Posted by Chuck on June 21, 2018

Published on June 21st, 2018 | by Chuck


Leaked Photo Indicates Amazon Prime Day will be July 16-17

A leaked photo on the Amazon UK website indicates Prime Day 2018 will run 36 hours starting at noon on July 16 and continuing the entire July 17th, as spotted by TechRadar (image below).

Last month we posted a rumor that Amazon would be running ‘Prime Week’ this year. There’s no mention of that on this image – we’ll have to see if that ends up happening or not.

Prime Day 2016 was on July 12th for 24 hours, Prime Day 2017 was on July 10-11 for 30 hours, and Prime Day 2018 is slated for July 16-17 for 36 hours. Here’s a link to Prime Day 2018 on Amazon, though the date is not yet shown there.

2016 a lot of people were let down, 2017 had lots of widely usable lead-up deals, though Prime Day itself some considered lackluster. What’s in store for 2018? We’ll find out. It’ll also be interesting to watch other retailers respond with their own events or sales, as was the case last year.

We’ve had dedicated stickied posts for the past two Prime Days, I expect we’ll do the same this time. There was also a discussion in this post last year about how we should cover future Prime Days, we’ll see how it goes. Big thanks to readers who support the site by using our links when shopping (our links below).

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I just made a “machine learning model” to predict Prime Day 2019 and the result is July 15-16 for 42 hours.

yeah i built a AI brain network that also came with the same outcome

Good job. We are living in the era of AI.

interesting.. what models and features are you using? how big is your data set?

at this rate “prime day” will be year-round by the year 3475.
something to look forward to.

36 hours of non-deals oh boy!

Just curious, Why not put them on weekends?..

Because working days are usually busier as people purchase at work I guess?


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