Posted by William Charles on December 6, 2017
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Published on December 6th, 2017 | by William Charles


JetBlue Changes Price Drop Policy From 14 Days To 5 Days

JetBlue has made a change to their price drop policy effective immediately. Previously you had 14 days to call in and request a credit voucher if your flight dropped in price. They have now reduced this to only 5 days. Everything else regarding this policy is staying the same, for example:

  • Still requires calling in
  • Does not apply to coupon codes
  • Mosaic status members can rebook themselves and one guest for no fee

Not entirely sure why JetBlue is making a change to this policy, never good to see this – especially a no notice change. Fingers crossed that Southwest don’t follow suit and devalue their even more valuable rebooking policy.

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That’s why I have no problem with Southwest suing SWMonkey. Most people wouldn’t put in the time to save a few bucks. Southwest doesn’t have to offer this generous policy–if it costs them too much money they will kill it altogether.

If SW changes their policy that will really go against their mantra. Would be very surprised to see it.

Good. Perhaps they can now offer price drops and be more competitive without the whole plane calling for credit vouchers.

Used this about 12 days after booking last month. Oddly enough, it dropped again but the second credit went back to my credit card, and not into my travel bank.

5 days is still better than … pretty much every other US airline (save for Southwest and Alaska) so…

Curious what drove that change.


What’s the deal with Mosaic only rebooking one guest with no fee? I thought free cancellation applied to everyone on the same itinerary: “The change/cancel fee will also be waived for any traveler on the same reservation as the Mosaic member; the change/cancel fee for any other traveler not on that same reservation will still apply.”

Does this policy work on flights booked with miles? Can I call in and request mile differential credit?

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