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Published on November 30th, 2017 | by Chuck


Many Plenti Partners Leaving in 2018 (Hulu, Nationwide, Enterprise, Alamo, National, Local Dining, Direct Energy)

Plenti lets us know that many of their partners are leaving them on January 1, 2018 including: Hulu, Nationwide, Enterprise, Alamo, National, Local Dining, and Direct Energy. At&t has already exited beginning November.

Partners remaining include: Exxon/Mobil, Rite Aid, Macy’s, Chili’s, Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo, and Harvey’s. Amex is in discussion with the remaining partners over the future of the program. They’ve also discontinued the Amex Plenti credit card.

In the event they close down the Plenti program completely, I imagine they’ll give some period of time to use up Plenti points, but might be worth using them up sooner rather than later out of caution.

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Will usually does his new year predictions late Dec early Jan.

well my prediction is Plenti will be dead 1st half of 2018.

What a failure. They should just go ahead and cut their losses.

I still have $200 in there…

maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll convert to MR at some reasonable ratio

If you live near a Winn-Dixie, go buy some gift cards with it.

I’ll give you $100 for it.

can you just buy Mobil gift cards at the register with Plenti? If so, do it – you’ll always be buying gas.

otherwise, does Rite Aid sell gift cards? does Macys?

You can’t use points to buy gift cards.

The trick for Plenti points is to game Macy’s. Get a 20% off coupon (they practically mail this to me weekly) and then wait until eBates has a 15-20% cashback promotion.

The use of Plenti points is coded as a regular payment, so eBates gives you cashback on that amount.

I have a ton of other points from other sources, so I don’t really care for MR. I converted $400 in MR from a bonus I got to Plenti.

A nice $800 MSRP living room table was marked down to $500, I used the 20% off code to bring it to $400. Then used my Plenti points + eBates and made about $70 off the entire (FREE) transaction that eBates mailed me a check for that quarter.

Rinse and repeat. You even get a small amount of Plenti points thru Macy’s for purchasing the item (was an extra $2-3).


People rag on Plenti but it’s pretty gameable.

Also, Plenti portal offers an $8 cashback bonus on any order made through Safeway’s Online Ordering site. Safeway would frequently send our $20 off $49 codes for “first time” users to their online site. I would create new emails and re-use the code, then I would use promo codes that Safeway provides on its own site to bring the price of goods down (the $49 is tracked before promo code use, not after).

All in all, I was able to get between $50-60-70 worth of groceries for something like $35-40 minus the $20 sign up bonus, then get an additional 800 plenti points via the Portal.

JordanE, Thank you for your insight. I thought that you couldn’t use Plenti points on furniture? Or is the rule that you can’t use Plenti points online to buy furniture? Did you buy your living room table in the store?


I had no idea that limitation existed. It was 100% online (via website) – just plugged in my phone number associated with Plenti + the PIN and redeemed away.

Maybe they added this condition after I did this? I purchased it around May.

Better yet, I did this when Macy’s was offering $10 Macy gift card for every $50 spend up to $40 per transaction in addition to an extra 20% off sale items. I combine this with Chase’s 10% cashback offer for Macys ( I put $1 on my freedom card so the purchase can count for the cashback promo ).

I purchased $199 worth of items at Macys using my plenti points and in return I received $40 Macy’s gift card and 2,010 UR points .

My guess is Plenti will be gone entirely soon.

All I hope for is one more shot at MR to Plenti with bonus.

Free gas for over a year at Exxon Mobil was probably the most psychologically rewarding redemption I’ve ever had.

National Alamo wasn’t even a real partnership. You earned Plenti in lieu of Free Days. They have a partnership like United Airlines and National have one.

Darn, I was really hoping that someday Amex would give me that Hulu deal and I could stack it with Swagbucks and Plenti. Oh well, I was probably never going to get it anyway. I’ll have to be content with an occasional $2 off at Chili’s.

Always possible rite aid may leave if/when Walgreens merger occurs.

I thought the merger was called off. Rite Aid’s Plenti rewards program is much better than the Walgreens program.

There haven’t been any Hulu offers on Plenti for a few months. I was earning 800 Plenti points a month (enough to cover the $7.99 monthly cost) just for watching certain shows on Hulu. For the categories I didn’t care to actually watch, I would just let it run on my phone while I was at work to get thru the 10 episodes required to earn 200 Plenti points. I just cancelled Hulu since I can’t earn Plenti points to pay for it anymore.

I have $2,500 worth points left on plenti. lol. i guess i will be buying some furniture from Macy’s

I’ll buy them at 80% value, email me at if interested.

Thanks. I bought $45 worth of shampoo from rite-aid with my points just now to liquidate them.

Cyber30 for 30% off this week.

Used my plenti points at Winn Dixie to buy a Disney gift card.

The Plenti card didn’t seem to make much sense, with Macy’s Amex also available, so the Plenti Amex wasn’t surprising.
The departure of several major partners without the replacement by a competitor- that signals the end of Plenti is near.

I’d say all but dead … Just got a letter in the mail – the Plenti Amex cards are being cancelled as of February 16, 2018

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