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[Expired] Barclay Arrival+ Now with 50,000 Point Bonus, Worth $525 in Travel


[Update 9/12/17: According to OMAAT, this signup bonus offer will end within the next few days. Offer began on 9/16/16, almost a year ago.]

The Offer

Direct Link 

  • Signup for the Barclay Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard and get 50,000 bonus points after spending $3,000 within 90 days

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-12-24-09-amCard Details

  • $89 annual fee, waived the first year
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Points are worth $.01 per point when redeemed for travel (which makes the signup bonus worth $500)
  • Double points on all purchases (effective earning rate of 2.1% back on all purchases)
  • There’s also a 5% bonus after redeeming points (redeem 50,000 points and get 2500 points bonus, for example)

Our Verdict

The card wasn’t available for signup at all via ordinary channels until a couple weeks ago. Good to see them increase the bonus. I don’t think they’ve ever had anything more than the 40k offer as a public offer so this is a unique opportunity to get an extra $105 value out of the card.

If you just applied recently, try escalating to a supervisor and you might have success getting the new bonus matched.

Remember that Barclay doesn’t limit us to once bonus per life, and so long as you don’t currently have the card you can signup again. And Barclay typically pulls Transunion which is a lesser used bureau. Arrival+ wasn’t on my plate, but maybe I’m considering going for it with the 50k bonus.

It’s worth reading 26 Things You Should Know About Barclaycard Credit Cards before applying.

Hat tip to welltraveledmile

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Does Barclays code Plastiq as a cash advance? I may get this and pay my rent for a quich $500.

I’ve been using it with Plastiq, no cash advance.

Been using Barclays MC for HoA payments. Works just fine.

Hi Chuck,
Thanks for the post. I had cancelled by Arrival+, 7 months back. Reading your previous post tells me that I should be eligible again to get the bonus (i.e. passed 6 months limit). But here is the question, In T&C for this offer says: “This onetime 50,000 miles bonus offer is valid for first-time Cardmembers with new accounts only.” Does it mean that they have changed their churnable policy and I will not be able to get the bonus again?

I got the arrival+ for a 2nd time 3 1/2mos ago after downgrading and closing, so 2yrs total, I think 7mos is cutting it too close imo for possibly a wasted pull and denial

Thanks! Even I had closed the card 2 years back, do you think I would have been able to get the bonus again? Because, T&C says: “This onetime 50,000 miles bonus offer is valid for first-time Cardmembers with new accounts only.”
Is this statement always been there all along and never been enforced?

if ur still talking about TC vs actual practice for this card, you havent read enough.

If they deny you based on previously having the card, there won’t be a hard pull if you are a current Barclaycard customer.

I think that language was added somewhat recently, but is not being enforced.

I got the Arrival+ for the second time in April and the bonus points posted for me.

How long did you wait before applying for the second one?

That language has been there for awhile and isn’t enforced.

Can confirm I received the 50K bonus with this new sign up. Was last approved for Arrival+ in 5/2015, cancelled card in 5/2016 and reapplied and approved 9/2016. Hopefully they keep not enforcing the T&C!

I signed up 3 1/2 months ago for a second time (1st arrival+ : 2013) sadly I think ima few months too late to match 🙁

If I previously had the Arrival+ but downgraded it to the Arrival about 6 months ago, could I get this bonus on another Arrival+?

No, I would close the Arrival first, then apply.

Last AOR, I tried applying for an Arrival+ while having an Arrival and was denied the bonus. It took several calls to CSRs to get them to post the bonus miles and I got different stories on if I was really eligible because I already had an Arrival. I’d suggest saving yourself the headache I went through and just close your Arrival completely.

Just to clarify my above comment, I eventually was approved for the Arrival+ and got the 40k bonus, but it took several calls and follow ups with various reps. Sounds like all the hassle could have been avoided had I just closed my Arrival before applying.

I have a different problem. Signed up but missed the spending by one day so i didn’t get the bonus. Cancel the card in march. Will i be eligible for the bonus?

With Barclay it is recommended to wait at least 6 months before applying again for a new Barclay credit card.

You should be eligible for the new 50k bonus.

I opened the Arrival+ a week ago with 40,000 bonus. I sent a SM asking to be matched to the 50,000 offer and was denied 🙁 I’m going to try again by phone.

Damn I was just getting ready to send in a SM too, but you answered that for me. I also applied last week for both myself and wife and just received the cards yesterday.

If you get any luck speaking to a human let me know.

Can You Post If Asking For A Supervisor worked? I also signed up too early. 🙁

Barclay doesn’t seem to be as good as others with matching better offers. I got Aviator at 40K and when it went to 50K a week later, I couldn’t get them to match.

Got pending message. Whats barclay reconsider number?

After I got Sallie Mae, Barclay no longer approved a single card for me, no matter how many times I called, while other issuers haven’t turned me down for at least 2 years. The reason from Barclay is always too many hard pulls/ too many accounts. They pulled TransUnion on which I only have 3 hard pulls and 5 new accounts in the last 24 months. It’s just crazy. I don’t know why they deem me that risky.

OMG, I have Sallie Mae. Just applied and denied. It’s really bad 🙁

Any other DP on this? I have one Sallie Mae and my wife has two. Was thinking of going for Arrival+ again.

This is stupid. For Chase and Citi and Amex, whoever the issuer is, we at least have some idea what makes them decline the application. But for Barclay, it sucks. I have no idea what the logic is. I never miss a payment, FICO is at 780, not many new accounts/ hard pull, no much credit with Barclay, I didn’t see why they keep declining me for the card.

Same here too, after I got Sallie Mae, 6 months later, I was denied for an application for another card. Called reconsideration, they said I had too many inquiries (5 on Trans within last year) and too many accounts with them (currently I only have two Barclay cards). I remember seeing a post says they only allow you having two accounts with them. Maybe close one before you apply for this one?Would that be possible to get approved with a better chance?

They are very tough on new accounts/inquiries. With Barclay it’s best to hope for an instant approval because recons are very tough especially when the reason is “too many new accounts”. Almost impossible to get them to overturn.

well, its about time u said it…


Please give an update on whether the 2nd Arrival+ app was approved.

Usually it is best to wait at least 6 months between Barclay apps.

What about wait time after cancelling before applying for new if you hadn’t applied for any Barclay card in years?

I would say wait about a month. I got denied with US Airways when waiting less than a month, so I always wait more than a month between cancelling and applying for Arrivals.

How many Barclay cards can I have? I have Priceline Reward visa since Oct 2014 and other CC apps have been declined for a few times in 2015. Haven’t applied for any Barclay card in 2016.

Any idea when this increased bonus offer will end?

Can you hold 2 of these at the same time?

Did you read the post? I guess laziness is contagious.

preacher, did you read the post

Two questions:
1. Can I get the arrival plus if I currently have the no fee arrival? Seems like they are two different cards, so I’m assuming yes…
2. Is it possible to use arrival points for a Global Entry fee?


1. Yes, you can.
2. No, you can’t

Unfortunately, just found out that Barclays considered my current arrival the same product as arrival plus so no go

Sent a secure message and they denied the match. But in their response they addressed me by the wrong name! Called to speak to a supervisor to complain I may have a security breach due to the wrong name thing and to ask for the match. Put on hold for 5 minutes and she assured me no security breach (clerical error) but they would match to the 50,000 offer, especially due to the perception of a breach.
Long story to say calling a supervisor worked but not sure if the special circumstance helped.

If my spouse is an authorized user on my barclay arrival +, is she eligible to apply for this card and earn the bonus?

Yes, did the same for my parents.

Also, for future reference being an AU on one card doesn’t prevent you from getting the card in the future. So you don’t have the ask this question again…

What bureau does Barclaycard typically pull? (I’m in NY). TU right? Good opportunity to dust off my TU file, the HPs are looking pretty barren on that one. My EX on the other hand…. 😛

Damn, I wasn’t auto approved and went straight to pending. I had cancelled this card 10 months ago and currently have one other Barclay card which is about a year old and put $30k+ spending on in the last year.

I guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wait out the pending status before calling reconsideration.

You are fine…I applied for this card a few times (6+ months between apps). #2 and #3 went into pending but both were eventually approved without calling in. Didn’t put as much spend as you did beyond the minimum requirement.

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