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Churny McChurn
Churny McChurn (@guest_1798676)
February 16, 2024 12:17

Anyone who applied in Oct still waiting for the personal bonus? I realize the T&C say it’ll appear in the 4th statement, but past DPs had it paying out right away.

mothman69 (@guest_1798915)
February 16, 2024 20:42

Yes I opened in October as well but haven’t seen anything yet. I have had 4 different statements, although the October statement was abbreviated. Maybe they meant the 4th “full” statement?

ntn (@guest_1799197)
February 17, 2024 16:22

Churny McChurn mothman69 I emailed support and was told they’re having an issue on their end. I would sit tight and see if they’ll apply a system-wide fix.

mothman69 (@guest_1799201)
February 17, 2024 16:27

Awesome, thanks for the update!

Chubby McChurn
Chubby McChurn (@guest_1799837)
February 19, 2024 08:53


Unotime1 (@guest_1804175)
February 27, 2024 22:52

Also opened in Oct and still waiting personal bonus. Did real DDs. Will call/email them on 3/1 since I guess they have through 2/29/24 to pay…

Mike (@guest_1790426)
February 1, 2024 10:38

Just received the $450 bonus for business checking (5 deposits of $1k/month for 3 months and keep $3,500 average balance for 3 months). Account was opened on 10/25/2023.

Nap (@guest_1790831)
February 1, 2024 19:16

Also opened in October, funded with check >$3.5k when opened. 5 deposits of $1k/month in November, December and January. No bonus yet. I guess I will inquire (according to T&C they would have until the end of February to deposit the bonus). You didn’t do 5 deposits in October, right?

Matt J
Matt J (@guest_1777141)
January 13, 2024 14:03

I may have screwed myself on this one.

Opened account on October 28th. First DD of $1000 was November 5th. I just left the $1000 in there and then deposited $1000 on December 5th and January 5th.

However, when I look at my statement for November, my average daily balance was $995. This is because the first 5 days of November didn’t have $1000 in it. I thought it was “minimum $1000”. Surprised they don’t give you much room to get the average daily balance up if you open your account at the end of the month.

Still no bonus payment yet. Not holding my breath due to not having $1000 average daily balance in November.

Framingham Man
Framingham Man (@guest_1778087)
January 15, 2024 09:59

You’re screwed, sorry. Same thing happened with me, multiple HUCAs resulted in nothing.

Matt J
Matt J (@guest_1778128)
January 15, 2024 11:12

Gah! Annoying. Any ETF? If not I may just close so I can get my cash back

ntn (@guest_1768803)
January 2, 2024 09:32

Anyone who applied in Sept get their bonus yet? I applied online, so I suspect there might be a tracking issue since my bonus hasn’t paid out by the end of the 4th statement period (3rd full calendar month).

nurglefish (@guest_1770360)
January 4, 2024 00:12

Same timeframe here, no bonus yet

JT (@guest_1773043)
January 7, 2024 23:51

Same. Have you done real DDs? I did ACH from Schwab and I have no idea if it will work or not. I’m close to pulling all the funds though

nurglefish (@guest_1781869)
January 20, 2024 09:21

I did real DDs, still nothing. Will follow up with them

nurglefish (@guest_1792490)
February 4, 2024 09:40

I got a reply that the issue is on their side and they are trying to resolve

Matt J
Matt J (@guest_1796192)
February 10, 2024 21:33


ntn (@guest_1799191)
February 17, 2024 16:17

Update: I reached out to support in early Feb and they said they’re aware of the issue. They will deposit at the end of the month for me.

Sounded like my account was manually reviewed. I did a mix of employer DD and Novo.

JR (@guest_1757077)
December 12, 2023 18:04

Anyone have a link that works? It looks like the ones on this page are landing on a 404 page

Peek (@guest_1757118)
December 12, 2023 19:18

 William Charles Looks like this has been pulled early, links are showing 404. JR I looked around and couldn’t find a new link anywhere.

Nap (@guest_1758851)
December 15, 2023 11:37

See a comment below, someone claimed that, after talking to CSR, promo is still available. You might have to go into a branch to get it.

Drew (@guest_1752237)
December 6, 2023 02:24

Applied online and having issues setting up eStatements. Tried clicking the link while logged in and receive ineligibility message, filled out the online form, and asked customer support who said they registered for me but it is still not showing. Customer support opened a ticket and told me people who applied online are having this known issue. It has been approximately 2 weeks so plenty of time but currently a hassle

Nap (@guest_1749093)
December 1, 2023 12:34

Personal in branch Woburn offer, $450 bonus posted 11/30 (last day of third full calendar month, account was opened in August).

JT (@guest_1749423)
December 1, 2023 21:23

Can you spoof the DD? If so, what worked

Nap (@guest_1749553)
December 2, 2023 04:32

I did real DD.

Mike (@guest_1748629)
November 30, 2023 17:44

For anyone who’s thinking of trying to go for the personal and business bonuses – apparently you are not eligible for the personal bonus if your business account is under your SSN. I opened up a business checking account last month, and when I inquired about the personal bonus with a branch manager, she said I would not be eligible for that since my business checking account is under my SSN. I was surprised because this is the first bank I’ve heard of that doesn’t allow you to get a personal bonus and a business bonus.

Nap (@guest_1749185)
December 1, 2023 14:46

Looks like you did it in the wrong order, unfortunately. My T&C were

“You will not qualify for the Bonus if you are an existing East Cambridge Savings Bank Tax Reported Owner on any existing checking account or had a checking account in the past 60 days.”

“You will not qualify for the Bonus if you are an existing East Cambridge Savings Bank Tax Reported Owner on any existing business checking account or had a business checking account in the past 60 days.”

Mike (@guest_1751553)
December 5, 2023 10:47

Ah, wish I had seen that before, good to know! Hopefully they’ll have a personal bonus available next year after I close the business account.

steve (@guest_1736011)
November 13, 2023 13:43

Got a response from their marketing@ecsb handle on the broken offer page. It seems that there is a code applied in the provided link if you look at the URL and compare it to just opening a checking normally.

“Thank you for contacting us regarding the East Cambridge Checking Bonus offer.
Please rest assured that If you open a new East Cambridge Checking or East Cambridge Business Checking account (online, in person at a banking center or with via phone with Customer Service), you will still be eligible to earn the bonus with qualifying activities.
Click here to apply online for an East Cambridge Checking Account. Business Accounts must be opened in one of our 11 Banking Center locations, or via phone at 866-354-3272.
Best regards,
The Marketing Team @ East Cambridge Savings Bank”

Page still seems broken, but apparently the offer still stands

Isaac (@guest_1735916)
November 13, 2023 10:52

Anybody have lnks that work? The ones in OP do not

ntn (@guest_1736014)
November 13, 2023 13:58

If you’re asking about cc funding, it wasn’t an option for the personal account as of Sept. Not sure about biz but that’s in branch only, so likely a no-go.

Nap (@guest_1736018)
November 13, 2023 14:05

I think OP meant web links? It looks like they took the promos down as the links are not working any more.

ntn (@guest_1736084)
November 13, 2023 15:24

lol that makes more sense