Posted by William Charles on June 27, 2018
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Published on June 27th, 2018 | by William Charles


New Hilton Benefits Are Coming – What Will They Be?

In today’s recap we posted a link to Frequent Miler’s article ‘Is Hilton considering new elite benefits?‘. Then it came out that Head For Points (HFP is at a Hilton event at Hilton HQ in Washington  (via VFTW) where he states:

We were also given advanced notice of some new Hilton Honors member benefits which may come later this year.  I can’t discuss them but if implemented they will address some of my few niggles with the programme and ensure that the scheme keeps pace with the combined Marriott / Starwood scheme…

From that it looks like new benefits are definitely on the way, but Hilton hasn’t 100% settled on what those benefits might be (or the specifics of what they will be). Previously there has been some discussion about Hilton released a new top tier status (Hilton Diamond Plus). I thought it would be fun to speculate on what these new benefits might be. Given that HFP specifically mentions keeping pace with Marriott/SPG the obvious answer would be guaranteed late check out for elites as Hilton currently doesn’t offer this. Based on the survey Frequent Miler received I’d expect some sort of points/rewards bonus for checking out early (thus ensuring early check in and late check out for other elites) and more points/rewards for opting out of breakfast. To recap:

  • Guaranteed late check out
  • Points for checking out early
  • Points for not having breakfast

What are your guesses on what the new benefits will be? Update: Angelina Travels was also there. She states:

Though nothing has been officially confirmed, it appears that Hilton is taking members’ feedback very seriously and working on many elite benefit improvements as we speak, addressing the issues listed above, and striving to create a more personalized experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some new Diamond elite benefits and unique welcome amenities in the very near future.


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guarantee upgrade

I thought late checkout was guaranteed for Hilton Diamond? I always get it anyways. Would love points for early checkout! My biggest gripe with Hilton lately is not being able to get into my rooms at the published check-in time!

Because everybody has late checkout?

Hilton lists late checkout as a Diamond benefit, but in the fine print it says “subject to availability.” I do usually get it, but almost always just 1pm, whereas Marriott guarantees 4pm checkout IIRC.

I thing this has always been based on availability and from my experience it’s hit or miss. I have had hotels say check with the front desk on the day of check out to find out if it’s available and I’ve had hotels give it when asked during check in.

I’ve had a couple hiltons say they’re completely booked so they can’t offer a late checkout, and I had (still have) diamond status.

4pm checkout with Marriott?? Wow! I’ve only been able to get an extra hour or two at Hilton.

Ive gotten 4pm checkouts the last two stays at Hilton. Im Gold, never been diamond but Ive gotten a late check out at Embassy(Hilton) last week.

I get status from the credit card and as a result of having status from the credit card, I have stayed at Hilton more often than any other chains. Any additional benefits will result in more stays from me.

anything related to a “Diamond Plus” should be reserved for people who actually stay the nights. Not credit card related status.

I agree with you, Steve.

The excellence in snobbery award goes too……….LOL

Maybe we’ll get another devaluation of points. Those are always called new benefits and perks.

better not be a fukn IHG Spire “refresh”. total joke.

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