Posted by William Charles on January 30, 2018

Published on January 30th, 2018 | by William Charles


Did You Know? Priority Passes Can Be Used Once Every Two Hours (Useful For Restaurant Options)

Priority Pass is a network of lounges, a lot of readers will have complimentary access due to many premium cards offering priority pass memberships. Recently they have been adding a lot of restaurants to the network to gain a presence in airports they have been unable to secure lounges in. These restaurants typically give you a credit worth $28 per cardholder/guest. What most people don’t know is that you can actually get an additional credit after a period of two hours, this might be particularly useful for people with long lay overs.

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Thanks William Charles
Never thought about that.
Might come useful some day.

Maybe this is a recent change, in August I used it to get into one PP lounge and then when another opened up an hour later I used it to get into that one.

I believe Will is saying that you could use PP to access the same restaurant after a cooling off period of two hours. I don’t think this post is in reference to any sort time limit for two different lounges/restaurants

Ohhh gotcha. I didn’t even think of that.

Churning priority pass! lol

So I’m assuming the two hour clock would start from the moment they swiped your PP card (which IIRC usually occurs at the end of the meal when paying the bill)?

Here a twist….can you use one PP card at 9AM, and another at 930 AM? Is the vendor motivated to police the usage?

Stephen Toast, (LHR) London England
Stephen Toast, (LHR) London England

BC, I am having a ball dining and drinking at PDX, not to mention a doggie bag from Capers Cafe for the trip home. Miss you over at the old hang out

That’s gotta be you, Rams. Let me know the next time you are planning on a Caper’s run and I’ll figure out a way to be there. 😉

You can be my guest. No really, dont mention it.

Stephen Toast, (LHR) London England
Stephen Toast, (LHR) London England

that’s a good one…..House Spirits Distillery in PDX will be on me then…..We should also run into AS lounge a grab a pocket full of Pepridge Farms Goldfish, cheese and crackers too……….maybe we can take in a movie at the new concourse theater, i’ll take care of the admission.

Cheers, Your Pal
Stephen Toast, (LHR) London, England
The Toast of London

It’s policed by the ones where you’d want to, based on my experience. Capers in PDX is a great example. Previously, there was no exclusionary language and they encouraged it as long as there wasn’t a line and you could use two or three cards. They added new language in November which strictly prohibited using multiple cards. I got to know a couple of the cashiers and they let me continue for a while, but that ended rather quickly.

Also now they dont let you buy unopened bottled wine to go :/

Wow, that’s really good to know. Thank you.

Never tried PP in restaurants.. I wonder if I can stack two PP cards (eg. one from Citi and another from Amex) to score $56 credit?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

We can stack, then this is why we CAN have nice things.

So you’ve successfully used two different PP memberships to pay for the same meal? Did the restaurant give you any crap or they didn’t care?

FWIW, this did NOT work at the Capers Market in PDX in mid/late Dec. I had a same day turn and stopped by to grab food for my outbound flight early in the morning. When I arrived back in PDX late the same night, they were still open so thought I’d grab a bite for the drive home – the cashier advised that I’d already used the benefit for the day, and showed me the confirmation on the screen with the timestamp from the first use. Any idea if this was rogue employee, a location specific rule, or did the policy recently change?

Piggy back on this, what about centurion lounge? it must be a certain hour limit to allow same day departure and arrival. Also, If I carry 2 plat, can I bring 4 guests for free?

I tried this when I had 3 guests. They officially don’t let you use 2 different plats to bring >2 guests, but they were nice to me and made an exception that one time.

Good to know. Won’t abuse it but just in case needed.

If you have an identical twin or body double, sure!

“it must be a certain hour limit to allow same day departure and arrival. ”

Not as far as I know, beyond the fact that the lounge opens and closes. You have to have a ticket on a flight departing that day to enter. Practically though that’s going to limit most people’s stays. Unless you have a late night flight and show up really early you aren’t going to spend very long. Even then, most airlines will only accept checked bags so many hours before. So yes, in theory you could get a late night ticket, check no bags and show up at 6am and booze for the day. But most people aren’t really going to do that.

Sure, I guess I can stretch a tasting at the House Spirits Distillery in PDX out for a couple of hours & get another round.

When I visited back in August, the bartender said the partnership has been great for them.

Once at that distillery was plenty for me. (Also, steer clear of their pre-mixed drinks.)

OTOH, I’ve become quite a cheese, jam, and expensive snack lover….

there needs to be a disclaimer that this is NO different than hotel loyalty programs. nothing is guaranteed. its 100% up to the property. i fukn hate the YMMV nature of getting benefits esp if ur an elite, buts PP is the same way. and if the establishment doesnt know crap, your SOL.

Here’s another possible twist…even if you don’t want to eat, if the PP restaurant location has gift cards you can buy, that might be worth a “visit”

What type of giftcards?

i was in shanghai prioirty pass lounge with a limit of 2 hrs. does it mean after the 2 hrs i can go back in and use another credit?

Does the rule apply to different restaurants/lounges? If there are more than one restaurants/lounges, do I need to wait for two hours from the moment my PP card is swiped in the first restaurant to use PP in another restaurant?

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