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Published on February 5th, 2017 | by Chuck


What Works to Trigger JetBlue Portal Points with Amazon Shopping

For a couple of months now, we’ve been waiting for see whether Amazon purchases made via the JetBlue portal will track properly. Just today, the points for the first two weeks of purchases – up to December 15 – came through.

ReadEarn 3 JetBlue Points Per Dollar on All Amazon Purchases!

The tracking shows clearly the date and category of purchase. From there is should be easy enough to deduce which purchases got points.

Initially, the thinking was that JetBlue would post the miles after they get paid out from Amazon. Amazon typically pays out their affiliates with a two month delay from the end of the month, so December’s payment is made at the end of February. Either JetBlue has a separate payment plan or they are posting the miles before getting paid.

In any case, sounds like around two months will be the norm for the JetBlue portal miles to post.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 1.19.18 AM

What Works and What Doesn’t

Based on Reddit data points, we can confirm the following:

  • Purchases made using an Amazon gift credit do earn the 3x portal miles
  • Purchases of third-party gift cards do earn the 3x portal miles
  • Purchases of Amazon e-gift cards do earn 3x portal miles (No longer true)
  • Purchases of Amazon physical gift cards do earn 3x portal miles (No longer true)
  • Purchases of Amazon reload does not earn miles

Personally, I guess that all Amazon gift cards and reloads do work, and the report of reloads not working is an anomaly since Amazon tracks all these the same. Although it is visible which is a reload and which is a gift card purchase, it would be surprising for JetBlue to decide to create such a distinction on their own.

We should have many more data points soon.

Hat tip to r/churning

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Purchases of Amazon physical gift cards with teddy bear do earn 3x portal miles

So would that make it 6x miles eventually when the gift card is spent as well?

I’d go through the jetblue link everytime to make sure (second option)

Thanks for the heads up. I just checked my JetBlue account and miles from my December purchases posted. I always keep a gift credit balance (fueled by GCs from an office supply store), so another data point for gift credit purchases.

I bought a Qdoba gift card and paid with an amazon gift card. Got the points.

Amazon Gift Cards are now excluded from earning JetBlue points. Nice while it lasted.

So you have to wait a couple of months to know anything about your points? I started going through Jetblue for my Amazon purchases about 6 weeks ago and have seen nothing in my Jetblue account about these transactions. I thought I might be doing something wrong.

Yes, there is a big delay.

Anyone know if this works with one-click settings? It wont let you buy kindle books any other way, but the wording says “added to cart.” I checked the JB page and googled the question but I cant find any confirmation. Thanks!

Just to clarify, there is no “pending” status of points like with TopCashBack lets say, or others? So when we do the portal, we just wait and a few months later (if we remember all that we bought) we can compared what actually tracked? I am curious whether I should be clearing my cache, making sure my cart is empty, etc, before clicking their shop link. Want to be sure a large purchase tracks. Any suggestions?

haha, username does not equal email, my bad…. #monday

I started using the JetBlue portal last month, so no points have posted yet. I read on another site that you must add the items AFTER you click the link. If that’s the case, I’ve lost out on a lot of points. Is that correct?

I purchase nearly everyday from Amazon at work and decided to try Jetblue/Trueblue program. After logging into their website and clicking on the shop amazon link nearly every day, usually multiple times per day, I have only gotten credit for 2 of 18 times I shopped there. The 1st one was dated Nov 26 2017 and the second one was dated 12/13/17. What happened to the other 16 shops I did? Trying to talk to someone that knows ANYTHING about ‘earning’ points is near impossible. They usually get fed up and just say to wait another week, but clearly there is a issue if there are two ‘shops’ and the rest in between have not showed up….. any insight?

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