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Tom MacDonald
Tom MacDonald

Eligibility: Must reside in Maryland, Washington DC, Deleware, PA, or VA – Various Museum Memberships won’t work if you are OOS per MECU.

Acid Bath
Acid Bath

I got rejected for the same reason as above. Don’t try OOS if you are OOS.


Three years later and no fake DD DPs?


Called them up. No hard pull. Going to apply for it.

Phil P
Phil P

William Charles

This $200 bonus is back and good thru November 28, 2022

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

I still have my MECU account from 2019, and would now be OOS otherwise since ACC option is gone. Trying to get P2 signed up using me as a household member, and hoping it is possible to avoid the Hard Pull. Froze Equifax and Experian, then submitted the application. (They can have TU if they want it)

Even though D/L was uploaded during the app, the final screen says:

Thank you for your interest in joining MECU. In order to complete your application, we need to confirm your identification.

You will receive a text within the next four (4) business hours (8:00am -5:30 pm, M-F) requesting validation of your state issued ID. Please complete this process within 10 minutes of receiving the request. If you do not complete within this time, notify us via the application portal so another ID verification request can be initiated.

Normally I know better than to apply with credit reports frozen, and they will likely say she has to thaw, but that’s how DP’s are found. Still no CC funding.

Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊
Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊

“You will receive a text within the next four (4) business hours (8:00am -5:30 pm, M-F) requesting validation of your state issued ID. Please complete this process within 10 minutes of receiving the request.”

Sounds like taken from a James Bond Movie. Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek , please let us know if the text self-destroyed itself after the time was up…? 😉

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Yeah, that did seem odd. I guess everyone sits and stares at their phone all day? P2 may or may not be able to drop everything in the middle of a workday to exchange texts with a bank.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

With EQ and EX frozen, P2 denied.

Thank you for your interest in joining MECU Credit Union. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue processing your request for membership as there is a consumer block/security freeze on your credit file. Please access a copy of the Consumer Report that is included with this notification. Once the consumer block/security freeze is removed then you can re-apply online.
MECU Credit Union

Adverse Actions Report is downloadable, but what report they were seeking was not marked off. (Form has check blocks for EQ EX TU & Chex, but not filled in)

Just going to thaw and try again and let the HP take place. This is why I normally never freeze reports. It’s not worth the hassle, and likely going to take another Chex hit. Watch them deny her for Chex next!

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Resubmitted application. KBA questions at the end of the application didn’t happen yesterday (loan amounts, year born, Astrological Sign, LOL) Still got the message at the end to expect a message within 4 business hours.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

P2 was approved the next day (yesterday).

NO HARD PULL was done. I think by now I would have seen it pop. Used CreditKarma & Experian app yesterday night, and MyEquifax tonight. Not even a soft pull, on Equifax anyway. William Charles
Chex was pulled one time, on the first application attempt only.

The 10-minute self-destructing ID Verification message was just a Docusign request, where P2 had to upload her ID again, front & back, and digitally sign for the account.

A couple of hours after completing that Docusign via text message, there was an additional Docusign to complete that arrived via email.

Online access was able to be set up last night using the Member number that was in the 2nd DocuSign.

Plaid funding from Fairwinds CU is already in MECU online banking showing as available. Posted 04/28/2022 as “MECU CREDIT UNIO ONLINEACCT”.

I can only speculate why I got a HP in 2019 and P2 did not. I know I opted out of overdraft. Maybe I just had a hardcore worker that was trying to find a reason to get rid of me? Hopefully, it was just a change in the way they process the application. Jay - ⒿⒶⓨ 🙈 🙉 🙊 Desert Rat Mike


Gadget 🕵️ , How long did it take for them to credit the Bonus for you, I signed up in the latest round, and it has been almost 4 months, and I have not received anything yet.

Gadget - BankBonusGeek dot com

P2 would be my most recent account. Opened Cash Back Checking.

04/28/2022 MECU CREDIT UNIO ONLINEACCT $100 (opening deposit)
05/02/2022 PAPER STATEMENT FEE -$2 (got it refunded – signed up for estatements)
05/06/2022 ENT CU FUNDSXFR (ENT CU ACH Push to MECU $600 deposit)
05/09/2022 DBT PURCHASE (USAA $1.xx charges x 11)
05/26/2022 DBT PURCHASE ON 05/25 @ 04:51 / CASH APP load $240 (screwed up and did it too late in the month to count for debit rewards.)
05/26/2022 CASH BACK REWARD CREDIT $0.38
06/01/2022 Real DD $400
06/09/2022 12 USAA & Cash App debits totalling $250+
06/21/2022 CHECKING THANK YOU $200 BONUS!!!
06/29/2022 CASH BACK REWARD CREDIT $7.50

I was actually surprised this one paid out, because either the two months of consecutive DD’s is not enforced, or the ENT CU ACH transfer counted as a DD.

I’d be interested to see your dates. The big thing with this credit union is the monthly cycle statement cutoff dates are strange and caught me off guard even though I was aware of them. It’s easy to forget. https://www.mecu.com/Personal/Checking-Savings/Checking-Debit-Card/CashBack-Checking

She never did get a Hard Pull for opening. They have been soft-pulling Experian to keep tabs on her/screen for offers. PeeWee Did you get a hard pull?


Membership thru ACC is no more….sad

Desert Rat
Desert Rat

There are some other charities listed, though. Would making a small donation make you “affiliated with” them? I don’t see any language saying you must live in a certain area in the promo specs or membership application, altho putting in OOS zip code may bring that up, or they may not pay the bonus if you’re OOS.
But Gadget’s post from 10/2019 says it was hard pull, which would make this not worth it for me, I guess, even if I could qualify OOS.


Anyone knows if this is hard or soft pull?


Deal is back and now at $200 William Charles Chuck

Link: https://www.mecu.com/Beyond-Basic


Nice, seems like only 1 month of qualification is needed now:

Bonus Requirements: To receive a $200 bonus, open a new, eligible MECU consumer checking account with a minimum opening deposit of $25 by May 25, 2022. All account applications are subject to approval. By the end of the next checking cycle after account opening, complete the following qualifying activities: 1) receive a cumulative monthly total of $400 or more in qualifying direct deposits to the checking account; 2) complete 12 or more debit card purchases; and 3) enroll in paperless eStatements. A qualifying direct deposit is the member’s salary, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income, electronically deposited through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) by your employer or third party. Enjoy an extra $200 with checking that gives you more.

Gadget 🕵️

Applied today. No instant account number given. Loanspq application login shows instant approved, so that gives me (a false sense?) some hope.

DP: No CC funding – Funding options included:

– ACH from an external bank, up to $1000. Must manually type RTN & Acct number. No Plaid/Yodlee link option.
– Transfer from an existing MECU account.
– Mail a check.

You do have to put at least $5 in savings, and $25 in the checking. Like many credit unions, that $5 in savings is probably untouchable until you close out your membership.

No HP alarms upon submitting the application.

Selected American Consumer Council member as part of the application. As IS250 mentioned, says you must reside in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania or Virginia.

Per the instant e-mail from MECU, they will e-mail me in “4 business hours” with next steps. Per the last page of the application, I should expect to have to sign Docusign documents. So, I suspect I will not know anything until Monday. I will report back how it goes. FYI William Charles

Gadget 🕵️

DP: HP EQ – not Chex sensitive. Not footprint sensitive as long as you reside in the 4 states listed or DC.

This afternoon, I got prompted via e-mail to e-sign documents. Says my account was opened on Saturday, 10/05. Submitted signature, and a few minutes later, received Welcome to MECU e-mail. Included were vague directions to download the app, and signup for Online Banking using your member number from the application, in backwards order. Not my 1st rodeo, but some people would probably have issue, because you also had to create an e-sign login that was separate from online banking.

I got all that setup without issue. And suddenly, hours later, I get a Credit Karma alert. “Municipal Empl Cr Un Inquiry from Oct 07, 2019” was added to my Equifax.

Part of me wants to call and complain about the HP, but I know they will say it’s just part of the application process that I agreed to. And I can’t really dispute it AFAIK.

So, DP: Hard Inquiry – Equifax (Not Experian like IS250 was told.)
Not Chex Sensitive. 5/3, 8/6, 20/12, 43/24, for Chex. FYI William Charles

Gadget 🕵️

Recv Debit Card today. Activated no problem. You set your own PIN over the phone while activating, so no waiting on a perforated pouch.

Sent an SM asking:

1. If promotion was attached (because there was no clear promo code to use online)

2. If I need to completed my transactions (DD & Debits) this month and next month, or since I just opened, do I need to complete them in November and December? Glad I did:

“Our records indicates that your account was opened in October, therefore as long as you meet the promotional qualifiers in November and December, the promotion bonus will be credited in January.

Please see the Promotional Qualifiers below:

1) Set up and receive a cumulative monthly total of $500 or more in qualifying direct deposits to the checking account;

2) Complete 12 or more debit card purchases;

3) Enroll in paperless e-Statements.

The promotional qualifiers cycle dates are as follows

Oct 30 – Nov 26 for November
Nov 27 – Dec 26 for December”

I like their transparency… unlike Wells Fargo where we debate calendar, statement, or rolling 30 day months. Hopefully it is good intel. FYI William Charles IS250


William Charles The availability for this bonus is much wider. It’s open for Maryland, Delaware, D.C., Pennsylvania and Virginia residents.

But, I spoke with a representative and said it was HP with Experian for a checking account.


American Consumer Council: You can qualify for membership if you choose to support our partner nonprofit, American Consumer Council (ACC). When you select this option, MECU will make a one-time support payment to ACC at no cost to you. You must reside in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania or Virginia.