So far no bonus 5x. 🙁

      • Miz says:

        Same here! I am gonna wait a few days more, and then start bugging them and if they don’t budge, I will file a CFPB complaint. It is absolutely unacceptable if they decide to go with post date. As the promotion clearly says all purchases made during June 4 to June 18 receive 5x, and I made the purchase at June 18. The post date does not change the fact that the purchase was made at June 18… Let’s wait for now…

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