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Gadget 🕵️

Applied today. No instant account number given. Loanspq application login shows instant approved, so that gives me (a false sense?) some hope.

DP: No CC funding – Funding options included:

– ACH from an external bank, up to $1000. Must manually type RTN & Acct number. No Plaid/Yodlee link option.
– Transfer from an existing MECU account.
– Mail a check.

You do have to put at least $5 in savings, and $25 in the checking. Like many credit unions, that $5 in savings is probably untouchable until you close out your membership.

No HP alarms upon submitting the application.

Selected American Consumer Council member as part of the application. As IS250 mentioned, says you must reside in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania or Virginia.

Per the instant e-mail from MECU, they will e-mail me in “4 business hours” with next steps. Per the last page of the application, I should expect to have to sign Docusign documents. So, I suspect I will not know anything until Monday. I will report back how it goes. FYI William Charles

Gadget 🕵️

DP: HP EQ – not Chex sensitive. Not footprint sensitive as long as you reside in the 4 states listed or DC.

This afternoon, I got prompted via e-mail to e-sign documents. Says my account was opened on Saturday, 10/05. Submitted signature, and a few minutes later, received Welcome to MECU e-mail. Included were vague directions to download the app, and signup for Online Banking using your member number from the application, in backwards order. Not my 1st rodeo, but some people would probably have issue, because you also had to create an e-sign login that was separate from online banking.

I got all that setup without issue. And suddenly, hours later, I get a Credit Karma alert. “Municipal Empl Cr Un Inquiry from Oct 07, 2019” was added to my Equifax.

Part of me wants to call and complain about the HP, but I know they will say it’s just part of the application process that I agreed to. And I can’t really dispute it AFAIK.

So, DP: Hard Inquiry – Equifax (Not Experian like IS250 was told.)
Not Chex Sensitive. 5/3, 8/6, 20/12, 43/24, for Chex. FYI William Charles

Gadget 🕵️

Recv Debit Card today. Activated no problem. You set your own PIN over the phone while activating, so no waiting on a perforated pouch.

Sent an SM asking:

1. If promotion was attached (because there was no clear promo code to use online)

2. If I need to completed my transactions (DD & Debits) this month and next month, or since I just opened, do I need to complete them in November and December? Glad I did:

“Our records indicates that your account was opened in October, therefore as long as you meet the promotional qualifiers in November and December, the promotion bonus will be credited in January.

Please see the Promotional Qualifiers below:

1) Set up and receive a cumulative monthly total of $500 or more in qualifying direct deposits to the checking account;

2) Complete 12 or more debit card purchases;

3) Enroll in paperless e-Statements.

The promotional qualifiers cycle dates are as follows

Oct 30 – Nov 26 for November
Nov 27 – Dec 26 for December”

I like their transparency… unlike Wells Fargo where we debate calendar, statement, or rolling 30 day months. Hopefully it is good intel. FYI William Charles IS250


William Charles The availability for this bonus is much wider. It’s open for Maryland, Delaware, D.C., Pennsylvania and Virginia residents.

But, I spoke with a representative and said it was HP with Experian for a checking account.


American Consumer Council: You can qualify for membership if you choose to support our partner nonprofit, American Consumer Council (ACC). When you select this option, MECU will make a one-time support payment to ACC at no cost to you. You must reside in Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania or Virginia.