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Kroger: 4x Fuel Points on Gift Cards

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

Check your Kroger coupons for the following offers:

  • Save the digital coupon to get 4x fuel points on participating third-party gift cards through April 4th
  • Save the digital coupon to get 4x fuel points on Visa and Mastercard fixed-value gift cards through April 3rd

Our Verdict

Between the two coupons, you can hopefully get an unlimited 4x fuel points on all gift cards with the exception of Kroger gift cards, Amex gift cards, and variable-load Visa/MC/Amex gift cards. Note, the 3rd-party offer notes “participating gift cards” so it’s possible it won’t work on everything. 

Fuel points earned in March will be valid through the end of April. Points earned in April will be valid through the end of May. Also, purchases during April can get 5% back with Chase Freedom and Discover IT cards as part of the quarterly categories. 

The standard deal at Kroger is 2x fuel points on gift card purchases, and they’ll occasionally release offers for 4x. Usually, every 1000 fuel points will get you a discount of $1 per gallon with a 35-gallon limit, a max value of $35 per 1000-points, though these details do vary by store and region.

Hat tip to reader Jeremy

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When I logged in to add these coupons, I also had an offer show to get 10% off of a Subway GC ($25 or more), expires 4/7. It says it only applies to a single GC.

So if you get a $50 Subway GC on 4/1 w/ a CF, you’d get 15% back ($7.50, or slightly more if you redeem at 1.25-1.5% w/ CSP, CSR, CIP) and 250 fuel points (0.25 off a fill-up; approx $4.4 for me).

Isn’t this live now and goes for 2 weeks? Thru April 4

Interesting. I can see both coupons when not logged in, but once I am logged into my account both the 4x coupons disappeared.

thats happened to me before too…very weird

Just a cautionary DP:

FredMeyer in Portland, OR didn’t award points for the $100 VGC cards last time I tried to do this. It showed up on the receipt as a promotion, but I had to call customer service to get them to credit the fuel points.

The offer clearly indicates it doesn’t apply to variable load gift cards, why is everyone thinking otherwise? Is it not enforced, am I missing something?

“Offer excludes Mastercard® and/or Visa® Variable Load Gift Cards. While supplies last. No rain checks. Downloaded coupon is valid for unlimited redemptions for each Mastercard or Visa Gift Card purchased during the promotional period. Subject to availability. The Gift Cards cannot be reloaded with additional funds, nor can they be used at an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). No cash access. For use in the U.S. only. Terms and conditions apply and other fees may apply to Gift Cards. See gift card package for details. The Gift Cards are issued by U.S. Bank National Association pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. or Mastercard® International Incorporated. Mastercard and the Mastercard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated. Selling or purchasing fuel points is prohibited. Fuel redemption offer cannot be combined with any other discounts. No discounts to dealers, wholesalers or fleet programs. No cash back. Not valid where prohibited by law. We may suspend or remove you from the fuel program due to violation of these terms or because of fraudulent activity or suspected fraudulent activity. Product and offer may not be available in all states.”

just curious, anyone did the math yet on the $100 fix value GC to see whats worth it including fees? i never bothered since we are limited to 40 cents/gal here in SCAL. for $1 off it would be solid.

I did…i dont remember what the result was, but it was definitely worth doing. be warned though, that when I bought 2 $100 VGCs at FredMeyer, it didn’t trigger the fuel points on the receipt. the special showed on the receipt, but i had to call customer service to get the points added

appreciate the tip.

Before fees, and assuming an area with a max of $1 off and you’re using the full 35 gallons, it’s 14% back in value. With fees, and assuming you bought $500 worth of $100 cards (because buying 2 $100 and 1 $50 lowers your return quite a bit. Doing this would require to get 70 gallong total over the next month and a half) it would be 8% back before liquidation costs and ignoring any credit card rewards.

The 40 cents off doesn’t really change the math if it’s still on 35 galons. Just means you have to buy a single card for $6 and you get $14 in value before liquidation and card rewards ($8 net)

appreciate the info. makes sense. getting $1 off is the key tho. getting only 40 cents would def change the math. meaning, instead of saving $35 from 35 gal, youre capped at $14/gal. thats less than half for the same amount of gas. so u would have to put in more gas just to clean out the remaining savings. i guess its still positive cash tho so its still worth it to some degree but you really have to be using up that gas. i should get gas tanks vs cans.

with a $5.95 fee for $100 GCs, you pay $30 for 5x$100 cards. At a modest 2% cash back, thats $10, so for $20 out of pocket, you can save up to $70 on gas (with $1 off). Not bad if you can get the whole 35 gallons/fillup. Even better with 3-5% cashback. I coordinate gas with my son or SO. I either get a free lunch later or bonus brownie points. As usual, liquidation is YMMV.

thank u for the info. $1 off/gal is the key i see. i cant make use of 35gal even tho i have 2 gas cans @ 5 gal each, but thats where the real benefit is. hitting $70 discount from only $500 VGC.

From April 1-3 this will pair nicely with 5X at grocery stores from Freedom.

Good point! Discover too.

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