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Published on May 7th, 2018 | by William Charles


Credit Cards That Offer Priority Pass Memberships Compared – What Are The Differences?

It’s becoming increasingly common for premium credit cards to offer priority pass lounge access. For those not familiar Priority Pass is a network of over 800 airport loungesReader Eric asked if we could create a post comparing the differences and we aim to please so here we are! Below is a list of credit cards that offer priority pass lounge access as a benefit, this is then followed by a comparison table.

Cards That Offer This Benefit

The SPG Luxury card will also offer the same priority pass benefits when it’s launched.

Comparison Table

 Free Access# Of GuestsAuthorized UsersMobile AppAnnual fee
American Express PlatinumYesTwo guests freeYes (normally $175 for three additional cardholders)YesVaries ($550 normally)
Chase Ritz-CarltonYesNo limit*Yes (no fee)No$450.00
Chase Sapphire ReserveYesNo limit* (from August 26th a two guest limit will apply)Yes ($75 per cardholder)Yes$450.00
City National Bank Visa InfiniteYesNo limit*Yes, doesn’t have to be authorized^Yes$400
Citi PrestigeYesTwo guests or immediate familyYes ($50 per cardholder)Yes$350-$450
Hilton Honors Ascend10 free visits, then $27 per visit$27 per guest (can use the 10 free visits)NoYes$95.00
Business Hilton Honors10 free visits, then $27 per visit$27 per guest (can use the 10 free visits)NoYes$95
Barclaycard Gold & BlackYesNo limitUnknown ($195 for black & $295 for gold)?$495, $995
U.S. bank Altitude ReserveFour free visits for primary cardholder, four free for guests then $27No limit*No?$400
Hilton Honors AspireYesTwo guests free & then $27 per guestNo fee, but no access to Priority Pass loungesYes$450

This table contains four columns:

  • Free access: This is whether the primary cardholder receives free access or not.
  • # Of Guests: This includes the number of free guests you’re allowed to bring into lounges. You can bring in additional guests for a cost of $27 per person if you want to exceed these limits. Note some lounges also have a restriction on the total amount of guests you can bring in (this is also relevant to the Chase Sapphire Reserve)
  • Authorized users: This indicates whether authorized user cardholders also receive this benefit or not. Unless otherwise noted if they do receive this benefit it’s the same as the primary cardholder.

*Some lounges have a restriction on the total amount of guests you can bring in, this limit still applies to cards that have no hard limits on the amount of guests that can be brought in.

^This card lets you choose one other person to receive this benefit, they don’t have to be an authorized user.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve will add a restriction of two guests per lounge from August 26th, 2018 onwards. I suspect we will see a similar restriction on the Chase Ritz-Carlton when it’s revamped.

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is the table missing?

Where’s the table?

Thanks for posting about this!

Is it just me, or is the comparison table nowhere to be found?

I faced a three hour time limit with a prestige tied priority pass in an international lounge. Not sure if this was the policy of the lounge or the card. Had to leave when there was a flight delay.

he will update it after his afternoon tea shhh

What Table?

I can haz table?

Also, I am hoping it includes information about family (separate from guest information)

For the table please send $9.99 for s&h to :

One other point of comparison: some cards allow you to use the digital card feature in the PP app for access to lounges, but some (including my Chase SR) don’t. That function is disabled in the app. I guess it’s an extra expense to the card company that Chase didn’t want to pay.

CSR now include digital pass. It was added on later. It came in real handy at LAX international terminal on my way to Fiji and I forgot my physical card. I think DoC has a post about it. You’ll need to re register separately.

It’s a secret table. Type in 5/24 in the secret password box to reveal…

Question. If i close the Citi Prestige
Can i still use the PP until its expiration date?

Would like to know this too. I Would like to stick to the citi. Be careful they might let you use the card and charge your prestige and come after you for payment. I think cards can still get charged even after you close them?

Can they?

Chase magic powers made anyone over 5/24 not see the table.

I have a targeted mailer but no invitation code can I still see please

I believe this post is just a template.

maybe DoC is just messing with us to see the comments fill up 🙂


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