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Published on September 15th, 2017 | by Chuck


Is Barclay Denying Those with Many New Accounts (similar to 5/24)? Contribute Data Points Here

Barclay has always been known to be tougher in approving cards, the main criteria being that you couldn’t hold too many Barclay cards at the same time and couldn’t get one within 6 months of the last. Judging from numerous comments from readers who recently got denied for the Arrival card, it seems the bank is now skeptical to approve anyone who has opened numerous new credit cards within the past 24 months. The hesitation isn’t limited to those who have many new Barclaycard’s; all new credit cards opened lowers your worth in Barclay’s eyes.

Reader Darv escalated to a supervisor who said that it’s hard coded not to be approved for the card once you have a certain number of new cards opened in the past 24 months. Many others were told similar by various Barclay’s reps. That sounds a whole lot like Chase’s 5/24 rule.

You can find various denial data points in these posts (1, 2, 3, 4). I haven’t yet seen any positive data points of someone from the community getting approved for the Arrival+ card recently.

Based on these reports and what Barclay’s reps are saying, it sounds like there’s a new Barclay’s ??/24 rule. They seem to be using a similar 24-month timeline, and they seem to be working with the number of new card account, though we don’t know the exact number of cards they are okay with. One reader was denied with 6 new accounts and was told specifically that 6+ is the number.

Are we ready to label this the 6/24 rule? Not quite, but my guess is that it’s either 5/24 or 6/24. It probably started sometime in the beginning of August, maybe a bit earlier. It’s not surprising that once Chase’s 5/24 policy became well-known other banks would hear about it and implement similar one’s.

One crucial unknown: assuming there is a new limitation being enforced now, is it system-wide limit for all Barclaycards? From what we’ve seen so far, the restriction seems specific to the Arrival Card. This data point might indicate the same. That’s significantly different from Chase’s 5/24 rule which encompasses most of their cards.


  • Is it true that Barclay won’t approve those with too many new accounts showing on their credit report? Is it enforced on a computer-level or only on a human level? (Seems like it’s enforced even on computer level.)
  • Is the exact number coded in the Barclay’s computer to deny, and is that the same number that reps deny on? Is there wiggle-room with a human? (Doesn’t sound like there’s any wiggle room.)
  • Importantly, is it only the Arrival card which has this rule or all Barclay cards?

Share You Data Points in the Comments

A lot of us are applying now for the Arrival+ card since the increased 50k bonus is set to expire soon. If you recently applied for that card or any other Barclay card, let us know how it went!

  • Which card did you apply for? When did you apply? Was it approved or denied?
  • What is your Barclay history: how many Barclay cards do you have now and had in the past?
  • What is your new accounts history: how many new accounts do you have in the past 12 months or 24 months? An estimate is fine. (Don’t count business cards which don’t show on your credit report. Do mention if you have new personal AU’s on the report since that might matter.)
  • (Bonus Question: Estimate how many inquires you have on your Transunion report. It doesn’t sound like it’s inquiry-related, but who knows.)


Based on the comments, I think we can say conclusively that the limitation is only for the Arrival card since many have gotten approvals for other cards. As for the Arrival, the vast majority have been denied, but there are some who were approved (manually, I think?) which would not be consistent with a strict rule.

Update 7/10/18: And here’s a list of more recent data points where people were approved despite being over 6/24.


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I was planning on applying for the Arrival+ today, so I’ll be back later with my DP. Currently at 10 new cards in the last year on my personal report.

I was denied for the Arrival+. Called recon just before close and didn’t get through, so I applied for the Aviator Red which I was also planning on getting eventually, and was approved instantly. We’ll see what the letter says when I get it, but after reading all the DPs, I’m guessing I was denied for too many accounts. Oh well.

what is your breakdown of x/6, x/24?

I’m at 4/6 and 8/24 for personal accounts on my report as they pulled it.

did u try recon? those stats are really low. so ur 4/6 and 8/12 and 8/24?

I had the same experience. Was denied for for Arrival+ in late July with too many new accounts at 10/24 but instantly approved for Aviator Red earlier this week.I already have 2 Barclay cards open (Priceline and Miles and More) and spend about $1500/month on the Priceline card.

I believe the cards are put on different marketing evaluation levels with other similar competing cards when it comes to applying.

Here are two reports of Arrival, no, but AA yes. Competitor in same category (AA), Citibank. Is the credit market highly competitive: yes

Makes me want to try for another Aviator in January or so. IF memory serves me, that might be the two year wait sentence served. I did get an Arrival this year, so can’t say slam dunk. I sure need an AA branded card.

what is your breakdown of x/6, x/12?

When I applied for arrival plus I was at 0/6, 1/12. 1/6, 2/12 for Aviator.

Never had any problem and applied for over 14 cards this year in my name and 14 in my wife’s name answer still got accepted credit score is 795 with 29 year credit history the only complaint is that it takes like 3 weeks for Barclays cards to arrive in the mail

what is your breakdown of x/6 and x/24? so u got approved for A+?

I applied for and was approved for the 45k Wyndham offer in early August. I’m at about 20/24. I only had 4 TransUnion inquiries at the time. Got an arrival+ in February…was like 12/24 then.

I’m also around 20/24 but was denied the Wyndham card last month, with one unsuccessful recon call (rep was very firm so I didn’t bother with HUCA). I was told though they had issues with my recent new accounts… and proceeded to name what I opened within the past FOUR months. One of them was actually from six months ago.

My wife was approved for the Aviator around the same time, being at maybe 12/24. When she applied for the Arrival+ a month later it went into pending…

I was denied and reasoning was too many accounts, 14 in 24 months.

what is your breakdown of x/6, x/12, x/24?

god damn, do you need an assistant to help juggle that?

I am 7/24 and I got denied for Arrival + however I got approved for AA Aviator. Applied 09/11/17

Max what is your x/6 and x/12?

My wife is 8/24 and got denied for AA Aviator. But that’s 8/24 as primary. Maybe they are looking at secondary cards of which she has at least that many again.

Arrival+, literally just applied earlier today (9/15), denied (called recon, said they couldn’t overturn it at all).

Have the Aviator Red opened early this year, nothing else.

I believe I’m 6/12 and 11/24.

3 hard inquiries on TU per Credit Karma prior to this new one.

To add to the DPs, I just applied for the JetBlue Plus AFTER the Arrival+ and was approved.

u said u were 6/12. were u also 6/6?

I have many cards open in the last 2 years 15+,
Had an arrival plus and M @m. Closed m@m, 2 days later applied for aviators and m@m approved w recon

10/16- applied for A+. Denied. My cards at that point were CSR,CSP,Amex Bluecash, US bank flex perks.

Called recon. Denied. Said both too many inquiries and new accounts. Called recon again. Denied. Called weeks later again and they asked for a hard pull. I said yes. Denied.

1/17 applied again. Denied. Called recon. 75 days, multiple calls and three HPs, Finally approved.

Barclays seems extraordinary tough. Recon even told me on multiple occasions they are looking at INQUIRIES as well. This alone would put this card out of reach for casual churners.

PS-Barclays doesn’t care one bit if you bank with them either (had 10k in online savings)

PPS-they later closed my entire account for MS. I got about $1000 worth of redemptions from them until they had enough and shuttered the account with no warning.

Yikes. At least you got the $1000.

damn. sorry to hear that. can you give us ur stats? what was the reason? if you got only 1k A+ redemptions then u only did 50K MS? that doesnt seem a lot.

Wow, I appreciate your persistence although three HPs seems excessive. I guess third time is the charm?

Got denied on 9/11 for Arrival+. ~10-15 in 24 months.

what is your breakdown of x/6, x/12?

Denied as well for same reason. 4 new credit cards in past 12 months.

did u try recon? 4/12 is very low. im sure u could have pushed it.

I was denied the Arrial + on Sep.12, despite no new account or hard pull in the past 6 months. Of course I’m at lol/24 so not sure if the magic number would be 6 in 24 months.

I never have problem approving for Barclay card, got instance approval for Aviator Red in Jan, 2017; Hawaiian in June, 2016 and my last Arrial Plus May, 2015, formal US Airway in 2014

lol/24…love it!

this is very strange. lots of people are claiming 6/24 but i think its much less than that. so you were 0/6 and got denied? wow. what is your breakdown of x/12, x/24?

I got an Arrival+ in May, I was probably 10/24 or so at the time.

what is your breakdown of x/6, x/12?

11 accounts since January 2017

Aviator Red w/ 12K CL on 5/2/17 – Downgraded to White 8/7/17 – Lowered CL to 5K 8/31/17

Approved for Aviator Red on 9/12/17 automatically while at 11/24

I applied for the Barclays CashForward Mastercard for the bonus a week ago and prior to that in the past 2 years I have applied for around 10-13 credit cards and been approved and I was instantly approved for Barclays so I do not think it is true.Also I never had a relationship with Barclays before.

I’m about 20/24, 12/12. Approved for Hawaiian September 5 for 17k

20/24 with four TransUnion inquiries and no personal AUs. Have an Arrival+ from November 2016. Applied for a JetBlue Plus in late August and was approved instantly.

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