Posted by Chuck on August 15, 2017
Gift Card Deals

Published on August 15th, 2017 | by Chuck


Increased Earnings on Many Gift Card Brands with the MPX App

The Offer

The MPX app is a great way to get bonus rewards when purchasing gift cards. Currently, they are offering a number of excellent earning rates as part of a back-to-school promotion. To find the deal, go to Catalog > Back to School.

eBay at 4x is excellent, Nike and Gap brands at 10x is too. Check through the list to see if there’s one that interests you.

The Fine Print

  • Expiration unknown

Our Verdict

MPX is one of many ways to get extra rewards and discounts on gift card purchases – see our Complete List of Methods to Buy Gift Cards with Discounts and Bonus Rewards for a full roundup. For someone who values United miles, these rates may well put the MPX option at the top of the list for these brands.

Remember that MPX is simply a way to buy a gift card, and can usually (but not always) stack with shopping portal rewards and any other store rewards system. Check Payments Workshop for data points on how MPX codes on the credit card.

Hat tip to Taggingmiles

12 Responses to Increased Earnings on Many Gift Card Brands with the MPX App

  1. Credit says:

    I bought staples vgc with Amex. They see how much was the transaction for and much was the gift card. Is this new or always been around?

    • chaseaholic says:

      unrelated to this post, but yes that has been the case for a long time.
      same thing with Chase INK on
      same thing with Apple / Sam Pay with altitude reserve (hence shutdown city)

  2. Rudy says:

    Still, I don’t want to get carried to airport by four quarter-backs from the plane:)

  3. John says:

    Would this work with manufactured spending at Citi?

  4. Jedi says:

    I dont see a data point in Payments workshop:

    1) Barcalys Arrival coding travel irregardless of mechant, such as MPX/Ebay or MPX/Amazon?

    2) BofA Travel rewards coding travel irregardles of merchant?

    Anyone know?

  5. carl wilson says:

    Am I the only one who can never get orders through on MPX?

    I run their app on my Samsung tablet but havent had an order go through for months, and I’ve given up on this app…tho I would prefer to use it still!!

  6. charles says:

    8x Office depot is incredible. Add 5x with ink plus and a $50 purchase nets you 650 points! Remember they price match via chat (while in cart too, so you can stack coupons on top as well) anything from Amazon and several other retailers online.

    • charles says:

      Also don’t forget the 2% Officedepot rewards back as well as cashback portals, Topcashback is 4% right now. So another 6% off. Behold the magic quadruple dip.

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