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Published on September 15th, 2017 | by Chuck


Is Barclay Denying Those with Many New Accounts (similar to 5/24)? Contribute Data Points Here

Barclay has always been known to be tougher in approving cards, the main criteria being that you couldn’t hold too many Barclay cards at the same time and couldn’t get one within 6 months of the last. Judging from numerous comments from readers who recently got denied for the Arrival card, it seems the bank is now skeptical to approve anyone who has opened numerous new credit cards within the past 24 months. The hesitation isn’t limited to those who have many new Barclaycard’s; all new credit cards opened lowers your worth in Barclay’s eyes.

Reader Darv escalated to a supervisor who said that it’s hard coded not to be approved for the card once you have a certain number of new cards opened in the past 24 months. Many others were told similar by various Barclay’s reps. That sounds a whole lot like Chase’s 5/24 rule.

You can find various denial data points in these posts (1, 2, 3, 4). I haven’t yet seen any positive data points of someone from the community getting approved for the Arrival+ card recently.

Based on these reports and what Barclay’s reps are saying, it sounds like there’s a new Barclay’s ??/24 rule. They seem to be using a similar 24-month timeline, and they seem to be working with the number of new card account, though we don’t know the exact number of cards they are okay with. One reader was denied with 6 new accounts and was told specifically that 6+ is the number.

Are we ready to label this the 6/24 rule? Not quite, but my guess is that it’s either 5/24 or 6/24. It probably started sometime in the beginning of August, maybe a bit earlier. It’s not surprising that once Chase’s 5/24 policy became well-known other banks would hear about it and implement similar one’s.

One crucial unknown: assuming there is a new limitation being enforced now, is it system-wide limit for all Barclaycards? From what we’ve seen so far, the restriction seems specific to the Arrival Card. This data point might indicate the same. That’s significantly different from Chase’s 5/24 rule which encompasses most of their cards.


  • Is it true that Barclay won’t approve those with too many new accounts showing on their credit report? Is it enforced on a computer-level or only on a human level? (Seems like it’s enforced even on computer level.)
  • Is the exact number coded in the Barclay’s computer to deny, and is that the same number that reps deny on? Is there wiggle-room with a human? (Doesn’t sound like there’s any wiggle room.)
  • Importantly, is it only the Arrival card which has this rule or all Barclay cards?

Share You Data Points in the Comments

A lot of us are applying now for the Arrival+ card since the increased 50k bonus is set to expire soon. If you recently applied for that card or any other Barclay card, let us know how it went!

  • Which card did you apply for? When did you apply? Was it approved or denied?
  • What is your Barclay history: how many Barclay cards do you have now and had in the past?
  • What is your new accounts history: how many new accounts do you have in the past 12 months or 24 months? An estimate is fine. (Don’t count business cards which don’t show on your credit report. Do mention if you have new personal AU’s on the report since that might matter.)
  • (Bonus Question: Estimate how many inquires you have on your Transunion report. It doesn’t sound like it’s inquiry-related, but who knows.)


Based on the comments, I think we can say conclusively that the limitation is only for the Arrival card since many have gotten approvals for other cards. As for the Arrival, the vast majority have been denied, but there are some who were approved (manually, I think?) which would not be consistent with a strict rule.


325 Responses to Is Barclay Denying Those with Many New Accounts (similar to 5/24)? Contribute Data Points Here

  1. Dusty says:

    I was planning on applying for the Arrival+ today, so I’ll be back later with my DP. Currently at 10 new cards in the last year on my personal report.

    • Dusty says:

      I was denied for the Arrival+. Called recon just before close and didn’t get through, so I applied for the Aviator Red which I was also planning on getting eventually, and was approved instantly. We’ll see what the letter says when I get it, but after reading all the DPs, I’m guessing I was denied for too many accounts. Oh well.

      • NinjaX says:

        what is your breakdown of x/6, x/24?

      • Brad says:

        I had the same experience. Was denied for for Arrival+ in late July with too many new accounts at 10/24 but instantly approved for Aviator Red earlier this week.I already have 2 Barclay cards open (Priceline and Miles and More) and spend about $1500/month on the Priceline card.

        • Jan B says:

          I believe the cards are put on different marketing evaluation levels with other similar competing cards when it comes to applying.

          Here are two reports of Arrival, no, but AA yes. Competitor in same category (AA), Citibank. Is the credit market highly competitive: yes

          Makes me want to try for another Aviator in January or so. IF memory serves me, that might be the two year wait sentence served. I did get an Arrival this year, so can’t say slam dunk. I sure need an AA branded card.

        • NinjaX says:

          what is your breakdown of x/6, x/12?

    • Mike says:

      Never had any problem and applied for over 14 cards this year in my name and 14 in my wife’s name answer still got accepted credit score is 795 with 29 year credit history the only complaint is that it takes like 3 weeks for Barclays cards to arrive in the mail

  2. AL says:

    I applied for and was approved for the 45k Wyndham offer in early August. I’m at about 20/24. I only had 4 TransUnion inquiries at the time. Got an arrival+ in February…was like 12/24 then.

    • Peter says:

      I’m also around 20/24 but was denied the Wyndham card last month, with one unsuccessful recon call (rep was very firm so I didn’t bother with HUCA). I was told though they had issues with my recent new accounts… and proceeded to name what I opened within the past FOUR months. One of them was actually from six months ago.

      My wife was approved for the Aviator around the same time, being at maybe 12/24. When she applied for the Arrival+ a month later it went into pending…

  3. Nil says:

    I was denied and reasoning was too many accounts, 14 in 24 months.

  4. Maxis says:

    I am 7/24 and I got denied for Arrival + however I got approved for AA Aviator. Applied 09/11/17

    • Chuck says:

      Which did you apply first?

      • Naga says:

        Similar situation for me as well … couple of months back I applied A+ first didn’t go thru (tried recon but no avail) … after 30 mins or so applied Aviator got approved immediately …. in recon i was told too many accounts opened last few months … I was at 13+/24 ….

        • Sparky says:

          Ditto for 9/15/17 – 6/12 or 8/12 depending if you want to count the capital one business cards and 10 or 11/24. I applied for Arrival + first, called recon and was told I have too many cards the past 24 months. I was told by recon to try another product American Airline product. I told her I wasn’t aware the arrival + was an AA product. I applied for AA Aviator and approved with 30k limit. First barclaycard ever.

        • NinjaX says:

          what is your breakdown of x/6, x/12?

          • Sparky says:

            on transunion report: 7/6 and 8/12 6 inquires on transunion

            Chase Card

            past 6 months:
            Chase Card
            Chase Card
            American Express
            Bank Of America
            Capital One Bank Usa Na
            Navy Federal Cr Un
            Citicards Cbna

          • NinjaX says:

            thanks sparky. appreciate the DP. looks like u applied for the most this past 6 mo since u are 10/24.

    • NinjaX says:

      Max what is your x/6 and x/12?

  5. AB says:

    Arrival+, literally just applied earlier today (9/15), denied (called recon, said they couldn’t overturn it at all).

    Have the Aviator Red opened early this year, nothing else.

    I believe I’m 6/12 and 11/24.

    3 hard inquiries on TU per Credit Karma prior to this new one.

  6. Mb says:

    I have many cards open in the last 2 years 15+,
    Had an arrival plus and M @m. Closed m@m, 2 days later applied for aviators and m@m approved w recon

  7. Bungy says:

    10/16- applied for A+. Denied. My cards at that point were CSR,CSP,Amex Bluecash, US bank flex perks.

    Called recon. Denied. Said both too many inquiries and new accounts. Called recon again. Denied. Called weeks later again and they asked for a hard pull. I said yes. Denied.

    1/17 applied again. Denied. Called recon. 75 days, multiple calls and three HPs, Finally approved.

    Barclays seems extraordinary tough. Recon even told me on multiple occasions they are looking at INQUIRIES as well. This alone would put this card out of reach for casual churners.

    PS-Barclays doesn’t care one bit if you bank with them either (had 10k in online savings)

    PPS-they later closed my entire account for MS. I got about $1000 worth of redemptions from them until they had enough and shuttered the account with no warning.

  8. J says:

    Got denied on 9/11 for Arrival+. ~10-15 in 24 months.

  9. Dan says:

    Denied as well for same reason. 4 new credit cards in past 12 months.

  10. impinth06 says:

    I was denied the Arrial + on Sep.12, despite no new account or hard pull in the past 6 months. Of course I’m at lol/24 so not sure if the magic number would be 6 in 24 months.

    I never have problem approving for Barclay card, got instance approval for Aviator Red in Jan, 2017; Hawaiian in June, 2016 and my last Arrial Plus May, 2015, formal US Airway in 2014

  11. PJ says:

    I got an Arrival+ in May, I was probably 10/24 or so at the time.

  12. kevlarmoose says:

    11 accounts since January 2017

    Aviator Red w/ 12K CL on 5/2/17 – Downgraded to White 8/7/17 – Lowered CL to 5K 8/31/17

    Approved for Aviator Red on 9/12/17 automatically while at 11/24

  13. Cyril Thomas says:

    I applied for the Barclays CashForward Mastercard for the bonus a week ago and prior to that in the past 2 years I have applied for around 10-13 credit cards and been approved and I was instantly approved for Barclays so I do not think it is true.Also I never had a relationship with Barclays before.

  14. Mj says:

    I’m about 20/24, 12/12. Approved for Hawaiian September 5 for 17k

  15. BH says:

    20/24 with four TransUnion inquiries and no personal AUs. Have an Arrival+ from November 2016. Applied for a JetBlue Plus in late August and was approved instantly.

  16. Jedi says:

    Data on 3 People here
    Which card did you apply for?
    1) Arrival Plus and Aviator
    2) Arrival Plus and Blue Business
    3) Arrival Plus and Aviator
    When did you apply?
    1) January 2017
    2) May 2017
    3) January 2017
    Was it approved or denied?
    1) Arrival approved, Aviator denied due to too many cards open/demonstrate spend
    2) Arrival approved, Blue Business denied same
    3) Both Approved
    What is your Barclay history: how many Barclay cards do you have now and had in the past?
    1) Had US Airways, but had cxl (0 cards at time application)
    2) Has Old US Airways, which is now AA card (1)
    3) Had US Airways, but had cxl (0)
    What is your new accounts history: how many new accounts do you have in the past 12 months or 24 months?
    LOL/24 – Probably 15-20 personal each plus business cards
    8 or so each on Transunion

  17. Randy says:

    On 3rd Arrival plus card. But it’s the only Barclaycard I had until I applied and was approved for Aviator Red last month. Currently around 20/24. Based on comments, I’d be worried to apply for Barclays Arrival again anytime soon.

  18. Sam says:

    I was denied – reason “too many accounts”

  19. Mielna says:

    01/31 aa aviator
    04/02 Arrival plus
    08/30 cash forward

    All instantly approved online.

  20. James Davis says:

    I got approved for arrival+ and AA on 31/7. Before that I got united personal and bizz on 25/7. Sapphire in May. Reserve, ink and Citi AA in March.

  21. Heidi says:

    Husband is 7/24 and got denied for the Arrival + last week. Letter stated: too many accounts opened recently.

  22. Suljaga says:

    This is not true. A couple weeks ago i got apple financing card from Barclay after getting Arrival plus 3 months prior to that. I was 18/24 when i got arrival plus and 21/24 when i got apple card from barclay. I have solid credit score of 780 on transunion. They pull transunion for me.

  23. Pat says:

    Denied. 10 cards this year, including 2 the day I applied. Was auto-approved for all the 10 prior.

  24. Mjs says:

    Wife and I are at LOL/24.

    Both got the Aviator in January. Both got the Hawaiian 2 months later. Last month we both got the Wyndham (one auto approved, one surprisingly approved after several days without a call to take to an analyst)

    So as of last month, there is NOT a strict one Barclay card every 6 months (at least on co-brands).

    We also

  25. P says:

    Got denied for an Arrival+ on 8/14/2017 for too many new accounts. Haven’t applied for any Barclay card since December, 2016.

    Barclay History
    11/2014 – HA, approved, closed 12/2014
    10/2015 – HA, approved, closed 10/2016
    04/2016 – Arrival+, denied (too many new accounts, sufficient credit)
    12/2016 – Aviator, approved
    08/2017 – Arrival+, denied (too many new accounts)

    Transunion inquiries for all 5 inquiries the past two years as of 8/2017.

    10 new personal accounts since 01/2017 as of 8/2017 including AUs
    12 new personal accounts within the past 12 months as of 08/2017 including AUs
    19 new personal accounts within the past 24 months as of 08/2017 including AUs

    Haven’t tried applying for a non-Arrival card since 8/2017 to test if it’s only that card that Barclays won’t approve for me.

    • P says:

      Correction – 4 Transunion inquiries. Equifax is the one with 5.

    • P says:

      I do think that if I cancel my Aviator red before applying for a new card, then I have a really good chance of getting approved.

      • Matthew says:

        Yes, an agent told me system auto-denies without pull if you have the product already.

        • P says:

          Ah, interesting. All my auto-denials have had pulls, but didn’t already have the product at the time

          • Matthew says:

            The letter I received for the auto-denial by the system was “maximum allowable number of this product with us” and from the sounds of it by the recon rep, it’s a new system. If the denial is for credit report reasons, then it will most likely still be a regular denial, not auto-denial. The ‘too many new accounts’ sound like a regular denial based upon your credit report. I was still approved for the Aviator in the end. I have yet to call about the Arrival.

  26. Jonathan says:

    Spouse and I applied to arrival plus on 7/20/17. Both approved without calling recon. Both at 15+/24

  27. S774 says:

    Applied Arrival+ few days ago
    Went pending
    Rep called, verified income, employment
    Noted number of new cc accts since Jan (6). Asked why so many?
    Put on hold.
    Approved for less than $1k.
    I’m at 11/12 & 11/24 not inc 1 AU

  28. SW Engr says:

    As an amateur on cc, I acquired I acquired the WF CashWise in June (1), then on July 1 & 8, I acquired both AmEx Dela Gold (2) and Platinum (3). Then a month later, I applied for the Barclays CashFoward and received a letter indicating to send a hard copy of my SSN card driver license and citizenship. I sent those a copy of those documents and I never herd back from them again. I didn’t call bc there r so many other cards out there. So I didn’t care. In summary, I never got the CashForward after having 3 cc in the last 24 months, but I got those within a 2 month period.

    • NinjaX says:

      well, like u said, ur an amateur. next time, if ur gonna bother mailing ur life to a PO Box, at least recon. u said u dont care, but u sent important docs already. u couldve got it approved.

  29. chinagel says:

    i always had a tough time getting more than 1 barclaycard. a few months ago i put 50k on my jetblue card in about 3 months. i applied for the miles and more card and was approved after a few days. 2 weeks later i applied for aviator and was approved after a few days. a week or 2 after that i applied for the arrival and was declined due to too many cards opened recently.

    • Jose says:

      I was denied aa aviator, too much credit
      With barclay. Called recon requested
      A transfer from my other credit cards
      And was instantly apptove with 5k
      Limit. No additional credit report pull.

  30. chinagel says:

    sorry, i forgot to mention i opened probably over 20 cards in the last 2 years.

  31. Rich says:

    August 2017 – Applied for Arrival + – Denied for too many accounts…
    A week later – Applied for Aviator Red (despite already having one open) – Approved!

  32. Andrew says:

    I’ve not had great luck with Barclays over the last two years. I’m also at LOL/24 (probably around 20-25 personal apps) and I was declined for Barclays Lufthansa last year and the JetBlue card this year. They always tell me after recon that they want to see more utilization of my existing cards. At Barclays, I have two Arrival cards (downgraded from Plus versions) and one Aviator.

  33. Mser says:

    No DP on recent A+ app (currently on 3rd A+), but was just approved for Jetblue +. Waay over 5/24…

  34. john mccann says:

    Basically,if you’re on their shit list you won’t get a card. I had a few of their cards at one time about 6? years ago. After receiving the bonuses they cancelled my cards. Someone was doing their job.

  35. Dan says:

    Denied for Arrival+… speficially told “too many accounts in last 24 months” and “no way to overturn”


  36. Ramy Wahby says:

    I’m at about 20/24. 3 new cards in April alone.
    I have the Aviator red converted from US airways and I have the Jetblue plus card since last august.
    Just applied for the Aviator 60K offer last week. Got pending, then got a phone call and I wasn’t able to talk at the time so I said I’ll call back. Before calling I checked online and I saw I was denied. I went ahead and called anyway. I was told I was denied because I have a high credit line with them. The agent was nice and said she can get me approved if I moved some credit over. Just received the card yesterday 🙂

    Not sure if they treat the Arrival card + differently. Maybe like how Chase treat the UR cards versus the Hyatt. IHG and BA etc

    Hope this helps

  37. chasejuggler says:

    I got the Wyndham card on 7/7/2017.
    Got the Aviator Aadvantage before that on 12/20/2016.

    I’m at 9/24.

  38. miamihurriacane says:

    Approved in the past 4 months for Arrival and Wyndham with 10+/12

  39. jamesheine says:

    I am LOL/24 and just was recently approved for the aviator card. I have an opened barclay plus as well that i’ve had for about 6 months

  40. SteveH says:

    Approved for Aviator Red instantly today. Way over 5/24. First Barclay card.

  41. Raj says:

    Was at 5/24 most recent app from June 17. I was instantly approved for second Aviator Red card last week.

  42. Joe S says:

    My dad was approved for 2 Barclay cards recently (within last month) – Aviator definitely one after recon, and Arrival+ was the other, and he is definitely over 6/24 (my mom is trying to stay under 5/24, so they sign up for all new cards on his account).

  43. Ryan says:

    My opinion- they’ve probably cracked down on the Arrival card.

    It’s $500 plus in travel expenses for $3k and no annual fee.

    It’s one of the best cards out there and I suspect they are tightening the reigns.

  44. AD says:

    I was approved for the Arrival+ at the beginning of June. I think I was at 6/24 but its possible I had dropped to 5/24. I had a card fall off sometime around June but I’m not sure exactly when. Capital One changed their credit monitor tool and now I can’t see my closed account details anymore. I was at 4/12. I only had 1 Barclaycard, a converted Sallie Mae card that’s been open for several years. I previously had an Arrival+ which I closed a little over 2 years prior.

  45. Yoel Shimon says:

    My friend just got instant approval for aviator card. He’s long over 6/24

  46. Bear says:

    Applied for AA Red on 9/13, went to pending, waiting to hear. Am at 6+/24. No recent Barclay applications, do have Arrival and Rewards downgraded from Arrival+ and AA Red/US Air. WIfe auto approved for AA Red, pending for A+.

  47. Ryan says:

    I applied for the aviator last week, called in the same day after it went pending, and was approved. Only with a $5k limit “to see how my credit management will be, and can possibly extend further after a few months”. I’m at 15/24. Second Barclay card, although I cancelled the first only a few months after opening. (I’m not proud of it, but my first was the frontier card. It saved me about $400 on a flight though)

  48. sid says:

    when do you all see the aviator miles post? I paid the annual fee week ago but still yet to see the miles post. Usually they post the miles asap.

    Cancelled Aviator year ago. Lowered Arrival plus to Arrival 6 months ago. I am wondering if i applied for it too early.

  49. Eric says:

    8/24 and instant approval on A+ this week

  50. James33 says:

    Arrival+ on 9/13/17 and was auto denied. Called recon and said because it was related to how many accounts I had in the last 24 months, there was nothing he could do.

    Choice (Approved 2.22.16) and AAviator (4.21.17) are still open now. I had an Arrival + in 2014 that I closed 2016. Wyndham opened 5.3.16 closed 5.1.17.

    8/12 24/24 minus charge cards/business cards. I’ve been added to probably 7-8 AUs in 24 months

  51. RV3 says:

    No DP for Arr+ but i can share my Aug 2017 Barclay approval for AAviator Red (50k, no AF 1st yr)…at that point I had: 4 x AMEX – BCP, Old Blue Cash, PRG, SPG Bus;; 2 x BARCLAYS – AAviator Red (converted from Old US Air), Choice Hotel;; 5 x CHASE – CSR, Frdm5%, FrdmUnlmtd, United Expl, Marriot;; 2 x BOFA – Cash Rewards, MLB Cash Rewards;; 1 x USBk – Cash+;; 1 x DISC it;; 1 x CITI DblCash;;…..i had closed Arr+ late last year….i was only 2/24 when i applied for my 2nd (but technically different product) AAviator…i also used my two existing Barclays cards for $100-$200 bal each for couple mos BEFORE applying for AAviator….my 2 existing Barclays had no activity except a single $10 charge every 6 mos to stay active….i wasn’t instant approved but was a week later….i never called or followed up on it….i would advise using existing Barclay cards and wait 7 mos from last app b4 applying to Barlclays???

  52. Chris says:

    I’m at 20+/24 and was just approved like 2 days ago for AAviator Red after review

  53. Nick says:

    DP for Arrival+: I was recently denied (Aug 2017) for the Arrival+ card. When I called in to inquire whether they needed more info, I was straight up denied – no reconsideration. I pressed for a reason and the agent replied that I’d opened ‘too many cards in the last 24 months’. Note that I hadn’t applied for ANY personal Barclaycard products in the past 24 months. I had applied and was approved for their JetBlue business card, which showed up on my PERSONAL credit report (confirmed with credit karma).

    • Nick says:

      Even more useful DP: After reading all the comments on this post, I went ahead and applied for the Aviator Red and was instantly approved with a 10k credit line. This DP serves to confirm that, while Barclay may be enforcing a 24-ish rule on their Arrival+ card, they are not yet enforcing a blanket 24-ish rule. I had previously assumed I’d be denied for all Barclaycard products so didn’t bother with this card until this post, so thank you very much to DoC and all commenters.

      I should add that this approval puts me close to 10/24.

  54. faraway_fromhome says:

    I’m 7/24 (1/12), applied for A+ on 9/9, denied.
    Letter came today, “too many new accounts”

  55. Trevor says:

    Denied for Arrival+ on 8/18/17 @ lol/24. Recon and letter stated too many cards in last 24 months. Last Barclay card was an Arrival+ opened in May 2016, closed Feb 2017. Also applied for the Wyndham first on the same day and was approved. TU inquires were <5.

    Also wife applied for the Wyndham card on 8/19 and was denied. Reason on letter was "Excessive applications." She got the Arrival+ (her first Barclay Card) on 6/4/17. TU inquires were 10+ thanks to an auto dealership making 7 pulls for a car loan. Will recon tomorrow.

  56. Zachek says:

    DP (not very helpful.)

    Applied for Arrival+ in early August. Approved.

    1st Barclaycard.

    Technically 7/24 at the time of application but cards #4-6 were likely not yet reported to TU as they had all been opened in the 2 weeks previous, so really only 4/24 and 3/12.

    At time of application, only 1 TU HP in the last 12 months.

    (Note: applied for Aviator Red later in the day and was declined and then asked to send ID documents. Still waiting for that app to be processed.)

  57. John says:

    Applied for Arrival + on 7/13 went pending then denied for to many total open cards in past 24 months, I am 30+/24

    After the call I applied for the Choice Privileges card went pending then approved next day no need to call in. No hard pull for this second application.

  58. Ruby says:

    Got denied as well when I tried to open a JetBlue card.

    I’m around 10/24

  59. Arny says:

    Applied for Arrival + on 7/31 after canceling another one just a couple months before. Instant Approval. lol/24. I get a new Arrival + every 7 months or so. Never been denied one and never had to call recon.

  60. Corridor says:

    I was approved on 7/24 for the AA card of 50k after 1 purchase. I don’t remember the application date. It was somewhere around 7/12. I am well above 5/24

  61. Jeff says:

    Probably not really relevant right now but I was approved for Wyndham card in July despite having 10 new accounts in the past year.

  62. Fiby says:

    I was approved for the Arrival+ in June with 23/24.

  63. Corridor says:

    Also, I had 2 cards with them already. I always use them for 4-6 weeks prior to applying. 0 transunion inquiries in the prior 6 months. I cancelled 2 cards with them in the past 4 years. 16/24 and 8/12.

  64. Captainsave says:

    Applied and approved for 2nd arrival+ on 8/4. Im lol/24 but used an invitation flyer

  65. bemywife says:

    Am I an exception?I churned aggressively in the past 12 months but still successfully got 2 Barclay cards in less then 5 months. And I had no relationship with Barclays before.

    1st- Arrival Plus. Applied on 04/10/2017. Instant approval online base on invitation CODE on paper mail. Also applied for Aviator Red but got suspended-then-denied with reply “too many new account” ————–(When I applied: 11new/ 12mo; 11new/ 24mo; 12 in total. History: 2 yrs & 4 mos. TU Score:744)

    2nd- Aviator Red. Applied 08/29/2017. Instant approval online. Also applied for Jetblue Plus but got suspended-then-denied with reply “too many new account”————–(When I applied: 17new/ 12mo; 17new/24mo; 18 in total. History: 2 yrs & 8 mos. TU Score:747)

    Now My credit history is 2 yrs and 9 mos. I have 19 credit card accounts in total (include 5 Amex chargecard) with a total limit of $120k+. I started churning from Aug. 2016 and I did churning aggressively but I never missed any payment and pay my bill in EVERYDAY MORNING.

    • bemywife says:

      Sorry for not including the TransUnion hard pulls.
      Number of TransUnion hard pull when I applied Arrival Plus: 2/12mo; 2 in total.
      Number of TransUnion hard pull when I applied Aviator Red: 3/12mo; 3 in total.
      Maybe the small number of hard pull is the reason I can get 2 Barclay cards in such a short time.

  66. paul says:

    I was denied three days ago. Too many accounts.

    This would have been my third Arrival +. Pretty clear something has changed.

  67. Nick says:

    After seeing this article, I applied for and was instantly approved for the JetBlue Plus card (had been planning on applying for it for a while anyway). I have 6+ new personal cards in the last 24 months.

    Looking at many of the other DPs, the denials seem to be isolated to the Arrival+ card.

    • Nick says:

      Some additional context:

      • I have one card with Barclays, a Sallie Mae (RIP) that was converted to a Barclay Rewards card
      • I have never had another card with Barclays
      • I only have 2 hard inquires currently on my Transunion report

  68. Lina says:

    I applied for the Arrival + and was sent to review and then I applied for the Aviator 1 minute later. I called recon. Lady said my application was automatically denied since it showed that I already had the product (I had closed my Arrival + card last month). She said she can send it to recon and asked if she can pull my credit report. I said yes. Then she asked for my income and asked why I wanted both cards. She then asked about 2 other credit cards I got (Citi and BOA). After I answered her questions she put me on hold. She then told me that she could shift some credit around and approved me for the Arrival +. I am way over 5/24. I think I have applied for 5-6 cards just this year alone.

  69. NinjaX says:

    it would be a HUGE help if we really get down to the details. providing DP of denial for the A+ just because of x/24 is too vague. i have always assumed that 6/6 was the limit for A+ and a denial very likely so unless Barclays actually says 6/24, we need more DP. meaning, it would be a valuable DP to break down x/6, x/12, x/24.

    has ANYONE been denied for A+ with 0/6? i would like to see this.

  70. Andrew says:

    Which card did you apply for? When did you apply? Was it approved or denied? Jetblue , Approved August 10
    What is your Barclay history: how many Barclay cards do you have now and had in the past? 1 other barclaycard, the AAviator that was converted from US Air
    What is your new accounts history: how many new accounts do you have in the past 12 months or 24 months? An estimate is fine. Around 15-20/24

    (Bonus Question: Estimate how many inquires you have on your Transunion report. It doesn’t sound like it’s inquiry-related, but who knows.) About 6 the past year on TU

  71. Andrew says:

    Apped for Arrival+ in June. Denied by computer. Approved through recon for $1500

  72. Robert says:

    These are my most recent Barclay DPs:

    –before completing any of these applications, I was at approx 5/6 new accounts in the last 6 mos (including a small Alliant Installment loan). My credit score ~800

    I was at ~14 new accounts in the past 12 mos and ~25 in the past 24

    Before the applications, I had 3 inquiries on my TU report provided by Credit Karma–

    8/10 Applied for Cash Forward–auto approval with 6K limit.
    8/10 Applied for Lufthansa card an hour later. Went to pending–eventually denied for too many recent accounts with reconsideration not budging. Recon couldn’t give me a concrete number for how many new accounts are too many, but he did say they especially look at the last 6 months.
    ^luckily these pulls combined

    8/29 Applied for Aviator Elite 60K offer. Went to pending–approved without needing to call in, 5K limit. (I had cancelled my Aviator Red back in March when the annual fee hit)
    ^was tempted to apply for the Arrival+ in the same day but held off, thinking chances of approval would be low

    I realllllly want the Arrival+ again before the bonus drops, but at this point I don’t want to waste another pull to risk it.

    • NinjaX says:

      yea, i think u made a good choice. u got other cards at least and at 5/6, 14/12, and 25/24, its gonna be really tough based on DPs.

  73. Jonathan says:

    Glad to hear I’m not alone! I was denied a few weeks ago for the A+, my first denial since I started churning. This would have been my 2nd A+ if approved. I’m at about 20/24, 14/12, and 6/6. My only Barclay card is an Aviator opened in January 2017. I closed an Arrival the same month that I had previously downgraded from A+. I did try to put a bit of spend on the Aviator to show Barclay I actually use their cards. It probably wasn’t enough, but now it seems pretty clear that wasn’t the problem anyway.

    The recon rep was friendly, but I got the distinct sense from his tone that he had his marching orders and there was no possibility he would budge. Unfortunately, when I asked if there was a specific reason for the denial, he cited the number of recent accounts and encouraged me to “try again later,” but was otherwise pretty vague about it.

    • NinjaX says:

      appreciate the DP. yea, if ur already at 6/6, thats pretty much a no-go let alone 6/24. but i was hoping to see someone with like 1/6 to be approved.

  74. captainsave says:

    I think this is a recent thing. Like starting september they started denying people for too many open accts. It was the card 1st anniversary last month. Im guessing someone looked over the 1 yr data and see too many churners are gaming them.

  75. Larry says:

    I got 8 new accounts in the last year (10+/24). I was approved for AA Aviator on 8/31 (7 in 12 months by then).

  76. Jordan says:

    I’m LOL/24, last week got approved for another Aviator instantly

  77. I’ll never understand their policy ; applied for Arrivals + for my mom..(shes 2/24) denied! Applied for AAviator 60K offer….APPROVED…..

  78. Zack says:

    I’m over 5/24, 2 months ago I was approved for the CashForward. Applied for a Jet Blue card a week ago and was denied to having too many recent cards. ~800 credit score, never missed a payment.

    This was a manual review. I almost always get pending and then I follow up a few days later. Talked to the reviewer prior to the decision.

  79. Nathan says:

    2 dp. A few days ago I and my spouse applied for aviator 60k offer. We are at about 15/24 or so. Both approved.

    • nathan says:

      more specifiics:

      8/6 approved for barclay cashforward for $200 offer, at 14/24.
      9/12 approved for Barclays AAdvantage® Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard® 60k offer at 15/24

  80. Jacob says:

    Was denied a few days ago for Arrival+. This would have been my third time having the card in about the past five years. Called reconsideration and analyst said I was declined due to too many new accounts in the past year and because of this they aren’t allowed to do a reconsideration.

    I pushed trying to get a specific number of cards that made me go over not allowed and they just told me that cannot give that information but then listed all the cards I opened in the past year (5). So part of me wonder if its more of a 12 month rule rather than a 24 month rule.

  81. tokyoexodus says:

    Hi Everyone, a little off topic, but if I already have an Aviator card (inherited from old US Airways card), can I still apply for the current Aviator promotion? Or likely be rejected since I already have an aviator card?

    Any successful case of get a second Aviator card while having one inherited from US Airways? Thanks very much!

  82. Dave says:

    I have about 12 new accounts in last 6 months. Approved for Arrival + in August. 2nd Barclays card with 1st being Hawaiian back in March. Put some spend on it before applying for Arrival. TU score low 700s.

  83. Trippy says:

    I have a 8 month old credit history with two student cards, and got approved for Arrival+ instantly today with $2k CL. The surprising part is that it seems to be the World Elite version; guess will see if it really is when it arrives.

    Also applied Aviator after that but got insta denied, and recon says that credit history is not deep enough. Curiously, the lady on the phone kept referencing my two existing cards, but not a peep about the just approved one.

    • NinjaX says:

      welcome to the club. but no clue what youre talking about. What other version of Barclaycard Arrival Plus did you expect? furthermore, why are you even applying for this? are you done with Chase?

      • Trippy says:


        I thought maybe they might give out a vanilla Mastercard itself. Not sure that happens for Arrival+ though, maybe its always World Elite.

        I go abroad a fair amount so wanted a card which defaults to PIN, Plus I thought if stars aligned might get two cards out of a single pull.

        Also chance of Chase is low at the moment as I had closed the bank accounts a few months back – going to open this month end for the $500 bonus 😀

        • NinjaX says:

          1) A+ never gives you any downgraded version. its always World Elite. youre thinking of other BS cards where they just randomly decide you are not worthy and give you a lower grade version.

          2) Barclay is not PIN priority. its sig priority, but PIN is an auto backup unlike other cards. very few CC in the US offers PIN priority which is a huge peeve of mine.

          3) u need to begin and end with chase first. ur wasting precious 5/24 slots with A+ unless u have an absolute 100% need.

  84. mark says:

    8/24 approved arrival +, and aviator on 7/11

  85. Brian says:

    My experience is different than most others here. I am at 12 cards in the last 24 months. I was approved with the Arrival+ card yesterday after a call with recon. I have approved two months ago for the AAviator, no other cards ever with Barclay’s. I know the rep was aware of the many other cards as he discussed it. He did ask to lower my AAviator CL, which is fine with me.

  86. Amy says:

    I was approved for Arrival+ at 9/24, but perhaps they only knew about 7/24. I was initially declined, but on my 3rd call to the recon line I was offered to move some of my credit from another Barclay card to approve this. I applied on 7/25, but got the approval in August. In September (now at 10/24) I tried for the American Aviator card and was denied for having got 10 cards this year (I am at 10/24). I will call again as this rep didn’t seem like she wanted to approve it. I noticed I can tell in the first minute if it is a wasted call because the tone of the questions is very different. Anyone else notice that?

  87. Jer says:

    I just applied for arrival plus and was denied. I’m 1/6, 2/12, 7/24. Figured I didn’t want to waste a pull so I applied for the aviator red and the app went pending. I’ve never had a barclaycard.

  88. frogger says:

    I got the Arrival Plus back at the end of April had probably around 14 new accounts in the prior months and was approved. Last month was approved for Aviator with around 20 new accounts and 10 hard pulls in the past 8 months.

  89. Matthew says:

    Which card did you apply for? When did you apply? Was it approved or denied?
    Applied for Aviator first, denied without pull for having old US Air Aviator, called recon and approved after answering a couple questions. Then applied for Arrival, denied with a letter stating sufficient credit available on my account issued by Barclay.
    What is your Barclay history: how many Barclay cards do you have now and had in the past?
    Have only ever had 1, currently have 2.
    What is your new accounts history: how many new accounts do you have in the past 12 months or 24 months? An estimate is fine.
    2/6, 12/12, 20/24 (4 closed)
    (Bonus Question: Estimate how many inquires you have on your Transunion report. It doesn’t sound like it’s inquiry-related, but who knows.)
    14 according to CK

    • NinjaX says:

      appreciate the DP. so you are 2/6, 12/12, 20/24 and only got denied for A+ based on “sufficient amount of credit”? so not too many new accounts right?

      did you recon?

      • Matthew says:

        I did recon just now. They didn’t pull my credit for this application either as well as Aviator! Said he had to do it again, so I now have two pulls this month from Barclay. Ugh… Next time I will for sure call recon the same day!

        Really talked about the product, recon agent asked why so many cards opened in last 24 hours, I said I canceled my Amex Platinum bc AF was getting too high, like the straightforward points system of Arrival Plus, blah blah blah. Came back with a no. Although I was at 2/6, now I’m at 3/6, 13/12, 21/24 looking at my updated TU report.

        I really have bad timing. I was avoiding applying for Barclay or most cards for Altitude. Once it went to pending, I went for Aviator and Arrival. Of course, if I would have done this months ago, I might have had better luck. Missed the B of A gravy train too, mostly.

        • Matthew says:

          I was so annoyed with the new hard pull, I decided to try for an HA card, went pending quickly, that was actually a denial upon instantly looking it up manually. Why say pending all the time if the system is rejecting me automatically anyway?! Grr. Called recon, the same story, credit not pulled, asked for approval, went ahead. Thankfully I haven’t seen any additional hard pull after the one from earlier. Came back asking about my cards from other banks, said I keep expenses from my contracts with my small biz separate – she seemed to understand that, but still said no. This time Aviator card too new. Asked if I could raise the CL so I could use the cards better (less than 9k total between the two), and she said probably not given my denial. Sigh. Barclay has always been a hassle for me, even with my first US Air card.

          Maybe in 6 months… 🙁

      • Matthew says:

        And yes, sufficient amount of credit stopped the hard pull, so I didn’t receive a letter for too many new accounts. It sounds like I would have received that if the online app did pull my credit.

        Also, my patience with Altitude resulted in a denial, but haven’t called recon yet. Sigh.

  90. milesjjcc says:

    I am sure that this is applicable only for Arrival+
    Which card did you apply for? When did you apply? Was it approved or denied?
    —-1st Arrival-rejected & then immediately Aviator-approved
    What is your Barclay history: how many Barclay cards do you have now and had in the past?
    —3 previous barclay cards, all closed couple of months back
    What is your new accounts history: how many new accounts do you have in the past 12 months or 24 months? An estimate is fine. (Don’t count business cards which don’t show on your credit report. Do mention if you have new personal AU’s on the report since that might matter.)
    —30/24, 12/12
    (Bonus Question: Estimate how many inquires you have on your Transunion report. It doesn’t sound like it’s inquiry-related, but who knows.)
    —10 inquiries

  91. Roman s says:

    I am at 21-/24, applied for aviator back in February was Insta approved.
    Only had 5 inquiries in the past 6 months.
    Applied for arrival $500 bonus because of the recent rumor that they would reduce it back to 400.
    Went into pending, called next morning. Rep said that because I have too many accounts open in the past TWO YEARS, they can’t approve it.
    My score is about 730. My utilization no more that 3%of my credit limit.

  92. David says:

    15/24 and was approved a week ago for the Arrival+

  93. Adam says:

    Also applies to AA card. I get declined for too many recent accounts despite none opened in 2017.

    • NinjaX says:

      wow. seriously? its not even the A+. must be all the damn attn with the recent promos and crap. sigh… SMH. so what is your x/24? looks like you are at 0/6 and 0/12? or no?

  94. PDX Weatherman Mark says:

    Wife and I just approved last few days of August for Advantage Aviator Red

    ME 18/24,
    None of those were Barclay

    WIFE 17/24
    2 of those were Barclay

  95. DreamerTraveller says:

    23/24. Denied twice – in April and and in August because of not enough history with Barclays/too many new accounts

  96. Mike T says:

    Barclay Arrival+ DP:
    Card #1:
    Applied & Approved: 1/19/2017
    Spend Achieved: 1/31/2017
    Bonus Posted: 2/1/2017
    Closed Date: 7/13/2017

    Card #2:
    Applied: 8/6/2017
    Approved: 8/7/2017 (Had to call recon, originalyl declined)
    Spend Achieved: 8/30/2017
    Bonus Posted: 8/31/2017 🙂
    Closed Date: TBD

  97. Jules says:

    Approved for Arrival Plus last week. Here are the cards I have recently opened.
    With the new cardI have opened 5 cards in about 5 months, including the Barclaycard Red Aviator in June.
    They did not approve me immediately, so I called in. Their main concern was the the recently opened Red Aviator card. It seemed that Barclays did not want to increase my total credit with them. Resolved this by reducing my credit limit on the Red Aviator card and putting only a 10K credit limit on the new Arrival Plus card.

    Probably worth mentioning that my FICO score is 835 and I have about 27 years of credit history.

    Card Date opened

    1. Barclaycard Arrival Plus MC Now
    2. AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Aug 2017
    3. Barclaycard Red Aviator June 2017
    4. Chase British Airways VISA June 2017
    5. Alaska airlines CC May 2017
    6. Amex HHonors May 2016
    7. Southwest Chase card Apr 10, 2016
    8. CITI HHonors Feb 2016

  98. Albspoints says:

    At LOL/24… June got AAviator Red, just tried Arrival+ and got denied for too many inquiries. Tried again for Hawaiian, instant approved.

    Looks like A+ may be the culprit

  99. DeMarcus Halberstrom says:

    So I’m at about 35/24…I was approved for the AAviator a couple months ago…but just recently was denied for the A+ and the M&M…however, I currently have or have had the A+, M&M, AAviator and CashForward cards…and in my experience, have been approved no problem (credit score around 775) on application for the first card, but the second card seems to be where they are inquiry sensitive. I have yet to be approved for a second card of any type with them, with the reason usually being ‘too many recent inquiries’. It was kind of funny…on my most recent M&M app, the reason listed for denial was actually ‘excessive new inquiries’ lol…guess it’s time to cool my churning and app-o-ramas for a few months…although I don’t have any ‘real’ hobbies so this is going to suck lol

  100. Wanhope says:

    Was denied for application to AAAviator Red. More than 10/24 but had 740 credit score. Was told too many inquiries unfortunately. First time denied by Barclay. Have had cash forward, Arrival, A+ and Choice Privelages within the past 2 years

  101. Ben says:

    Applied 7/21 for my 2nd Arrival card and was initially declined based on having another Arrival card. Called Recon and was approved. I had downgraded 1st Arrival + to no fee Arrival few months prior to applying. I was at 9/24. Looks like I may have gotten in just in time.

  102. xorpix says:

    Denied for Arrival + for too many accounts. Applied for Aviator red and approved instantly. Recon specifically mentioned ‘too many accounts’ and said it can not be overturned.
    1/6, 1/12, 8/24

  103. AlwaysFlying says:

    Last year, I remember someone coiled the rule when you have Arrival, don’t apply for Arrival+. Well I applied and received my third A+ (within about 6 years). 5 or 6 new accounts in the past 12 months had been raising questions at Barclay for at the minimum several years and applications would go to pending for many of the Arrival+ applications. Clearly we are experiencing some additional tightening here. There are not too many $500+ cards and there is a new large hungry crowd striving for these cards and the word out there is very loud at the moment. When the stock market peaks, everybody is in. Lets see how the cycle evolves.

  104. Maruf says:

    Applied Barclay’s Arrival card today and it was declined. Called reconsideration and they said it cannot be overridden since it was system declined due to lot of new accounts. Immediately applied for Aviator Red, went to pending. Called reconsideration & got approved with CL of $20k..

    Credit Score – 745; Cards – 07/24; Inquiry – 3

  105. Captainsave says:

    So base on all the DP. Barclay approval is all on luck?

  106. Jack Be Nimble says:

    After reading this thread last night, my heart sank as I’ve been eying the Arrival Plus for a while. I’ve opened up six credit cards in the last 24 months, plus a charge card, so seven total. Of those cards, five of them have been opened in the last five months. I previously had the Arrival (no fee) card but in preparation for the Plus, I closed down the no-fee card on August 1, 2017. To maximize my chances, I was planning to apply for the Plus in November but upon learning the 50K bonus was going away, I decided to apply last night.

    My application was instantly rejected. So I called reconsideration this morning and learned that there was no hard pull and that my app was denied because I had the same product. Barclays system considers the no-fee Arrival and the Arrival Plus to be the same card. The reconsideration rep said I could apply for the Plus since the no-fee Arrival had been closed but he’d need to do a hard pull. He did a hard pull, asked me a few questions, such as why I had opened up other new cards recently, and then he approved my app!

    So this is a data point that you can have seven new cards in under six months and get approved for the Arrival Plus. That said, the rep was very friendly and I may have gotten lucky.

  107. Charles says:


    780 Credit Score. 5 New cards July 2016. 1 New card August 2017. So 6 cards within the past 24 months. – No inquiries in the past year. 7 Inquiries over a year old that had not fallen off yet. (The credit card from last month, did not pull the same reporting company as Barclay. Thus why my Trans Union had no inquiries this year.)

  108. Chris says:

    Cap 1 and US Bank just denied on 775 score and $80k income.

  109. Dubya says:

    I got denied from A+ due to high inquiries… 🙁

  110. JP says:

    Wanted to contribute a DP. ~12/24 but they are spread out. Applied for Arrival+ back in early August with 50k offer, approved with 10K creditline. This is my first barclaycard though. Score ~760-780

  111. Aki Das says:

    I applied for Arrival Plus and got approved after verification.But 7 days after approval they canclled my card and let me with a HP on my account.I did not expect this sort of bait and switch from barclays.
    The sad part is I did not get a letter explaining this to me,I had to call CSR and figure out what happened.Imagine me holding the card and the CSR saying i dont have an account with them.
    Barclays is the new Citi.

    • NinjaX says:

      okay but what did they say? this is a move by stupid ass comenity and US Bank so it must have went to some sort of additional review and saw all ur dirty business. i have not heard citi doing this regularly.

    • Angelique says:

      Had they added the account to your credit report before they canceled it?

      • Aki das says:

        Yes they did and cancelled it soon after.I contacted them about it but they were unhelpful and asked me to write to some Dept and request them to consider removing it.

        • Angelique says:

          Did you have any new accounts report or apply for any other credit?

          • Aki das says:

            No i had all my accounts with them
            More than 2 years ago and they had mentioned I can apply for new one in 6 months but seemed like they still blocked me.The bait and switch did not sit well with me,I would’ve been okay if they just denied my application.

  112. jeffersun says:

    Denied A+, 24 month denial letter

    Cancelled Last A+ 7/18/17. Applied for new A+ 8/3/17. TU HPs 6/12mo, 9/24mo. Total new cards all banks lol/24. Approved HA personal on 5/1/17. Only current barclay card.

  113. JB says:

    I think a similar article for Bank of America would be helpful – anecdotal evidence seems to indicate they have become a *much* tougher approval than in the past.

  114. mord1 says:

    got denied for arrival +, but immediately auto approval for aa aviator right after. high income and high credit score. called recon and they said hard denial, cant do anything, could not move credit or anything. closed the card months ago

  115. Mar says:

    Applied for Barclay cashforward Mastercard in mid August. Haven’t had a Barclay card for a while but had 7 card applications approved in 16 months prior. Was approved by Barclays. Credit is excellent.

  116. Sexy_Kitten7 says:

    @Chuck The bank is spelled Barclays with an s and pronounced like Barcleese. For whatever reason they have branded their cards barclaycards without the s.

    See my DPs here

    I agree something’s up. However, some have reported BCA+ auto-approvals (and even manual) at lol/24 so this putative rule is not set in stone like Chase’s.

  117. Lei says:

    4 new card last month, recently got approved for Barclay AA red, 5th within two months. So I guess it should be fine.

  118. NinjaX says:

    jack. appreciate the DP, but please give us more detail. welcome to the game. im assuming ur done with chase via the first 5 apps?

    1) when was the last time you applied for A+? did you even have the prior A+ for more than a year? sounds like u got it, downgrade then close it then after 1.5 months, you applied for A+ again?

    2) so ur 7/6, 7/12, and 7/24? but 5 CC in 5 months?? also, how many of those latest 7 are showing up in your credit report already?

  119. FatPigs says:

    Applied in mid-August and was approved a few days later on Aug. 21. Status as of application was 5/24, though more accurately:

    Blue Cash Everyday – Late October 2016
    Chase Sapphire Reserve – Late November 2016
    AMEX Gold Preferred – January 2017
    SPG Personal – April 2017
    United MPE – July 2017

    Closer to 5/12. Approved for $10k.

  120. DW says:

    Applied 9/12. Currently hold 2 Barclay cards, Jetblue (13 months) and Aviator from US Air conversion.
    Prior to application, 783 TU with 3 pulls, Recent card history is 1/6, 5/12, 12/24. Received a pending notification and have been waiting for the letter. I checked the Application status website Friday and it said I was denied. I wish I would have checked right away so I could have tried another app and save a pull.

    For the people who were denied, did you receive the denial right away or get a pending and checked later? I’m wondering if since I wasn’t immediately denied if I can recon. Probably wishful thinking.

  121. t says:

    10/24, FICO around 800. I opened my 1st Arrival+ in Jan and closed in June. I was hoping to churn and applied in Sept but was denied. When I called, rep said there’s nothing she can do because I have too many active accounts. When asked what can I do, she said my accounts need to show at least 1 yr of history… (I got a “I just made that up on the spot” vibe). No other Barclay cards at this pt.

    Wife is technically 6/24 but recently added an AU card with SPG for the 2500 pt promo so it looks more like 7/24 if anyone is counting. She was sitting on a pre-approval letter that expires Oct 6th (maybe that’s the official end date everyone is guessing?) We pulled the trigger on Friday evening – went into pending. Sat morning came the approved letter. Going forward, I think we’ll downgrade her card eventually to avoid the AF instead of closing to maintain relationship with Barclay.

    Any chance I can call up Barclay and get my closed Barclay reopen 3 months since I last closed it? I shredded the card and everything…

  122. Dima says:

    Had Arrival+ for ~12 month, was hoping to churn soon, but does not sound like it will happen. Applied for AA and Jetblue cards today, both have been approved (second one required a phone call). This is looking pretty similar to the way Chase did it, first applying 5/24 to UR cards, and then expanding it to co-branded cards. If there’s a co-branded card you’re planning on getting I’d consider applying sooner rather than later.

  123. Christian LeBleu says:

    I literally just received my new Arrival card three days ago! I’m not certain how true this X/24 rule is because I’ve acquired 11 new cards this year alone. I kid that I change my credit cards as often as I upgrade to the newest iPhone.

    I app’d a few weeks ago, received the “pending” notification, then a week and a half later a letter to call in to complete an identification verification. Approved within minutes on the phone and received the card late last week. No mention of anything credit or credit reportingduring the call.

  124. TLC111 says:

    I got the Arrival+ card but was denied the AA and the Wyndam ones when I applied for “too many cards”.

  125. Drolma-la says:

    In early August 2017 I applied for my second Barclaycard Arrival+. Six months had elapsed since cancelling the Barclaycard Arrival I’d downgraded to originally. I was at 10/24 (excluding business cards) with a FICO rating north of 800. When it was rejected, I immediately called their reconsideration line. It was explained that I had too many new credit cards in the last 24 months. I pointed out that I was at 2/12, but they were considering the whole two years. It a lengthy call. I asked how many is too many? I was told that there was no absolute number of cards that would be too many. They said that if I applied in a year’s time I would be fine. They said that this criteria only applied for the Barclaycard Arrival Plus, but not to their other cards. As I had phoned reconsideration on the same day as my application, I turned around and applied for the Wyndham Rewards card that same day, and was accepted immediately.

  126. Leticia says:

    I’m not even trying with Barclay anymore. I’ve had the Arrival for years now, 3 years I think, that’s the one card I keep open for my credit history. I had the Lufthansa card tat I opened in March 2016 and closed in February 2017 and that’s it. I tried both personal and biz blue jet and aviator and got denied for both with 6/12 cards.

  127. Arny says:

    I applied for the Arrival + on 7/31. Instant approval. lol/24. I get a new one every six months, always with instant approval.

  128. Nick says:

    I just applied for the Arrival+ this morning and its in review. Should i call recon? I am at 1/3, 1/6, and 3/12 but also a mortgage about 10 months ago. Doesnt look like i should be in violation of the rules you guys mention so im thinking its just because my last application is just under 3 months. My credit score is 750+.

  129. Mordechai says:

    Here’s my DPs on Barclay cards for myself and my wife – we are both way over 5/24 or 6/24.

    Dec. 2016 – Approved Aviator Red
    Feb. 2017 – Arrival +, denied (too many accounts)
    April 30, 2017 – Arrival + Denied (too many new accounts)
    July 11, 2017 – Arrival+ Denied (too many new accounts)

    Recently, I applied (Friday, September 15, 2017) – pending, but i assume it’s been denied.

    My wife, on the other hand – has less Barclay applications than I do, has two approvals for non Arrival+ cards:
    – 12/7/16 – JetBlue, approved
    – 7/9/17 – Aviator Red, approved

    I am going to try for a co-branded card today and see what happens.

  130. John says:

    Just wanted to throw this data point out there. I applied for the arrival card on September 8 and was approved instantly. I had three Trans Union inquiries at the time and Had opened three cards in the past 12 months and five cards in the past 24 months. The arrival card would be my sixth.

  131. AC says:

    Applied for the Barclaycard Red Aviator on 9/8. Was pended & ultimately approved via email on 9/16/17. Only had one Barclaycard prior. For the commenter asking for breakdowns of 6, 12, 24 month counts, see below. (I think it’s a combination of application & approval dates, but w/e, close enough)

    6 months (Approved for 3 prior to getting approved for the Red Aviator)
    BoA Alaska Air Personal – 6/29/2017
    BoA Alaska Air Biz – 6/29/2017
    Citi AA #5 – 6/1/2017

    12 months (Approved for 11 over the past 12 months, including the 8 below)
    AA Citi Biz – 3/7/2017
    Hyatt – 1/12/2017
    AA Citi #3 – 1/7/2017
    BoA Alaska Air – 1/6/2017
    SPG Biz – 1/3/2017
    Choice – 12/29/2016
    SPG Personal – 12/28/2016
    AA Citi #2 – 12/28/2016

    24 months (Approved for 21 over the past 24 months, including the 10 below)
    Marriott Biz – 8/1/2016
    Amex Plat – 7/15/2016
    British Airways – 5/29/2016
    Marriott Personal – 3/7/2016
    Ink Plus – 3/1/2016
    IHG – 2/29/2016
    AT&T Access More (from AA Citi #1) – 2/26/2016
    SW Plus – 12/23/2015
    SW Business Premier – 12/23/2015
    Chase Freedom/Unlimited – 10/8/2015

  132. Joe H says:

    Applied for the Arrival+ 9/17/17 and went to 10 day review. Approved today. I was at 5/24 at the time of the application, 2/12 and 2/6 for anyone that cares.

    • RJ says:

      Not too different from me. I applied on 9/12/17 and went to 10 day review. Still in review, though. I was at 5/24, 4/12, 4/6 (4/2). TU at CreditKarma(on 9/9/17) 801, TU through Barclay site(updated 8/13/17) 850, TU through BofA site(updated 8/16/17) 832.

      The entire month of August, CreditKarma had my score at 803-804. I question how useful anyone’s DP is, since there is so much variance between scores given by different sources.

      I get that CK(VantageScore 3.0) may be different from the FICO 8 scores from the other 2. But why are the other 2 so different from each other?

      Anyway, should I call recon or wait? This is for A+ btw.

      • RJ says:

        So I waited… this past week has felt like a month. Woke up this morning to an approval email! So I did go out on 9/16/2017 and spent just over $1000 at Home Depot on one of my other 2 Barclaycards, so that might have helped.

        Chase granted me $12k and $18k CL. Barclay gave me $2500 CL lol oh well, that’ll work.

  133. Miles Huster says:

    Had subling cards approved for Arrival, but both were under 6/24.

    Wondering if something similar happened with Cap1 Biz Spark last month. Had someone apply with great income, credit score over 800, and good history with Cap1 only to be denied b/c had too many new accounts–well over 8/24. She had recently downgraded from the 2% to the 1.5% version.

  134. Joey says:

    Which card did you apply for? When did you apply? Was it approved or denied?

    Red Aviator & Arrival Plus.
    Same day 09/15/2017.
    Red Aviator instantly approved, Arrival Plus pending first. I called recon and moved 8k credit lines from Red Aviator to Arrival Plus to get approval.

    What is your Barclay history: how many Barclay cards do you have now and had in the past?

    1 credit card opened for more than 2 years.

    What is your new accounts history: how many new accounts do you have in the past 12 months or 24 months? An estimate is fine. (Don’t count business cards which don’t show on your credit report. Do mention if you have new personal AU’s on the report since that might matter.)

    7/24, 5/12, 4/6

    (Bonus Question: Estimate how many inquires you have on your Transunion report. It doesn’t sound like it’s inquiry-related, but who knows.)

    0 inquiries in Transunion, but recon asked my why I’m opening these two after too many new accounts recently so they must know.

    • NinjaX says:

      really appreciate you including x/6, x/12, x/24. very helpful. people are getting confused and keeping talking about 6/24 like zombies.

  135. Sasha P says:

    Is the 6/24 limit including business cards?

  136. Ryan S says:

    In the last 14 months, I’ve signed up for the CSP, CSR, United Mileageplus, and Ink Preferred. Last week I signed up for two Southwest cards and then immediately after applied for the Arrival+. I was automatically approved for all three. No previous history with Barclay.

  137. matt says:

    I just got approved for Jet Blue today. Had to call Recon to get it done. They noted I had “just” been approved for the Aviator 4 months ago. At the same time, applied for AmexBlue (approved via Recon), BofA Alaska (Rejected and told would not be approved for any more cards) and BofA Amtrak (Rejected).

    4 months ago, approved for Aviator and BofA Alaska.

    3 months before that, approved for BofA Alaska and CitiAAdvantage

    4 months before that, approved for Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Preferred and Reserve; Discover, Citi Double Cash, BofA Alaska; Amex Delta Platinum.

    I am bummed about the BofA dealio of being banned…I guess I went to the well once too many times.

  138. Dave says:

    I got my second Arrival+ back in January.

    Currently at 7/6, 12/12 and 20/24.

  139. Dom says:

    Applied for Aviator Red on 9/11, approved on 9/19.
    Currently have Aviator Silver (downgraded from Red ~Dec 15), NFL (opened 2012), and Arrival (downgraded from Arrival+ ~Aug 15).
    3/12 and 10/24
    4 hard on TU report.

  140. Becks says:

    Which card and When? Arrival+ on 8/16. Denied. Called recon and still denied stating its a reason they cannot override. Letter said too many new accounts.
    Barclay history: 2 cards. Arrival+ opened in 2015 and US Airways opened in 2014 . Both closed
    New accounts history: 3/6 , 4/12, 9/24
    Inquiries: TU 6, EQ 9, EX 13

  141. Ric says:

    Denied on 9/12. TU showed 9/24 (8 in the previous 4 months) and 3 inquiries (2 less than 12 months old).

    I’d gotten a Wyndham Rewards card a month earlier. Most recent new account and inquiry were that one.

    The only reason listed in my denial letter was “the number of bankcards opened in the last 24 months”

  142. LP says:

    Wife applied last week and approved at 5/24, 4/12, 2/6. So 6/24 rule not contradicted; i.e. 5/24 still works. It did go pending, then declined, but called recon and just had to mail in driver license, ss card, and bank statement or utility bill to push it through since this is new address for us. No questions about anything else from them.

  143. JanA says:

    Opened Arrival+ on June 27th (10/6, 15/12)
    Wife applied for Aviator on Sept. 18th – approved, same day application for Arrival+ – denied (same number of new accounts as myself).

  144. Scuderia says:

    I applied for the Arrival + on 8/19 and got an instant approval for 6K. TU 746, 3 inquiries at 1% total utilization but I’ve opened 6 accounts in the last 14 months. Maybe I got in just in time..

  145. Terri Clark says:

    When you are new to this game you hear, “start with the Chase cards you want first”. Barclays has some good cards, too. That might be worth exploring in a post sometime.

  146. Ken says:

    approved for A+ at 5/24. Denied for AA Red on the same HP, due to not enough activity and account opened too recently.

  147. Donna says:

    I have opened 6 personal (and 2 business) in the last year and I was just approved!

  148. Ben says:

    I was originally denied for the AAdvantage Aviator red card got a reason stating ‘length of time your account issued by Barclay’s bank is too short’ which l couldn’t figure out since I had received 4 previous cards from them within the last 24 months. Anyways called recon and they asked me why and I mentioned the fact i’m Doing more traveling. The rep did mention about low utilization ended up adjusting the credit lines on one card to get the card

  149. Jay says:

    I wasn’t instant approved, but approved the next day without calling for a Arrival+ with 6 new accounts in 24 months, 3/12. 2/6.

    One prior Barclays cc 3 years old.
    Did have a dead tree mailer for the Arrival+ which might have made some difference.
    This was in the middle of September.

    Possibly it wasn’t instant approved because I was nearing barclays credit threshold perhaps, around 25% of income. They ended up giving me a smallish starting limit.

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