Posted by William Charles on May 14, 2018
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Published on May 14th, 2018 | by William Charles


LATAM Massively Devalues New ‘Multiplus’ Program

LATAM Airlines previously had two rewards program: LATAM Fidelidade & LATAM Pass. The program you were enrolled in depended on your country of residence. Now all LATAM frequent flyer programs have been consolidated into the new Multiplus program. Previously they had sent out e-mails to existing users that the new combined program would not affect redemption cost, but as so often is the case this is not what is happening in reality (official wording was ‘Remember, this change will not affect your current account status nor the way you redeem your points’)

For example BUE-SAO used to cost 15,000 miles at the ‘access’ level and it now costs 20,000 miles. RIO-SAO used to cost 5,000 miles and now prices at 9,000 miles. The only positive to come out of the new program seems to be that you can now book one way awards. U.S. Bank issues the co-branded LATAM credit cards but only attractive bonuses we’ve seen were 30,000 miles/48,000 KM. I know this won’t affect most readers, but I think it’s important to call out rewards programs that make these no notice changes. This is a particularly bad case due to the devaluation seemingly being across the board and 30-50% and the fact they told readers no devaluation would be occurring.


Hat tip to readers Chris & Daniel & usernamechuck

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Not to stick up for them but to be fair, with the wording of “…nor the way you redeem your points” then honestly I don’t see that as synonymous with “redemption amounts will not go up”. The “WAY” you redeem hasn’t changed – they didn’t say anything about the PRICING of said redemptions.


LIM-CUZ used to be 3-4k each way now it’s 20k each way.

Actually, it’s “only” 7.5k one way now /////:D

Clearly, it is a variable program now — I do not have an inkling of how rates are determined, but if you are lucky enough to find a flight, rates will vary. Just did a couple quick searches and LIM-CUZ showed 9K-20K.

Well, I do appreciate the one-way option! But it’s kind of pointless now, as they have indeed *massively* devaluated the program — I don’t have the energy to do an extensive analysis, but my sample searches look massively different than some searches I have done in the past year. For the basic searches I did, it seems likely that it will be 40-55k ‘points’ (as they’re now called) to get from the US to S. America… Somehow I missed this upcoming devaluation, and I am not sure how I will even put the points I have to use.

I had 32000 kms which were converted to 20000 miles which are now 20000 points. One way on AA PHX-LAX is now 25000 points. Maybe I can get magazine subscriptions – that’s about it now!

I don’t even think they offer subscriptions! hahaha… ugh.

Let me just let everyone here know that LATAM is one of the worst airlines I have EVER flown. Lost my bag. Horrible customer service. Had no tracking information on the bag. Impossible to get in touch with someone knowledgable on the phone. And given the constant run-around. Just read stories online to get a better sense of how terrible this company is.


They’re kind of a Delta… good operation in flight, crap redemption and mileage program.


At first I thought perhaps multiplus was some kind of Plenti program that could be used for other purposes. But I gather it’s from TAM, the Brazilian airline that LAN bought. Sucks.

I saw this myself during the past week as I tried to apply my 44k km/miles/points to a couple of flights (my wife has an almost identical amount). I’m not sure what the cost was before, but 2-3 years ago I used this program for some pretty good values. Now SCL->IGR priced out at 78k and more. My points expire at the end of the year if not used, and they may just go to waste. I do have one more possible option. We’ll see. Getting another LAN card wouldn’t completely get me where I need to go.

One more note. Although my previous experience with transferring SPG points to LAN was abysmally slow and problematic, I checked a couple of days ago just to see. I saw no form of LAN or multiplus listed as a transfer option for SPG points.

While I am still waiting for my dates to become available, UA seems to offer SCL->IGU awards for 12,500 + fees.

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