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Credit Card Offers

Published on November 6th, 2016 | by William Charles


[Expired] MERRILL + Visa Signature Credit Card: 50,000 Point Sign Up Bonus (Worth $500-$1,000)

Unfortunately this offer has now expired. You can view the best current credit card bonuses here.

The Offer

Direct links: 1 & 2 (only link one is currently working)

  • Receive a sign up bonus of 50,000 points after $3,000 in spend within the first 90 days.

Keep in mind that this is “an exclusive offer – just for you” so it’s possible that it’s a targeted sign up bonus and you need to have a relationship with Merrill Lynch to be eligible. Update: Here are some datapoints of people being succesful:

Further update: Lots more successful datapoints in the comments. It seems that sometimes it says that you’re pending but when you log into your account you’re approved.

It seems that calling in is usually necessary. Thanks to GWBlueBlueBlue.


Card Details

  • No annual fee
  • Spend $50,000 or more a year and choose one of the following:
    • $200 travel credit that can be used for travel incidentals or
    • Complimentary Delta Sky Club lounge membership
  • Card earns 1x point per $1 spent on all purchases
  • Might be possible to get 10 Lounge Club passes by asking

How Much Are Points Worth?

Points never expire and you can redeem your points for gift cards, cash back, statement credit, to offset any purchase or for flight bookings.

Points are worth as follows:

  • Gift cards: 1¢ per point
  • Cash back/statement credit: 1¢ per point
  • Flight bookings: Up to 2¢ per point

For flight bookings you have to redeem a minimum of 25,000 points ($500 in flights) at a time. The value you get out of this option will depend on what airlines you redeem for:

  • American Airlines, British Airways, Alaska Airlines,  Delta Airlines & United Airlines allow you to redeem 25,000 points for up to $500 in flights (2¢ in value)
  • All other airlines allow you to redeem 30,000 points for up to $500 in flights (1.67¢ in value)

This is no longer true, points are worth 2¢ for the majority of airlines. You can read more about this here.

You’ll also earn frequent flyer miles and elite qualifying miles on these flights as well. If flights are under $500, you’ll still need to pay the minimum of 25,000 points. For flights over $500, you’ll only get a value of 1¢ a point (and this is done in increments of 2,500 points).

Our Verdict

Great offer and from everything I’ve seen it doesn’t look like you need any relationship with Merrill Lynch. Another thing to keep in mind is that at least one reader has had their inquiries combined when they applied for this card and another Bank of America card. I assume that this means that other Bank of America rules will apply to this card as well. Other Bank of America cards you might want to consider getting at the same time as this card (getting the hard inquiries combined) are as follows:

You can also read our review of the Merrill Lynch Octave credit card here.

Thanks to sirtheta on /r/churning.

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Applied. Got “Unable to give a decision at this time”

BOA standard rules or their own rules?

went to pending for me.

This gets a lot more interesting if it’s eligible for the preferred rewards credit card bonus from B of A. Up to 3.5 cents per point towards major domestic carriers?

It is not eligible.

The point redemption system sounds very much alike what BOA had until they killed it starting this week I think. My question is, can you transfer points from BOA cards to ML cards, and if you can then this becomes a great card

I signed up for this card to try this, but it dies not work.

Which card did you try transferring from?

Other than the sign-up bonus, I fail to see how this is a good card. I understand the benefits when you spend $50k, but that’s a lot. While a $1000 credit is nothing to sneeze at. Is it really worth a HP? 2% back towards travel is good, but if you have double cash or fidelity visa, I hardly see why I’d use it.

Well, you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. It’s not a good card, at all, but it’s a $500-$1000 signup bonus on a no-annual-fee card, which means you’ll have no problem banking the points. I don’t see how that kind of signup offer isn’t worth the HP.

I’m trying to get my HP’s down, so I can apply for CSR.

hard pulls dont matter when it comes to Chase’s 5/24 rule. amount of new credit card accounts within the last 24 months is what matters. a distinction without a difference since applying for this would be +1 account to last 24 months so I can understand your point.

What do you value HPs at?

Besides, I think some of us are hoping it will clumped together with BOA’s one-HP-a-day rule.

I applied and got the ‘unable at this time’ message but that’s the MO for my BOA applications.

Any ideas on what number to call if the decision goes to pending?

Applied today.
Here is what they replied to me – We are reviewing your application and will send you a letter letting you know our decision.

Going to call them tomorrow and ask them to approve my application

What number are you going to call for reconsideration? Please share.

so what did merrill say?


Everyone will kick themselves when Chase eventually gets rid of 5/24 rule due to lack of apps/profits. I say give other banks your HPs in the meantime so when Chase sees that, they will realize they made a mistake.

Lack of apps? Suuuure. No one wanted the CSR.

Suuuure. No one got REJECTED for it, defeating the purpose for Chase to gain more customers for them since the majority of everyone has more than 5 HPs int he last 24 months

Suuure poke holes in his argument and make him feel dumb for making no sence

yeah, the point is Chase could have not only had more apps, but BEEN ABLE TO APPROVE THEM therefore usually leading to PROFITS

I called in this morning to have them take a look at the my app on this card. It seemed as though I would have been approved except for the “too many inquiries” for credit on my credit report.

The senior anylast indicated he was not able to override that.

In any event, I can’t complain too much given the nine BOA cards between my spouse and myself at $200 a pop.


I applied for this card and alaska and both went to pending.Called this morning and spoke with the agent -Approved for this card with 11k. Alaska went to secondary review and they couldnt provide me the decision immediately .

Hope the credit pull is combine.

1) When does this offer expire? any idea?

2) BOA credit pulls are combined? Where/what is Alaska card deal?

Called in this morning and their response was – the application is under review and they will contact me if any questions comes up otherwise she told me to wait for response in the mail.

Are you guys calling the bofa number of is their a separate number for ML?

Although it is not advertised, I believe it is possible to get 10 free Lounge Club visits per year as well. You need to ask your Merrill FA for the code.

this is false. there appears to have been a benefit where one could choose their lounge offering once hitting $50k in spend (including Lounge Club and Admiral’s Club as an option). no one is giving out 10 lounge club visits for free with this no fee card. there does continue to be a lounge club benefit with the Merrill AmEx.

Lounge Club passes existed before the current Plus program requiring 50K spend.
They are now replaced with the Delta club membership, and no longer available.

Approved for it with a combined pull on this as well as the Amtrak Card. Mild concern with the amtrak card since I had it previously. Hopefully Ill still get the sign-up bonus

meaning you applied for both cards on same day and it counted as one single HP on your credit report?

Exactly. I actually applied for a BBR as well…that got declined hopefully I can reconsider that one.

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